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Chapter 8

「This sure is an unusual sight」


Erina murmured.


I checked the contents of the stone by thrusting my hand inside.


Looking from another angle, it will really be a strange sight.


For the meantime, I was currently checking out the contents.


Oh something was caught in my hands.


I grabbed on it and immediately pull it out of the stone.


「What a splendid spear…」


Ente leaks a voice in admiration checking it after I pulled it out.


It is a splendid spear. This seems to be the ★★★ thunder spear Jenny.


However… Unlike swords that have a sheath, wouldn’t it be dangerous grabbing an axe or a spear like this?


It is a weapon with an exposed edge after all.


There was also that throwing weapon girl Moonlight, but won’t that be kind of dangerous to grab?


After focusing on the spear, information about it flows into me.


★★★ thunder spear Jenny – Lance Type


A spear that embodies the wrath of the skies.


A spear that was made from the claws and fangs of a thunder lion on it tip with the body of solid black steel.


Sometimes thunder sparks appears around it.


Personality – A very open minded personality, tomboyish and likes to move around with ease.




– At the time of attack, has probability of damaging targets in line with its first target. Lv – 1


– On attack, probability of dealing lightning attribute damage to target. Lv – 1


Special Skills


Lightning Storm – Sends a lightning strike with the current maximum weapon’s damage to the enemy’s surrounding.


Umu… It is a weapon on the same rank with of  ★★★ like ente.


By the way, the reality of getting things from gacha would be  ★★★ for 80%, ★★★★ for 18% and ★★★★★ for 2%.


It has a really strict probability output.


Well depending on the game, there are even worst probabilities.


★★ is a normal drop.


★★★★ can also actually be obtained from drop but the probability is quite grim.


Getting a ★★★ from drop is already considered to be very lucky enough.


By the way since the level of the girls are various depending on the weapon.


The level of the newly acquired arms would be the same as the highest lvl of arms currently in the same category as the dropped equipped.


(Highest level of the same type and name of weapon = drop)


An example if the current ente is lvl – 10, the new ente will also become level 10 on acquisition because they are in the same weapon category.


But you cannot put the same weapon in a party.


I would really like to collect more weapons(Girls) to create more teams and also mix duplicates for enhancements.


In arms otome, you can mix two characters together, one as a base and the other as a fodder.


There would be no major changes in regards of battle potential, only an increase on the level would be added.


Also, changes on the looks of the base character will be given, like color change on the hair or equipment.


Black and white armor have been one of the most popular changes for ente combined with black hair, even though her name should be silver sword.


It was certainly very popular among the gamers and enthusiasts of the game.


On the streets of akiba there were really popular yuri books of Ente Silver x Ente Black.


Can’t help it, after all, there always that forbidden dream and delusions going all over the place…..


「Ano?… Master?… It seems that you are thinking something else again」


Oops…  Ente-san surely hit me on the mark with that one…


Erina seems to be observing with warm eyes.


Anyway, back to the point of it all, gathering  ★★★★ won’t be impossible but it won’t be really that easy….


And as for thunder spear Jenny, she is slightly weaker compared to ente in terms of stats (since, ente is of higher rarity, although in the same  ★★★ )


Jenny is more superior in attack skills compared to Ente.


Because of her thunder attribute, there are not many monsters with resistance against her attribute.


She can just enhance her stats through leveling to increase her maximum potentials.


Also in “Arms Otome” Special Abilities are very useful against boss monsters and can only be reserved against them (once a day usage).


In this world that is already my reality. I have finally obtained a skill for attacking for the first time.


I can make myself helpful to everyone even if it’s only once a day.


「Well then, shall we take our leave from this cave?」


I don’t want to increase our members inside this narrow cave.


We moved out of the cave fast, and didn’t encounter any demons on the way back.


It is currently around noon. My stomach is already getting empty.


And so the three of us decided to eat out lunch box before the summoning.


Well it was a miscalculation or rather accidental on the increase of the girls.


Currently, we are only carrying 3 lunch boxes after all.


「I wonder what kind of person the new member will be.」


Ente seems to be looking forward to it.


I then think about the time when I was playing “Arms Otome” wondering if she will really appear in the same way as that on the game.


Her rough tomboyish personality after all goes along with looks and clothes.


Comparing to Erina who is a type with too less exposure, Jenny is the very opposite of her.


Having an outfit with extreme exposure to the point looking as if pieces of cloth was just wrapped around her.


Even the form of Ente turned out to be very attractive when she became real.


Let’s just hope her appearance won’t be deemed as something lewd.


「Well then, Oh hidden spirit that lives within this weapon, Hear upon my call and come forth…. Summon!!!」


After declaring the words of power.


The of the spear in hand disappears and a single woman was now in front of me…. tte Oooh!?


