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Chapter 32

TL: Yuki


The main tournament has finally started.

I was looking at a paper where participants were placed.



First Match

Silver Battle Maiden Ente VS Jet Black Swordsman Doston


Second Match

Champion Digos VS Charming Spear Princess Jenny


Third Match

Mystic Eyes Kalal VS Gale Flakis


Fourth Match

Black Killer Bird Slither VS Matchless Power Guldo


Fifth Match

Meletect Knight Agust VS Godspeed Swordsman Guy


Sixth Match

Flame User Shijira VS Magic Master Iviomi


Seventh Match

Grim Reaper Freya VS Donna Family Instructor Master Jiro


Eighth Match

Storm Roar Roban VS Black Haired Angel Yato



Um, is it okay for me to go home now……



Is the person in charge of the management the ones who thought about this to boost popularity, or is this a new level of shame play they thought about?

In this world, it seems like title names are normal, but for me it would seem like I have some kind of chuunibyou……



「Master, they sure understood that you were such an angel」


Ente was also looking at the list beside me. Don’t say something like that when your figure actually resembles one more than my own.


Nevertheless, if the two of them wins their match, they will be having a face-off in the next one. By the way, I have adjusted Ente and Jenny to be in the same level now.

If by some chance the two of them would actually fight, there probably would only be a small amount of difference.

I was only expecting the one in a million chances that it would happen though……

I also raised Erina’s stats a bit, but I was sorry because it was definitely lower compared to Jenny or Ente.

Maybe if I had increased it a little more, then she would have been able to win against a quadruple……



After knowing that someone with a quadruple rank was participating, it became a hot topic for everyone in the city.

It is kind of understandable, because they are the several few whom you could say to be at the highest peak of power for humans in this world. To some of the participants, just having a chance to fight one would be an extreme honor. Most of the audience would also bet on the Quadruple because they were sure they would win after all.


There are also four women entering the main tournament, and that also became an unusual topic.

The only woman who entered the main tournament is Freya other than us, and it seems like she might have been the only one if we didn’t participate.


Speaking of acquaintances, Flakis was also in the main tournament. I guess what I was feeling that time wasn’t just a fluke. He will be fighting against that quadruple in the first round. But well, I want the people I am acquainted with to be able to do their best.




「Ente will fighting on the first match right, it will probably start soon. Good Luck! 」


「Please leave it to me」


Ente relied with a calm smile. Well then, let’s do our best to support her.





「Ente-chan do your bestー」

「Doston, be sure not to hurt her too badlyー」


For some reason, a cheering squad for Ente popped up. I do understand that she’s cute and lovely and everyone want to cheer for her, but well I kind of feel pity for the other guy though.



「Chi, why is always like this every time…… oi, you. Sorry, but I’ll end this immediately and give you and immediate break」


The swordsman picks up his big jet-black sword and points it at Ente. Ente on the other hand was looking at him with a cool emotionless expression.





Commentator Area


「Meletect Martial Arts Tournament Main Event has finally began!

The one commentating during this tournament will Meletect Guild’s number one popular receptionist, Eva-chan.

The commentaries will come from Meletect’s Guildmaster and will be delivered by Eva-chan to everyone! 」


「It was quite boastful of you to declare yourself as number one. I think Sara-chan would be more suitable to be called number one, you know!?」


「Sorry everyone for the misinformation provided by our Eva-chan here. In this tournament, the magic visuals will be used so everyone would be able to witness in the twenty designated areas all over Meletect.」


「Hello, I am the guildmaster……」


「Now then, hot an energetic amount of cheers could already be heard before the match started. How do you think the battle will be like between Ente and Doston, Guild Master? 」


「I feel pity for Doston is what I would like to say. I know that he’s a good Hunter and a really active one, but because the other party is such a beauty, it couldn’t be helped that everyone would see him as a villain. That’s how I see this current match」


「That’s probably because of the Black Overalls of Doston!

