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Chapter 29

TL: Yuki


The next day, we finally started our journey towards Meletect early in the morning.


Our plan is to reach the village before Meletect, we also plan to stay there for a day, it will take about two days to reach so we will be camping during those days. There are also camping spots like the ones we stayed in from before so the camping won’t be that hard to deal with.


Also, this time, our journey will be on a horse drawn carriage so it would be more comfortable compared to walking.

The last time I’ve travelled on one was when we joined the old peddler on the way to the village, and because I’m not used to it, I predicted that it would be painful without preparations. And so, I’ve bought something like a cushion to sit on. Although it resembled a cushion, I don’t know how long it would last.



By the way, because the only people who knows how to handle the carriage were Erina and Diniana, it was decided for them to take turns during our travel. As expected of Erina the Universal Maid. There are many Maid Characters in 「ARMS Otome」but I wonder just how versatile those children are……

Being served by a group of maids huh…… I want it!


The latter one doesn’t use humanly means in order to move the carriage, it was lik she was ordering the horse directly and was listening to what the horses wanted. This is probably because of the fact that she has Dragon’s blood running through her body. She is probably seen as a superior being on the same level as dragons.



Right now, I’m sitting next to Erina as she handles the reins. I am enjoying the scenery, but because I also have the highest detection ability from everyone so it’s also part of my job. My job right now is to make sure that the surroundings is clear of enemies. I did volunteer myself to do the job after all.


「Adona, I’ve found enemies in front and to the left」


「Understood, Mastah」


Whenever I detect enemies approaching the carriage, I inform Adona. Although they are still far away, I could detect them easily and they are currently approaching the carriage. The one that approached us the closest were a flock of Hungry Wolves. Adona responds to my call and immediately prepares her magic.


「――Blades of wind, cut and shred my enemies」



After Adona finishes her chant, a storm of wind blades assaulted the flock of hungry wolves.



*Swish *Swish!!



Even from far away, I could see the demons being shredded by her wind magic. Just as expected, magic is really strong.


「So, how is it Adona?」


「Yes! I can release magic almost instantly」


I see…… that would definitely become a strong trump card if depending on the way you use it.



What I’m doing right now is experimenting about the effects of the recovery medicine for special abilities. At the same time is the confirmation of the effects of Adona’s Special Ability, along with that is the power of the Magic Users.


The results will depend if whether we would buy more of the medicine or not, and it would definitely be scary if we couldn’t confirm the actual effects. Even if the price is high, it would still be worth it if the actual effect is what we would expect.

The first one I am going to try is the smaller one drinking it after half a day has passed. If it will have the effect that we expect, then I would be able to use the skill again even if half a day has not passed yet.


And regarding Adona’s skill, I wanted to see how it would be implemented in this world. That’s why I decided to check it out along with testing the medicine. As a result of the test, it seems that Adona’s casting delay was removed and she can literally continue casting until the time limit has been reached.

In other words, she would be able to release her strongest attacks continuously regardless of the amount of magic it would require. Just thinking about this effect, I couldn’t help but feel like it was a real cheat. Just imagine having another Magic User Type like Adona, it would be an unlimited Magic Attack……

There might also be problems with attribute compatibility, but it would still be a very scary power…… no, it would be reliable.


「Ah…… Mastah, it seems like the effect has ended」


――Well, because there is a time limit, it’s not like it doesn’t have any disadvantages. How disappointing.

Well, in regards to defensive types though, the protection of purification skills has a considerably long effect time, the one I used just now didn’t even lasted for half a day. Well there are a lot of differences when it comes to special abilities after all.



We continued to advance until it was dusk, and then I decided for us to prepare a camp on the nearest camping spot. It’s kind of strange that we are camping in a hut, but who cares.


We can only prepare simple meals at the moment. I bought a magic tool for storage before we left in Enimel. If it’s magic tools that are found there, then I would be able to easily carry our supplies. There’s no place for us to cook though. There was nothing else in the hut but a simple bed. After all it was made for people to take shelter during rainy days.


「Ah, half a day has finally passed. 」


Looking at my watch, I remembered about the used up special ability. That’s right there are clocks in this world. But they were made as magic tools. This was also purchased at Enimel. Time is measured by sensing the wavelengths of the sun and moon. That’s why, I don’t really have any idea what is it made of or how its mechanisms work. Well even when I was in Japan, I really despised mechanical things……


By the way, I was able to get along with the Elven owner of Enimel. I asked her to teach me more about magic tools and other various tools. She taught me patiently and kindly and she was also a really beautiful person so I was really excited. She also told me about her age, but that was really hard to swallow. Of course I’ll keep silent about it in order to protect her honor.


「Well then, I shall now drink the medicine」


Everyone paid attention to me as I declared that.




Jenny was speaking so timidly for some reason. I wonder why?


「If you are feeling excited after drinking that, I don’t mind being the one receiving your excitement」



「Well then, I will drink the medicine now」


Ente was watching over me. If I will be able to use the special ability, it will greatly increase our fighting power.

