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Chapter 25

TL: Yuki


*Chirp*Chirp *Chirp ……*Chirp *Chirp *Chirp ……




I woke up from the sound of chirping little birds. This is my first time waking up not in an Inn, but in a house that we reside. It makes me excited as I was about to start a new beginning.




Also, Adona’s irresistible figure was right next to me as I wake up. No, it’s not what you think. It’s not that something happened the night before.

It’s because of Adona’s pitiful looks when she staring at me, I also wanted to sleep with her after all. Looking from another point of view, it would be like too sisters of close age sleeping together……


There are currently five rooms, but each room only has one bed, that’s why it was necessary for one bed to be shared and I would need to increase the number of beds to at least two soon. If my collection reaches more than 10 people, I don’t know if I will add additional beds or just rent a bigger house.


I have allocated one room for both Ente and Jenny. The others are for Maevis Erina and Adona.

In total, it is mine, Maevis, Erina and Adona’s rooms that will be shared if there are new members that would join us. Also the reason why I placed Ente and Jenny together is because those two are compatible for stopping each other’s moves.

I wonder what kinds of diversions they would try to do to stop each other.


But well, for some reason, they still continued the one person sleeping with me order as usual. Un, isn’t that weird?

I do understand that there’s not enough bed for everyone. I was also thinking that now I can be free, but――


「In order to ensure Master’s safety, it is necessary for this routine to continue even now」


一At first I was thinking that a key for the house was the only thing necessary and we don’t need to put locks in our rooms immediately, but……


「It is to prevent the worst case possible happening to Mistress. Well, if that worst case possible involves me then I’d be happy to do the Job」


What is she thinking about when she said worst case possible? Yup, Jenny is probably the most dangerous person there is now inside this house.


「Fufufu, Ojou-sama, everyone surely wants to sleep together with you after all」


Erena laughs elegantly as she says that. I do feel relieved when sleeping as I feel everyone’s warmth, but I wonder how should say this…… it’s also kind of difficult in a lot of ways.


「Princess, I will definitely protect you with my body from Jenny’s attempts」


Oh, it seems like Maevis have also recognized her as a target to stop. Jenny’s enemies have now increased by one.


「I don’t know if I could help but…… If sleeping together bothers you, I will do my best to be able to sleep alone」


Adona…… What a precious and brave girl


And that’s how we ended up in this situation. I decided to instead invite Adona to sleep with me. Ente why are looking so disappointed!

That sums up everything I guess, also I could now understand most of everyone’s nature. I think it’s kind of too late for me to realize that now.



And then, breakfast also became a problem. That’s because, I forgot to buy cooking utensils. We only though about buying bed and other furniture, there were still a lot of common necessities that were missing.


This somehow reminds me of the time I started living on my own. I went back and for a lot of times in the nearby convenient store and home centers.


And so, today’s schedule was divided into separate teams.

One team goes with me to procure Dinna. It’s not like it will be sold out immediately, but I want to secure her before they are able to sell her out. I will also visit the guild to collect information as we go strolling around the streets.


The other team will be led by Erina which will be in charge of purchasing everyday necessities and other stuff. She is also really good at cooking. As expected of the one true maid, although her main job is not actually a maid, but who cares.

By the way, other than her, there isn’t anyone with a decent cooking skill in our group. After realizing that my girl power is this low, it only made me feel depressed.


「Well then, good luck!」


「Ojou-sama too, please take care. Ente, Maevis be sure to properly protect Oujo-sama」


「Don’t worry about that. You should also take care, Erina. And be sure not to let Jenny do anything strange」


「Ente, what do you mean by that?」


Well, this has already become a standard for this two… their fights. I and Erina could only smile wryly at the two of them.


「Be careful and don’t get lost, after all Adona is still new to this town」


I advised her to be careful as I brush her head gently. The reaction of her feeling ticklish was also really cute. I might look like a young lady right now, but I am still mentally older.

