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Chapter 33

TL: Yuki



「Ente-sama, so amzingー」

「Ente do your bestー」



「Jenny-sama, please step on meー!」

「Jenny-sama, please hit me tooー!」



The first match of the second round has now started. Other than the match of the quadruple, this was also a hot topic among the audience. That’s because it’s a battle between two beautiful girls. Adding to that is that the two of are also very strong participants. But you know, there’s a really big difference between the cheers of the two, which made me wonder.


The two of them seems to be talking about something. But because they are speaking in a low voice, I can’t really hear them.

Well then, in terms of stats, Ente is higher but when it comes to abilities, Jenny would have more of an advantage. I can’t really tell who will win this time. But it doesn’t matter if any of the two gets second place!






Two girls were looking at each other. They are companions who usually fight together. If not for this opportunity, they would have never crossed blades.


「It somehow feels strange. For me to face Ente this way」


「I feel the same way. Still, I won’t make it that easy」


Jenny smiles like usual after hearing Ente’s reply.


「Even if you do your best the result would still be the same. I will be the one who will face Mistress in the finals.」


「No, I will be the one meeting Master on the last match. I won’t let Jenny pass」


「You haven’t forgotten our promise, right?」


「Of course. The winner will have the right to sleep with master tonight. Also, it will be allowed to do as much as a kiss on the cheek」


「Are you okay with only that, I won’t mind even if it’s a kiss on the lips you know?」


「I’m fine with that. But and I will not allow Jenny to go any further」



It seems like they mutually agreed with something. Because of all the noise from people around me I was not able to listen to their conversation, but they seem to be enthusiastic about it.



Once the referee was in his place, the two of took them distanced from each other. After confirming their positions, the referee announced.




After the voice of the referee echoes, Ente became a silver comet headed towards Jenny. Jenny narrows her eyes concentrating in order to receive Ente’s attack.


(She’s as fast as ever)


Jenny’s lightning spear was able to parry Ente’s high speed attack and also sends lighting strikes as counter when they came in contact.


(Just as expected, those lightning strikes are troublesome)


By using her sword as neutralizer, Ente was able to mitigate the effects but the troublesome effect of the lightning strikes could not easily be prevented. Furthermore, Jenny’s attack gains momentum as the battle continues.


*gagagan *gagagan!!


Ente and Jenny’s clash continues creating loud clashing noises. The lightning strike also doesn’t stop and Ente receiving the assault slowly accumulates damage.




Without giving her the advantage, Ente also continued her her assault while doing her best to dodge the barrage of attacks. Finding a moment to strike, she was able to land a hit between the gap of Jenny’s attack.


(Kuuu, that was a close one……!)


Jenny was also getting impatient as Ente isslowly getting used to her attack and is now starting to become untouchable. She must definitely not receive her attacks, because she knew it would end her quickly.

In order to prevent her from finding openings, Jenny also continued to barrage Ente with thrusts. This exchanged of sword and spear continued endlessly, the intensity also increased with every clash.



This battle has completely caught the attention of the audience. The spectators closed their mouths and silently focused on the high level match not wanting to even miss a single moment.



The balance of the match may seem endless, but the balance gradually broke down.


(Kuh, I can’t stop her anymore!)


Ente didn’t stop her assault and continued without receiving retaliation from Jenny. Jenny could only defend at the moment.


(How did it end up like this……)


Jenny did not know. The the true power of Ente’s attacks continued to shave down her enemy’s attack power as she continues to receive her attacks. As a final assault, Jenny releases a large amount of sweeping strikes, but Ente was able to deflect the attacks and was able to find an opening to strike.


「Oh, n――」


When Jenny tried to escape by jumping back, she was quickly followed and Ente’s blade hits her defenseless body.




Jenny was down on her knees after receiving the intense blow. When she looks up, Ente’s sword was pointed at her.


「…………………I lost」




「Winner, Ente!」


At that moment, the inside of the arena was covered in loud cheers. That is in honor of the fight between the two. Ente reaches out to Jenny. Jenny still pouting and inflating her cheek takes her hand and stood up.


