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Chapter 30

TL: Yuki


Hnnnnー! What a nice weather today. It’s a bit too hot though.


And so, it’s time to leave towards Meletect. It seems like Flakis-san’s group will be leaving later. I guess, they got a little carried away and drunk too much.


As we continued moving forward, we also passed by people more often than usual. In this world, it was normal for people not to travel that much and they would normally gather in towns and villages. Also when people gather, some would see it as a business opportunity, and as a result more people and merchants gather, just like in the village we stayed in near Meletect.



When we arrive in Meletect, we would still have a few days to wait before the actual tournament starts but it won’t be boring even if we wait. It’s not only the tournament which is there after all, but also some events will be held before it making the tournament the main event of the festival. We could also check out their hunter’s guild and receive some simple requests.



We were talking about things that we would do as our carriage continued to move towards Meletect.


And soon finally, the walls of Meletect could be seen in front of our eyes. My first impression as I saw it…… Amazing!



It’s somewhat similar to Valsa, but was surrounded by rough and sandy land……

Well, I could see that it is surrounded by an even stronger wall. There are also many buildings that are tall enough to be seen even outside the outer walls.

Moreover, it was on a bigger scale if compared to Valsa. As expected of a Royal Capital.


There were a lot of people going inside the gates. Just like in Valsa, there are no special requirements in order to get inside even though it’s the Royal Capital. There are also more Guards stationed at the gate. Although, there’s nothing that I should feel guilty about, I am still a bit nervous as we approach. This time, only Diniana is seated on the coach, after all it’s not good to attract more attention.


It looks like it’s finally our turn.


「Please let us check the inside of your carriage」


I could hear the voice of the guard from outside.


「Hello, This is part of our work, sorry for the trouble」


The guard smiles at us as he checks the inside of the carriage and smiles at us again after completing his work. They are probably feeling hot, that’s why they are wearing light equipment. I could clearly see their muscular figures from their light armor. The tanned look also makes also makes them have a tougher image. As I was looking at the guard, he stopped for a bit and looked at me. I wonder what it is.




「Hou! Ah, sorry…… P, Please enjoy your visit in our city of Meletect」


The soldier immediately left after collecting himself. I wonder what that was just now. Or rather, why did his tone suddenly changed half way……

It seems like their guards here were a bit similar to the ones at Valsa.



「――Oi, what happened. Is there something wrong? 」


「No, there is no problem……

More like what was riding there resembled a Noble. Also she was so beautiful that I was utterly speechless when I looked at her. Iya, she looks more like an angel than a normal noble」


「Oh, is that so. Damn, I wish I was able to see that angelic person too――」



………… No, no, no, stop it. I won’t be able to swallow being treated like that. And so we were able to enter Meletect without problems other than me blushing from embarrassment.






And so, we are now inside the city capital of Meletect. The appearance of the city has a more orderly feel compared to the town of Valsa. Well, it is a Royal Capital so it would be strange to compare it to a small town. It’s only natural that it would be different.

The amount of people also really high compared to Valsa. Well, it was expected for people to gather here because of the festival, but not all of them are competitors

There are several stalls that could be found on the street side of the main street. It really gives of the feeling of a festival selling street food on both sides of the street. There are also a lot of people sitting on benches and was talking to each other. How should I say this, it’s like they were all having a big meeting before an event……

It will still be 1 days before the start of the tournament, but the excitement could already be felt from everyone in and was enveloping the city.


「Ojou-sama, what do you want to do?」


Erina who was driving the carriage asked me as to what we will do next.


「For the time being, let’s find an Inn and settle down before we do anything else」


When I arrived at Valsa, the first thing we did was also search for accommodations. There will be a lot of things that we have to do after that like registering in the martial arts tournament, but before everything else, we first need to rest to take away our tiredness from the journey.



「Master, I will go search for our an accommodation for us」

「I will also go along with her Ojou-sama」


Ente and Erina both declared. If it’s the two of them moving together, it will be less likely that things would go wrong so it’s fine. Well, if I was the one to go and get lost, they would still be able to gather towards me after all……

Somehow, I imagine myself as something resembling a lighthouse.