Well, I do think that it’s quite rude of me too saying this, but he does have his achievements here and there too probably! 」


「Well, that is certainly a true……」


「Oya, it seems like there’s still something Guild Master wants to say about Doston enemy. Will Guild Master enlighten us some more」


「You see, I have also heard some interesting things」


「What you hear about Guild Master」


「That her fighting ability is indeed excellent. There is no other information other than being a hunter in Valsa. Also, that she has enough ability to a triple or above based on her performance during the qualifying match」


「A beautiful and strong existence sounds like an irregular existence! How enviable!」


「Mirli also didn’t have any problems in regards to personality, but… she’s ugly!?」


「Well, well, it seems like the match will now begin. Everyone please pay attention to the venue」







Just now, the sound of a gong resounds throughout the hall. At the same time Doston rushes to attack after enhancing himself with physical strengthening magic.




The black blade was slashed straight to Ente filled with power. The slash was a simple vertical cut, but the speed was so fast that even a seasoned warrior won’t be able to react.

Doston’s rush towards Ente was also so fast that it left black after images. He definitely saw the blade made contact with Ente.


(Got you)


Doston swings his sword while whispering something in his heart. Be the fastest blow ever. But that blow didn’t reach Ente. It was only for a moment, but he noticed her presence vanishing in front of him. The next moment, he could feel a tremendous amount of threat from behind him.




Because he also a triple, he was barely able to react. Ente’s silver sword collides with Doston’s black sword.


「Impressive, you were able to react. I’m surprised」


Even while making a close confrontation, Ente was still talking to him with an emotionless face. However, to Doston, that was something he can afford to do.


(What is this, what is with this power…… for me to even lose in terms of power!?)


Doston was being pressured hard. Cold sweat was forming on his forehead.


(I won’t lose that easily!)


The moment when Doston used all his energy to attack, Ente easily deflects the blade by  diverting the flow of force.




As a result of Doston’s power being redirected, the black blade went straight to the stage and created a large crack on the ground. Then while his sword was still stuck on the ground, Doston notices Ente swing her silver sword towards him.

He saw it as if it was in slow motion, but in fact that was only for a very short moment. Without finding time to evade Ente’s sword went straight into Doston’s stomach.





Doston was assaulted by intense pain feeling as if he was split in half.




The moment his awareness returned, Doston finds himself rolling out of the stage.



「Winner, Ente!」



The hall was then filled with loud cheers the moment the referee declares the victor.




Commentator’s Area


「Iya, that was fast, I didn’t expect for things to end up that quickly. Does this mean that Ente would also be a worthy person? 」


「Well, I didn’t expect this. Doston should also be a strong contender, but the difference in their abilities was definitely so far away」


「Indeed, even I didn’t think that the match wouldn’t even last for a minute. Even so, that Ente sure was really fast」


「There are currently a lot of participants who boasts about their speed, but it seems like Ente wouldn’t be overshadowed by those people」


「Now then, shall we prepare the next round――」




Second Match


「Hora, hora, over here!」


No matter how many times Doston swings his sword, Jenny easily dodges it. Every time the sword was swung, shock waves were generated which continued destroying the stage.


「Tsk, why can’t I hit this person!」


However, that’s not the case with the opponent. Jenny was able to deliver a straight pierce to Doston followed by several thunderbolts.




Doston who was assaulted by several thunderbolts along with the piercing attack was knocked out in an instant. He was then sent out of the stage after receiving heavy damages.



「Winner, Jenny!」



Third Match


「It is an honor for me to be able to face a Quadruple such as you」


To the words of Flakis, Kalal responded with a simple quote.


「It’s not really a big thing, you know」


「No, I don’t think so, because all of us hunters have the same goal after all. Today, I will be able to see the difference of fighting someone from the top」


Kalal did not reply to what he said. Thinking that it’s because of his youth, he would find fighting in a martial arts tournament to be interesting……and.


「It won’t that easily」


「It’s not like I’m expecting anything anyway」


Flakis held his favorite sword and adjusts his breathing. That was in order for him to do both magic and swordsmanship.

