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Chapter 22

TL: Yuki


「I understand your concern」


Erina who told me that, was on a bed and was weakly smiling towards me. She is now currently covered in bandage from the wounds she received.


「Sorry, I let my guard down at that time……」


Erina shook her head in response to what I’ve said.


「No, I am happy that I was able to protect Ojou-sama this time. No matter the result, I won’t be able to stand it if it was Ojou-sama that is getting hurt in front of me」


I wonder if Erina was thinking about what happened in the tower. I am happy that she feels that way for me, but I also don’t want to see them getting hurt either.

But still, it was good that everyone survived.



After the battle, we rushed back to town immediately. I wanted Erina to be treated as soon as possible. I summoned Erina before arriving in the hospital, and she was still in her combat gear the same way as when I returned her. It seems like time is stopped at the moment that she was turned back into a weapon. But still, even at that state, it seems like she is still conscious………


Well, it was really a big deal when people from the hospital found us. Her state was after really bad when viewed by normal people looking at her injuries. First aid treatment and healing with magic have already been applied and she now stable and resting.

It was a quick recovery, you know, that Healing with Magic! Well, it is not that common though. Most of the High Level Recovery Magic Users are working as priests after all.


As for me being hailed as a Saint, if that was real then I would have been able to heal Erina’s wounds on my own. I am not the real deal and could only use a similar kind of power that a Saint could use after all.


「We will come again tomorrow. For the time being, focus on recovering your wounds」


After asking the people in the treatment room to watch over Erina, we returned to the Inn. After all, if a large number of people suddenly barged in, it would be a bother to other patients. I’ll be sure to bring something delicious for her to eat tomorrow.



And finally, we have returned to our room in the Inn. I along with everyone else was really tired after all.


By the way, the fee for the Inn was fine. What was good with defeating a Demon, well you would be able to get almost a million in just one bout.


――No, I think it would even be higher than that if we think about how much stronger it will be……

I don’t really understand the standard equivalents, but it was certainly a fact that I could obtain a lot of money from fighting them. Also, one million is a really big amount!











It was morning and I finally woke up but was surprised. As to why, it’s because there was the happy sleeping face of Ente in front of me. When I turn to the other side, Jenny was also there with an equally happy face.  Also when I look at the area below my feet, Maevis was also there. Why is everyone sleeping on my bed!?

I will definitely order them to return to their bed later. I will be scolded by the people of the hotel if didn’t ask them to do so.



We discussed about future plans while having breakfast. We won’t be able to move out for the time being while Erina is still recovering, but after that, the plan is to go to the lakeside dungeon, the same as what we have originally planned from before. That was a really difficult event even if we consider it an accident……

It would be like having a sudden boss battle just after going out of the field. [TL: Ehem, Dark Souls]


After preparing ourselves, we were all free to move independently until Erina recovers. However, everyone also thought of visiting Erina the same way I did.




And so, we left the Inn, but it seems like there’s a commotion outside.


「Excuse me, what happened?」


I asked the uncle who was also rushing to see the commotion.


「The Knights have returned. It seems like their battle was over」


Oh, it seems like Gamund-san and the rest have returned. The subjugation was successful and the battle ended well. I guess, I’ll drop by congratulating their success later. If I go there right now, it will definitely be turned into a huge ruckus. That’s why I’ll secretly drop by later.




「Erina, how are your injuries?」


I asked Erina who was reading a book when we arrived at her room. She was having a really cool expression, and also she looks like a really beautiful intellectual girl. I wasn’t really that much aware of it because it was natural for her to be around me all the time. But right now, I could see it well that Erina is really a splendid woman. Right now she is not wearing her usual maid outfit, but a set of pajamas which dramatically changes the atmosphere she exudes.




The moment she saw me, she showed me her best smile. Uwaaah, the destructive power was too high. If I was a man, I will definitely fall in love with her from that attack.


「Ojou-sama…… Actually……」


Erina was trying to whisper something to me. I wonder if there was something wrong?



「Well, you see, it seems like I have almost fully recovered」


Nn? But yesterday, you were definitely in a serious state and the actions they’ve made were supposed to be a temporary fix. Just how fast did her……


To me who was still showing a contemplating face, Erina removed the bandages on her legs and showed it to me. Un, it’s white, beautiful and really smooth. If I remembered correctly, there were some lacerations there yesterday though.

There is still a light red bruise left, but is this all that was left?

With traces this faint, I won’t even be surprised if those traces disappear tomorrow.


「Do you want to see other parts to confirm?」


Is what Erina told me who was checking her, but thinking about it, because of the strong shockwave she received, there were a lot of wound all over her body that would have been visible……

Wait, this is not something I should really think about and should be something to celebrate! Ente’s recovery from before was also really fast, and this brings me to the conclusion that ARMS girls may basically have a really high recovery rate.