「I will definitely not lose next time」


「I don’t want to fight such a tiring match anymore」


As the two were talking in a light mood leaving the stage, Yato came to greet the two as they went out of the stage.






Fuu~, it’s finally my turn. My enemy this time is called Freya, a bewitching beauty.

But her eyes are really scary……


By the way, it was obvious results that the Quadruple Kalal won on the second match. The difference between their fighting powers is just too far away. The third match was won by a person named Guy. It was someone who instantly teleports from point to point. Other people seems to be thinking that he was moving at really high speed, but that can’t deceive my sense of detection and I could tell that he really moved from one point to another. I don’t know if that is magic or a skill, but it certainly looks hard to counter.

If I win this match, then I will be facing him next……


What about Ente and Jenny? I could say that they did their best. I know that they did their best, but…… what’s with the agreement of one who would sleep together with me. Were they thinking of doing something that they couldn’t show to children? It’s a first for me hearing something about this. And of course I would refuse, I don’t want to. I didn’t expect to hear something like this from Ente though which is something that Jenny would definitely say.


Well, it should probably be good enough if we only sleep together. I mean just going to bed together literally.



「Fufufufu, what a pretty angelic look you have. I wonder what kind of pained noises you would be singing later」


Freya-san…… she is definitely a beautiful woman. And her age should be the same as mine, but……

Oh, I mean the time before I was reborn in this world OK. Also, it seems like she have some strange tastes. She gives off the same atmosphere as Jenny. It’s someone that I definitely don’t want to get close to if I can, but I cannot say it directly though.


(Hime, it seems like that person is emitting some kind of charm skill. Please be careful)


A call of warning came from Maevis. Maybe she’s using some kind of curse spell or weapon of the same kind. It’s probably because Maevis also belongs to that same category, even just by looking at her shield you could say that it’s cursed, so she’s sensitive to such effects.


(Hime, did I really have that bad of an image……)


Sorry, sorry, that’s not it. Now then, the match is about to start. Juliana took a sexy pose with her hand inside her bag. Is she really okay in that pose? A great cheer could be heard from the audience. And yes, it was mostly from the male side……




At the same time as the referee announced, I activated Draconic Power. At that time, Freya also approached me. How should I say it, her approach is quite elegant or more like bewitching……

I am also cautious about it. It looks slow at a glance but she was actually moving fast. There are certainly people who would easily be confused by such movements. In addition to that, the weapon she was using was a Death Scythe. This is probably one of the reasons her title was linked to death.


There were similar equipment like that in 「ARMS Otome」. But unfortunately, the one she is using is not one of them.




Freya-san raises her scythe when she closes in. I don’t think it’s too late, but warning alarms have been ringing inside my head! Maevis also noticing the danger immediately places the shield in front. The next moment, a strong shock was felt running through the shield.


「Oya, it was prevented」


Although I managed to stop the attack, the shockwaves were certainly transmitted directly to my body. It was such a weird experience. It somehow resembled Jenny’s lightning strikes. It probably something that won’t be prevented even if properly defended.


(Ojou, are you alright!?)


I could hear Diniana’s worried voice. I’m fine, I’m fine, but it certainly is dangerous to continue receiving that attack. If it was someone who isn’t prepared for such an attack, then you’ll just accumulate damage continuously, not to mention that it may lead to panic. Probably seeing that I’m calm, Freya-san shows a puzzled look.


For the time being, it’s our turn to counter attack. And so, I commanded Diniana to go on assault.




And so with Diniana in control, our attack was done vigorously. By the way, the ARMS I equip control my body freely on their own. After all, I won’t be able to move precisely on my own. But just being moved by an ARMS Maiden would already put me on the level of an expert……


「For someone possessing such a pretty face, I didn’t expect that your attacks would be the epitome of savagery」


Diniana continues her assault right and left without stopping. Although Freya-san managed to avoid some attacks, she was not able to block properly the rest of the attacks because of the sheer difference in strength. But it was me who did a step back to give space between us for a bit.


