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Chapter 12

And after deciding things, we go for a three hour patrol quest.


「There are no demons…」


Certainly, we haven’t encountered any demons as Ente said, isn’t that a good thing?


We won’t be that far away from town, given that the patrol is only for three hours anyway.


Not to mention, there are only plains in sight, there won’t be that much monsters in this case.  


Even if it says 3 hour course, It’s only the approximate time going on the default route and entering the forest for a while and then return without problems.


The thing that we only need to make sure is that all of the checkpoints have been marked on the confirmation board.


It seems that this quest is also taken on a regular basis, so I will try to leave the route and do a little detour next time.


「Yes, I certainly have received the confirmation board, thank you for your patience.」


The receptionist nee-san give us our reward with a bright smile. maybe because of having more male Hunters the day’s fatigue just accumulate.


Well then, It’s currently late in the afternoon. It is almost getting dark.


I just realized that I should have looked for our accomodation before doing the quest.


I was too much in a rush doing the quest that I have completely forgotten about it.


There are more Inn’s here than the previous village.


I don’t think that all of them would definitely be fully booked, but I sure would like to avoid ones that have security issues.


Since we are in the Guild let’s just ask if there are any recommendations for accommodation from them.


Let’s for a guild employee that’s available and ask.


「That’s so…all members are girl’s, Cattleya then would be recommended – Almost all of the employees over there are girls, along with a cheap price and good food.」


Oh, That looks like a great place to go isn’t it? I was thinking that it might be already full at this time… but it seems that there are still some available rooms.


The decorations inside it seems lovely and the meals are tasty but it seems that the servings are a bit lighter.


In other words, its an Inn completely dedicated for serving female customers!


Incidentally, hunters are also included. The proportion of women who wish to stay in an inn like Hawkers is not small.  It is a place where they can lodge cheaply even if the security is bad, a place where the dining and bar is together, and is popular with women and others who can do things that “Children should not see”. From my understanding it seems that places like that are in demand, This is definitely a different world. Well that is quite lucky for us, please let us know the location of the inn is at once.

「Uwaaa…this…this place would surely be difficult for men to stay.」


It took about 20 min from the guild to go to cattleya.


The looks would like, A fairy tale themed Inn.


I think this could even be mistaken for a love hotel if this was build in modern times. There doesn’t seem to be a love hotel in this world anyway.


Even with woman’s mind I might even hesitate going in. Is what I thought.


「Master! It’s such a lovely building!」


Maiden enthusiast Ente-san.


A woman from this world was definitely pleased. I am just going along with it…


「Welcome! Cattleya in welcomes you!」


An employee who was dressed like a waitress welcomes us. It’s cute!


As the guild employee have said, there sure are a lot of female employees. Everyone from the reception, the cleaning staff, the people at the dining room and at the back are all women. By the way all the guests eating at the dining were also women.


The interior is pretty with a fantasy like feel. The walls and ceilings are painted with gentle colors, lightings have also been placed using magic lamps. The chairs and tables are also covered with beautiful embroidery. Perhaps all of these are handmade by the staff? Flowers are also decorated all over the place, and a faint sweet scent drifts all around.

Judging from the size of the building, it seems that there are not that many rooms, but there seems to be available rooms. And now the receptionist has been observing me with glittering eyes while I wander around the inn looking all over the place. She seems to be expecting me to come soon.


And then to the reception.


「Excuse me! I’d like a room for four people, but is there any rooms available?」


「Yes! There are free rooms available if its for four people. It will be 8000 veils for a night, is that alright?」


fumu, Having a room for four people is good and the price seems to be just right.


「By the way the meal is charged separately, would you like to include it as well?」


That is a must and asked it to be added for four people.


They the meals are delicious so I’ll be looking forward to it.


「Fuuu… It seems like things have finally started to settled down.」


I sat on a bed and finally fell asleep along with everyone. Well, the room feels a like a room from fairy tales. At first I was a bit hesitant but now I feel comfortable about it. Even if I’m just an old lady. I will still be a woman at heart.


「Ojou-sama, are you going to be active around this town in the near future?」


「Unn… for now what what we need is to earn money. staying in this Inn is also good, but I want to buy a house for myself if possible.」


To be honest, If you ask me if I want to go back in japan, I don’t really feel like going back. One of the big reasons would be for this children. If I disappear, they may be returned to being tools against, looking at this children who are deeply attached to one another as a human being, it makes me think that I have to work hard for them in this world.


When I become old in the future, I want to live in a large mansion, while drinking tea on a balcony I want to enjoy watching all the “ARMS GIRLS” frolicking around.

「Owner-sama in a new mansion huh… fufufufu.」


Jenny seems to be having a strange delusion.


「I somehow can feel Jenny’s overflowing lust.」


「Master… I think that’s a line that should be aimed at you…」


While getting a series of tsukkomi from ente, we slowly spent our time eating.


Well then, that was a pleasant meal. The meals from the previous village were also good but the ones here have been prepared using a variety of spices. As expected from a trade city. A lot of bouillon base was used in the soup and minestrone combined is very delicious. The compatibility of the bread served along with it is also great! It sure is true that the amount is small. For me, this much is normal, rather it’s a little bit over already, but it’s definitely not enough for men. By the way the ARMS GIRLS are also eating the same amount as me. Ente who moves around when fighting, I was expecting her to eat more. She really should not hold herself back. but well my stomach can’t take any more of it. I was thinking that such a matter wouldn’t really matter if they turn into a weapon.


We were talking about our future plans while eating. Despite the goal of buying a house, The problem is how to earn money.