「That is why, I think it would be okay for me to leave the hospital soon. More like, if I continue staying here despite my condition, it would only end up bothering others…」


Well, if we think about just how big this hospital is, I don’t think it would be filled by injured people that soon, but well if that’s how Erina felt then it couldn’t be helped, I guess. Now that I think about it, the knights have also arrived today. There might be some people who would be sent here later, so it would be better for me to accept what Erina suggested.


「Well then, I’ll be going through the procedures of your discharge」



And as expected, there was quite the turmoil with the people of the hospital. They didn’t easily believe that such a huge injury would have healed over in just a day. But we somehow managed to convince them by taking off the bandages and showing that her injuries have already recovered.




「Well, it’s time to celebrate Erina’s discharge from the hospital and safe return!」


We are currently having a celebration in the cafeteria of Catleya Inn. Even though I told them that I could drink alcohol, they didn’t allow me to do so. Perhaps it looks like we are also celebrating the triumph of the Knights if we are seen from a different perspective. It sure is unusual to find a man here. Are they a couple?




「That time was really dangerous. I didn’t expect to be kidnapped like that using teleportation」


I look back on the things that happened while we were eating.


I didn’t expect for a magic like that to exist in this world. Not to mention, it seems like demon on that level have a considerable amount of power, it was really quite difficult fighting one. This time, we were lucky enough that we somehow managed to defeat the demon. But if that demon actually fought seriously from the start of the match, it would have been really hard for us to attain victory.


「When Ojou-sama was taken away, we couldn’t help but be shocked to the point that everything around us felt like they turned black」


Erina pressed her hands on her chest and frowned.


「It was a really horrible feeling. But we were glad that you are safe more than anything else」


「Jenny did mention about me being a guiding light, but how were you able to locate me, it was quite a distance from that place after all?」


It was good that everyone was able to locate me at that time, it would have been impossible for me to run away if it was me alone.


「Well, it’s that when I think about Mistress, I was able to clearly understand as to where you are located.

After all, I am connected with Mistress」


Jenny also puts her hand on her chests and reminisce the feeling. Un…… thank you, I guess, but won’t that make you the equivalent of a stalker?


「Jenny, it’s not just you, you know? I too am connected with master」


Ente also declares showing a burning sense of rivalry to Jenny. When these two bicker at each other, they look like they really hate each other, but at times when they need to cooperate, they are also perfectly coordinated. Unn, that too is cute.


「Still, for me to actually let the princess to be taken away by the enemy…」


Maevis shrug her shoulders in depression as she muttered. Maevis is still as serious as ever. I don’t really blame her though so she shouldn’t really have to feel responsible about it, it just couldn’t be helped.


「Maevis, you don’t have to blame yourself like that, everyone was not able to protect me.

That’s why you don’t have to blame―― wait, is that alcohol」


When I look closely at what Maevis was drinking, I could see bubbles rising up from her drink.


「I am…… I am supposed to protect Princess!



Ah, this is useless. She’s part of the annoying ones when drunk. Who is it, who is the one responsible for making Maevis drink alcohol!


「Uwah, That’s no goo Maevis, you are already drunk.

Look, I’m already on my third round」


Jenny, not you too


Why are they drinking on their own and won’t allow me.

Despite how I look, I’m already a Mature Lady inside, you know.


「Master, it is still too early for you to be drinking」

「That’s right Ojou-sama, why not just enjoy your fruit juice?」


「I would also like to be able to drink with Mistress someday」

「I too… I too… Uwaah」


It was still in the middle of the day, but he people on our table was already getting out of control. Clerk-san, I’m sorry.









「It’s somewhat getting noisy on the table over there」


「Mogu mogu mogu mogu……」


「But they are all cute girls. I’m jealous.

I would also like to join and have lunch with them if possible」


「That’ because the only that gets inside that head of yours is women…… Mogu mogu」


「It couldn’t be helped. It’s because the woman in front that is supposed to be my partner doesn’t think about anything but food」


「Even if I don’t think about food, I still don’t think of you as my partner」


「Haaah…… What a sad thing to say when you were the one to decide that we come to this place……

Looking around, I couldn’t find any man other than me」


「There is no hotel much better and cuter than this one. Guy should just be silent and be happy that he could stay in a place surrounded by women」


「Even if you tell me something like that. If you think that this is the face of a happy person, then you should probably go to a clinic to have a check-up」


「It doesn’t matter anyway because I don’t care if Guy will be happy or not. That’s all……… Mogu mogu」










And then, after finishing our meal, we went to see the state of Gamund-san and the others. Even I would still be anxious even if I did apply protection on them. From what the demon talked about, there should have been a lot of undead in that place. By the way, I left behind Jenny and Maevis. Those two were really drunk after all.



