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Chapter 11

Un~~~! Stretching myself up after waking up.


Waking up in an unknown house, maybe I really have been exhausted more than I thought.


I feel really refreshed after waking up. I haven’t feel like this even when I was still in japan.


Anyway it was really a pleasant sleep.


「Then again, thank you very much for the help.」


We are surrounded by knights that went to see us off.


The Chief would also really like to see us off but, it seems that has tons of work to do.


「If you get in any trouble, don’t hesitate to rely on our Order.


And as I said before, even if you go to another country, we won’t hesitate to help you.


You see, for Oujou-san, we won’t hesitate to help with the best of our power.」


「Hai! Thank you. I will rely on you if the time comes.」


It feels like I somehow got myself some powerful back up,


But first I have to do everything myself to the best of my power.


We left the Order’s Headquarters and starting to walk around the town.


The goal is to join the hunter’s guild.


After all, I want an identification card.


However, It is not like without the feeling, you know. There is always that staple event of other-worlds after all.


We’re set for the hunters guild while killing some time by roaming around the town.


It’s still early in the morning, guess it’s a bit too early, don’t you think?


A few people are walking around the town.


Fumu fumu… this really is a different world after all huh, with all many races loitering around.


Elves, Dwarves, Cat ears eh beastmen?


Is that….. Lizard-man?


I wonder if those people with wings are birdman or angel?

These Different tribes that appear only appears as NPC on “Arms Otome”. There are even tribes that are considered as enemies.


There are also races that I have never seen in “Arms Otome”, that makes it quite refreshing.


There are also a wide variety of clothes. Some warrior-like people wears armor, etc, while the others like magicians wears robes.


Oh!! There was also someone who wore clothes greater than Jenny.


There are some with knife-like weapons, I wonder what jobs do they have.

Of course there also many who just wear ordinary clothes and looks like townspeople.


Some clothes that are being sold at some small shops also looks like the clothes I’m wearing.


Speaking of peddlers, there are quite a lot of stalls lined up along the way.


As you would expect from a trade city.


There are many fruits and vegetables. From some common things that I know, to rare things, again and again.


There are even stalls that sell something like soil and gravel.


Maybe it is something like home centers selling stone and construction needs.


There are also light blue pebbles displayed, they sure look beautiful.


「Nn?…Oh these?… These are pieces of magic stones that supplies magic power to tools. Is this the first time you have seen this?」


The mister watching over the store taught me about those things kindly.


Apart from what I saw at the stall of a peddler, there are also things that was made by a person called magic engineer.


These tools require magic. These tools were made to work with something as a conductor.


It seems that they are using low quality magic stones to power these tools.


I see, so they are using magic power instead of gas or electricity. Somehow it looks close to modern appliances.


I have never heard of anything like this in “Arms otome” before. I keep on listening to the person who is teaching me on the stalls.


An old looking man was giving me a pendant with Manastone, for some reason.

This is an accessory item that uses stones whose purity is higher than that of low quality magic stone.


It has an effect of amplifying the magical power, even a little.


By the way, the other pendants sold beside this seems to only use low quality magic stone.


This is quite expensive, but is it okay for me to have it?


Even though I can’t use magic, but well it’s beautiful, so I’m grateful for the favor, and I take it without problems.


While walking around looking over street stalls, though it took some times, we finally arrived at the Hunters Guild.


Iya, I feel like I have been rejuvenated somehow.


Iyaa, my appearance is rather young, but only in a spiritual sense.

Hora!!… It’s not like I’m childish!!


But you know, it seems I’m the only one who enjoying the sight seeing, maybe the others are getting bored.


「It’s not like that master. If master is having fun, I’m also having fun.」


Ente, you really are such a good girl.


「Because my time along with Ojou-sama is my Happiness.」


Erina is such a lovely girl.


「I am not bored, but just a little unsatisfied since I didn’t get to train with master.」


Jenny, you are definitely muscle brained.


Finally, we arrived at the Hunters Guild, well it surely is quite a splendid stone building.


The city of Varsa is quite a big town, so the guild is also big.


Although the village’s border don’t have one, in some other places there are also branches of the guild in small towns and villages.


Well, don’t build anything as big as this one though.


It’s like the difference between a police station and the police headquarters.


The knowledge about this was something the knights have thought us yesterday at the party.


It seems like the Hunters Guild and the Knights Order are in collaboration, so their relationship is quite close.


The door give  grinding sound when we opened it.


The inside didn’t seem looks like a bar, instead It looks more like an administrative office that performs office works.


This looks more like a city hall or a bank.


There are always things which seem to involve beginners in other worlds, but it seems I don’t have a problem like that. Well, I sense some curious eyes are looking at me though.


I guess there are not that many parties that consists many girls like us.


For the time being, since there are guide plates on the counters, I head to the place where it says [New Registration].


The receptionist’s woman wearing simple office clothes sure looks beautiful.


「Welcome, this is registration for new registrar, you don’t go to the wrong counter, right?」


The receptionist woman responds with a smile. Umu, after all a woman’s smile really is great!


「Yes, I’d like to register along with these three people… 」


After all, It has to be with everyone, I don’t know if we can add more weapon girls though.


