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Chapter 36

TL: Yuki


We continued walking as I follow Kalal-san’s lead. Ente seems dissatisfied about this but she didn’t directly say it because it’s something that only I could do.



The scenery that surrounded me seems to be very luxurious. This is probably the area where nobles live. This is not some place where children should be wandering about, and yet I was only thinking that he would guide me to a place where I could buy it. Hora…… we’re supposed to be looking for potions, you know.




「Um……will it really be okay?」


Although I’m starting to get worried, Kalal-san continued walking. There guards in every door we have passed by so far. And now we’re in a hallway with luxurious furniture all over the place. It felt as if I was lost inside a very rich person’s mansion.



「It’s alright. This is not some weird place」


Mou…… I guess, I could only believe in him for now.


Finally, Kalal-san’s walk has ended. We have been walking for quite some time inside this building. Just how big is this build……


Kalal-san casually knocked on the door.


「Ooi, it’s me. Is it okay to enter? 」


「…………I’ll open it now」


I could hear a woman’s voice a little later. That’s a little unexpected. Is that person in a high ranking position?



Following Kalal-san, I entered the room. It was an elegant looking woman who greeted us. Though I felt like I’ve seen her somewhere……


「Kalal is it. And also…… aren’t you Yato-chan.

For the champion and the second placer to come here, it seems like this would be something more than we expect」


From the back, I could hear the voice of a man speaking and he seems to be really familiar too…… no, wait, the King!?


「Yo, Your Majesty!?」


Kalal-san reacted to my surprised voice.


「Ah, Fujin…… you see, the king of Meletect and me are kind of an inseparable acquaintance of some sort」


Thinking about it, it was no wonder why this building was so huge, after all it was actually the royal palace.




Apparently, it seems like we have entered the castle from a different route than that of the front gate. No wonder why it was such a majestic landscape to see yet we rarely encountered people passing by. For Kalal-san who was given access to such route with face identification only was simply amazing.



「There will be a military conference in a bit about the monster invasion. That’s why I didn’t really have that much time at the moment」


「Yeah, the talk won’t be long」



Kalal-san and the king seem to be discussing something serious. Me? Well――



「Uwah, she’s so cute」

「Seriously. It was really amazing how she was able to win despite her really cute physique」

「Fufufu, you don’t really have to be that nervous, you know. Fujin-sama might look scary at first, but his roots are that of a gentle and easygoing person」



While being highly praised, I was captured by the queens and I’m currently being spoiled. I can’t move because I’m too nervous and was a bit excited from being surrounded by their Nice Bodies.


「Before that, I would like you to take care of something for me that will be used against the monster invasion」


「Hou. I won’t mind if it’s for a quadruple like you. It could be said that if not handled well, this monster invasion would probably end Meletect. If it’s something that I could prepare within my power, then don’t hesitate to ask」


Leaving me aside, it seems like the talks have progressed positively.


「Well, I would like you to take care of is a certain potion, THAT potion I mean」


Hearing those words the King and everyone else stopped. It probably took about 10 seconds of them all freezing in place. Un…… that was certainly a long frozen time.



「Kalal…… seriously, you…… to that that on such a young child――」


「Yato-chan, even if this is going to be a life or death battle, it would be bad if you do it out of desperation, you know」

「To use that on such a small child…… even for a quadruple, aren’t you a pervert」

「Mou, not to mention that it was just a while ago that the two of you have fought. Well, Yato-chan is certainly cute though……」



「No, wait. This is definitely a misunderstanding」


What to say, it became chaotic. It’s because of that huh……

Because of chances that we won’t come back alive, it will be like spending the last night with a lover before going into battle. Well, thinking about it normally, that reaction wouldn’t be considered strange, even Kalal-san would probably thought the same way. With him suddenly showing up alog with me then asking for energizer medicine, the result would be something very obvious.


「Umm……excuse me, it wasn’t Kalal-san that needed it but it me――」


「「「Yato-chan, don’t be too desperate!」」」



Ah, the voices of the lovely queens were all joined as one.




Somehow I somehow managed to explain to them the reason. The difficulty of that mission was extremely hard.


「Fumu, so it will become a power for Yato to use as a trump card is it…… Well, knowing the situation, I don’t think that you would be lying in this case. Your position as champion in the martial arts tournament could also be used as proof of this」


Good, I acquired the trust of the King. Certainly, having the title of champion in a martial arts tournament would prove just how much power an individual possess.


「I do have some in stock, but why did you go straight to this place? That’s kind of rude, you know」


Though the King was convinced about the situation, he couldn’t help but feel frustrated about Kalal’s approach, and also I was returned in the embrace of the three Queens.

Judging by his looks, the king would probably be around his 50’s. Because I’m used to talking with my Boss when I was in Japan, I was also not really that formal, but it is certainly rude if you think about it normally……


「Let’s see, I have about 50 of that on me at the moment? Would that be enough? 」


Iya, King-sama I think you are kind of overdoing it, you know. The old man in Valsa told me that stocks of THAT medicine weren’t that many, but I wonder if that was because people like this person is buying it all up……


「Well Jou-chan, would that be enough?」


Is what Kalal-san asked. Hmmm…… right now, that would probably be enough, after all I haven’t seen that many of them in stock.


