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Chapter 10

「Hoooo, looking closely it gives off an intimidating feeling.」


I raise my voice unexpectedly while looking at the outer wall.


Well, while it still can’t compared Japan’s skyscrapers, it’s strange to see so many stones piled up together.


It gives off a strange feeling to it.


At the moment, we’re currently lining up to enter the town.


It seems money is not needed to enter the town.


The guards are just checking the person to see if they’re suspicious or not by observing them.


Someone is walking to a peddler on a carriage, and it seems like they’re paying for something.


I wonder if they’re paying taxes or something.


If it was a bribe or the like, they wouldn’t have such an air of dignity.


Lining up didn’t really take that much time since there are only a few travelers.


Near the town of Varsa, we came across some people, but until now I haven’t  seen another traveler.


And so …… while it’s not our turn yet, I feel like there are a lot of gazes pointed at us.


No, well, this is probably the norm, but I just can’t seem to calm down.


It is not that unusual for a young maiden to travel with four people, but I guess all of our appearances are not normal.

Although I don’t know if our exposure rate is that high or not but I don’t think that it’s really extraordinary. (Well looking at Jenny, her exposure rate sure is really high, but I saw people with just as much exposure as her.)


I guess I do look like a noble wearing a light armor.


No, am I just being over confident!?


Ente gives off an aura of a knight.


Or rather than being a knight, it feels more like a lady trying to be a knight.


There’s also a maid, and an escort-like person that looks like a warrior holding a spear.


And all of them are surrounding me as if to keep me safe and watch over me.


No matter how you look at it, it feels out of place.


Not only the other travelers’ gaze but also guards’ gaze are directed toward us.


Mr Guard, I think you should really check on the people passing by now you know…


And so… It was finally our turn.


「You people, I’m sorry but is it okay to have a bit of your time?」


It’s time to show my skill!!!

「—Hai, we have come from afar to come here.」


The guards are not asking anything personal in particular. Up until now, they just asking vague questions so far.


Rather than asking for what business we’re here, they’re asking what is in our mind.


It’s not really a bother, so we just answer it.


Well, I was giving a roundabout answer.


They don’t seem to understand well and precise information wasn’t really revealed.


「Well then, please don’t make any troubles while staying, okay?

We, guards, are patrolling everyday to ensure a peaceful day, but if anything happen, please don’t hesitate to call us, okay?」


Somehow, they assumed that I’m a noble lady in hiding, or some aristocrat based on how politely they’re speaking towards me.


Well, there is something that I’d also like to hear about.


「Anou… I would like to ask about something, Is it alright?」


「It’s alright, what’s would you like to know?」


「I think that there is someone named Gamund in the 2nd Order of this town, has that person returned?」


I don’t really care about what happened to the corpse users case.


There is a possibility that they haven’t returned yet, but since they are riding horses they might have returned already.


「Deputy Leader Gamund? I think the deputy leader has already returned today in the afternoon—」


I guess they have successfully defeated that corpse user.


I was wondering if they took another route to get here.


It seems that our conclusion was not a mistake.


At the same time, another guard coming to inform the guards.


Seeing us, the guards seems to have a surprised face… what? what is it?…


「Ano… Are you Yato?…」


—–eh? Why do you know about me?


How to see this … I don’t remember saying anything about myself up until now, I guess the information was from Gamund-san.


I think that there isn’t any problem for now, so let’s verify it.


「Yes, as you said, but why do you know that name -」


「Ooh !!! As expected! Aren’t you that called saint Yato?」


… … … eh???


We are now guided by the guards and are moving to the second Knights headquarters.


It is about the time that the shade of the night is settling down.


I wanted to look for an inn.


「I’m sorry, but my subordinates seemed to have went ahead of me.」


It’s Gamund-san’s look who isn’t able to do anything, how nostalgic.


He was lowering his head in apology. I’d like you to explain what’s going on though.


Everytime we met with a knight along the way in the headquarters, they have curious eyes.


「Umu.. you see… after receiving protection from ojou-chan, we quickly moved out for the suppression—


According to Gamund’s story, a suspicious undead that was prowling around at noon

(It seems that undead doesn’t usually come out at noon) and then they lead the troops and headed towards a place call [Anestria Citadel Ruins].


After arranging the troops, they went inside the ruins and found many undead.


That undead was under someone’s control.


Moreover, the ruins seem to have an effect to strengthen the undead.


Perhaps, he was luring the knights and had been waiting there for a while…


It seems the knights who had received my blessing became really amazing.


While talking about undead zombie, skeleton is there as well.


There were also many kind of them, and it seems that higher class of undead were also present, even so the knights still unstoppable.


Undead normally have high tenacity. As long as the user has enough magic power implanted on them, they will keep on reviving.


However, they were easily defeated when the sword of the sparkling knights hit them.


In this way the battle’s favor went greatly towards the Order.


The inexhaustible stamina of the undead which is their strong point seems to have been disabled.


Without that advantages, they would never be able to defeat the knights who have better specs.