It would be a disadvantage for us if we give such a gap though. Not only is there difference in reach, the type of weapon we use is also very different……

In any case, I held Maevis in front and made an immediate rush to close the gap.


「Aren’t you a bold one closing in!」


The atmosphere around Freya-san changes momentarily. The concentration of power on the scythe increases, and it was dyed completely in black. Won’t it be a bit dangerous receiving such an attack!?


(Hime, please believe in me and don’t stop the assault!)


I could clearly hear Maevis’ voice. I know that I won’t be able to retaliate if I don’t close in, so I believed in Maevis. And so, while protecting myself with the shield, I rushed towards Freya-san.




The scythe made contact with the shield and Maevis has properly blocked it. The penetrating attack certainly flowed through my body but most of the damage was mitigated by Maevis, and also――


「Kuh, wha……? My body…… can’t…… move…… why」


It was the effect of the shield that activated. Freya-san froze in a pose when she attacked and was shocked because she couldn’t move. I could not say if her pose is Sexy or Amazing. But I didn’t bother thinking about it and took that opportunity to attack!


(This is punishment for misleading Ojouーーー!!)


With a strong annoyed cry, Diniana swings her hammer straight at Freya-san. I kind feel pity for her, but this is a match. By the way, what did she mean by being misled?

Watching her who was flying straight outside the stage, I could only apologize in my heart for letting her get hit that strongly.


「Winner, Yato!」



After that announcement, the audience exploded in cheers. Fufufu, it is kind of embarrassing but I’m also happy about it.








And now is the third day of the tournament. We are now in the semi-finals.


First Match

Silver Battle Maiden Ente VS Mystic Eyes Kalal


Second Match

Godspeed Guy VS Black Angel of Destruction Yato




Why did my title changed into something so menacing? Well, it’s probably because of the commentators and those in charge of the management……

Well, that doesn’t really matter tight now, and the first game is currently attracting lots of attention. From the previous battles, Ente have also become popular to the citizens of Meletect. It’s not even losing in popularity against a Quadruple. I’m also happy about it. I wonder if this is how doting parents feel when they are proud of their children.


By the way, yesterday night, I slept with Ente just as what I have promised. Well, it was only sleeping together, you know. Also, she promised me that she will definitely win and reach the finals, and of course, I also promised her that we would definitely meet in the finals……

But well regarding that, Ente was kind of troubled about it so I didn’t pursue the matter anymore after that.


The match was about to start.

I am currently watching the match along with Jenny, Adona and Erina.




「I have expected that you would win. I was looking forward to our match」


「You sure are confident about this」


Kalal and Ente are now faced with each other and was exchanging remarks.


Ente could feel strong intimidating pressure from the man in front of him, and it was almost similar to the time that she was facing a Demon. Kalal was also trying to appraise the person in front of him, appraising her strength.


(Human…… no, it feels different? I find her presence to be strange, but what’s this)


The both of them were trying to measure each other’s ability.





As soon as the start was announced, Ente immediately moved like a silver meteor heading straight at Kalal.


(She’s fast, but her attacks are too honest)


She easily closed in the distance with her tremendous speed and attacked.




But as soon as her sword approached her target, it was diverted with all its power away from Kalal. Despite this, her rush attack continued. She was slashing him using many patterns that she could think of and continued to strike.



「Oops, that’s kind of dangerous」


Noticing a strong attack approaching him, he blocked the attack with his spear held with both hands then used the momentum of the attack to jump back. Attacks of such levels continued but were prevented by blocking, twisting his body to dodge, or rotating as he escapes. This assault continued, making the two look like spinning tornadoes. It was a high speed exchange of attack and defense as they rotate to find weak spot on their targets.