After leaving the carriage, they asked the nearby guards. As I watch the people passing by, I noticed that most of them where also lightly dressed, probably because of the heat.


「Maevis, are you not feeling hot? Were already in town so I think it would be fine if you lighten up」


I talk to Maevis who was still fully geared inside the carriage. During our trip, she was geared up so she can immediately fight when it was necessary. Right now though, even I feel hot just looking at her gear. She is wearing an above the knee skirt but that doesn’t do much because of her armored top which looks stuffy.

Judging from the conversation with Jenny in the shoreline cave before, I understood that they could also feel temperature differences normally.


「But…… well, indeed, in this situation, it’s not really that necessary. Well then……」


After hesitating for a bit, Maevis decided to remove her armor. Her chest that didn’t show much presence before now shows an overwhelming presence. Maevis also looks a little embarrassed about it.

……Is it your chest, is the overwhelming presence of your chest the reason why you are stuffy armor?

If that was the case then that would be a waste!

Well, it may be too intimidating to people who doesn’t amount to much in terms of volume though. Speaking of which, she rarely interacts with people even in Valsa and is only casual within our home. Because of that, she was always seen as a dignified knight to other who see her.


While we were waiting for Ente and Erina to return, I was thinking about how Maevis interacted with people while staring at her chest.


「……Masterー, isn’t your lustful gaze starting to overflow again?」


Uwah, as soon as Ente returned, she immediately retorted me. It’s not something like a lustful thought you know, I was only thinking that it would probably be really comfortable if I use that as a pillow. As expected of Ente, she’s always sharp when it comes to this.




「Hmmmm. That’s a really big Inn you found」


I was admiring the presence imposed by the Inn. It seems like it has a limited amount of rooms inside, based on the amount of carriage parked as we also parked ours. It was definitely a luxury hotel of some sorts. It was a large brick building twice the size of normal buildings surrounding it.


Even the lobby as we go inside the Inn was quite large. There were also a lot of guests in the lounge. Well, that’s probably because the martial arts tournament is close.


「Welcome to Hotel [Meletris]」


The receptionist bows politely after she greets us. Did she just said hotel just now. Hmm?  Why is Erina feeling down? What’s the matter?


「Ojou-sama, it seems like they misunderstood when I and Ente were asking about accommodations, and it seems like we were introduced to a hotel for nobles」


……That would certainly be a possibility. Erina has the splitting image of a maid and also Ente looks more like a princess than a warrior. Ente took off her armor as soon as we entered town after all, so now she looks different from usual.


「What would you like to do Ojou-sama. If you find this place expensive, we will look for accommodations once more」


Erina apologized as she proposed that suggestion. It is indeed good if we could save more money, but――


「We shall stay here for today. I am tired from the long trip, so I would like to refresh myself and have a good rest. It’s fine if we look fo another place to accommodate tomorrow」


Well, it’s not really necessary to search immediately. Just as I’ve said, I was indeed tired from the long trip and staying in this high class hotel would probably be good to quickly heal the fatigue accumulated from the trip.


「……Thank you for your consideration」


Erina was probably thinking about a lot of things, but probably stopped and answered with only that small reply.


「We would like to stay, rooms enough for seven people please for one night」


I smiled after informing the receptionist.




It was surprising how I was actually guided towards the rooms. As expected of a high class hotel I guess. By the way, regarding the rooms, it was a room for four people with two double beds inside. I decided to take two rooms. And that was enough with a spare for seven people.

The interior of the room might looks simple but you could feel the quality at first glance. It gives off a really refined feel to it. You could feel an ambient presence emanating from it……

Erina was seating on a sofa with a table and was impressed by the room. At time like this, she looks like someone who would fit in a painting.


There were only double beds but they were quite spacious. It will probably fit even three people on it. Adona was happily jumping on the bed enjoying the herself and making the bed look like a trampoline. I could understand what you are feeling, but please stop it or the bed might end up broken.


「Fufufu, How is it Mistress?」


I found Jenny who has settled down in front of a table. Is she drinking, no it would be more like is she drunk already?

Well, it can’t be help, maybe this time I would be able to――



「Master, forbidden, please wait a little more until you’ve grown a bit more」


Ente! Didn’t you know that I’m already old enough to drink!


