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Chapter 27

TL: Yuki


That night after Gamund-san’s visit, we all talked about the martial arts tournament.


「The question on agenda is us participating or not」


According to Gamund-san, there are several conditions required in order to participate.

One of those conditions is to be at least ★★ Rank as a hunter so we don’t have any problem in that regard. Of course everyone hasn’t been recognized yet to be in that rank so Maevis, Adona and Diniana won’t be able to participate.


「Ojou-sama, when you speak about a tournament, there will definitely be big prizes, right?」


Just as what Erina have mentioned, there are certainly big prizes that will be presented during the tournament that Gamund-san talked about.

Because of those prizes, a lot of people from all over the continent come to participate. But considering that Ente and the rest were able to take down a Demon, I was thinking that we would certainly reach a rank during the event.


「Are you worried about something Mistress?

If you leave it to us, we would certainly acquire the prize that you desire Mistress 」


Jenny, please don’t squeeze me between your breasts all of a sudden. For some reason, I am hearing a *poyong sound. Ente was also staring with a complicated expression.

I trust their battle potentials, but after all I also want to participate. I wonder if I could leave this event to these children. Well if they say that they would wan’t to do this on their own, then I will probably just let it be that way.


「I also wanted to join if possible for Princess, but it seems like it would be impossible for me to participate」


Maevis says that while showing a saddened look. Maevis was registered in the guild only after the Ghost Knight subjugation. That’s why she is only ★ at the moment. Adona and Diniana are both rookies. It’s possible for non-hunters to participate, but you would need to show a track record of achievements. It would be something like a recommendation from the Knights or special nomination from nobles. That’s why it would still be impossible for Maevis to participate because she doesn’t have any of those qualifications.

They are doing this to ensure that participants would have a certain level of skill and make the selections easier. It’s also possible to let everyone join, but the audience would be more interested in watching skilled fighters fight than watch weak participants get bulldozed after all.


「Because we also need a certain number to protect Ojou, it would probably be alright for Jenny, Ente and Erina to join」


Diniana looks at the three people as she says that. Adona was also looking at them in the same way.


「I am a bow user, so participating in a martial arts tournament would be a little difficult for me. I will leave it to Ente and Jenny this time」


That is certainly for Erina’s fighting style. Even if she could fight one on one, it would need to be in a large area or in a place which she could take advantage of the location. Well, from my own judgement, I think that Erina would still be able to fight at certain level though.


「Master, I ask for your permission to join」


Fufufu, Ente seems to be enthusiastic about it. Even if you didn’t ask for permission, I won’t really say no. This is not really a direct order so you don’t need to ask.


「Thank you. Then we will be moving in this direction where Ente and Jenny will be participating」


With that decided, Ente and Jenny were now talking to each other. Fufufu, I will be counting on you two.









Knight’s Headquarters

In the Captain’s chambers, Thielle and Gamund were discussing.


「And so, how did Yato-sama react?」


「Iya, that place really smeeled great」




Thielle’s chilly gaze pierces Gamund.


「N, No, you see, it doesn’t seem like she was the one who was going to use the Energizer Medicine」


「That’s what you wanted to know Gamund. What I’m talking about is regarding the martial arts tournament.

Just as I have told you, it’s only you Gamund that would be concerned wether she uses that Energizer Medicine or not and there are other things to be more concerned about than that.」


「Uuu…… I, I also properly informed them about the tournament. It seems like it’s the first time they have heard about it. She was probably thinking about it, and there would probably be a high chance that they are going to participate」


「Fufufu, just as I’ve expected I guess. She didn’t even know about demons after all. The Martial Arts Tournament is a famous event that is known throughout the continent so I was thinking that she may have participated, but it seems like she haven’t even heard about it」


「But captain, you want to have a connection with those girls, right?

Though it will be a martial arts tournament, I don’t think that other countries would try to solicit them after this though」


「I want to get along with them, but I have no desire to bound them to this country.

Though it seems like the higher ups would complain if they did learn about this」


「Well, you could say that they were really outstanding talents.

Also, that knew member who was like a female knight, the pressure I’ve from her made shiver and had cold sweat dripping from my back」


「Fufufu, you mean Maevis」


「Did you know about her commander?」


「Of course. There are others too called Adona and Diniana. Both of them also possess high levels of ability. I was wonder as to where she is finding those talents. If possible, I would also like to know the secret behind that」




「It looks like you’re indeed using the information network, but you are only using it to gather strange information」




Listening to the words of Thielle, he could feel a tinge of anger from her words.


「Going back to the topic. I tried looking into countries and places that would have come from, seriously I couldn’t even find a trace as to where they come from.