「Are you my master? My, how lovely aren’t ya!?」


A NICE BODY woman with pinkish white skin suddenly hugged me.


「na, na, na!!— move away from master!」


Ente quickly drags Jenny away from me.


「Ya know, don’t ya think it’s kind of mean to suddenly split me from master?」


No, no, Being hugged so suddenly is not something I expected you know.


「That person sure have a strong personal impact huh…」


Yup, I pretty much agree with Erina…


「Oops, My bad, let me introduce myself again, I am called The Thunder Spear Jenny, feel free to order me as you wish my Master.」


Although Ente has been staring with a stiff look, Jenny gives her greeting not minding it.


Now that I look at her again, the exposure sure is quite high…


A long hairstyle hanging on the side with reddish brown colored hair…


A beauty to be considered rather than cute.


With a pinkish white skin tone and well endowed proportion.


Even if the size is smaller compared to Erina, the chest area sure is much bigger in comparison to Ente.


I mean, in “Arms Otome” mostly all of the girls are well endowed.


They use big ones because they seem to go well with imaging, but the impact in reality is really great.


I still a little confident until she comes into…… let’s just stop thinking about the sad reality… It will just make me feel sad about it.


She gives an impression of a dancer more than that of a warrior…


Her clothes are almost closer to a swimsuit than clothes.


There is too little cloth or is it just not enough?…


The leg area is a short skirt covered with a pareo but it doesn’t seem to hide anything at all.




Those eyes staring at me are kinda scary. It’s like the eyes of a beast looking at its prey, in a sensual way.


In “Arms Otome” each characters were given many progressive personalities, and it was quite popular with males(specially the high exposure).


Is it the type that also goes for girls? or maybe is based depending on the main characters gender.


Either way won’t this be kind of dangerous for me, specifically at night in that way?


「For the time being we need to see Jenny’s fighting potential, so we will look for demons.」


「Hai yo!… I’ll show milord the good points of maself this time around.」


Anyway, there are three members for fighting now.


This time, I might be able to fight more monsters now, so a base of operations will soon be needed.


I’d rather not stay in a village or town since I don’t want to expose the hunt.


To people living in this world, monsters can be just about anywhere.


Besides the weak mini-ogre class demons are already quite dangerous for the people here, well not to us though.


(There be much more stronger monsters to found in many different unknown places.)


In “Arms Otome” the variety of monsters are not that many. There are still strong monsters on the level of dragons though.


There is no doubt that they also exists in this world but I wonder just how strong will they be.


I don’t want to encounter something like that for now anyway.


「Master, I sense enemies.」


Ente’s sense of danger sure is really high. On the distance the form of two demons was found.


On the usual it was supposed to be Erina to shoot,but this time it’s on hold.


For now I will have Jenny do her best to gauge her strength.


「Jenny, to combat, Ente and Erina will be on guard and be ready to offer support.」


The three have properly grasped my instructions. It seems that the monsters have also found us.


They were approaching and observing us slowly and carefully.


After Erina joined, almost all of the battles ended after just the preemptive strikes.


It’s been a long while since we fought demons up front coming over to us.


Jenny calmly holding her spear, and without any changes moved in to rush into the demons.


Like a cat or a beast moved at a fast phase to strike. She resembles something like a black leopard.


Although not as fast as Ente, she’s flexible enough to move in accordance to the demons movements.


「Fu, Fun~!」


The moment the attack hits, the spear is pulled out quickly and send out another thrust.


The demon didn’t even have time to react before the spear found its way penetrating into its chest.


The other demon moved into rage and tried to around Jenny, she took a step back and tried to attack.


The spear pointing on the ground after piercing the first demon.


Her spear swiftly pierced through the demon that rushed towards her as if the demon itself was the one who pierced itself into the spear.


With a simple thrust, the demon was the pushed back.




Although the demon was in a state of rage, the thunder spear was then again pierced onto it.


At the next moment, a surge of electrical discharge was released from the spear.


It’s kind of an overkill though… 


「Ente, so how is she?」


I listen to Ente’s opinion since she is in the same melee category as her.


「She’s good. Taking advantage of the spear’s reach seems to be very useful in battles.」


Erina also give of a kind smile. Certainly having another vanguard to fight at the front is more reassuring.


There is still some problems regarding safety of myself….


Especially at night but this and that are two different things altogether…


Let’s just hope that nothing happens….




Thunder Spear Jenny


Character Description


Looks: Teen around 17-18 years, Long Reddish Brown Hair.


Clothing: Top is a cloth wrapped around the chest, Bottom Short skirt covered in pareo(With High Exposure)


Personality: Open and Energetic and Aggressive Type. Loves Cute Things and especially Yato-sama.