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Chapter 34

TL: Yuki


It’s finally the final round.

Honestly, I was expecting either Jenny or Ente that would be standing right in front of me at this moment.


Should I say that the lineup in the tournament was good, or was it bad?


「From now on, the final match between Mystic Eyes Kalal and the Black Haired Angel of Destruction Yato, will be held.」


When that announcement was declared, the audience inside the venue was all excited and cheered loudly. I’m so embarrassed about it right now……


Standing in front of me was the Quadruple Kalal. He carried his demonic spear on his shoulder. And just like what Ente said, those eyes might have the ability to either read the opponent’s movements or predict the future.

Oops, before that, I need to make suggestions before our match starts. It’s kind of strange but this is something that I have decided even on the event that I lose.



「Um, Kalal-san. Can I ask for some suggestions before we fight?」


「What is it Ojou-chan. If it’s something that I can acknowledge then it would be fine」


「It’s regarding the prizes. Will you let me exchange the championship crown and the diamond ring even if I won」


To be honest, just getting the ARMS maiden was more important than me winning. I might even be able to buy it back later if I use the prize money, but if he didn’t desire to sell it then I would be really troubled or would have to give up on it altogether. Listening to my words, Kalal shows a bit of a confused look. He didn’t really understand the reason regarding that after all. Thinking about it normally, the crown would be more valuable.




After a while, he suddenly laughed out loudly. Not to mention, it was a three stage laughter.


「Iya, I was wondering what you would be suggesting. But I didn’t expect that you would unconditionally declare your victory even before the match began.」


Nn? Aaah, now that I think about it, wouldn’t this be like declaring that my victory is decided. Not to mention, declaring that in front of a very capable Quadruple person.


「Of course I don’t mind. I’m not really that interested in the prizes after all. I’ll let you decide on what you want to do with that.

But you know…… Do you really think that you could win? 」


At that moment, Kalal released a tremendous amount of pressure straight at me. This pressure, this is really strong. As to be expected from a person labeled as the top of Humanity. It almost reminded me of the pressure I’ve felt when fighting that Demon. However, I am currently under te protection of Ente and everyone. Not to mention that I’ve also experienced far worse than what anyone could even imagine. After listening to his words, I also replied with a smile.


「That’s something to look forward to. It definitely wouldn’t be a waste preparing myself and working hard for this moment.」


At that time, I put down my Bone Axe on the ground. I won’t be using it in this match after all and I need to replace it with something else. This time, I won’t hold back on using my best arsenal.


I carried my shield with a demonic face on my back, and then held a silver sword on my right hand and a lightning spear on the other. Un, as expected, it was heavy.


Kalal was also surprised when he saw my figure.


「That sword is……」


「Ente is my companion after all. I will definitely return the favor from that time」


Yup, it’s the same as before. This time though, Diniana wil only be used temporarily and will be replaced by Jenny and Ente after.


(Oooh, I could feel Mistress’ body temperature being transmitted into me)


(Jenny, stop spouting nonsense and concentrate.

Master, thank you for giving me this opportunity)


I could hear the voices of the two resonating within me. When it comes to levels, these two are the current top. Maevis was also included as back-up. This would probably be the best combination that we could have at the moment.


「Did you perhaps borrow weapons from your friends. I don’t think you would become strong just by using strong equipment though.」


Well, that is true is it was a normal equipment. But these are not just equipment but also users of the certain equipment. Of course, I also know that they would be much stronger if they are fighting separately. But right now is a one on one battle, although the fighting power dropped, it also greatly increased my chance of winning.



「I’ll ask you again just to make sure, but you should ensure that this final battle won’t be boring」


「I don’t think it will be boring. But I’ll make sure that you will lose」


I and Kalal-san were currently smiling fiercely at each other. The referee has settled down on his position. Then there’s one thing left to do.







Along with the referee’s announcement, I activated dragon power. My power quickly increased. I could feel the silver sword and thunder spear become lighter.


「Alright, let’s go」


(Please leave the attacks to me)


(I will certainly return the favor from yesterday)


While listening to the voices of the two, I quickly approached Kalal-san. He was trying to read my pattern of attack as I approached. I then delivered an attack aiming for both sides taking advantage of my reach. I know that something like this won’t easily take him down because I know that he is skillful. Well, this could also be seen as a 3 vs 1 battle―― and if Maevis is included, then it will be a 4 vs 1.


My high speed movement immediately reached Kalal-san using Ente’s abilities. But the silver sword was immediately parried. Then I aimed with the thunder spear next which quickly approached him. But then using the handle of the spear, he dexterously changes the direction of the attack. He’s faster than I expected.

Ente didn’t stop and continued her assault. This violent exchange of spear against sword and spear against spear continued. Of course, movement of the silver sword was controlled by Ente while movements of the thunder spear were controlled by Jenny.

My main role was to act as a control center and observer making sure to that I detect any changes from Kalal-san’s movements. This will is probably a hard fight even for him. After all, my hands are moving on their own as if they were different beings.


