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Chapter 31

TL: Yuki


「Mistress…… won’t you please reconsider?」


Jenny was now with an anxious face. Ente also had a similar face. But I have already decided……



「We will now begin the Martial Arts Tournament!」



At that moment, big cheers filled up the whole arena. I also look around as I listen to the cheers. Everyone sure looks like a strong person. Everyone also seems to determine me as easy prey. That’s right. I now stand in the hall with all the participants.



After that, I’ve thought about various things, and as a result of my experiments, I also decided to participate. After all, it’s not only Erina who has ★★ that includes me so I have the qualifications to join.

What about my fighting ability?

Fufufu, as a result of my experiment, it seems like it is also possible for me to actually fight as well.

Well, you could even consider it as a type of cheat, but I decided to take measure in order to ensure that second place.


「Oi, oi, is she seriously going to participate……」


「Hehehe, if I face her then it will be lucky」


「Iya, will she really be able to survive the qualifiers. Or more like, what were her parents thinking letting her join」



Such voices could be heard from the surroundings. Oops, Ente, lay down the killing intent for today, okay.


「Ente, calm down, calm down for a bit. Just let those people say what they wanted to, okay」




「Other than that, it was really lucky of us that we won’t be facing each other in the same block」


That’s right. Ente, Erina and Jenny have been placed in separate blocks. It was good that we were all separated in different qualifying blocks.


The tournament is separated into 6 qualifying blocks, and each block will be a royal rumble where the last one standing will proceed to the main tournament.

There are about twenty people in one block. About 300 people will be participating in this tournament. I don’t if some of the people here are repeat participants, but it certainly was a lot of people.


In the meantime, the King’s greetings have begun. Because they only do this in the capital, the King would always come to watch the event. By the way, the king looks like a buff middle-aged oji-san. It seems like he’s the type who won’t even be angry if you make a joke at him. Or rather, what is with those three beautiful one-sans around him……

That’s a Harem, right. It seems like that is also being actively implemented in this world. I hope that his interest wouldn’t fall towards Ente and the others.

Well, I don’t hear any bad rumors about him so I don’t think that he force his way if he wanted to, that’s why I didn’t wory about it. It looks like the greetings have ended while I was thinking about all of those outrageous thoughts. Sorry for not listening.



By the way, it seems like the blocks will be divided on the wide arena as is. It will definitely end up into an all-out brawl. Also since most of the block fights will be held at the same time, I won’t be able to see the other’s battle, sorry everyone.



「That’s why everyone should do their best to enter the main tournament!」


「Mistress, please be safe」


「Good luck to you too, Master」


「Ojou-sama, please don’t act so rashly, okay」


We exchanged words of encouragement before we left the main hall.



As expected, as soon as we enter the qualifier’s area, I could feel a lot of eyes staring at me filled with curiosity. Well, half of those include amazement and ridicule too.


「Mastah, Over here, I’ll be cheering for you」


I found Adona standing near the hall, and was waving her staff. Un, un, I’ll be sure to show you something good. Or more like, can we please start already, the things I carry are really heavy, you know……

I fix myself up once as I prepare the shield I carry on my back. That’s right. At this moment, I am equipped with both Diniana and Maevis.




(Ojou, will we use our power now?)


Diniana’s thoughts flow inside my brain. I told her to stay still for now, since the signal to start hasn’t been prompted yet. There is no problem if I use my special skills within the barrier, otherwise I would have been punished and disqualified.


It seems like everyone have finally entered their respective area. Looking around again, I could see nothing but men. Thinking about it now, there’s a really small amount of women participating. I could see a swordsman like person, a half-naked warrior like person, and a thief like person with 2 daggers held on his waist. You could say that it’s a block with various kinds of fancy people around. But well, I think the most notable one around here is me……


It seems like the referee is ready to declare the start. The audience area has also been filled up. I can feel the gazes of people watching me.