In 「ARMS Otome」 there was no real need to repeatedly use special skills after all. Just using it once a day is enough. There are also other kinds of strategies in 「ARMS Otome」so I didn’t really think about this kind of strategy――




――Jenny, your acting is very obvious, you know even if you act like that.



I opened then lid and smell the medicine. It has a kind sweet…… no, more like fruity smell. I was a little nervous, but I continued drinking the medicine.


*Goku, *goku, *goku……


Hmm…… although it smelled fruity and sweet, there was no taste at all. Well, that would be better that having a strange taste though. Now, the question is if I will be able to use the special ability now.


Feeling the torrent of magic within me, I became conscious of the skills that I could use.


I closed my eyes and concentrated, the same way that I do every morning……




…it’s here!


I could certainly feel the power of the skills the same way I do every morning.


When I opened my eyes, I found everyone to be seemingly worried about it. After smiling at everyone, I immediately activated the power that I have used before.



「Mastah, could it be!?」


Adona was surprised to see that her magic power became overflowing once again.


「Un, it seems like it was a success. Just as I have expected, this was definitely a skill recovery drug! 」


Now, the plan to collect more of this recovery drug will be put in action. Of course it’s not I will be using it all the time, but it will definitely be helpful in the case that a tough enemy like a demon would come out.


「how are you feeling right now Ojou-sama, do you feel anything strange in your current condition?」


Nn? Speaking of which, that was considered as an energizer drug. I didn’t feel anything strange happening to me though…… Everyone was looking anxiously at me. ――Ah, I just came up with a good plan.



「Hmmm…… I do feel a bit weird…… Hafu~……」


I exaggeratedly yawn in a sensual fashion, I then made eye contact with Jenny and slowly approached her.


「Eh, Mi, Mistress?」


「Hnn~…… you smell good」


I slowly cling to Jenny, I then burry my face on her chest. Now that I check it again, I could certainly feel how big it was. It was also really soft. If I sleep in these, it would probably feel really comfortable.




「Ojou-sama, after all the medicine did have side effects……?」

「Princess, please return to sanity」

「Mastahー、what happened?」


「Ojou, that is the most dangerous place in the world」


「……Diniana, that’s being too rude」


Fufufu, it seems like Jenny who is always acting weirdly was also puzzled from the current situation. Could it be, you were also just acting out? There are times where I would also like to do the teasing, you know.


「Um, Mistress. I’m really glad about this, but isn’t it embarrassing with everyone around watching us」


That’s right, be more conscious about――


「Why don’t we continue this when everyone is asleep later tonight. Of course, I also wouldn’t mind if Mistress wanted to continue this with everyone watching」


Eh…… I can’t seem to escape the situation right now. I am certainly losing, and my plan is kind of falling apart right now. But, but I will not be captured that easily――



After that I somehow managed to escape the situation, I was showered by various kinds of inquiry though. It’s not strange to do playful things now and then you know. Well, it was also mostly because of me playing around though, I will reflect on that.




And so the next day came. I could feel that the temperature was starting to become warmer. According to the information that the old man told me, Meletect is a country that has a hotter weather compared to Belt Kingdom. I don’t know yet if there are also four seasons in this world. There are probably countries with hot and cold climates though.

By the way, the country of Ejena which is a land located to the north of the continent is a land half covered in snow. It is also surrounded by monster territories so there aren’t many people who travel towards that place.


We are about to enter the territory of Meletect starting today, and I don’t really know where the border is because there are no notable structure that marks their border. Now that I think about it, this location is close to the Barress Battlefield which the demon has mentioned before. That place seems to be the border of Belt Kindom and Meletect Kingdom. It was supposed to be an area without any signs of life in place, not even plants live there, so I don’t really have any plans on visiting the place. They also did mention that a large amount of undead was roaming the area though……


「Nevertheless, this place has certainly become hotter. I’m envious of Diniana who could ignore this amount of heat」


Right now Diniana is handling the carriage. I also sit beside her like usual. The type of trees also started to change as we continue moving forward. They give a feeling as if we will be travelling a sandy dry place if we continue. Even if it didn’t end up as a desert, the atmosphere it gives definitely resembled one. It’s just really hot is what I would say.


Diniana have an appearance which slightly resembles Jenny, wearing cloth that only covers her chest and waist like a bikini. She also wears a short colorful Pareo covering her waist with a large variation of colors which matches her skin tone.



「Ojou, why not try dressing up more lightly?」


Diniana curiously looked at me as she says that. Well, my current appearance is just me removing my upper layer of clothing so it’s already considered light as it is.

Right now, I’m only wearing the white blouse under my usual red toned top blouse so it’s considerably lighter. But well, I can freely put on and of my fixed equipment at will. It was the equipment that the main character in 「ARMS Otome」 was wearing.


If I wanted to wear something from this world, I can wear it normally without problems. Well, that would be deemed as normal after all. However, I have already gotten used to wearing this clothes of mine which I can freely dress and undress automatically. Even if I drop my fasion value, I won’t surrender the condition of wearing convenient clothes. This might also be the effect of the game’s influence……


「Hmmm, if I take away more than this, I’d probably end up in underwear. It would also be shameful doing that outdoors」


「Dangerous indeed…… Jenny will definitely come to assault」


Fufufu, indeed if it was Jenny, she would definitely fly towards us  ignoring everything else.