「Hime, there’s fruit juice over hear. I’ll pour you some」


*son*sob*sob. I was silently sobbing as I drown myself in fruit juice.


After that, it will be talks about assigning who to sleep with, did not happen, after all they have already decided and no further talks were needed……





The next day, after taking our time to rest, we decided to immediately register for the martial arts tournament. I didn’t hear anything about deadlines and the number of people is huge, but if they come here not to join, then it would only be weird why did they even bother to come here.


「There seems to be fewer participants than I have expected」


I did inquire the Hotel’s receptionist as to where I would need to go in order to register, and I have easily found it, but it somehow resembled a police inquiry box.


「If most post people here are only participants, then it probably didn’t last long registering, there might be other here who are only just visiting to watch too」


Just as what Erina have said. You could feel it in the air just by looking around. There are only hunters and other strong looking individuals around


As we approached the counter in order to register. I encountered an unexpected situation.







The prizes for winners and runner-ups were all displayed beyond the counter.

First Prize 10million Veils

Second Prize 5 Million Veils

That is a lot of Money. After all it even gathers people from all over the continent.

But that’s not really the prize that caught my attention.

First place winner would also receive a crown of recognition being the champion. The second place winner will receive the prize Birth Diamond Ring. I certainly remember that name. That is Illia of Birth Diamond Ring, an 「ARMS Otome」 accessory girl.


In 「ARMS Otome」 there are 12 kinds of jewels that were given the name Birth. Yes, it is an accessory with birthstones as motif. All of them have a rarity of ★★★★, and I remembered it clearly because it was a hot topic during their events. Also that event was a Birthstone ARMS Maiden will be given to you based on your birthday as a reward if you completed the event.


★★★★ it became a really hot topic on the first time the event started, that was because their abilities were hidden and not known until you are able to unlock them. But soon after, information about their abilities spread like wildfire.

Since I was loyal to my own birthstone, I only received an amethyst ARMS maiden because of being born in February. Also, because of many reports that the Diamond birthstone was really strong, a lot of players changed their birth dates to April……

It is still possible to obtain them through Gach, but they are ★★★★ units.

People were really desperate to acquire her because of the really low rate so it was more reachable when changing their birthdays instead. As a result of that though, it was nerfed and was changed to a level where it was in the same level as other birthstones instead. Adding the fact that you would still need various proper combinations to decide the winner and loser didn’t change. My amethyst may have been plain in terms of abilities, but she was super cute…… Ehem. Well, I was satisfied with that.


If I weren’t mistaken, Illia should have a noble princess-like appearance. Also her abilities were mostly recovery and defensive buffs. People who wanted a defensive character were pretty satisfied with her, but there are those protesting that they should have increased her combat power. But well, despite the complaints, her clean and proper appearance were very popular to men so the complaints didn’t really matter that much.



That’s why it’s decided, our aim is 2nd place rather than 1st……

Well, it’s not necessary to force myself only on second place. Attaining first place will be fine if we can reach it.


「Master, Could it be that one of the prizes offer could become a new member?」


Ente inquires. It looks like I was spacing out longer than I should.


「Un. But what to do in this case……」


Ente and Jenny’s participation is already decided, but maybe I should let someone else like Erina join to increase the possibilities. By the way, buffing them with support skills is no good……

There is a special barrier in the place where the competition is held. There are some conditions for participants to enter that barrier, and one of those cancels all kinds of effects upon entering.

In other words, support from outside will be completely impossible. It would also be impossible to improve their conditions before the battle starts. Entering the barrier and using my power within is also possible, but that would be breaking the rules. The use of Tools and other things that may affect the fight is also forbidden. That’s why they could only do it in their own way.


Even though they are going to suffer from pain if attacked inside the barrier, it is expected that they won’t be wounded. Also, if the amount of damage they received was deemed to be fatal, they will be thrown out of the barrier from within.



After finishing our registration, we decided to continue looking for a cheaper Inn. Meanwhile, I continued worrying as to what should do in the next 10 days that we have to wait. I want do everything that I could possibly do……




And time passed quickly, until the day of the Martial Arts Tournament arrived.


I am also keeping a secret plan of mine for later.