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Chapter 13

For the past few days we have been receiving requests for security patrols. At first I thought that it was just rare to see a female only party, but after becoming familiar with the guild it seems that it isn’t the way it seems… Or at least that’s what I’ve noticed.


It wasn’t because there are n9o female hunters. I think that sometimes I just act like a suspicious person, but I haven’t noticed until I had calmed down. It is quite strange. The receptionist nee-san, Rizel-san, also gets along with me, and sometimes we even go out to eat along with everyone.

As I talk about my travels from a distant country, she taught me a lot of things about this country, town and much more. She’s a beautiful, gentle and good nee-san. She seems to be single, but is already thinking of getting married. Right, we talked about some utterly hilarious things too! Well, all around it was a pleasant treat.


「The tower of Alba Zach?」


Reporting the completion of a commission with the guild, as usual, I could hear people talking about something behind me.

It seems that Hunters also exchange information with each other.


「Wasn’t that tower destroyed a really long time ago?」


「Well, it seems that it’s being repaired, but something like a ghost knight seems to be haunting the tower nowadays. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard.」


「What are you talking about, are saying that an undead is staying in the tower now?」


「Well, I haven’t really seen it myself, but some people said that it carries a huge shield with a gigantic demon’s face and the armor is anice colored full body armor without a neck.」


「Oh, it looks like it’s going to be a big fight again」


「Ah, It seems that this story has not spread out yet, so I was wondering if there is anybody talking about it… If you ever try going to the tower, do be careful」


「Well, the tower seems to be full of undead and materials so it isn’t really that profitable. And besides aren’t sorcerers the only ones going through places like that to look for magic catalysts?」


Fumufumu, some worrisome words came out from them, but still, materials used as catalysts? Any goods like that is definitely a staple of other world stories!

It really doesn’t have anything to do with us, but I though since we can defeat monsters and just have them turned into beads of light and disappear… The neighborhood around here is already good enough for the moment…But still I’m rather concerned about that ghost knight without a neck. Such a demon appears in 「ARMS OTOME」as well and it’s called a Dullahan. It is a monster with moderate strength in the undead class, but I feel it’s going to be a rather tough opponent anyway.

Still the identity of that shield might possible be the— ★★★ Magical Shield Mavis.


Mavis is a big shield whose characteristics include a demonic face. It may also be possible that the Dullahan is carrying a normal similar shield decorated with a demonic face.

Battle with demons would always be accompanied by danger, but then again it maybe a chance to get an armor equipment.

That armor might just be one of the ARMS that I have been looking for more than anything else.

I would really like to get an armor before trying to fight it, they say you need to enter a tigers then, if your really want to get a tigers child. Well, for the time being let’s hear more details about this, let’s assault those gossiping hunters.


「Anou, Excuse me, can you give me a little bit of your time?」


I will be asking frankly. eh? trying to be friendly?

I am an outsider here. For people who have met for the first time, It should be natural to be polite you know.


「Eh? Hime-san!?」


Hime? what in the world is this hunter talking about.


「Why of course it’s alright! well then why don’t we have this conversation while having a meal—」

「O, oi!」

「What was it, an invitation from Hime-san? So lucky. But still maybe I can also get close– 」

「Stupid, look behind! look!」

「Eh? Ah.,.」

Nn? What sudden stupid nonsense are these people talking about!

Is there something behind me? Well only Jenny is there standing though.


「Milord, is there something you need of me?」


It seems like she is only smiling normally though. Maybe someone else just passed by.[TL:The Power of Airheadedness poor hunters frightened to their bones]


Besides what is with that Hime just now.


「Anou, sorry but, what is with that princess you are talking about?」


Ah, I have to calm down first and listen to this before talking about the ghost knight’s story.


From what the Hunters have said, it seems that some misunderstanding have taken place to the point that we have been seen as someone different, and at some point they started calling me Hime.

Please stop it, I will definitely die from shame…

Being called a saint or a princess, how did I end up being called this way… for the time being I told them “I am not Princess” with confidence.