「We will now begin the qualification round for Block D!」


At the same time the referee announced, a loud gong could be heard resounding the halls.



(Draconic Power!)



At that same moment, I activated the special ability. As soon as that activates, I could feel that the weight of the shield and axe become lighter in my hands.


「Heheheh, sorry Ojou-sama, but this place is not a playground for you」


A thief-like man headed straight towards me with a creepy face. I have expected that things would end up like this after all.




Diniana’s voice echoes inside my head. The next moment, out of spite, the thief-like man was ferociously smashed.




The thief-like man was then sent flying outside the arena. By the way, I didn’t do any of those movements. It was Diniana who was using me as medium that have beaten up that thief-like man.



「Eh, just now, what was that?」

「Could it be, it was that child?」

「What happened to that guy」


The inside and outside of the venue went silent. Or more like, is it really fine to stop fighting, everyone was just staring, you know?


「Mastah, so cool, so amazing!」


Under such circumstances, the bright voice of Adona is the only sound that I could clearly hear. Fufufu, let’s end this as soon as possible.


As I declared that, I immediately set my next target to the swordsman-like person and rushed towards him.




Although there are few participants in my immediate location, they somehow managed to react to my assault. It was already too late for them though. I continued to let Diniana to continue as is. Although the swordsman-like person tried his best to defend, it was pointless.




And just like the thief like person, the swordsman-like person ended up with the same fate. The number of people sent flying continued to increase after that. As expected of a Dragon’s Power.





A Warrior tried to ambush me from the side. But there’s one thing he didn’t know. I have the strongest detecting ability out of all the girls so I have already noticed him approaching before he even tried.


(Naïve, aren’t you)


With Maevis in control, she easily blocked the attack which greatly disoriented the attacker.


(Hai, now fly)


At the same time as the attack halted, Dinna smashed him into space. Fufufu, it feels good, right. As we continued making people fly. I detected an attack flying straight towards me so I shifted my body in order to avoid.


「Wa, how were you able to detect that……」


I’ve heard such remark from a distance away, but you know, I am also a master of evasion. I won’t have been able to survive the demon’s shockwaves and attacks if I can’t even dodge something like this, you know.


I could now hear a great amount of cheers from the audience area. They were especially excited when I start sending people flying out of the stage.

Right now only 10 people were left in our area, but it seems like everyone decided focus their aim at me. I may look like a frail maiden to you all, but there is one thing I have to do. That is, to defeat everyone!




「Winner, Yato!」


When the announcement of the Referee echoes through the hall, the loud cheers of the audience erupted. And so, that’s just how my turn ended. Of course, it was also thanks to Maevis and Diniana too.


「Mastah, Congratulations!」


Adona immediately rushed towards me. For some reason I’m seeing an imaginary tail behind her waving violently.


「Thank you, but it was also thanks to everyone」


(That’s not true at all. Without the power of Princess, we won’t even be able to move)


(That’s right. But the way Ojou utilized our skills as simply amazing. I think that she would be even more powerful than me if we fought on the same stage.)


I continued listening to Maevis and Diniana’s voices. U~n…… as expected of the power of abilities, it was amazing. I was able to wield the heavy dragon bone axe easily because of the special ability. By the way, there are also people in this world with special abilities and skills, although they are quite rare. An example of those skills is what priests use to give support to people. Magic is also a different type of power. But even if it was different, ARMS Maidens with magic use it as a skill so it’s a bit different in a way.


「Shall we go back to the main area then」


I decided to meet everyone in the area whether they win or lost their qualifications. I was hoping for everyone to win though……






It seems like there are still a few blocks that haven’t finished their qualifiers. The numbers of participants who have returned are still not that many.



「Master, I am glad that you are safe」


Ente was the first one to return. She smiles as soon as she found me. It seems like she successfully passed the qualifiers.


