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Chapter 3

*gottun… gattann… gottunn… gattann…


I’m currently being shaken in a carriage.


Traveling along the highway is full of dangers, we came across a peddler that didn’t seem to be a bad guy, we decided to take his offer so that we can get a ride to the nearest town.


We prepared ourselves in case he has ulterior motives. But seeing that he was just a tired looking oji-san, our concerns vanished. But if something really does happen then I’ll just let Ente-sensei handle it.


「Traveling by yourselves, when you seem to be the same age as my granddaughter, it sure must have been hard on you.」


The Old man says to us, while holding onto the reins of the horse.


By the way, I am sitting right besides the old man. And Ente is being weary behind me.


There are also four other people escorting the two Old People. We didn’t particularly say anything, despite the fact that they’re glancing at us. It seems like they intent to follow their employer’s wishes.


「That’s right, there are many things we don’t know about the area, because we aren’t from this country.」


Temporarily setting up a story that says, “we are clueless travelers, from a distant country.” This way no one will ask why we don’t know something.


I also thought of trying the, “Amnesia girl from somewhere” strategy, but would be impossible because Ente is here. It is after all, impossible to have two people traveling together that actually lost their memories.


「That seems quite hardship, you sisters sure did your best to come this far.」


Well, for some reason the old man might have mistaken us as sisters.


The escape of two beautiful sisters from a distant country. I’m quite sure this old man’s imagination is running wild.


Since I was the only child, I have always wanted to have a younger sibling. If such a cute girl could become my little sister, then I would very much welcome it.


「Jou-chan, remember to be as firm and reliable as your older sister.」


Teh, I’m the little sister! Well, if compared by height, I really am the shorter one. Well even though I look much younger, I am still an adult on the inside.


「By the way, what kind of place is the village we’re heading to?」


Maybe it might be a village name that appeared from the game, [Arms Otome]


「Hnn… it’s Border village, a small village on the edge of the country, you might not have even heard about it, right?」


Border village? It quite resembles Ente’s name, well there’s nothing in relation to Ente there. Are there a lot of villages in [Arms Otome], I haven’t heard of any named Border Village. Anyway, Since this world is similar to the game, which is now a reality, it isn’t possible that there is only a limited number of towns and villages in existence.


In other words, the country, towns, and villages that appeared in [Arms Otome] along with the demons, items and other things, may also be just a small part of this world. It’s just that the game isn’t the whole of world, but more like the game is probably just a small part of this big world that we are witnessing. It seems that I shouldn’t rely on my knowledge of the game, I might end up in a difficult situation, so I should be more cautious.


Generally, there are novels that show the game’s events happening like in a cliche event. Sometimes that make the characters quite conceited. And being conceited is not good. Some knowledge may somehow become useful, but relying only on that will probably end up being in quite wasteful, right? Along the way, since I have nothing to do, I was asking the old man about various things to get some useful information.


The most concerning thing at the moment is ‘Identity Confirmation’. Even if I said I came from some other country for the time being, I noticed that I would definitely be accused of illegal entry or something. However, right now seems to be a good time to apply, since there’s a war ongoing, immigration seems to be quite lax and entering the country doesn’t seem to be a problem. I wonder if it’s like the agreement in, where Europe takes in refugees? There seems to be no inspection when entering the town. Which is quite convenient since we don’t have anything to identify ourselves with. There are still places though, that you can’t enter without identification. When I asked if there is something like a library to gather information, it exist, but it definitely requires identification to enter.


I need to find a way to obtain identification. I was then informed that it would be easy if I entered the Hunter’s Guild. But at the same time it was said that it might be difficult to enter for girls.


While we are talking, in the old man’s head, he’s probably thinking that we are aristocrat girls. Is it because I was asking question more about common sense? The runaway ladies from a distant country.




Somehow, the impression was quite overdone.


「We’ve arrived」


While feeling the pain in my butt, we finally arrived at the village.


It sure was quite the distance we have traveled. But somehow our efforts seems to have been rewarded.


「Thank you very much!」


I showed the old man my best smile. A maiden’s full power smile. My head is patted. It feels like I’m being treated as his granddaughter….


「In the meantime I will be opening a tent for business around here. If you’re in trouble, don’t hesitate to ask.」


Saying our farewells, Ente and I decide to look around the village. We need to find an inn. I have a map with the location of an inn from the old man, so I probably won’t get lost. It seems that the old man is staying over at the village chief’s house, they were probably have been treated as some sort of VIP. How envious.


There seems to be no other guests coming into this village, aside from us that is. I guess there are only a few people who are traveling to this village. A visiting peddler would probably be welcomed.


「Welcome, you sure are such lovely customers.」


We are called to by the charming inn lady, she sure resembles THAT kind of an inn lady. But she seems to be a pleasant person.


I wonder how much the inn will be, we currently have 2,400 veils, but…


「One room is 2,000 veils」


Oh!? That was close, we should’ve killed more monsters.


No, we might not have been able to do it.


「For now, I’d like to get a room please.」


Are we staying in the same room? I ponder as we are guided into the room.


「There’s only one bed… Well…」


There is only one bed. And because travelers don’t come often, the room is quite small, “Well I can sleep in the sofa”, isn’t something I can say. Because, well there is no sofa. Should I sleep with Ente on the bed? What about Ente?



I set my sights on Ente.


「Eh? You have already changing your clothes!?」


Ente had already taken off her armor and is now in her blouse.


「Since we are going to be taking a rest, I changed into comfortable clothes. I will equip it if any trouble happens.」


Somehow, Ente is fully equipped in her armor and silver sword again.


That sure is handy.


「Wait, you can separate yourself from your sword?」


I’m thinking that her main body was the sword, but right now it is probably her human form that serves as her main body. The armor can also be freely attached or detached. I keep imagining that she would be holding a sword when she sleep, like those martial artists that sleep with their weapons.


「I wonder if I’ll be able to do that too. 」


Let’s try it. Imagine taking off equipment. Close your eyes, take off, take off, take off.


There is a feeling of my body becoming lighter. Hey I did it. Wooooah?! Looking at Ente she’s flustered. Eh, why?


「Master… You’re taking off a little too much.」


When I checked out myself. There was nothing.


Yep, not even underwear.




In a panic I tried to return my clothes, but it was quite difficult to return.


After Ente and I ate we decided to sleep. The food costs around 150 veils. The remaining money will be used tomorrow for checking out shops and other things. But it’s hard to do anything when we’re so low on money. Tomorrow, we need to do our best to hunt monsters. If not, we’ll definitely end up camping somewhere around the village.


I went to bed with Ente, and, well, nothing REALLY happened you know, nothing. Or more like Ente sticking to me was like normal for her. As a summoner, I can say that I was actually at ease.


[Arms Otome] don’t have any parameters like reliability or affection attribute. Well, everyone of them have their own personalities. Thinking that way, I wonder just how can you become familiar with them.


Good Night Ente. I was thinking as I remind myself that I need to do my best. My chest was quite tight so I slowly stroking her hair to bring myself to sleep, I keep pumping up my determination.