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Chapter 35

TL: Yuki


「Iya, you got me there……I didn’t expect that the shields was also the same existence as everyone」


Kalal said so as he looks at Maevis. Maevis seems to be proud about it.


「What’s more, that Jou-chan over there using the bow is the same」


Erina only responded with a graceful smile.


We are now in the waiting room after finishing the awarding ceremony. There are still a lot of people, but the main even which is the martial arts tournament has ended and the festival will end soon too.


And as promised, I received the Birth Diamond Ring from Kalal. I tried to pass the crown to him but he said he didn’t need it. Well, because I’m currently lacking in cash, I’ll gladly accept it. As an alternate reward though, he wants to fight again some other time.

Seriously…… just how much of a battle maniac are you……



We were also invited to a celebration and it was hosted by the King. Me aside, I don’t really want the others to attend it.

Me? Iya, there were a lot of Nee-sans that had intimidatingly large breasts, I won’t probably be seen as a worthy contender.


It’s probably time for us to go soon. For some reason there was a commotion near the entrance. According to a nearby hunter that I’ve asked, it seems like there are other hunters shouting loudly about something. I wonder what happened.



「Excuse me, is there something wrong?」


That time I’ve asked another hunter who seems to know the situation.


「Um, you see, there’s a ridiculously large horde of monsters heading towards the town.

Included in those horde are high ranking ones……

Wait, aren’t you the winner? Quadruple Kalal-san is also with you!?」


For now I only replied with「Ahahah」 to change the subject. Kalal-san also felt awkward about it. More importantly, there’s a flock of monsters coming. It’s good that there are currently a lot of Hunters in town because of the tournament, but when it comes to high ranking monsters it would need parties of strong hunters to take out one.

For such a flock to…… no, what’s more important now is information.


「oh, if it isn’t Kalal-san and Yato san here.」


Suddenly, somebody called out to us. Who is this person…… I can’t seem to remember hearing this voice.


「Excuse me, I’m from the Meletect Hunter’s Guild. Currently, an emergency mission was called out to all the hunters in the city to join the fight against the incoming invasion.

It was decided that Kalal-san and Yato-san will be part of the main subjugation team. We would really need for the two of you to join the operation」


Now that I think about it, it was a rule that guild members must participate if an emergency request was issued. It’s more likely that you won’t even be able to relax knowing that the city is going to be invaded. It’s only been a short while that I’ve been here but there are already a lot of people worth remembering.


「That’s how it is. I do hope those other Jou-chan would also join. We would need all the strength we could get.」


Kalal-san did not only speak to me but also to Ente. You didn’t really have to ask though. It would only be a question if we could do our best when joined with multiple parties.





And so, we headed towards the Meletect Knight Headquarters. It seems like this time both the knights and the hunters will be working together. Some of the gathered hunters were also participants of the tournament. As expected, a lot of talented people were gathered. Oh, it seems like Frakis also noticed my arrival. Frakis and his party were also included after all.


「Iya, Yato-san, congratulations on your victory. I was rude before and didn’t really expect that you were that strong」


Well, looking at myself, I would also think so. More like it was because of Ente and the others, and my actual battle power is almost close to zero.


「So, how big is the incoming horde?」


「Ah, about that…… it seems like the knights will be the ones to explain the details」


The venue became a little quieter. There was also a person who was holding some kind of document in his hands and that person seems to be the captain.


「I now be announcing the details regarding the monsters and out operation of attack now」



The knight then started explaining the details, and at every key detail the venue became noisy.

As of the moment, the confirmed monsters were, Ten Gigas, Eight Chimera, Ten Minotaur, Twelve Hell Hound, Fifteen Demon Scorpion, Eighteen Hydra, Ten Wyvern, Thirteen Horned Water Demon……


Some of the monsters mentioned exist in 「ARMS Otome」 and there are also others that I have never heard of. However, based on the reaction of everyone, I know that they are certainly dangerous monsters. Just thinking about 18 of the same Hydra that I’ve fought o lakeshore cave makes me know just how grave this is. Why are so many different monster types cooperating though……

When we were on the Lake Side Cave or in the Tower, I have seen monsters of the same goup type fighting each other, and they won’t certainly make a flock with members different from them. Based on that, you could see just how strange this horde is.