Kalal also held his favorite Demon Sword. It was a weapon that has been bathed in the blood of many monsters and demons. The color of his eyes also shifted as he focuses on the match.





Flakis immediately kicks the floor to dash start as soon as the match began. His title of Gale originated from his fast cast of magic which greatly increases his speed in combat.

He was moving in a fast and flexible motion moving around as he approaches Kalal. He also casts wind magic and sends wind blades as feint before aiming for an attack. His high movements speed and attack from all around reduced Kalal’s escape path, then he proceed to attack after enclosing the wind blades from all direction.


(This is it!)


The wind blades approaches, Flakis aimed at Kalal’s blind spot. It was an enclosed simultaneous attack of wind blades and his sword. A strategy that Flakis thought would be perfect on a one on one match.



「Oops, that looks a bit dangerous」


Before the sword reaches Kalal’s body, the sword was grabbed and stopped.




Even though he expected his attack to be prevented, Flakis never in his mind did he expects that it would be directly grabbed barehanded. At that moment, Kalal quickly sweeps his sword towards Flakis. In the next moment, Flakis was already outside of the stage.


「Winner, Kalal!」


At that moment, a huge cheer came from the audience seat.


「Fuuu, The title of quadruple isn’t something I wanted. I was only doing what I do best. They only did this for their own convenience」



Fourth Match


「Hihihihi, don’t you think this is would only end up as a farce. Nothing would happen if you can’t do anything, you know」


Everytime slither swings his daggers, Guldo receives damage.




But ignoring that, Guldo continued his attacks.


「Hihihi, why not give up already…… eh?」


Before long Slither was forced to move and a part of the Arena and was cornered.




Goldo was grateful that he managed to lure him there before falling. Then his fists glows red and an attack that shook the whole arena were delivered. Prior to that attack, Slither was sent out of the stage.


「Winner, Guldo!」


「If it was a life or death battle, you may have win. But here is a martial arts tournament. In this place, I will be stronger. Even against a quadruple, I may be able to win」



Fifth Match


「Fuu, for the country’s strongest knight to be my opponent. Well, I guess it’s still lucky of me to not be able to face off against Kalal」


Agaust couldn’t help but feel irritated hearing Guy’s comments.


「It seems like you are quite confident that you could win against me」


As anger emanates throughout Agust’s body, he prepares his favorite halberd.


「That would be a question if you can catch me though」


Guy also prepares his long sword.




As soon as the announcement was heard, Agust rushes to strike his target in an angry rage. The force of his attack was enough to split all the tiles on the stage. Even if it was a little slow compared to others, it was still not a speed that a normal person would be able to easily perceive. However, Guy only watch the situation after dodging the attack.


(He didn’t do anything? Then I’ll continue until you are all worn out!)


August continued his assault closing in the distance and delivers an even faster strike. He also sent power thrusts which even created shock waves heading straight to Guy.


In that short moment, Guy’s figure disappeared and then reappeared behind August.




August was able to respond sending a slash out of desperation, but Guy easily blocked the attack creating spark on the part where their weapons connected.


「For you to be able to react to that, as expected of a knight commander」


Guy whose attack was prevented took a step back, and trying to get a good distance, he backed step even more. Agust’s thrusts didn’t stop and continue to chase after Guy. But at that moment, Guy’s figure completely disappeared again.




In the next moment, Agust was assaulted by pain behind him. He was certain that he should have been in front of him. But *in just a moment, he appeared behind him and attacked……




Suffering from tremendous pain, he couldn’t help but knit his eyebrows and grit his teeth. But then again, there was nobody in front of him.


(Fast…no, that’s not it……It’s…gah……)


August continued to try and attack but continued receiving damage by being slashed from behind. And soon enough, he was also sent outside of the stage.



「Fuuu, I somehow managed to win. I only came for a vacation though, but why did I end up more tired than before……」



Sixth Match


Iviomi tried to immediately close in the distance to prevent Shijira from using ranged attacks. But every time he comes a little too close, a firewall would be deployed which prevents him from attacking.