「I see, it is a guild certificate for 4 people, then please wait for a bit as I explain about it.」


In conclusion, it was issued without any problems.


I thought that there would be a tough examination from contemporary thought, but it turns out just fine.


It is possible to prove oneself by synchronizing the wavelength of his / her life to the guild card.


This function is more like a fingerprint.

It’s good that it was quick, but it seems that there is only minimal effect unless you have higher guild rank.


It is good enough as proof of identification, but it doesn’t tell if the person is bad or good.


So this identity card is just a start line, It will be raising the guild rank from here.


「This person is not a dangerous person, It’s alright you know.」


There are things like that you know.


People with high guild ranks are treated like so-called Guild Masters.


This format is not similar in every guilds, it seems to be unique only to the Hunters Guild.


It is said that the guild is responsible to a person’s life by making the issue simpler because there is many people who lose their life fighting against demons, and contributing to the guild.


So just being strong alone can not raise the guild rank.


It’s easy to register, but I got an explanation that it is quite tough examination to get a promotion.


By the way, in order to be able to use libraries etc., from the guild you need to at least have a double rank.


The guild rank starts from the rookie.


★ Single, ★ ★ Double, ★ ★ ★ Triple, ★ ★ ★ ★ Quadruple and more.


Somehow it feels almost the same as the weapon ranks of “Arms Otome”.


by the way, when I asked if there is a rank like ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ the receptionist looked at me with a strange look.

It seems that Quadruple is already rare enough in the whole world.


On top of that it is already considered as a legendary figure.


I wonder if it’s like the 2% Gacha rate… That’s quite great ain’t it?


No, Comparing to the rarity of “Arms Otome” The guild rank of this world may not be in the same degree though.


But I also had an unexpected harvest. Although it is simpler compared to the guild, I found out there is also something like a library.


Maybe not really looks like a library, but it is more like a room?


Information about countries, towns and terrains are important for hunters that travels a lot.


The ecology and spawn area of ​​demons are important for hunters who are hunting demons.


Such information seems to be available in this small library.


Of course, the library seems to have much more information, but I’m thankful for this library alone.


Let’s go there as much as possible when I have time.


By the way, only guilds in a large town have such facilities.


In this country, it seems that the only city that have it is here in Varsa and other large cities.


It sure is nice that they have such records room.


It’s just that, there is one problem that I expected.


Before coming to the guild, I was worried about the staple of the other world things —


Requests for the suppression of demons require a part of the demon as proof of achievement.


You understand this quite well right?

Yes, we can’t raise our guild rank from monster subjugation!


Everything will turns into light particles. Until now I, thought that it was easy to just tell that we killed the monsters but I guess that will difficult to prove here.


Iya, I would really like to do something like bring a bunch of subjugated demons to knock out the guild people like those always shown in some other world staple adventures.


By the way, in “Arms Otome”, quests are generated when a request is received and rewards will be given after the conditions are cleared.


There are no quest such as bringing monster’s parts. Well, they don’t even exist in the first place since the monsters disappeared after battle.


Although we are strong enough (they are Ente, Erina and Jenny) It hurts that we can’t really make use of it.


Well, there are requests available other than demon subjugation, so we can somehow go with that, and then subjugating demons in case we ran out of money.


Checking rewards, we look around the posted requests.


There are seems to be a lot of transportation request from ★ ★ rank. It seems that they can’t be accepted once proof of your ability haven’t been verified though.


What we would really like to do would be harvesting requests, there are also a lot of support work for people with high ranks.


However, only the person who gathered herbs will take points, there are also no support request that includes more than four people.


U~~n… I’m getting a little worried that we may not find even one request to suit us.


[Patrolling around the town]


Going around the designated spot in the vicinity of the town of Varsa and subjugating any demons found.


The presence or absence of the subjugated demons shall be irrelevant to reward.


However, in regards to demons that are partially dangerous, an increase in the rewards will be added.


Hey, isn’t this the same as security request in “Arms otome”?


Security quest like this isn’t unusual to be received by the main troops, but more like sub quests that can be performed by sub troops like second and 3rd set of troops etc.


This quest are something where you send a unit for hours doing it and units cannot be used until the quest is finally over.

When designated time passed, the quest is completed and various rewards will be received.


Because of the possibility of obtaining rare items according to achievement rating, I have been using my idle troops to participate in these quests all the time other than my main force.


If it’s this, it seems fine for all of us to receive it, and it seems that having a party is more recommended than doing this solo.


Let’s proceed to the reception desk to ask for an explanation about it.


Let’s see, it seems that we need to go to the designated place where a magic tool emitting magical power that has been placed by the guild, then from that point traces of magical power will be recorded as we go from one spot to another and will be recorded on a confirmation board.


That’s a checkpoint, right?


Well I guess it’s to proof that you have really patrolled the area and make sure no one is cheating.


By doing this regularly, It also prevents the increase of threat from demons around the surroundings of the town.


And so I decided that we’re going take this request.


It is ranging from 3 hours to 8 hours course, of course the 8 hour course will have a much higher reward. Let’s just go for the 3 hours today, since this one should be much faster to do.