In any case, right now…… I wonder if there’s anybody controlling them though.


「This is a little too difficult …… It would have been great if that Ruruka and Guy joined……」


Kalal seems to be whispering about something. You could clearly tell just how difficult this situation is seeing that even a quadruple is finding it difficult.



The only good thing is that the monsters are moving at a really slow rate, but they would certainly arrive here at Meletect soon. I also don’t know if they will come straight here or if they will devastate any town on the way before coming here, it also seems like procedures to ask for reinforcement from other countries have already been sent.


The main forces this time will be the knights. It seems like procedures of using a large weapon to fight against monsters are being introduced, but the umber is small so they won’t be relying on it that much.

On the other hand, Hunters including the ones that joined the tournament also began their discussions, and unlike the knights, our numbers and strategies are more inclined towards fighting against the monsters.


Now, judging from their speed of travel, it was forecasted that the monsters would arrive I about two days later. I won’t be able to have time enjoying the town and the scenery of the festival with that. It seems like watchers who monitor the movement of monsters have also be set up so they can immediately deliver reports.

Although they seem to have encountered thieves on the way so the report was delayed a bit. Why did bad things like that have to overlap each other.


The strategy is that even if we face them upfront we need to make it possible for the monsters to shave of their strength, that’s why we will be luring them on a canyon where the hunters would take advantage of the location.

The monsters were mostly moving straight so if we were able to lure them, then the chances of will greatly increase. The front line will be held down by the soldiers of Meletect and their large scale weapon. The Hunters on the other hand will assault the left and the right when the clash begins. Also Meletect Elites will be attacking from the front line after the first clash.


If the reinforcements from other countries are in time, the wining rate would greatly increase. However, I’m having a really bad feeling about this, as if there was something I’m forgetting.

Hmmm…… A flock of monsters…… Invasion…… A mix of different variants……!?


No, wait, isn’t this a Raid Event the same way in 「ARMS Otome」?

It’s a major game event where a series of battles known as Boss Clash are held. The number of battles would defend on the difficulty. There will be a minimum of 10 battles which would be equivalent to a few normal quests. If set to the highest difficulty, it would be around 30 battles. Moreover, the demons that would appear are strong enough to be called bosses, which why it was called Boss Clash.


But that alone is not enough to get that label……

It would be the last monster that is considerably stronger than anything you have faced.

Then, if this monster invasion is truly the same as that event…… we will be expecting a monster of at least Quasi-disaster class or higher to appear in the last stages of the battle, and even with the help of reinforcements of other countries combined, it will be a really harsh battle.

When it was still a game, it was fine to try and try again, but now that it’s happening in reality, it will be over if we lose.

Of course, there might also be a chance that such a monster won’t actually appear, and there is a possibility that the subjugation will be quickly completed… but, just in case, I really have to prepare.


As means of precaution…… I will really need it, that skill recovery drug. I wonder if I will be able to find any of them if I look around this town……

I did earn a lot of money after all, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to procure it.



「What’s wrong Jou-chan. You seem to be groaning about something? 」


Kalal worriedly called out after noticing my concern. Was I really showing it out?

Erina seems to be worried too. It seems like I was unconsciously speaking it out.


「Kalal-san, regarding this monster invasion, do you also think that an even stronger monster is lurking behind this group?」


「……probably yes. I think it would be something on the level of a Demon at least. For a group invasion of different species like this, I could only think of those guys to be the culprit behind everything and it would also have enough power to commanding all of them.」


It seems like Kalal-san also thought the same way as me, even though it’s not from the same game knowledge that I have.


「Is that what you are worried about」


He silently speaks to me about his thoughts.


「If something like a demon would pop out, it will be really dangerous. In the current situation, there is a high chance for us to win…… but if one of them pops out, everything will be easily reversed.

If it was only a normal Demon, then we might be able to handle it. But considering the amount of monsters being controlled, that result would be very slim」


Hearing that he is able to fight one on one with a demon is quite a surprise, but well, I guess that power would certainly be able to overpower one.


