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Chapter 24

TL: Yuki


「Princess, what is with that stone monument?」


Maevis was looking at me who was making a strange grin on my face. Now that I think about it, Maevis didn’t know about this.


「You see Maevis, there is a mark of something on that stone that only Master could see. By touching that mark, she would be able to find someone like us」


Good, good, explain it to her Ente. Well then, let’s leave the explanations to her and proceed with acquiring the ARMS.


I don’t know who I would get, but it won’t definitely be a loss no matter who it is. Speaking of which, what would it be like if I draw the same item in this worl, will it be a loss?

I then imagined having two Ente lining up.………

Un, well, that would also be cute in another way.





I might be showing a strange face again as I look at Ente, she was looking at me as if I’m some kind of weird person again. Sorry, my bad.


I put my hand inside the gift symbol. It is scary thinking that I might instead grab the edged part of a blade, that’s why I’m moving my hand around carefully.

Hmmmm…… I can’t seem to find it.

For a second, I was thinking that it might be empty―― but then I found it!

Hmm… is this a Stick?


Grasping the stick, I pull it out of the Gift Symbol. The Gift Symbol then disappears as soon as I took my hand out of it. What I hold in my hand was a Wand. You could say that it’s an old and rugged tree branch that was formed and used as a Cane.

I was observing it, but then after that…… information about the ARMS started flowing into my head.


★★★★ 10,000 Year Old Cane Adona Cane Type


A cane made from a branch of a Million Year Old Tree that gave grown out and stored magic for 10000 years.

The processing of the cane was done using High Elf Technology.

Although the design of the wand itself is simple, the amount of magic power it can contain is huge that ordinary magicians won’t even be able to handle it.

Even though she has a weak personality, she has high thinking ability and can calmly assess the situation.



・At every Odd attack turn, she will release Wind Magic: Lv-1

・Has probability of Increasing Attack Speed and Dodge Rate of all team members at the start of the turn: Lv-1


Special Skill

・Torrent of Magic – Allows her to activate her ability without turn designation and activate it every turn.




Oh, great a ★★★★ finally came out.

Although the difference in stats between different ★ is not that great, it still feels great to pull out a rarity item after all.

Well, if there are problems with High Rarities is that they are really difficult to upgrade…….


Attack at Odd turns Ability――

There are many Magic Attack type weapons that have this kind of ability. If I remember correctly, there are Odd Turns, Even Turns, Every Third Turn and Every Fifth Turn.

Also the Attack based on Turns is most of the time AOE attacks.

Those attacks would range from Whole AOE, Row AOE, Column AOE, Random Number of Targets and other variations.

One of the Main features of this ability is a 100% activation rate when the conditions are met.

When I was still playing, I would normally combine man turn based users like one Odd attacker and Even attacker to maximize damage.


In regards to her Special Skills, she will be able to use her AOE attack regardless of turn.

To be honest, I have never used such a skill before.

I think it is indeed a convenient skill, but it’s mediocre since it doesn’t really have any direct or valuable effect right now…….

But I wonder how it would be implemented in this world?





「Alright, for the time being let’s get out of this cave and call her out」


And so, we got out of the cave without encountering any monsters. I didn’t have an accurate sense of time inside the cave, but when we got out, it was almost evening.

It seems like we will be camping out without returning to town this time, and so we decided to go back to the cabin for travellers near the midpoint of the highway and eat dinner before calling her out.



Before the surroundings started to turn dark, we were able to reach the cabin. Like before, it seems like there was nobody else who used this place. It was already starting to accumulate dust to some extent.


「I wonder what kind of person she will be」


Ente was staring at the cane filled with curiosity and excitement. Adona may probably have a childish appearance. Maybe this time, I would finally graduate from being seen as the youngest and become an Onee-chan too. This is exciting!


「It may also be someone with a strong personality too……」


Listening to what Erina said made me feel a bit uneasy too.


「Hmmmm…… Maybe」


Because there are many characters in 「ARMS Otome」, not only did they vary in appearance but also in personality…….

Now that I think about it, Erina is actually of the rarer class who has a seemingly normal and plain personality.

No, should I call it unique at this point. [TL: No Yato, you just didn’t know]



After finishing our meal, everyone was staring at the cane with sparling eyes of expectation. This is somehow so awkward and embarrassing that I feel like running away at this moment.



「Hidden Soul Sleeping………Summon!」


While holding the cane, I was chanted the same words of power. Then, after a while, the sensation of the wand disappears from my hand. And………



「I have responded to you call. I am called Adona. I shall bring happiness to you whatever trouble we encounter as we go」


In front of me, a girl appeared that was holding the cane. Because our eye level is almost in the same position, she was about the same height as me. Her golden hair that grows in line with her shoulders is giving her a childish atmosphere. She was curiously staring at me with her Emerald Green Eyes. She has an adorable air that makes me want to spoil her.

Her clothes she wears was a loose green robe. Although I called it a robe, why are the slits on the side of the robe are cut so high? I could see her porcelain like legs extending down from the slit. Adding to that, her robe is being lifted by her chest.

It’s a moe game, so I expected something like this would stimulate men’s desires……

I would like to make complaints to the person who made such a character have a splendid figure while having a childish face.

Oops, I have to stop, my real feelings are leaking out again.


「Super Cute!!!」


Without thinking about the atmosphere, Jenny jumped at Adona and hugged her. If it was Jenny who likes cute things, then I have already expected this response. Although I expected it, why did I get dragged into the hugging part?