(Kuu, her momentum sure doesn’t seem to be stopping soon)


Sweep attacks, fast dodges, blocks, parries were executed as they continue moving in circles. Originally, the Arena was quite wide to have more space for combat, but due to their high level of combat, this wide space was wasted. It was a pace way too fast and strong that even high leveled warriors would hesitate to approach.


「It would be a foolish plan trying to leave so suddenly」


The moment Ente tried to back away and take some distance, an attacked using his demonic spear followed furiously striking her, and it was so fast that it even left after images.




Although she did suffer receiving an attack, it was not strong enough to bring her down. She then too that change to regain more distance and rebuild her posture.



「Haaa… Haaa……」


Ente now understood the strength of the person in front of her. That attack was not something planned or predetermined. Ente then stares at Kalal’s eyes. She understood that it was because of those eyes that her movements were being read.


(Even so, I must not lose. I vowed before Master that I would attain victory! )


Ente arranges her breathing and concentrates, and then her silver sword now glowed white.



(Her presence changed. Fine, I will also get serious )


Kalal prepares his Demon Sword while cautious as to what approach her enemy will do. In contrast to the fierce intro of their fight, not a single sound could be heard from the audience who could feel the tension of the match and that tension dominated the whole Arena.


Ente was standing still, staring at her Kalal. This time though, it was Kalal who made the initiative to attack. It was slower compared to her, but he was also able to reach her in his attack range in only a single breath.


(This guy…… How……)


Even if she questions it, it was a fact that Kalal easily closed in to her. There was no difference in his movement. She waited to prepare for an attack but Kalal seems to have noticed that it was a trap.


(Is he able to predict the future, or something else)


Ente focused her sight watching Kalal’s eyes. She must not miss it, the moment where she would be able to attack and drops her hostility until Kalal comes within a reachable range. When it comes to speed on whose attack would reach first, Ente was confident that it would be her attack that would reach first. Even if her movements are read, Kalal would still have no choice but to fight back.


(If this was a normal match, you would have easily won. The other party was just a bad opponent)


The moment they collided


Before Kalal was able to reach her in order to give a decisive blow, Ente was the one who was able to reach out first. Ente’s attack approached Kalal first because Ente’s attack was faster than his. But as if knowing where Ente’s attack would hit, Kalal launched a blinding flash of light and shifted his body.


After a moment of time has passed, they saw the figure of Ente blown away after receiving an attack.





Ente hits the ground rolling. In the next moment, she was transferred out of the stage.



「Winer, Kalal!」


With the referee’s announcement, cheers erupted on the audience area. It was as if their long time of not breathing has been uplifted.



「Sorry, jou-chan. It might have been bad for you, but a match is a match」


Kalal’s words was drowned by noise and was not heard by anyone.





「Master, sorry to disappoint you. I was not able to fulfill my promise of victory」


Ente was bows in front of me as she says that, but it was not something I’m concerned about and she should not feel frustrated about it. A quadruple is certainly strong so it just couldn’t be helped. A quadruple’s title isn’t just for show as I have expected. But still, for Ente to end up in this state, I could only clench my fist and endure.


「Ente you don’t have to apologize. Thank you, I know that you did your best! 」


I embraced her strongly after speaking what I’ve thought. I know that it is frustrating, but I also don’t want to stay that way.

「For the next match, participants please come!」


Ah right, it was my turn now, who was my opponent again, ah it was a person named Guy. Well, it seems like he abstained from the match. There was a notification from the management about it. It seems like there was something urgent that he needs to do……

Although that was kind of a surprise, I was declared the winner by default. Even if I lose in the next match, I have already secured second place. And also, it would be fine if I just stay in second place.



But I can’t do that……

I could feel droplets of liquid falling on my neck as I hold Ente close to me. For these children, my existence is definitely way much bigger than what I could imagine. It’s not that they were frustrated because they cannot win. It was because they can’t accept the fact that they were not able to fulfill what I was expecting from them. I also love each and every one of them so I can’t accept this.



That’s why…… even if that person is a quadruple or whatever he is titled. I won’t forgive people who made my children cry, and I will definitely return the favor.