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Chapter 26

TL: Yuki


Now then, it’s already evening, I have just returned home relaxing after finishing our meal, but Jenny came rushing in towards me.

I was wondering what happened?



「Mistress, I have heard about it! Is it true that you’ve brought medicine for energizing night activity, are you using it for me――」


Why did she reach that conclusion? Jenny seems to be pretty convinced about it too. Well, it’s very Jenny-like for her to react like this.


「Sorry, Master. Because Master said that it was a present, everyone got curious about it, I also asked everyone if they have any idea as to whom you are going to give it.」


Ente…… Well, I certainly did say that it was going to be a present. I guess, I have to inform everyone about it.


「You see, about this medicine, It is related to my Special Abilities. It was supposed to be a medicine that may help me recover faster.」


And so, I explained about special skills to Ente and everyone, along with the restriction of only being usable once a day.

And regarding the once a day restriction, this medicine might be able to shorten it.


「Is, is that so…… That makes me feel relieved 」


Ente was still murmuring about something, and she might have been worried that I was actually going to use it for night activities.

Un…… I have certainly known a few of such people.

Of course, it was from my past life in Japan―― but I’ll only get depressed if I continued this train of thought so I stopped.


「The problem is I don’t really know if it really works the same way as I expected. Also wasting 500,000 Veils for an experiment is really wasteful.

Although I can immediately farm some more if I really needed to. Also, it’s limited and not that easy to obtain……」


But there’s something else that’s been bothering me though.


「Well, that’s it for the explanation, for the time being, Tadah~~」


I held up the Dragon Bone Axe. Un, So heavy.


「Mistress, is that another one?」


Jenny stared at the Axe filled with curiosity.


「Will that be a new member!」


Erina was also staring at it and seems happy about it.

Un, un, it did took a while to obtain it but I have finally bought it.

Adona was also seemingly curious about it and finds it intriguing. Well, Adona still haven’t seen how a weapon becomes and ARMS Maiden after all.


「Mastah, I’m looking forward to it」


Adona smiles adorably. Fufufu, well then, without further ado, let’s call her out.


I made sure that everyone was gathered together watching before I began the chant.


「Hidden Soul, I call upon you………Summon!」


As I finish my chant, the heavy object I was lifting disappeared. It was really heavy so it was a strange sensation when it the weight suddenly vanished from my hand.

And now, what was in front of me was a girl with a long lizard-like tail growing from her back.


「I am call Diniana. Ojou, I am pleased to meet you」


★★Dragon Bone Axe  Diniana  Axe Type


An axe made out purely of Dragon Bone. It main characteristics is its blunt blade despite being an Axe. It was said that the user capable of using this weapon will be given power comparable to a Dragon, originally though it was a weapon that requires a lot of strength to be properly used.

The Girl wielding this weapon is supposedly a lineage of the Dragon-kin Family, but is mistaken as a lizard-man because of their similar characteristics.







・When attacking, an increase by 20% in damage with certain probability: Lv-1


・A chance to deliver a critical strike when attacking with a certain probability   : Lv-1



Special Ability


・Dragon’s Power   All ally attacks that will be successfully delivered will become critical hits.




Oh, it’s the first non-human girl that I have summoned. Well, Ente and the others were actually ARMS Girls, they aren’t technically human too.

As expected, it’s her tail that could be considered her notable part of Diniana. It was like a lizard tail was extending out of her spine.

In her description, it was said that she had Dragon’s blood, but her figure is much closer to a lizard-man in this world.

By the way, a lizard-man has the face of a lizard which is kind of off-setting for the male vrsion of their race, but their females didn’t differ that much from humans other than the tail and some scaly parts in their body and their tongue which is longer than a human’s.


Her hair is pure white, her skin is also pure white, and it’s on a level that was almost pale white.

Her smooth snow-white hair was tied in a two-side-up fasion like a twintail.

She had a strong and serious impression but her height was only about the same as mine. In other words, it’s a loli.

However, in regards to her overall appearance, what she wears was seemingly big and baggy. As expected of a girl from ARMS Otome. Regarding to how the clothes look…… you could say that it closely resembles Jenny’s outfit. In other words, it has a high amount of exposure. It was amazing is all I could say, but……

Her body closely resembles mine. Yes, that is she also had a modest to almost flat chest.


「Ojou…… were you thinking about something rude just now?」


Diniana covered her chest with her hands and stared at me with a look full of suspicion.


「I, I wasn’t really thinking… about it?」


「Why did ended up as a question……」


Ehem, anyway, speaking of special features, for Diniana, it would be critical. Along with her increase in damage output, being able to use critical hits make her a very effective damager against a single target.

When a critical hit is triggered, the damage output is increased to almost double the amount of damage she normally deals with. It is a bit difficult to handle because her stats other than attack power is a bit lower than others. In

「ARMS Otome」 though, she was mostly used as a starter character because she can easily overpower the early stages of the game.

Also once players reach a certain strength, she would be replaced by more effectively usable characters. Well, other players only include her in the unit for Moe~ purposes because of her being one of the rare non-human girls.


Of course, now that we are in a real world, there would be no more talk about being useful or other things like that.

Everyone will become an important companion!



Speaking of which, how is the unit assembly being treated right now.

There’s still Ente, Jenny and Maevis in front of me making this a four unit vanguard team.

For now I will check the status menu.


Front 3/3        Back 2/3        Number of Units 2



Front 1/3        Back 0/3



Oh, it was in a form that I have expected.

