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Chapter 28

TL: Yuki


「You will be going to Meletect?」


I informed Liselle-san about our intention to join the Meletect Martial Arts Tournament. By the way, the tournament will be half a month later, and the move from here to Meletect will be about 4 days. We will be away for a while so I informed Liselle-san about it so she won’t worry about our absence.


「Is that so. Well, if it’s you guys then I don’t really have to worry about anything」


After saying that, she showed us a relieved smile. She was informed about us defeating the Ghost Knight after all. I will work hard to meet everyone’s expectations. I also want the prize money……

Well, it would be Ente and Jenny who needs to work hard though.




And so we prepared for our departure towards Meletect and split up into two teams. At such times, we would finish faster doing this.


The first group is with me, Adona and Maevis. We went to inform the knights and our peddler acquaintances. We also need to visit the commerce guild to rent a carriage.


The other group consisted of Ente, Jenny and Diniana and was overlooked by Erina and they were in charge of procuring our supplies. There will be many things to buy so they would need manpower. Even though I purchased Diniana and that energizer medicine, I still have enough money. There will also be no problem even if I buy a carriage. It’s kind of disappointing though since it’s not enough to upgrade Ente and Jenny’s Level.


It may sound a bit reckless, but as expected I would also like to participate in order to increase our win rate. I don’t have the resource to increase anybody’s level anymore since I used up almost all of our funds during the sudden level raising, and since I’ve raised their levels a lot, I would be needing more and more money to increase it……

Seriously, no matter how much money I acquire, it didn’t even mean much. In 「ARMS Otome」 there were weekly events where you could farm the money…… but I guess if would be too naïve of me to expect that it would also exist when everything turned into reality……





First thing we did was go to the headquarters of the knights in order to say our farewell to Thielle-san and Gamund-san. There are many knights who are acquainted with us. Everybody seems to be happy that they came back without any loses. Unfortunately Gamund-san was away but Thielle-san cheered for us with a smile.


「If it’s Yato-sama, then I expect that it would be a great victory」


When she says that, I was also happy. I have conversed with Thielle-san many times before and I know that she’s not the type of person who would easily compliment someone else. Accepting her compliments, I am now even more determined to win.


「Every year when they held it, there would always be new undiscovered talents that appears. There are also people who have already made a name for themselves continuing to participate every time. There might even be some unknown strong people that would participate this year. It would be best if you don’t over-do it and be sure to not overestimate you battle potentials」


I understand. The Martial Arts Competition would be more like an interpersonal battle, and it would definitely be different compared to fighting monsters. I know that everyone is strong when I was working together with them, but it’s still unknown if there are other people who could actually fight them.


When we were leaving the headquarters, for some reason, news about us participating in the Martial Arts Festival was already spreading around.

Isn’t that a little too early to spread?

I was even told that they would be raising volunteers from the second knight division and go for support, and that makes want to do my best and work harder.

I am also embarrassed that other women in town are even starting to call me a saint……



The next place we went to was the peddler’s area. I don’t really know how long he will be staying in town, I did ask him to help me search about the energizer medicine, and I want to inform him that I will be out of town.


「Hou, Jou-chan will be joining the Meletect Martial Arts tournament is it」


The old man had a slightly surprised face. Well, he didn’t know about us defeating the ghost knight after all, so he was probably not expecting us to be able enough to fight in the Martial Arts Tournament.


「That’s why I will be away for a while. I’m sorry but I would like the search to be put on hold for the time being」


「Hohou, It’s fine. You should also be careful on your way to Meletect. At this time, a lot of travelers and merchants would be coming too. Because of that, the thieves will be more active. That would probably be more troublesome than encountering monsters.」


I see. I have never encountered any around here, but thieves huh. They are certainly a more troublesome bunch than normal demon.


「Thank you for everything. We will be more cautious on our way to Meletect」


The old man smiled assuredly to my reply.


「Ah that’s right, I found someone selling energizer medicine. You may find it at a store with a red tent. It has the same effect but looks a bit different from what you were looking for.」


Different in appearance you say? Maybe that’s the real Energizer Medicine of this world. I’m a bit curious about it.


Before we start our journey to Meletect, the old man was giving me a few warnings and things to watch out for, and then we finally left his tent after.

The old man said that he would be leaving Valsa after a while, and it would be nice if we could meet each other again sometime in the future.



After that we visited the said shop with a red tent. There were also a lot of magic tools in here. Unfortunately, there aren’t any ARMS Girls in here too. Looking for a bit, I found the said medicine, a mini-sized Energizer Medicine.


「Excuse me, this is……… is this Energizer Medicine?」


I asked a clerk about it. Considering the topic of what we are asking for, it couldn’t be helped that my voice became more silent on the second half of my question……


「That one? Yes, that certainly is Energizer Medicine」


The voice of the clerk didn’t seem to mind it though and was loud. Because of that, everyone was staring our way.


「Mastah, everyone is looking at us, I’m scared……」


Adona grabs my skirt and stuck closer to me. Certainly, there was a lot of different looks heading towards us, some out of interest, some out of curiosity, some of them were even perverted, many of such eyes stared at us.

Well, if three young girls were buying Energizer Drug that would certainly attract curiosity in a bad way. I am only slightly embarrassed about it, but Adona who had a timid nature won’t be able to handle being watched by a lot of people that way. I tucked Adona closer to me and cover her from those eyes.


At the next moment though, all the stares directed towards us disappeared. Nn? I wonder what happened……

I didn’t sense anything changing though, but well I also don’t particularly mind the change.