Although the area around the Knight’s Headquarters was still a bit busy, it seems like things have already calmed down.

As we approached, a knight who seems to be busy with something noticed us.


「It’s the Sain-sama!」


I couln’t help but show a wry smile. Even though I am not exactly a Saint, to the knights, I am still considered as a saint.

I am also happy that they respect me that way, but I am more embarrassed than being happy about it.


「The Deputy Commander wanted and audience with the Saint-sama. I will be guiding you」


I was immediately guided by a knight as we went inside the headquarters.



We were guided straight to the commander’s room. Inside, Gamund-san and  Thielle-san were having a conversation.


「That is Yato-sama, I am really thankful for the protection that you have given us」


「Thanks to what Ojou-chan has done, we were easily able to end the subjugation successfully!」


Both  Thielle-san and Gamund-san seems to be happy about it. It was really worth it giving them the protection.


Hearing their story, it seems like they were able to complete the subjugation this time without any casualties. The situation would have been an impossible to win battle seeing the number of enemies which was already in three digits.

But what made the difference in that battle is that everyone was blessed by the power of purification, so getting rid of the enemies became much easier. Also adding to that is their high Morale.

Yup, it was definitely worth it to endure that embarrassment. And as I have expected, it was Gamund-san who lead the charge. After that though, he was receiving a harsh sermon from Thielle-san right now. It was good that they won, but as expected, having the leader being the first one to engage was a bad move……


「Fufufu, I should have delayed my visit a bit after all」


「You seem to be quite happy about this Jou-chan」


Never mind that, what’s more important is the result.


「Yato-sama, again, thank you for the help that time in Border Village. Without Yato’s protection at that time, I wouldn’t have been able to rebuke Gamund like this. I am really thankful about it」


Thielle-san bowed to me in a really elegant way. It was really cool to look at. I also want to be like her when I reach her age.


That’s right, let’s ask Thielle-san about that demon. It seem like it was commonsense to everyone knowing of such an existence.


「Anou, Knight Commander-san, there is something I would like to ask you……」


「Just ask, I will answer if it’s something that I could answer」


Hmmm…… I have a feeling that it would be much better to not talk about defeating the demon by ourselves. That was considered a Quasi-disaster class enemy after all.


「About Demons…… What kind of existence are they?」


Ehh? Did I ask her in a weird way? I could see wrinkles forming in between Thielle-san’s eyes.


「A Demon is it? Their purpose as existence…… is that what you want to know? 」


「You see…… I heard about people in the guild talking about it so I was curious as to what kind of existence they are」


「Is that so. You see, A Demon is a threat to all of humanity. This was told from every home, that includes royalty, from parent to parent and parent to child, it was a story that is being told as part of growing up. For Yato-sama to have not known of such existence, it seems like you have been raised in quite a secluded environment」


Oh, so such existence was really part of their common sense. People will probably be surprised if I ask someone about what a demon is. Also, if something bad was done, are they probably telling stories that a demon might get you. They are probably being told about Demons to be such an existence.



「More than that, let’s talk about just how much of a threat a demon can be」


Thielle’s explanation goes this way.

Demons are treated as Quasi-Disaster Level Existence.

They are being with high magical prowess, if a village or a town is attacked, the worst result is annulation and being destroyed is the best possible outcome.

Moreover, if compared to monsters even of the dragon category, many demons are of the same level and are considerably hostile to humans.

They are that much of a threat. Also if they actually organized themselves and actually attack humans, they would easily eradicate all of humanity.

The only saving grace is that they are very scarce in number and mostly act alone and don’t really have the initiative to start a war.

Because of their number, they were not considered as a whole race but just a group of individuals.


However, it was also true that the amount of devastation they could create was enormous. Ironically, it was one of the reasons why wars with human nations ended.

The last reported one was 50 years ago, and there haven’t been any damages from demons since that time until now.

Also, there are reports that some kind of mysterious organization is hunting hostile demons. A Mysterious organization huh……

For some reason, it makes me think about heroes. Well, even Thielle-san with have abundant connections don’t even know about them. Well, if even the heady of Royal Knight don’t know about it, they could only assume that they are certainly a mysterious organization.


But well, we just also happen to beat such a being, with luck that is.




After that, we continued our chat about other things and then finally left the headquarters. Please feel free to come and see us on your free time is what they said.

It has been a while since I have been transferred to this world, and I have met with various people including Ente and the others. Everyone I’ve met were definitely good people. I could even say that my life right now is much better than the one I had in Japan. Although I have definitely been on death’s door, I still think that it was good for me to be transferred in this world.