「Master, congratulations」

「same to you, Ente」


Fufufu, with this, the chance of obtaining second place have greatly increased. After a while, Erina also came with heavy footsteps……


「Ojou-sama, I’m sorry」


As she says that after returning, she then bows down her head.


「Erina, raise your head. It’s was a sad that you lost, but you did your best. Thank you」


Originally, Erina didn’t really want to participate because of the disadvantages of her weapon, so I know that it was really tough for her. So even if she didn’t make it in the qualifiers, I’m still happy that she struggled and fought for me……

Well, even if I didn’t mind, knowing Erina’s character, I know that she will be worried. I pat her back to ensure her, it was quite rare for Erina to show such emotions after all.


「Mistress, I was victorious~」


Jenny also came back after a while. It seems like she also won. Fufufu, sorry but I’ll give you a hug later. I continued rubbing her back to calm her down, Jenny attempted to grab me from behind, but I stopped her.


「For Erina to be defeated…… the one who defeated her is someone I’ll never forgive」


I could hear Jenny’s declaration targeting the one who defeated Erina. You don’t really have to, you know, because I will be the one to avenge Erina. I won’t be caught off guard that easily after all.



「Ojou-sama, are you sure you want to avenge me……」




「It was a quadruple who defeated me, you know」






After the preliminaries have ended, the speech of the King has ended. There was a man who was drinking alcohol quietly in a bar.



「Oh, for the rumored quadruple to only be drinking in a bar alone dorwning himself on sake on his own」


It was a young man who appeared before him. That person was Guy.


「Fuu, Guy-boy is it. Leave me alone. I have money so why not」


「Did you participate in the tournament to earn gold」


「What else is there to look forward to?」



The person in front of Guy was a few of the rare people in the world, the hunter Kalal, a quadruple rank hunter. At first glance, you would think that he was a middle-aged man tired of his life. Although he is only in his thirties, he seems to be 10 years older if you look at him.


「Any country you visit surely gives you a lot of trouble」


「I don’t mind the work. It is a bit restraining though」


Not only the appearance but even his spirit is the same, is what guy thought.


「Hey, are you thinking of something rude right now」


「Iya, sorry about that…… did you use your skill?」


「Well, I didn’t really need to. It was more of intuition. But you sure are rude, you should also consider the things that you say」


Just as always, I can’t seem to get along with this person. Guy curses himself as he thought about that.


「By the way, is Ruruka jou-chan participating? If she did then I would have something to look forward to in the matches」


「Ruruka is more reluctant to participate in things like this compared to you, you know. Of course she didn’t participate. Even I was mostly forced to join this tournament」


Guy, remembering the conditions that was given to him, he couldn’t help by wryly smile.


「By the way, I found a few interesting participants this time. I don’t think it would bore you if you are faced with them, probably」


「Are you sure that they would be able to entertain this old man」


「Well, that seems to be the case as I see it. If you are not cautious of them, you might even have a chance to lose」


Kalal tilts his glass of liquor and quickly drinks all of it.


「Puhah! Oi, shopkeeper, one more bottle here please」


Guy couldn’t help but be amazed at the man in front of him who casually ignored his warning.


「You should not drink too much, you know? If we somehow meet-up on the stage tomorrow, won’t it be too pitiful if you lose because of a hangover」


Kalar also couldn’t help but grumble hearing Guy’s statement.


「Haah, do you think this amount would be enough to give me a hangover. Can’t I have my good time because I actually had fun fighting someone in the arena today? 」


Kalal remembers the woman he fought in the qualifiers who was wearing a maid outfit. At first, he was thinking that it might have been some kind of joke, but as soon as the match began, he understood that she was a bow user almost reaching the realm of masters.

As the match continued, nobody was left on stage other than the two of them, and even for Kalal, it was a narrow victory fighting that person. It was only natural for the audience to praise the both of them for the splendid fight they executed.



Kalal continued drinking until Guy was fed-up and returned. He remembers the warning that there might be some strong fighters he might encounter again tomorrow.