Even though I have a lot of special skills and would probably be able to overwhelm him, I am still an amateur when it comes to combat. Also, even if the two of them lack in perception and skills, they alone could already be compared to a quadruple based on abilities and skills. The proof of this was the fact we have won fighting against a Demon. That’s why I believe in Ente and Jenny.

At the time Ente was fighting Kalal-san, I am curious as to how he was able to read Ente’s attack as if he knew where the attack will be delivered. It feels as if he was some kind of secret ability… If it was only the power to predict the future, it won’t be that accurate.



The attack of Kalal-san also increases in intensity. Somehow, my face is also starting to twist into a grin unknowingly? What is this, could it be……am I also a battle junky?

A light glow is starting to accumulate from his free hand. I could also feel a terrible amount of pressure as if it was crawling on my skin!


(Ente, Jenny!)


Feeling my intentions, the silver sword and thunder spear crosses in front of me to cover me, and in the next moment an explosive blow hits me.




A countless storm of thrusts followed while releases a creepy aura. Opposing that, Ente’s silver sword parried most of the attacks.


Klang, klang, klang, klang!!


A dull sound of steel hitting steel could be heard as the weapons clashed that resonates throughout the stadium. The thrusts were not only furious and sharp but also strong enough to generate shockwaves.

This is as expected, it was really harsh――


(Take this too, soryaaaa!!)


Jenny’s scream also reverberates on my head as she joins the clash, and her thunder spear which generates lightning bolts was included.


The clash intensifies and the sound of weapons hitting each other became more intense. Not only that, but the amount of shockwaves produced on the clash along with the addition of lightning bolts spreading around made it even more chaotic.

Although the thunder spear was not able to reach Kalal-san, the effects of the lightning bolts were certainly accumulating as they reach him. Also, because of the intense shockwaves generated from the clash, my clothes started tearing apart.

But even if that is the case, I can’t pull back now that we are in this state. I made sure to watch out for his attacks and only let ones that won’t be deemed fatal to come go through.


「Chi… it’s changed again」


I caught a bit of what Kalal-san said, but then he was the one to step back after delivering a strong sweep.



「Haaaaa Haaaa……」


I kept my sight locked on Kalal-san as I slowly arranged my breath. Kalal-san doesn’t seem to be showing that he was out of breath. It seems like he was also tired though. Well, that wasn’t really my intension though, it doesn’t really matter because I’m not the one who actually move the body…… what’s tiring me is my concentration.


「I wasn’t expecting for you to overcome that clash. I honestly didn’t expect something like this when our match was about to start……, also is the fact that my eyes couldn’t understand it」


Iya, I don’t think that you were deceive because of my strength but it was more like you were fighting against a really strong amateur. Well, I do look like a master if I wield a proper weapon.


「I guess the title of Black Angel of Destruction isn’t just for show」


「Iya, that is kind of embarrassing so I would really appreciate it if you don’t call me by that title」


Hearing that again, I’m just so embarrassed that I would like to dig a whole ad hide inside of it……


「Is that so? I think it suits you though. Oh well. Then I will also use my abilities that I’ve been holding back」


As he says that, Kalal-san’s eyes glowed. Isn’t this similar to the time where he fought with Ente?


(Master, be careful. His temperament would change after he uses that ability)


A vigilant warning was given by Ente who has experience in fighting against that ability. Un… his temperament would change huh. If it was the time before this then it would be a cold almost freezing temperament. I then did my best reading changes in his temperament without letting myself be engulfed in it.





(Fuuu, for me to use this ability three days in a row. This martial arts tournament surely was different from the ones I’ve attended before)


Kalal then fixes his sight to the girl in front of him. He could feel the fight between them to be almost similar to the time he was fighting against Ente. Then as soon as he releases his ability, he calculated that the ending would probably be the same. That was what Kalal thought as he tightened his grip on his demonic spear.


The true nature of Kalal’s ability is reading. It was the ability to literally read the thoughts of his opponents. But that doesn’t mean that he could read everything, only a part of the thought is revealed. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the thoughts of the target would be read and it cannot be concealed.

He would mostly use this power when faced against really strong monsters, and because of this power he was hailed as one of the very few Quadruples with enough potential to face against Demons.


Kalal focuses his abilities at the girl standing in front of him. The timing he was waiting was at the moment that Yato attacks. At that time, he will read it.



(It’s about time to clash once more. How will you approach this time? )


During this third clash, Kalal tried reading his opponent. But this time, the opponent itself was a trap. Kalal couldn’t help but be surprised as he stares at his opponent who came straight to clash.


(What is this, I can’t event feel any intention to attack even as she approach?)


It didn’t matter how she delivered the attack or what weapon she used. Kalal couldn’t read any intension from the girl itself. Although the enemy was already in front of her, there wasn’t any intension to attack or defend.


(Inexperience……what? What is this little lady thinking even though we are about to clash? )



When they were in a position where their reach collides, Yato thought that his eyes were weird.