Well, enough of that weird gossip, now is the time to talk about the ghost knight in detail.


The tower of Alba Zach is found west of this town, that place seems to have turned into a dungeon of undead. Since this dungeon have already been explored, there are only a few people visiting it now. One of the main source of income for hunters are defeating monsters and gathering materials, but undead monsters seems to have little to none usable materials making unpopular for hunters. and because that place is full of undead it isn’t really a popular place for hunters.


There are also materials that can be used as catalyst that can be taken from undead, such materials are used by magicians and necromancers, but since there are only a small number of them that the collection request is only occasionally posted.


And since recently a ghost knight have also been reported resulting in making most of the hunters stay away from that place.

Not to mention it’s strength is more than the common undead in that place, many hunters who have challenged it ended up running away from it.


「If that thing continues to stay in that tower and hinder exploration, a subjugation request will definitely be posted to get rid of it probably?」


Why are they speaking in honorifics? However, It is not unlikely that they will ask us for a subjugation. In that case it will just be turned into dropped item and the ownership will be given to those who have defeated it. If it is a worthy weapon on the same level as Erina— I guess the worth would definitely be desirable, and because of that it will definitely be sold at high price that probably would be out of reach of our current budget.


「is Hime-sama having plans on heading there?」


「…Probably, I do want to go, but is there any problem with that?」


By that tone, maybe I won’t be able to go there anymore!


「You see, the forest in that area is deep and its surroundings also have demons far stronger than the ones found close to the town, I think it will be quite tough with a party of only four people」


fumu, now that I think about it, most parties have at least 8 to 10 people with them, Currently I probably have a limit of 6 members. If there are no limitations, it will probably safer to consult with someone and gather the right amount of people. Because this world has a large number of monsters, it may be necessary to go to a place far away from town. But then again, there are things that I don’t want people to see or want to know, so we have no choice but to go with it. Fortunately I think we will be able to handle it if there are only undead.


We thanked the hunters for the Information and left the guild.

Time to get ready for the trip!




Ente’s sword glows and hit’s the demon’s torso.


「Erina, monitor if there are monsters coming from the left! Jenny assault them as is」

「Target Lock, I’m shooting them down!」


A shining arrow from Erina pierces a big monkey approaching from a tree. The arrow hits its arm just as it was about to grab a branch and fell to the ground. It was still alive but it gave just the right amount of time.


The demon we are currently fighting is called Evil Monkey. it is a little bigger than a rock demon. It is smaller than a Big Rock Demon, but it’s speed is much higher. Especially when fighting in a three dimensional area like a forest, you can say that it is a really troublesome demon.


other characteristics is having a big single eye. It’s whole body is covered with white fur that closely resembles a Yeti. They are commonly found in forests, and several of them would flock together and set a territory. If a prey enters their territory, they will attack in cooperation.


According to the monster book from the data room, the strength of this monster is in Magical Beast Grade.


By the way the demons strength are divided as.

-Beast Class found in the surroundings of towns and also some Weapon Wielder Class.

-Superior Beast Class which is a species of stronger variation than the first class and can also be found near towns.

-Dangerous Beast Class which can be considered dangerous even to skilled hunters.

-Upper Level Class which would require more than one parties to subjugate.

-Pseudo-Disaster Class which would make a whole country move is reported.

-Disaster Grade Class one on a level which cannot be suppressed with human power alone.


It is something like this. Disaster class are scary. Of course compatibility and other circumstances are also considered to know if the fight would be easier or not, It mostly for reference. By the way the strongest recorded on the monster book is the Quasi-Disaster Grade six eyed dragon in the country of Mada and was very aggressive. We are now deep inside the forest in a state of semi hibernation. While monitoring closely everyone’s movements while I am also staying vigilant.

I don’t have any details of the monster since it’s not something that is encountered in 「ARMS OTOME」, I don’t want to approach it.