That’s why I declare your position to be the little sister!

But well, if you think about how old Adona’s original cane is, she would be considered as a really old person, but that doesn’t count. Everyone else showed a soft smile as they were looking at the two of us.


「Somehow, seeing the figure of Princess acting like an older sister is really beautiful」


「Maevis, you also think so too! It feels like I’m looking at a moment that my sister is growing up, and it really gives off a good feeling」


Ente and Maevis were whispering to each other about their views, but you know, I CAN HEAR YOU.



And so, the outing to go around town has commenced. My first destination is Aldeni Store.




「Thank you very much for visiting our store once more」


When we arrived at Aldeni, it was the butler-styled clerk who greeted us before, welcomed me. The same as usual, I guess. We checked things out if there were any changes from before, but it seems like nothing has changed since then. Well, considering the prices of the goods they are selling, it’s not really that surprising. Dinna was also the same as before. Sorry, just wait a little more.


「I would really like to buy this this Dragon Bone Axe if possible」


I show him my desire to buy Dinna that was displayed in a decorated case. The price tag was 1,260,000 Veils. There is no loaning service in this world. It’s only cash, all cash. Finally, Dinna was taken out of the decorated case and was presented to me. Well, I would not feel any sense of life in the item if I was only looking at the letters written on its surface after all.



Also, it’s good acquiring Dinna, but it’s also no good to call out to her when we are still out strolling in town. I’ll call her out later when we return home.


Our next destination was the main street to check out on the stall. The stalls and goods that were displayed changes on a daily basis, that’s why I will never get bored even if I check it every day. There haven’t been any ARMS Girls that were sold though.


「Master, there is a lot of people right now, it would be better for us to hold hands」

「I agree with Ente, princess. With this crowd, it would be easier to get separated」


Umu, it this pattern again huh. I am having a dejavu that something like this has happened before. Well, it’s not probably the same as before I guess.


「You were able to locate me when I was kidnapped by a demon before, right? Jenny even told me that even if she closes her eyes, she would be able to locate me regardless」


Ente and Maevis stared at me with a surprised face. Fufufu, I am also learning a lot, you know. The aim is to break free from over protection. Or more like, it would be really difficult for me to move if both of my hands were held……



And so, I still ended up walking while holding hands. Why is that so? Who could resist Ente’s look as if she was an abandoned puppy staring at you. It is embarrassing holding hands on both sides, but I’m fine if it was only one person holding it.

But you know, isn’t this way of holding hands how lovers would hold each other?

Right now each of our fingers is entangled and I was feeling embarrassed about it. Well, I am ok with it though since I am only following the atmosphere.

Maevis was also with us, staring…… well, it was more like locking on to my hand and Ente’s hand. Don’t worry Maevis, you will have your turn next time. It’s a bit embarrassing but I don’t really hate it either.



「Oya, aren’t you that Ojou-san!」


As we were walking on the streets, somebody suddenly called out to me. Hmmm, if I remember correctly, this voiced should belong to that person.




At the place where I turn to, there was the figure of the old peddler who took care of me before with a bright smile.


「Long time no see!」


I hugged the Old man without hesitation. I was also worried that he might have been attacked by a monster somewhere because there are a lot of those things in this world, but I’m glad that he was able to safely arrive here.



「Hohohou, you don’t have to be that worried Jou-chan, I’m fine and well as you can see」


Ente and Maevis who was looking at the old man also smiled in relief. The old man was also worried.


「Valsa is a big city. And along with a lot of people are also those who deal with bad things. But if you have such knights following you, then I believe that Jou-chan will be safe.」


The old man looks at Maevis and nods in confirmation. Certainly if you look at me who is not carrying any weapon then you would be worried, but with Maevis who was equipped with heavy armor and looks like a knight, you could say that she is a reliable person.