「Princess, are you alright?」


Maevis asked me such while smiling, well I wasn’t really bothered by it but it’s good. Adona also seems to have calmed down, let’s just leave it behind and ignore it.



「Ah… sorry about that. I did something really troublesome…… about the price of this medicine, how much is――」


「Yes…, um this medicine is 100,000 Veils each」


Eh? Is this really the clerk from before?

His attitude was definitely different from before, what happ……

Well, never mind that, it’s not really like I’d care about it anyway.


I check the Energizer drug again. It certainly has the same color as the previous one. But its container was completely different. The amount is probably less than half of the previous one.

It’s something I haven’t seen in 「ARMS Otome」.

In 「ARMS Otome」 it is charged item and was only one of its kinds that could be used in recovering special abilities.

But there are certainly many things in this world that have mixed up both the game and this world……

Maybe it would be giving half an effect instead of fully recovering. It’s price is also more reasonable for testing, so I’ll buy it this time too.


「I want to purchase this medicine」




And so, I got my hands on a Mini-Energizer Drug (Provisional).

Let’s test it out on our way to Meletect. It’s almost half the amount so I it’s probably going to remove half of the cool down time is what I would expect.




After that, we arranged for a carriage and completed our preparations. It will be the first time for me since coming to this world to visit another country, so I am excited about the things that we will be doing from here onwards.

I feel a little bad leaving behind the house that we’ve rented and lived in for while now, though……


And so, we decided to rest early in order to be prepared for our journey.





Night of that day.


At the house were Yato was resting. Several people could be found in their living room.



「Have she finally tire herself out for the day?」


Erina asks Ente in a silent voice. They don’t want their talks to disturb that person.


「Yes, she did move a lot today and was probably tired. She stayed asleep even after I left her alone」


Ente, Erina, Jenny, Maevis, Adona and Diniana are currently gathered in the living room. Adona looks a bit worried, while Diniana was looking at Ente a bit suspiciously.


「Fufufu, let’s get started then」


Jenny smiles mischievously as she looks at everyone present.


「Ano…… what are we all doing here?」


「I’m not really that impressed that we are doing things secretly without Ojou knowing」


In reaction of the two people, Jenny responds without a problem straightforwardly.


「Well, it’s the first time for Adona and Diniana to join us in this after all. I declare our fifth followers meeting to start from here on!」


Jenny declares a little too loudly.


「Jenny, you’re too noisy. Master might wake up because of you」


「Ah, sorry about that」



Diniana glares at Jenny filled with disgust.


「Followers’ Meeting? What are we going to talk about」


「Fufufu, it will be about the Mistress pure hear and immature bo――

Ehem, it will be a talk about her protection」


At Jenny’s words, Diniana became even more disgusted that Jenny nudge back a bit from her glare.


「Jenny, you are overdoing it again.

I will explain it to Diniana and Adona in an easy to understand manner. As you have all known about Ojou-sama, she is a bit too vulnerable in many circumstances」


The two nods as they listen to Erina. That was because she was certainly vulnerable in a lot of places and there are many situations that they could think of.


「There is also the fact that she hates it when we are too overprotective about her. Of course we all know that she really cares about all of us. But we can’t just simply tell her directly about this, that’s why we will be discussing on how are we going to protect her without her noticing.」


The two completely agreed to what Erina was telling them. But well, they don’t really know the reason as to why they need to hide the talks.


「If that is so, then the reason why Maevis has driven off everyone at that time in the store was because of that?」


「Yes, that is so. I do hope that princess doesn’t realize it though」


Adona was impressed upon hearing the reply of Maevis. It was a really disturbing atmosphere for her when they were surrounded by those gazes. Those unrestrained gazes were unbearable for Adona to take.


「Maevis-san, thank you during that time」


「Fufufu, I only did what I needed to do. I also consider Adona as someone that I should protect after all. It’s not something that you have to worry about」


Maevis reassures her as she brushes her head. Adona felt ticklish and narrows her eyes as Maevis continues spoiling her.


「Hueee…… I want to do that too, I’m jealous」


「Jenny’s is too perverted, touching is absolutely forbidden」


Diniana glares at Jenny as she responds to her words. She still hasn’t forgotten about the tail incident from before after all.


「Oya, I don’t mind it even if it’s DinianaI also want to hear your cute reactions again」


Having said that, Jenny shows a perverted smile and slowly approached Diniana.


「Je, Jenny is absolutely forbidden from coming closer!」


As she says that, she immediately ran and hid behind Erina. That figure of her further increases Jenny’s desires but――


「Are? I wonder where Ente went to」


Erina scanned the area looking for her. She did feel that she was just there besides her before, but now she can’t find her at all.



「Umm, If you are talking about Ente, she was here a while ago, but I think she went up and returned to the room……」


Everyone was silent after hearing Adona’s words.


After a few blinks――


「I’ve been had! I knew that it was Ente’s turn today so I set up this meeting!」


Jenny went orz to the ground realizing that her plans have failed and was reduced to nothing.


「Is that what you were actually aiming for……

Then this will definitely be the sixth time that Jenny won’t be able to sleep with Ojou-sama」


Erina reprimands Jenny without holding back.


「Adona-chan, be sure to take this as an example and not grow up the same way as Jenny over here」


Maevis continued brushing her head as she was saying those words to Adona.


(Even if I say that, will we even grow up……?)


Adona then thought about their actual existence and try to realize the truth from that.




「Ummm…… so what is this meeting really about?」


Diniana asks as she looks at everyone, and she also swore to her heart that she would defend Ojou and herself from that perverted beast.




And without any further discussions, the fifth Followers’ Meeting ended up in minor conversations.