And while the Evil Monkey is on the same rank as a Rock Demon, It is much harder to fight than the common Rock Demon. or more precisely, Rock Demons are said to be tough opponents for knights if their fighting it in one-on-one fight. I don’t particularly know how it’s like because Ente just cuts them down so easily. Well you could also consider that the compatibility is good. Using ordinary swords would definitely be bad in giving efficient damage because of being hindered by it’s hard skin. If essence, the weapons these girls use are of first class if you compare it to the common ones. Even a Rock Demon’s defense won’t even be considered a problem.


Evil Monkey is very agile, it is much harder to fight than a Rock Demon due to it quick movements around trees. And because of that, Ente and Jenny are having a hard time fighting it. Even if they struggling a bit fighting in different environment, the cooperation in battle is still in its best condition. While fighting two Evil monkeys, they make sure to support each other and keep the damage they receive to be at minimum levels while damaging they targets at best that they can do. You could even see them at some point just using eye contacts, they sure are becoming more and more cunning. The girls are fighting like this… tte that’s not what I should be talking about.


「This annoying monkey!!」


The moment when the Evil monkeys tried to pincer attack Ente, Jenny stabbed one of them on the side, then a flash was released.




After receiving damage from the attack the monster released a scream and stepped back trying to get away. It is quite tough still living after receiving that much damage.


「I won’t let you escape!!」


Taking a bit of distance, the two Evil Monkeys separated from each other. In that gap Ente moved towards the Evil money that received Jenny’s attack. After closing the distance, her silver sword penetrates the body of the Evil Monkey while glowing silver. The blow seems to be fatal and the Evil Monkey fell to the ground and stopped moving.




Seeing it’s friend killed, the other Evil Monkey roared in anger. It then tried to rush towards Ente and Jenny without thinking.




A shining silver arrow pierced it’s chest. Nice assist Erina.



The next moment, another set of arrows pierced it’s eyes.

Aiming for critical points after attacking twice, Erina that’s just terrible.


The battle here seems to be just fine… Next is the one that was shot… tte, they came again!


「Erina, Right, another one is coming from the tree right behind Ente. Keep watch of it, Jenny, finish the one that was shot previously.」


「Hai, Ojou-sama」

「Leave it to me!」


The two immediately took action, Ente then stops the Evil Monkey whose eyes got pierced with an arrow.


Like the first Evil Money, Erina’s arrow succeeds in shooting the Evil Monkey from the tree. Her accuracy is incredibly high. In that time Jenny moved to finish of the first Evil Monkey that was shot. The Evil monkey tried to resist by by angrily waving it’ arms, but Jenny lightly dodges it and pierced through it’s defenses.


The second one that was shot down and squirming on the ground was attacked by Ente moving like a silver meteor in its approach, then releases an intense slash after approaching it. The arms of the struggling Evil Monkey was chopped off in a single sword strike.


「Fuuu, All done, everyone good work.」


I made sure that there’s no more enemies approaching and puts out a sigh of relief. I can only rely on everyone.


「If it was for master, this much isn’t really a bother」


Ente smiles after answering me. She really is a good girl. Of course everyone is the same too.


「We will be arriving at the tower soon, will we be camping around here? It was a territory of the demons from a while ago, I think this would probably be safe」


Of course I can’t just stop being vigilant, but I want to rest before I go to the tower.


Resting in shifts utilizing the cavity in a big tree. It is now turn to stand guard.


Other the sound of chirping insects, everything is quiet. The wind blowing on the trees makes the trees flutter. I can’t sense any presence of demons. Fumu, I think it’s just the right time to level up everyone. As I thought, I have to level up Ente and Erina’s damage vs undead. I also want to save money, but if I got done in by demons there will be nothing to save.


I also would like to raise Jenny… after all her thunder damage is also useful. This will probably be good when fighting during daytime.


now then let’s start. while raising levels, I can feel that my strength is increasing. I wonder if this would be enough to get that shield now. I have also thought about it during our daytime battles, Every Time I get stronger my perception range also increases. Not only that, my thinking speed is also increasing. Perhaps in 「ARMS OTOME」 the heroes role was something like command center (Sand Bag? What are you talking about?) I can also feel that their abilities are rising.


And as usual, I just can’t seem to wield weapons.