They are still divided as Units, but it seems like they were able to exist at the same time.

The power and effectiveness of a Unit is limited in the same way as before, but this is still much better what I’ve expected.

Fufufu, as expected, it would be more interesting this way than being limited in calling out everyone and I’m happy about it.

I’m really glad that they don’t to be returned.



「Wai… Hey, stop poking my tail, it tickles」


When I returned my attention to the girls, Ente was staring at Diniana’s tail and was poking it. Diniana was also blushing and seems to be embarrassed because everyone was staring at her tail and poking it from time to time.




When Jenny suddenly grabbed the base of her tail, Diniana lets out a weird cry. Just like a cat who was sensitive at the base of their tail, could it be that Diniana was also in the same condition with a weak point at the base of her tail?




Jenny was showing a really delighted expression.

On the other hand, Diniana had a flushed expression and with tearful eyes almost to the point of crying, I don’t want her to continue this further so I guess it’s time for me to make her stop soon.


「alright, alright, stop it already.

Diniana have just been summoned in human form so she’s still new to a lot of sensations so she will be confused, so stop with the pranks now, ok」



Hearing my warnings, Diniana immediate took refuge behind me. She is now hiding behind me and was staring at everyone with a face with annoyance.

Fufufu, for some reason she looks more like a kitten and was really cute.


「It is as Ojou-sama have said. Its fine to tease her a little but you went overboard.

Sorry, Diniana」


Everyone apologized to Diniana starting with Erina’s apology. Un, that’s right, everyone should get along.

Adona also apologized for some reason probably to go with the atmosphere……


「Sorry, sorry, it’s just that Diniana’s reactions were so cute, but I did went overboard. I’m soory」


Jenny also bows down in apology to her sincerely. Un, un, that’s how it should be.


「I’ll be sure to do it gently next time」


No, that reply is just strange. Now look here, Diniana went into feral mode again. Jenny, sit in seiza and apologize again.



For now, I’ve assigned Diniana to share a room with Erina. That way, it seems like Diniana would also feel at ease. After all she was very cautious about Jenny, after all Jenny didn’t seem like she had learned her lesson yet.



A few days after that, we continued our patrol works and were thinking about the next dungeon that would be our next destination. After all, exploring dungeons give us a ton of income. Next time I will probably rent a carriage so we could all go a little further away.


By the way, the patrol works are now dived into two sets, which are Ente, Jenny and Erina team and then Maevis, Diniana, and Adona team.

I also go along with them of course. Uuu, sorry for being useless in battles.




A few days have passed and an unexpected visitor came to visit our base.




「Yo, it’s been a while Ojou-chan」


It was a man who was laughing like a bandit when he opened the door. It was Gamund-san.

I wonder what it will be this time.

I invited him into our living room and we seated facing each other on our couch.


「How are you doing lately?」


I also mention about our residence to Thielle-san and Gamund-san, and this is the first time that someone visited us.

For the time being, I asked Erina to prepare some tea for us. The she made was spreading a really good aroma. As expected of the Universal Maid.


「Hnhnhn. This place smells good. As expected of a house where only girls live, it’s completely different compared to our kingdom’s knight domitories」


Oi, don’t just smell someone else’s house upon entering. That’s rude, show at least a bit of decency will you……


「To show such disgraceful attitude to Princess.

How about retraining as a knight once more so that you can at least learn some decency as a gentleman?」


Maevis whispers those words quietly, yet the pressure in her eyes is quite considerable. By the way, only Maevis and Erina are with me right now. I wonder where the others went, well they are probably at guild.


「O, Ou. Sorry about that」


Gamund-san straightened his posture after being pressured. Although I haven’t witnessed it, I could already see Tielle-san preaching him about things like this on a regular basis.


「You see, it’s just that I heard something about you looking for Energizer Medicine from the old man」



I Accidentally spilled the tea that I was drinking on him.


「So, Sorry」


I immediately took out a towel and offered it to Gamund-san. I’m sorry but, if you suddenly brought out such a topic I couldn’t help but be surprised.


「Iya, I’m fine, don’t worry about it」


Gamund-san who was shows that it didn’t really bother him wipes his face with the towel I offered. You, don’t just suddenly ask something like that out of the blue.


「Um, where did you hear that story?」


I did ask the old man to look for it if he can find any, but did it spread from stall to stall……



「Iya, well, the knight’s information network is reliable in these cases after all」


It didn’t really answer my question, but I now understand that the knight’s information network have a really weird variation and was quite spread out.


「You know, although I am indeed looking for it……

That didn’t really mean that I’m the one using it, you know」



「Is that so, then I’m relieved……」




You felt relieved, and it’s about the matter of me using the energizer drug that is seemingly strange.

Is that how it is.


「Nn…Ehem. Well, that’s not really what I came here to talk about, there’s something else that I would like to ask today」



Fumufumu, well I know that Gamund-san won’t probably have the free time to come just to talk something like that so I can hear it out at least.



「I would just like to tell you that a Martial Arts Tournament will be held soon. Because I know that everyone from your party have a decent amount of strength, I only informed you because you might be interested about that」




Dragon Bone Axe Diniana

Appearance     closely resembles a 15 year old girl

Hairstyle         Two-side-up and Hair is Pure White

Dress             Top: Baggy cloth like wrappings (High Exposure)

Bottom: Short-Sleeved Cloth Pants (High Exposure) with a Pareo

Character       Tsundere Class. Her weak point is the base of her tail

Call Out   Ojou