「You shouldn’t just carelessly rush, you know」


「I also thought the same, but you just took it out of my mouth」



Iviomi bares her fangs and roared. Iviomi was part of the beast-men race. And the race of Iviome is a wolf.

Despite the strength of his attacks though, he ended up not being able to land because of the magic. However, he just can’t stand there and be frilly assaulted. But he knew, it would be really difficult to approach him.



(Because of that, I need to find a way close in even if I receive some damage!)


Iviomi lowers her stance and builds up her strength. Shijira also narrows his eyes because of him doing that figure.


(So he finally decided to take it directly. It’s good that the moment has arrived before I actually ran out of magic power.)



And then, Iviomi directed an attack straight towards his target. He was also no afraid of being burnt for a bit by the flame wall. But when he approached, it was not a flame wall that welcomed him, it was the head of a dragon made out of flames.




Iviomi was not able to stop his momentum and was sent straight in the mouth of the flame dragon




The jaws of the dragon continued munching Iviome, and soon enough he disappeared from the Arena. That’s right, Iviomi was blown away outside of the Arena a few moment later.


「勝Winner, Shijira!」


「Fuuu, that sure took me a lot of time to end the match. If you have continued, then I wouldn’t have been a good sparring partner」




Seventh Match




Pain was running throughout Master Jiro’s body whenever he receives Freya’s attacks.


(What is this…… what is with that attack?)


Master Jiro was surely able to block the attack, however regardless of the defenses… it was an attack that was reaching him.


「I don’t really like fighting with you so why don’t we end this quickly. I wonder how long are you be able to endure this」


Despite the damage, Master Jiro continued to assault and complained.


「Hah, just do it already!」


Master Jiro returned his weapon in order to prepare for the release of his mastered skills from the school of martial arts that he studied. It was supposed to be a three step strike. But he was not able to use it.




A black wolf lunges at him, tearing him apart. Master Jiro was not able to move as if he was imprisoned, but then after he was also sent out of the stage.


「Fufufufufufu, that next battle seems interesting. I’ll be looking forward to the results」



「Winner, Freya!」


Master was not able to hear the referee at all. But he knew that the fight has ended, and he thought about the match he just had with that woman.







Eighth Match



Fuuu, it’s finally my turn. I have witnessed everyone’s battle so far, and honestly, I’m not really that confident that I could win……

Even with my strong sense of reflex and awareness have improved, I haven’t really received any form of combat training. I am only relying on Maevis and Diniana.



「Heeeh, I be sure to be careful not to make you cry, Ojou-chan」


My opponent was gross and was laughing creepily in front of me. Even though you were confident in achieving a win from the qualifiers, you shouldn’t really judge your opponent based on how they look. Well, I also don’t mind if he doesn’t raise his guard up though.





As soon as the referee declares the start of battle, he quickly approached me. The weapon he uses was a huge hammer. I think he has too many openings though. Also, he must probably be proud of his strength. And surely with his title being Storm Roar, his attacks might actually be quite strong.


(Seriously, it’s always, always the stupid people that ends up fighting Ojou!)


Diniana was totally pissed and was badmouthing the person and her feelings of disgust was overflowing. By the way, I decided to wait for the hammer attack to come――


「Heheheh, what strange Ojou-chan you are.

Let’s see what will be like after―― eh, buguh!」


I think it would have been fine for me to catch with Diniana’s power but, while I was patiently waiting for it, Maevis smashes his face with her shield.

It seems like Maevis was also pissed, and I could understand it through the speed of her shield bash, and it was not something someone would be able to easily avoid. Furthermore, after the bash, Diniana’s attack followed straight to his face that Maevis smashed.


「Fly away!」


The opponent was sent flying as usual and was then teleport just outside the stage the same was as in the qualifiers.



(I wanted to hit him a few more times, you know……)


Well, these two are also quite reliable after all.


「Winner, Yato!」


Fuuu, it was a blessing that our first match was an idiot. The difficulty will definitely increase from here onward.