They were expecting some damage will be taken when they are confronting the corpse user and as time goes on, their stamina keep drained until they fall.


What more troubling is if one of them is exhausted, they would have instantly turned into an enemy.


But even if there were a lot of them injured in the subjugation. the number of casualties are zero.


Knight with serious injuries has already been healed and is resting, It was truly a blessing that the protection was super effective.


And the problem started there. Due to the phenomenal victory of their knight group, the other knights’ order have inquired them as to what led to their flawless victory.


And the story of my blessing came from there. Because such blessing can only be done by high ranking priests, and since they don’t go to the field that often, only a small number of people know about such blessings.


Since undead was the opponent, I was expecting that priests should have acted as well right?


Well if you realized that the results was from the power of my blessings they would think about what kind of person she was.


They would imagined that it was a really good person… Yeah… A saint as you would expect.


And so they would really like to show their appreciation. And inform the guards that if there was any person who arrived that was named Yato they should inform the knights immediately.


Was it because I told them I would visit the city of Varsa?


Gamund-san was expected to be the one to guide us but, it seems that someone else have acted first before him and guided us to the knights headquarters.


Well the guards were probably just curious about it, then the other person seems to have noticed and probably wouldn’t be that long before we will be guided to the headquarters at a later time.


Even though they arrived just a little afternoon they quickly informed the guards, I wonder if they really would like to see us as soon as possible.


「Iya, I think without jou-chan’s blessing, we wouldn’t have won unscathed, It may have even resulting in us turning all undead.」


Un.. Because I don’t want that to happen to them, I placed a blessing on them.


「Gamund-san, Is that person the subject of that matter?」


And then another voice has joined in. An elderly female knight appeared.


Giving a gaze that makes us feel her will.


Somehow, she’s emitting some really strong aura, but well who is this person?


「I would like to show my thanks too. I thank you for your help to our 2nd Knights. My name is Tiel. I am serving as the Chief of the 2nd Knights Order.」


e… eto… Chief-of-the-knight-division-san!? I couldn’t Imagine that it would be an old woman as the leader of the Knights Order.


「Ba…. Chief Tiel, your ears seems to catch up to news a little too fast」


What are you going to do after calling me?


Tiel’s eyes suddenly went sharp for some reason.


「Gamund, all information travels to me you know, even small ones. Not to mention it was about a Holy Maiden.」


Oh… Gamund-san is being treated like a kid. Well she seems like someone who has much more experience for a woman I guess.


「Tiel-san is it, I go by the name Yato… and also… they seem to have labeled me as a saint.」


Ente beside me seems to be muttering something in a low voice.


「Don’t use ‘-sama’. Also It’s not like Yato-sama has done anything significant you know.」


Tiel-san explains that people in class that can actually give blessings are rare even in this country, and only very few can actually give great effects.


People like that are usually located at the upper levels of the temples, so it is very rare to receive such protections.


In the hunters, there are also someone with higher ranks that can give such protections.


So it was really extraordinary… even though it is limited to be casted only once a day…


「fufufu… and that explains why such people are a wonder… I hope you understand the circumstances… and so allow me also to give you tonight the best of our hospitality.」


This surely is a good offer. And while we are talking, it has completely become dark. Finding an accomodation at this time would probably be a pain.


And so tomorrow will be strolling time, so we will be taking our rest here for today.


And we received many welcome from the knights.


At first, it’s only a celebration for their return and victory but everything become extraordinary due to our arrival.


I’m speaking with Tiel-san. This woman was the captain of the first knights. Just thinking about that, it makes her someone who is really amazing.


Even though she retired from going on the front line because of an old age, she is still appointed as the head of the second Knights Order.


「I would really like to retire soon and pass this position to Gamund, but it seems he’s good at nothing other than battle.」


Gamund’s points are sinking. If you only count battle prowess, Gamund seems to be stronger than Tiel-san.


But well, being head means you have to do a lot of things like paperworks, instructions, administration and other stuff.


Gamund-san seems to be one of those…. a muscle brained idiot.


「I’m not good at that kind of thing. It is much easier to wield a sword.」


Originally, it is impossible for the deputy head to appear on the front line, but it seems that Gamund-san will run first on deployment happily.


「It seems that my subordinates also like going to the front lines along with me. I should really learn the ways of self-restraint soon. And also the viewpoint to see everything as a whole.」


Did he get hit in various places? Today, Gamund doesn’t seem to get drunk even if he keeps drinking.


We decided to leave the banquet when everyone seems to be drunk. I am tired from traveling and eating a lot of delicious food and I’m all sleepy.


Oh, there are four beds. I understand that Jenny looks sad, but why are Ente and Erina look disappointed?


When the night became deeper, in the room with the Order.