On the third day, my butt is now starting to hurt……

As for the area where we are currently located is a village close to the town, I could now see a lot of people going around. There are also hunters and peddlers. A knight-like person could also be seen patrolling while riding on a horse.

By the way, the town where the tournament will be held is in Meletect, which is also the royal capital itself.


「Ojou-sama, we are going to stay in this village tonight, right?」


Erina asks me as usual regarding our plans.


「Un. If I’m not mistaken, this village is called Bruera. It was supposed to be almost the same size as Border Village」


I recalled information that I have research on the guild’s library. The old man also mentioned that this place is the same size as Border village and stopping by here is what everyone normally does.


「It really feels like a lot of time have already passed」


Erina was reminiscing our time when we were in Border Village. My encounter with Erina was from that village after all. It is probably an inspiring event for her in many ways.



When we were still approaching this area, the encounters with monsters have almost all stopped. That’s why we arrived at Bruera without any incidents happening.




「As expected, when in a different country, their villages also look so different」


Erina was observing our surrounding as we continued advancing our carriage. Within the village, a plant resembling cactuses could be found growing all over the place. Also there quite a big difference in the structure of the cactuses here compared to a normal one. Even though they have the same green color, the ones growing here closely resembled palm trees instead……

It also extends vertically and is swaying in the wind.


Also, to my surprise, there were more people in the village which I didn’t expect. When I asked about it to a nearby villager, he told us that most of them were travellers heading towards the capital. Considering this situation, I am worried that we won’t be able to find any accommodations. There are also a lot of people who have reserved some places in advance so I don’t really know if we could find any openings. Well, they did say that the most of everyone will be leaving when the Tournament is near, and right now is probably the peak time of people gathering which will be heading towards the capital.


And so because of this situation, we decided to look for a place to stay immediately. It seems like we would be having a hard time looking for an Inn after all. Hopefully, we did find one and it was a house. We immediately rented two rooms with four beds. We also added payment for temporary beds to be included.



After that, we came to a place where we could have a meal. By the way, the house renting was a temporary thing and was only arranged that way during times like this. Even the place where we eat was a temporary place that was setup for these days. There are not only us eating but also travellers and merchants. Of course there are also probably villagers who live in this village.


We were having a meal on a wide table outside the shop. Looking around I could see a lot of people all over the place, there were also a lot of other customers besides us. Among those, a group of seemingly suspicious people headed towards us……


「Good Evening」


I show a generous smile which I normally use when greeting people in the company. First impressions are important when met by strangers after all. Am I being naive? I am not of course.


「Yo, good evening. You sure are a group of lovely ladies」


The one who replied to my greeting seems to be the leader who looks like a refreshing young man. There are a total of 6 people in their group including him. The age range varies a lot though. There was even an old man included in the group, and the youngest looks like a boy who around the same age group as the current me.



「We are hunters based on Meletect called [Gabaren’s Claws ]. I am their leader call Flakis」


So it was their leader after all. By the way, the thing called a Gabaren was a legendary mythical beast that was also deemed as an Earth Spirit Beast.


(Oi, aren’t those people from Gabaren’s Claw )


(Gabaren’s Claw is a triple party, right……?)


(So they were a high leveled party?)


(Why are they in this village?)



I could hear whispers of people all over the place while they were eating and drinking. A triple party is it. Now that I think about it, I have never met any triple party or higher in Valsa. Other than Quads, the triples could already be considered as a reliable force in this world. Oops, that was rude of me not introducing ourselves.



「I am Yato. We are also hunters conducting our activities around Valsa」


「Eh!? You are hunters? 」


When Flakis-san hears about that, he was quite surprised. Well, if you look at our group, we certainly look more like nobility who travelled here to watch the tournament. Am all women party is very rare after all. By the way, the lineup for Gabaren’s Party are as follows――


Their Leader Flakis, then a robed old man who was definitely a magician, a robed dressed oba-san and a nee-san who carries a cane, a fairly-well-built warrior-like middle aged boy, and lastly a little boy who was almost the same age as me. Just having two women added to a party is already quite rare.


We accepted Flakis-san’s group to join us on our meal. It seems like Flakis-san returned after travelling to the great country of Parrass which is west from here. Parrass is also known as the largest country in this continent. Because they know that the martial arts tournament is coming soon, they decided to return to the kingdom and were also going to participate on it. They were again surprised when we mentioned that we are also going to participate on the tournament.


「Thank you for everything」


We decided to take our leave first after we finished our meal and said our goodbye. Flakis-san’s group is still going to stay and have drinking bouts after this after all. We were also invited by Radi-san (The nee-san with a cane) be we politely refused. Uuu, I wonder when I will be allowed to drink alcohol……


But well regarding Flakis-san…… He did have an atmosphere that you couldn’t find from normal hunters, knowing people like him participating in the tournament, I could certainly predict that the matches won’t be that easy as we have expected.



The third night passed by as I thought about those things. Finally, we will be able to arrive at our destination tomorrow.