「Ojou-sama, are we not just going to be taking request like what we did the other day?」


「Unn…As expected, it will tough saving until we have enough to buy a house. I need to find out what’s the price range of houses around here, I also want it to be big.」


You see, If you want to buy one, The bigger the better.


「The reason for getting a big house is because I also plan to increase the number of our friends.」


Because of having this power given to me, Wouldn’t it be better to increase our friends more and more.


「This is ojou-sama’s power, That is to invite entities like myself, Ente and Jenny.」


「It is kind of a pity that we cannot have master just to ourselves, but I guess it cannot be helped.」


「Jenny, aren’t you trying to monopolize master even now?」


Ente and Jenny are having a glaring contest again while groaning at each other. I really think that their base of argument is wrong. Erina is just smiling at them giving out an “Ara, ara”. I have been thinking that the one with the most adult-like feel around is Erina. By the way, Ente and Jenny would probably be around in the second or third year of highschool right? Erina would be around like a university student. Un… I would definitely look like the youngest one around. Iya! if we ever have anyone that looks younger than me in the future, maybe I can have her as a little sister.


「I wonder if I can find one in this town?」


「Un… There will probably one in this town. It’s a trading town after all.」


But then again it just mean that we will need more money. It really cost a lot when I bought Erina (I really saved a lot and even added extras) I am expecting that the price will also be higher.


「That is certainly true, It would be difficult if we would only be taking that request for the time being.」


Erina seems to be feeling a little disappointed.


「The easiest way for us to gather money is definitely killing demons, so in order to do that I will be taking the patrol quest again but we will be taking a slight detour.」


「Fufufu… Leave it to me. for the sake of milor even if it is a hundred or more demons I will take them all down.」


Jenny puffs up her chest and making the outline of her breast to also puff out. Her chest was shaking!?


「It maybe a burden to everyone but we have to do this, I will support as much as possible.」


「If it is master I don’t think it will be a burden. We have never even considered master as like that.」


Ente is giving of an uneasy face as she watches me. Un… I swear that I definitely won’t make everyone sad. to do that I need to make friends with arms of the “Armor” or “Recovery” system.


Right now I have two front liner, a sword and a spear and one back that is the bow. for now the top priority would be either armor or shield ARMS. if compared to battle in “ARMS OTOME” it will be like a battle team without defensive abilities.


The monsters we are fighting now have been changed, we won’t be able to defend ourselves if we think of fighting stronger monsters in the future.


ARMS belonging to the recovery system are mostly ARMS of accessories and staff type ARMS. I use priest like girls wearing robes as armor. After all it will be safer if there is someone using recovery. I hope that there would be a weapon that can use magic. Enemies with high resistance to physical attacks also exist in “ARMS OTOME”. If such an enemy comes out, It will be really incompatible with Ente, Erina or Jenny.


Un… Now that I think about it, I still have a long way to go.


There is no need to impatient, I only have to focus on what I can do at the moment.


At midnight, when everyone in town is asleep except from a few ones. Ente, Jenny and Erina were gathered in the lobby of cattleya.


「Ojou-sama is now finally asleep. She must have been tired walking around.」


Ente nods in Erina’s words.


「Let’s do this quickly because  I don’t really want to leave master alone.」


「The second meeting of the subordinates now begin.」


The reason why this three people gathered. That is to discuss on how to protect Yato. Of course Yato didn’t know. The first was when they were taking camp on the way to Varsa.


「In the stalls there were about three people trying to hang out with master. Jane has driven them away.」


「As you see… I don’t know what their reason for trying lure master… Well judging from their looks , you can somehow imagine what they want. I did preach them a bit on the back alleys.」


「Jenny… you did not rough them up too much did you? Ojou-sama seems to dislike disputes. On the other hand, you should not worry about the after care.」


「About that, It will be alright. They all ran away after a little intimidation. I don’t think they’ll ever come back.」


「Fufufu… then if it’s about that then it will be probably alright.」


Erina was smiling.


「I will never forgive those who even try to deceive milord.」


This is how Jenny have been thinking about yato. The existence that called out her consciousness into this world from the ARMS. It was the only existence that has given light upon Jenny. Having a pretty face, smooth black hair that extends until her waist. Jenny didn’t know about japanese dolls, but jenny thought that she had mistaken her for a doll. It was also her behaviour that comes from her instincts, the is one who likes cute girls, and hugged her on their first meeting.


「We can deal with those things to a certain extent, Master doesn’t possess the power to fight. There will be things that would be kept from master from here on. We need to be more vigilant around her.」


This is how Ente have been thinking of Yato. It was an existence that should be protected and offer loyalty as a master. When the old man thought that we are sisters when were riding the carriage, My face become a little pained. The figure that is trying to take a grown-up attitude while being too young in appearance surely gives a pleasant feel. (If yato hears this, I will deny it with all my power) If it is curious about something her eyes turn round and seems sparkling. When she gives off that attitude, I would really like to pat her head.(Also that moment when Yato blushes and hides in the futon from embarrassment)


Looking at these two people Erina smiles. Erina if overjoyed serving as a maid, The figure of Yato that depends on her tickles her maternal instinct, I’m afraid I might cross that line I shouldn’t cross. If compared to the other two, Erina has better control in suppressing her feelings. Even Erena think of things like that towards Yato, but she is always trying to run away.


(I want to hug that persson I serve, I want to lay down with her together, I know this is disgraceful, but…)


These three people drowned in their now dreams are almost all the same. In this way, the second meeting of the group has ended until they are all worn out.