「I don’t know if we should expect it or not, but it is much better to be more cautious」


Un, that’s right. I made sure to keep his words on my mind. For the time being, I need to search for those recovery drugs as soon as possible and for as long as time allows it. For the time being, I need to explain to everyone about our plans and optimize our search.


「Ente, Jenny, Erina, Maevis, Adona, Diniana. I want everyone to help me look for this medicine, and we will start the search as soon as possible.」


After saying that, I show the recovery drug in front of everyone. For now, if any of them find something like that or something similar, I want them to procure it immediately.


「Wait, Jou-chan, that is not a simple potion isn’t it」


Kalal-sa looks suspiciously at me as he checked the potion. Well, I don’t really have to hide it because this is a real emergency situation.


「Uuh…… it’s my trump card」


For the time being, I tried to deceive him with a smile. I didn’t really need to tell him the details about how I will be using it.


「That doesn’t seem to be a joke…… so Ojou-chan had still a trump card to use. So, is it necessary to execute some kind secret ability? 」


Secret Ability…… not really, it would be more like the power of real money than a secret power…… in anycase, don’t make such a serious look while asking something stupid.


「Is that so…… then why no come along with me? Rather than running around town looking for it, I know of someone who could supply you with a lot of it without fail」








Meletect Frontier



A boy was standing in the middle of the crowd of demons. He seems to be thinking about something while his eyes were closed and his hair was being swayed by the wind. That in itself is a scene that is really out of place, yet the surrounding monsters seems to fear him more than anything else.



「Nn, oh, welcome back Maljua. Were you able to drive away that annoying trap? 」


When the boy speaks, a sudden gust came and a girl appears.


「I’m back. Regarding those bandits that was sniffing around here, everyone is now in the belly of those monsters」


The girl with blue her extending down to her hips replied in a sleepy manner. It was as if she didn’t see them as something worth mentioning.



「Fufufu, not about that. It seems like Ruruka and Guy were sniffing around you see」


Listening to what the boy said, she couldn’t help but frown.


「Ruruka you say? Is that traitor trying to interfere with our plan?」


「Well, I wonder. But if they knew that Demons were involved, then they would surely move」


As the boy spoke, another person appeared before them.


「Hahaha…… As expected of Valhai-sama. Valhai-sama would definitely be someone who wouldn’t eve be bothered when Ruruka is mentioned」


What appeared was a dandy old man with a long mustache. But the expression on his eyes were deathly cold.


「Well, I do think that it would still be a bother. After all, a lot of our preciously collected force would decline by a lot 」


「This collection seems to have a considerable amount of strength, but I wonder if this will be enough?」


「It seems like a lot of strong humans have also gathered at that place, I think this will turn into an interesting show?」


Valhai sets his sight to the far north. He then imagined how the humans there will struggle to the end.


「If Valhai says that’s it’s easy then I’ll accept it…… you don’t have to be in a roundabout manner though, you know? Dagos thought so too, right? 」



Dagos replied after shrugging his shoulders.


「You don’t just get it Maljua. Nothing interesting would happen if what you immediately wiped them up. Just look at the humans who would desperately fight against monsters. Also their despair appearance when we actually see us involved. It was really something enjoyable to watch」


Hearing Dagos’ reply, Maljua asked to confirm if this was the case.


「Speaking of which, it seems like Morva did not accept the invitation. Even though we were going to have a festival like this」


「Well, that guy wants to move freely on his own. Even a gathering like this is pretty rare when we think about other Demons」


Hearing those words, Maljua couldn’t help but distort to a grin.


「Well, if it isn’t for Valhai, then even I wouldn’t be around here. Not unless it would be someone of disaster grade that would be stronger than Valhai」


「Malhua-sama, there was a proper name that humans would call him, you know. That is―― The Demon King」



Valhai smiles innocently after hearing those words.


「It will be the beginning of a fun game, not let’s see if the ones to end first are the monsters or will it be the humans」



Valhai may look and act like an innocent child, but the contents inside him are certainly dark and filled with the desire to cover this whole continent in despair and hatred.