「Now then Gamund, who really are they?」


「Head captain, what do you mean by that? Aren’t they just aristocrats who came from a distant country somewhere?」


「It’s not from a distant country they answered the guards when they were questioned you know.」


「What? Even so, from a little while ago… …」


「There is also a possibility that they are not nobles.」


「Thats what I really would like to hear. There is also a possibility that it’s a saint from one of the temples somewhere.」


「But ma’am, why are you trying to probe into them? Are you suspecting that that they might do something bad?」


「Gamund, try to calm down for a bit. Apart from watching over them as cautionary figures. Everything else is just pure interest. I’m just wondering why Gamund have spoke about them a lot when he was in Border Village. Then maybe they were someone I might know.」


「Is there something about the girls that is bothering you ma’am, to get your attention for them?」


「Fumu… you sure have taken a liking on the saint-sama quite a bit. Well it’s just about that strange power…  I don’t know but… Her age is quite difference?」


「Guh!?.. No It’s not like what you are thinking about.」


「Kukuku… It’s a joke… It’s a joke… Besides, they will probably ignore you.」


「Those Attendants??」


「Oya?? Did you notice?? When I entered the room, she comprehended the power when I observed Yato.」


「… No, I did not notice it.」


「I guess it was only against me. Both of them turned their eyes to observe me in reverse.

Together with such amazing pressure. It’s probably been decades ago? I felt so much intimidating pressure to the point of getting cold sweat.」




「The three people have some skills, but specifically that woman with silver-colored armor. She is more powerful than you Gamund.」


「… Are you serious?」


「I have witness such eyes before, I am sure, she will be comparable to Diold of the First Knight Head.」


「Speaking of Diold, he is  the strongest knight in this country, right?」


「There is no one to be more skilled than that knight among the knights in fact, I can’t even compare anyone close in our country.  She has the same class of power as him.」




「The two companions are also almost comparable to her. Not to mention they are protecting someone like a saint class. I think it is strange that you do not realize.」




「I am not telling you to ignore or antagonize them, It’s the opposite, rather we should make sure to build a good relationship. We will probably be given a bit of protection. Just think about having a friendly interaction with them Gamund.」


「And what is it that you really want me to do?」


「Nothing in particular. If you are in trouble you could probably ask them for help, or help them in return incase they are troubled, But only up to that point. She has something that should never be crossed, and if poorly settled they will probably go away… and one more.」


「One more?」


「Stop calling her a saint as much as possible. Even if I know she is cute, don’t blabber something that embarrassing especially with a flushed face. It’s really disgusting, seriously.」


「Well, that is not the only story to talk about. I read a report on the Corpse User subjugation, but I have some questions.」


「It was the Corpse User that was subjugated. There is no doubt that because I confirmed it with the magistrate of the Kingdom of Wizardry for inspection, but the Corpse User has collaborators.」


「!? This is the first time I’ve heard of it?」


「I also found out about it the first time I asked the magician.


It seems that the behaviors of observers were too suspicious.


Indeed, they are in trouble with their hiding habits.


At the very least the constitution has not changed since I was in the royal city.」


「Maaa maaa, please keep it down, then who is that collaborator?」


「It seems that he’s quite tall wearing everything black.」


「…That person, I haven’t seen him in the ruins of the fortress.」


「Although it escaped with the corpse user, perhaps he was betrayed and made into undead, but am I just being too optimistic.」




「And another thing – It is that I could not find the carcass corps of the high-level magicians.」


「The Undead we fought were mostly skeletons, Bone warriors, Zombies and Ghouls. That was from the reports. I have not seen any other type of the undead. I was interrupted by a zombie.」


「I just don’t get it. Why did the corpse user risk, attacking the high-level Magicians? Was it to make them as an undead?

Although this is one possible, there is a higher chance of them turning into whites. But there wasn’t even one mage in the horde.

It was incomprehensible that the corpses of the magicians who were attacked and killed haven’t been found in either cases.

It’s mysterious that not even one body came out.」


「… … that the black man may still hiding somewhere? Together with that magician’s undead.」


「That would be dangerous if you think about it. When there was the escape report from the kingdom,

It seems that the corpse user and the black man has seen on a carriage. Probably the body of the magicians was on the loading platform.

But when they reported about seeing a man that was supposed to be the corpse user near the village of Kante the report says that he was alone.」


「Un… I don’t get it… If you run away wouldn’t it be better to have more fighting power.

If you are planning to escape mostly you will definitely try to hole yourself in some ruined fortress.」


「According to the reports, it seems like he was waiting. Was it also to bring the knight order and turn them into undead if found …?

Well, thanks to Yato, the corpse users plot was put to waste.」


「Certainly… Well if not for that you may have never returned.」


「I’d like to thank her again, anyway, I will continue searching for that black man. There is a possibility that he left for Varsa.

Tell the guards the features of the horse-drawn carriage and the characteristics of the man dressed in black. Please give the information as soon as it’s acquired.

I will also need to inform the hunters’ guild, They often go to the highway. They may get some information about it.」


「Affirmative … Although I thought that the incident has already ended after subjugating that, to think it would still continue, I don’t feel good about it.」


「It is still a fact that you have ended the corpse users plot, Gamund, you must be getting tired it’s already getting late. Go and give yourself a rest.」


「Ha!!.. I will excuse myself.」


Tiel remained in the room. While having a steep expression.


「…I’m having a bad feeling about this.」