Also even now, I can’t even see the limits of their strength. Besides that, they are a party of simple and friendly people. But I know those people shines brighter than everyone else. Like for example, Ente」


「That Silver Sword Warrior?」


「Yeah. The last I’ve met her, was probably at the time when we thanked them for the blessing……

Seeing her at that time, I knew that she had grown stronger than before. Right now, I can’t even fathom as to how strong she had grown」


「Is it really that great of a change……」


「More liked you could say that she climbed up many dimensions of difference. If I am to accurately evaluate her, she would probably reach the level of Quadruples already」




「Fufufu, I am already old, after this I would probably live the life of a retired veteran, but still I wasn’t expecting to meet such an interesting bunch. I want to witness it, just how far can those girls reach」


「Well, I can agree with you on that, I also want to watch over those Ojou-chans」


「Though it’s more like your attention is more focused on Yato. Well, all I could advise is for you to be careful and be sure not to be mistaken as a criminal」


「That’s really awful of you, commander」


Gamund couldn’t help but hold his head from the words of Thielle.








In the country at the center of the continent called Parashas, within its royal capital called Neuentis. Several men and women were gathered in the room of a huge residence within the royal capital.



「Guy, are alright flying all over the continent. I don’t feel sorry about it though」


「Please give me a rest, I would also accept any form of sympathy though」


A woman who was dressed in a sensational outfit was making fun of Guy. Guy answers while he was lying flat on his desk. There is a sense of fatigue that could be noticed from his blurred voice.


「You are having a rest now. Be happy about it」


Ruruka also compliments Guys hard work, without any emotions.


「It’s not a break, and you don’t even give me a break. Didn’t we continue to fly all over places just a while ago」


Guy shook his head in response to Ruruka’s words telling him about his harsh work.


「Now, now. It couldn’t be helped since the demons are becoming more active nowadays but also quickly disappears.

I was also thinking that their concealment have been getting better lately」


「That couldn’t be helped. It’s probably because I have defeated several of them in the past few years. They also have a low number after all 」


Just as Ruruka said, the number of Demons very low. Also because Ruruka is a high ranking demon, she could easily detect them if they make any kind of moves, and they would immediately fly towards it location no matter where it is within the continent(And it was really helpful for her that she was able to fly all over the place)and hunt them down. Although demons are a bunch that is only thinking about power, they also learn about things. And their enmity toward Ruruka also continues to increase.


「Let’s see. Well, peace is a good thing, right…… But thinking about them planning something we don’t know also make me a bit worried」


「That’s not something to worry about」


「Fufufu, how reliable. Guy, you need to work even harder from now on with Ruruka, okay」


「Iya, I am working hard you know, but I would still be seen as useless by aneki」


「It’s not A Ne Ki, it’s Ane-sama, you know」


「Uweh, don’t you think that’s going overboard」


Guy and the Woman in dress glared at each other. Ruruka was simply ignoring the two, not even caring about it. It was the usual sight after all.


「Fuu, Well, I do admit that I recognize him to be working hard. That’s why I’m offering Guy to have a holiday」


Guy in response had a pale face.


「You see, there will be a marial arts tournament that is going to be held in Meletect soon. I want you to go there and have fun with Ruruka-chan」


Of course Guy also knew about the martial arts tournament. There will be a lot of tourists that will be visiting to watch the tournament and a lot of talented people will be gathered. Therefore it will be an event much closer to a festival.


「Heeh, it’s rare for Ane to offer me such a job. Is this to find and invite more talents to join our organization? 」


「Yeah, that’s right. Also, I have to register as a participant, please do your best out there」


After hearing those words, Guy’s movement stopped.


「That’s not what you call a holday at all………――」



Ruruka stares at Guy and thinks that it was just the usual.









The band of thieves’ called「Rooster」 was based on the outskirts of Meletect.


「Oi, Have you finished have loaded all of my luggage in the carriage」


「Yes Boss. Everything have been loaded」


After confirming through his subordinates, the boss of 「Rooster」 Omozu nods.


「Alright, let’s head in the vicinity of Meletect then and see how things are going. Perhaps they would also come to Meletect. If it ends up in a bad way, Meletect might also get destroyed」


「Are we trying to run away, boss?」


「You fool! It would be an all you can have harvest for us thieves if Meletect gets destroyed.

Those demons might aim for people, and they won’t care about anything else like gold」


「As expected of our boss…… Well, it’s also around the time when the Martial Arts Tournament is about to start.

Won’t there be a chance for the demons to be defeated……」


「You Idiot! Not only will there be demons, but also dozens of monsters and other creatures.

Even if everyone from the Martial Arts Tournament join the fight, they won’t win.

If there are quadruples then they might have a chance……

But still it would be almost impossible to stop it」


Omozu recalls about the demons in the reports that he received. There has never been a time when he saw monsters of different races flock together. But according to his subordinates, the most notable ones were Hydra, Gigas, Chimera, Hell Hound, Demon Scorpion and many other dangerous monsters flocking like a mountain. He could feel cold sweat running through his back just thinking about it. And to him, only one thing is certain.


(This will be the end of Meletect)


Right now, what he is more concerned about is how to raid the kingdom that will be turned into a city of ruins and as to how much treasure he would be able to harvest.