Even though she is a horrible weeping drunk……


「Um……Me too……」


Fufufu, Ente you just can’t help it because you look more like a princess than a knight. But I definitely rely on you. I smiled as I look at Ente. Noticing me smiling as I look at her, her face turns red and was embarrassed.

Wha, what is this cute creature.


「Uu, I envy Princess and Ente being seen like this……」


Maevis was murmuring something, but that’s not it!



「Ojii-san, may I look at your products again?」


「Hohohou, of course. I usually find some unusual stuff. Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you find anything that picks your interest」


Fumu, fumu, I am looking forward to it.

We then proceed to check the old man’s merchandise. Unlike in Border Village where his main merchandise were magic tools and medicine. He also usually sell daily necessities to the villagers, and if it’s a large town, then it would be more promising to show other expensive things that he have on hand.

After looking for a while, I didn’t find any new ARMS Girls.

It may not be that easy to actually find them……

That time when he sold Erina, it was probably just good luck or a really good coincidence.


「Master, did you find anything that could become our new member?」


「Hmm, unfortunately there is. I guess this is also――Aaah!」


Ente and Maevis was surprised when I suddenly raised my voice.


「Master, what happened?」

「Princess, is there anything wrong!?」


Other than the reaction of the two, I was blinded by the sight of the medicine in front of me. This is……


「Ojii-san, what does this medicine do?」


I asked about the bottle with orange liquid inside it. The worksmanship on it’s decoration was also quite gaudy.


「Umu, if it’s about that…… It’s kind of hard for this old man to explain its effect……」




「That is…… You see, it’s medicine that help get well at night…… It’s really awkward to explain. It would be the so called energizing drug」


Eeh, is that so.

Hmmm…… but well, even if you call it an energy drug, it definitely resembles that potion after all. That also includes the decoration in the bottle.

What I mean is that, this is a skill recovery potion.

Yes, this is something that I would really want to obtain this if I were to ever fight against demons.


「How much is this medicine?」


I listened carefully. It’s kind of hard to talk about it after all knowing that it an energizing medicine for that purpose.


「Don’t tell me Jou-chan, you are pla――」

「No, no, no, It will be a gift, a gift okay. I, Iwillnotbeusingit」


It’s a bit bad as an excuse, but I can’t think of any good excuse at the moment.


「Hmm. If it’s about the price, normally this medicine is around 500,000 veils. It’s mostly noble people that by these after all」


Asking about it in full details, apparently it was mostly elderly nobility that buys this to help give them more energy when they are doing their night business.

If something like this is sold in stalls, it was normally servants or subordinates that procure it. The old man was trying to explain it as vaguely as possible. I could understand it though since I have prior knowledge regarding such medicine.

But is this really only an Energizer Drug though. I was thinking that this might definitely be a skill recovery medicine……

But if I think about skills as some kind of diminishing power like energy…… then I would understand why it would be recovered by this. But it’s 500,000 Veils.


「Ojii-san, is this medicine often found in shops or sold in stalls?」


「Well, I won’t say that it’s not that popular, but it’s not that rare or unusual either」


Fumu, fumu, I don’t usually find this in the stalls when I check them though, is it just because it was sold out by the time I passed on a stall that sells it?


「Ojii-san, I want to buy this」






Ente, Maevis and the old man reacted in the same surprised manner. No, I am not buying it for its purpose as an energizer, you know.

Well, I won’t be able to properly explain it even if I tried to, that’s why I bought it in silence with a slightly embarrassed face.


The deal was made, and the medicine was bought from the old man. I also told him to inform me if he ever finds more of them being sold around here. After all, I don’t know when I’ll be able to find them. That’s why I would like to stock more of it if I can. Next is for me to confirm if it really works the same way as I know. Now I have a reason to hoard up some money again.


The old man will be staying in this town for a while, that’s why I informed him of our base of operations. I also told him that I will be visiting again soon.




Well, that took more time than it should, and after that I went to the guild to gather information, and then finally returning to our home.