That was something I didn’t expect. And now I’m buried between Jenny and Adona’s chest and blocked off my breath.

Ku…… Painful…….


「Jenny, again!

Maevis, hold her down. I’ll pull them apart」


It was Ente and Maevis who moved to separate us. Haah, that saved me. I was starting to suffocate there. If it was a man that was buried in there, then it would have been heaven, but I am a woman. It was really soft though. And it smells really good……


「Masterー…… Your desires and lust are leaking……」


Oops, eh, why does Ente notice it every time?


「Ojou-sama, it’s not that difficult to understand if you show that kind of face」


Erina also told me the same thing. Eh, am I really that easy to read?


「If Master really desires it, I don’t mind if it’s my chest……」


Oi, Ente don’t attempt to take off your clothes while blushing.

It’s not like I don’t like it but stop it, okay?

Somehow, I feel like Ente is also starting to become more aggressive. Should I consider this to be a good thing?



「Mistress, why don’t you think about me in an improper way?」


For some reason Jenny shows an unexpected reaction. Well, I don’t really mind it though because that’s just the way she is.



「Kukukukuku. Everyone seems to be having fun」


Adona look at our strange interactions and smiles. Fufu~, it seems like Adona is also blending in with everyone and that’s a good thing. We spent the night talking about stupid things and laughing. I was supposed to be the first one to stay as and watch for the night, but as expected, everyone else got up to watch over me so it was kind of useless………




And after everything else, we finally returned to Valsa. We got a new member after all that was acquired from the Lakeshore Cave. On our way back, we also confirmed Adona’s fighting prowess, after all she is a ★★★★ ARMS Girl.

When it comes to stats, there is not much difference between rarities, but the difference can be found in the strength of their abilities.

For example, Ente and Erina’s increase damage to Demons and Undead,

Erina has +30% while Ente has +50%.

Adona’s ability lets her activate her skill at Odd turns. Also there are no abilities that activates at every turn so her Ability could be seen as top tier on activation type abilities in 「ARMS Otome」 although it has the limit of being a Row Type only AOE Attack.

By the way, a ★★★★★ girl would have a full AOE attack at Odd or Even turns which would be considered as the strongest. There is also the difference in affinity and elements so it cannot be said that something is overall strong.


And as to Adona’s wind magic, the bunch of Fanged Beast and Giant Grasshoppers the attacked in a group all turned into particles of light.

It seems like she can’t continuously fire her magic, but it didn’t really matter that much since the delay time of her is not that long. If this ability had been an even turn count or other types, it would have taken more time for her to attack.



Right now, we have decided to find a house to rent. It’s not that economical to rent two rooms in a fancy Inn after all. Also, Jenny might try to attempt to take me and Adona to bed together.


「Wha, what, I, I don’t really plan on doing anything like that」


When I stared straight at her face, I could clearly understand that she did think of that plan. Un, renting a house is a must, especially for Adona’s sake.



And so we headed to the Commerce Guild.

I already marked some properties that I aimed before, that why we only need to confirm if they are still available and then it will be signing contracts.

The one I’ve chosen was a large house with five rooms, and was located far away from the town center. Apart from the five rooms, there was kitchen and a living room. It was a bit expensive for a house, but it was still cheaper compared to a month’s worth of rent paying for two rooms in a good Inn.



「This is our new base」


Is what Ente murmured as we stood in front of the house that were about to move into.


The appearance was what you would say a very cliché appearance of a house in a fantasy world. It had Wooden Walls and Tiled Roofing. It does look a little old but not too shabby. It is rare for a house like this in town to be not placed close to the center of town where many similar looking houses stood. Also, because it’s far frm the town center, there aren’t that many buildings in its surroundings. That is one the reasons why I chose the house.


「It’s Mistress and My new Home」


「Jenny, it should not be My, but our new Home」


Erina corrects Jenny and scolds her. Fufufu, after all, Jenny is weak against Erina. Ente seems to be willing to compete with them too. But well, every one of them is quite similar in these matters after all.


「Our base right now is not that much of a base. But it felt like we have finally made it to our starting line」


Thinking about the things that have happened until now     , quite some time has passed from the time that I was suddenly transferred into this world.

There was the encounter with Ente, with the elderly merchant, and then with the Inn Lady from border village, after that is meeting with Erina, Jenny, Maevis and Adona.

There was also Gamund-san, Thielle-san and the Knights, then Rizel-san and the adventurers. I was thinking that I really did have good luck because most of the people I’ve met were good people.


Well, there are also monsters, the Demon, and some suspicious people, but that also made my bonds with everyone become deeper.

I expect that there will be more encounters from now on, but whatever circumstance it may become, I will be able to do my best because of these children. No, I will definitely do my best.

Alright, today will be a party with everyone in our new home. I need to watch out for Jenny though. At the same time, I would also like to drink some alcohol. Fufufu, I’m looking forward to that.




At that time, Yato had no idea yet.

That they won’t be able to party……

And especially that she won’t be able to drink alcohol and other things…….




Because as Yato entered the house, she was stunned. There were no decent or usable furniture in the house.


「Why was I only satisfied checking the layout of the house……」


And so the first major task for Yato and everyone was to cleanup and prepare their home.




1000 Year Old Cane       Adona

Appearance     Close to a 14 year old girl

Hairstyle         Shoulder Level Bob Cut Blonde Hair

Clothing         Top       Light Green Robe

Bottom  Light Green Robe

Personality    A shy and Innocent Character.

Will stimulate a person’s desire to protect.

Expression      Mastahー