(I don’t really understand what you are trying to think about, but if you don’t want to initiate the attack then I will do it)


But without reading or being thought about by Yato, the silver sword assaulted him.





Probably because of his experience as a quadruple, he was able to barely parry the silver sword using his demonic spear. But that attack managed to graze his shoulders.





The silver sword assaulted him, but as he parries the silver sword the thunder spear would also assault him.


(How is she doing this!? I should be able to read her attacks……)


He couldn’t read it no matter what he do he just couldn’t find anything no matter how many times he tried. No matter what kind of a master you maybe, it’s just impossible for a person to hide what they are thinking. Not unless they were golems who do not think at all……



(Thinking about it previously, that sword should belong to a person called Ente…… Is it because they have the same weapon, or is she using her actual weapon?)


While being pushed back by Yato’s attack, he tries to recover and stabilize.


(Ente, that’s amazing)


As he tried reading her thoughts once more, the various questions that was puzzling Kalal was finally assembled and solved itself.


(Oi oi, seriously……)


Kalal quickly directed his       consciousness on the silver sword, and there a person’s willingness to assault him was which was definitely from Ente was discovered. Then shifting his consciousness again to the spear, he could also read the thoughts of another girl within it.

At that moment Kalal moved away from Yato. They were now facing each other once more while far apart.


「I wasn’t expecting that both that sword and that spear were moving with different intentions」


Hearing his comments, Yato shows a smile like that of a mischievous girl.


「I have also understood,

The ability you have is to read the other’s intentions and I have no doubt about it」


「You have noticed it huh…… well, it was certainly something like that」


「And so, will you consider this as foul play?」


「There are many mysterious weapons in this world that I have encountered. There’s no problem with that, but this is the first time for me to see ones that become humanoid. In addition to that…… I won’t be having any problems with because this is more enjoyable for me」


「As expected of a battle junky huh…… it makes me want to leave」


「Oi oi, you will be spoiling my fun if you suddenly leave. And those guys are also thinking about winning don’t they」


「Fufu, I didn’t expect to be read that much. As expected of a crazy skill that allows you to read the mind」


「The same could be said to you. I was having a hard time you know, until I found out that there’s more than one mind to read」


After a bit, both Yato and Kalal were grinning at each other, then they both kicked the ground and clashed for the third time.


(If I think of them as fighting more than two people, then I will be able to manage)


As Kalal think about such thoughts, the silver sword and the thunder spear continued assaulting more intensely, he then calmly waits for a chance to strike. He was preparing as he reads the attack of both the sword and spear.


Yato focused only on watching Kalal’s movements and dodging attacks. Also, it seems like Kalal’s consciousness is also focused on both Ente and Jenny. And if there’s one point the would give them the winning chance, it would be that point.


(I will definitely push through when I manage to slip by this two……)


Kalal who was reading their attack patterns accurately delivers both attack and defense simultaneously. Although reading the thoughts of the two simultaneously seems hard, reacting to that same speed of thought is really scary and slowly he was starting to push back Yato.


(I am certainly being pushed back…… however, I can still manage it if it’s only this much.

My power is also starting to fade. How I proceed from this point on)


Kalal was able to make a slight gap within the attacks. That gap was just a moment. He noticed it because he has already reached a masters level whe it comes to combat. It was a moment where the two did a simultaneous attack and was repelled at the same time.


(The sword was parried away and the spear was redirected to the ground, there!)




It was at the small opportunity that Yato’s attack and defense broke. Kalal couldn’t help but grin and made a really fast assault.





(It’s time!)


Yato who was doing her best focusing on dodging and intercepting Kalal’s movements was also waiting for a single moment, and that moment was when she felt a surge of danger incoming her.

At the same time as Kalal’s attack approached, Yato quickly half turns her body.






As he read Yato’s shout in her mind, another presence took over and a loud clash was heard.







Yato clenched her teeth as she endured the assault on her back.




Maevis continued receiving the assault as long as much as she could. They would only need a moment, just a moment. For the most part, Maevis blocked most of the attacks but some still slipped in and hit Yato. Those attacks would mostly have been fatal if it wasn’t for Yato’s sturdy constitution.




The assault stopped for a moment. Kalal’s pained voice could also be heard. Because he was launching a multi-hit attack on Maevis, the effect of her shield affected Kalal. It was only for that moment and Kalal did his best to undo the effect, but before he could manage to repel the effect, a flash of the silever sword and thunder spear assaulted him who was immobilized.


(Ah, I was thinking that it was only three but there was a fourth one huh――)


And then both the silver sword and the thunder spear pierced him. Kalal still managed to look at the two weapons stabbed on his body before he was sent out of the stage.




「Wi, winner, Yato!」



And in that moment, the audience area was drowned in cheers. After all, it was an unexpected ending. It was a little girl who won against what would be considered as the strongest, a quadruple. The people were so excited that they couldn’t help themselves not stopping the cheers.