「Then how about we gather more from the Nobles, Ministers and the military while we still have time. Buying it at around 800,000 valis each would probably make them let go of it, and a decent number would also be gathered」


That would be a nice offer for those people. Speaking of buying those, some people might probably be forced to take out their hidden stocks. Nobles would definitely have a lot of them, probably.


I couldn’t help but smile on the results.


「Thank you very much! I will surely never put it to waste」


「…………By the way Yato. By the time the battle is over, would you mind joining me in――」


Before the King’s remarks ended, slaps come flying from the Queens. Ah, my condolence. [TL: Presses (F)]





Now then, there are still things I have to do before the battle begins. I took out the Birth Diamond Ring from my bag. I wish that I could have called her out at peaceful time, but the current situation just won’t let me do so.


Joining up with Ente, we returned to the Inn.



Everyone seems to have gathered already in the room. Now then, shall we call her out?


「The hidden soul sleeping within…… Summon!」


After finishing my chant, the ring disappears and now a woman was standing in front of me.



「Alas, I thank you for having such a fateful meeting. I am known as Illya. For allowing me be by your side, please allow this one to let you shine brighter than before」


In front of me was a beautiful woman with glittering blond hair, with eyes that felt they have just opened up and was watery with emotion and was staring at me. She was wearing a silver dress, and on her finger was the sparkling Birth Diamond Ring. On her head was a simple yet elegant tiara, and she giving off the impression of a real Princess.


I check her abilities while still continuing to receive her gaze.



★★★★ Birth Diamond Ring Illya      Type Ring


It is one of the twelve birthstones that were born during the creation of the world. It has a brilliance that will never be lost for eternity.

It is said that it possess the power to grant immortality to those who have acquired it, and also gives the power to remove all abnormalities and prevent disasters.

She has the temperament of a Princess filled with innocence, and a stubborn personality to love and take care of her cherished one.







・The use of Recovery Magic instead of attack on even turns : Lv-1


・The probability of increasing the defense of all allied units at the start of the turn: Lv-1



Special Ability


・Brilliance of Immortality     Removes all abnormal status and fully recovers all allies.






Un, finally an ARMS maiden that specialized I defense and recovery. The recovery magic technically restores the player’s HP. And in 「ARMS Otome」, quests don’t usually damage a player that much, that is why recovery was not really that important.

On the other hand, most people would choose to improve attack or defense instead of adding a recovery unit and would mostly use recovery units during boss battles. However, that is the case with the game, and now that 「ARMS Otome」 became a reality, I would really appreciate having a strong healing unit.


Also, her special skill would rarely be used. No, more like in regard to special skills with recovery purposes, I was wondering what kinds of situation we would need to use that skill……

Even if rare items are dropped and you lose in the middle of a quest, those items would usually be completely lost. So it was only at those moments in game that you would be forced to use such recovery skills at the point that forcing to refresh it if necessary.


Adding Illya on the group, those with special abilities that have healing effects are few at the time I was playing, that’s why they were mostly not used if not needed.

But well, losing a ★★★★★ drop just because you skimp on healing is…… ugh, just thinking about it makes my stomach cramp.




「Nice to meet you, Illya. Sorry that I have called you in a situation where we could all calm down and relax」


Hearing what I’ve said, Illya slowly shook her head to deny.


「Being called is already a great honor for me regardless of time and place, there is nothing that you should apologize for. My body, heart and everything, I have already offered it to you」


Is what she replied, and she stared even more passionately than before. If such a princess would ask a Hero for a request, then that Hero will definitely do his best even if it’s to defeat a demon king.



「Ehem, Master, you’re starting to act weird again is thinking of strange thoughts. For the time being, we would like to form strategies with Illya included. Master is probably tired already so please go and have a rest」



It surely is getting dark outside already. Just as ENte said, a lot of stuff happened today following right after the tournament like the Monster Invasion and I’m certainly a bit tired already. I guess I should take their words and properly rest. The departure of the knights will be tomorrow, and I think we will also be leaving right after that or a little later.


「Un, I understand, I’ll be resting now. Ente and everyone too, be sure rest yourselves soon, we will be moving early tomorrow」


「Yes, we will also take our rest after a bit」


After hearing her reply, I decided to go to my room and sleep.





「Well then, shall we get started」


「Umm…… what is going to start」


Illya was looking at everyone as she asked and was a bit anxious. She did understand that all the women surrounding her are the same as her. Erina smiles and speaks to her who was seemingly uneasy.


「You don’t really have to be that nervous. This is the sixth time now, and it’s a meeting where everybody would usually share their thoughts and sometimes delusions they have for Ojou-sama.」


Erina already abandoned the thought that this would be a serious battle strategy meeting. No one also refuted about this……



「Or rather, last time, Ente was absent, so the discussion didn’t really proceed the way it should have been」


「I don’t really remember anything about having a discussion. Because at that time, I just wanted to be together with master as fast as possible.」


Right now, Ente and Jenny were the same as usual. Looking at them now, nobody would even think that the two of them fought seriously against one another during the Martial Arts Competition.


「Ente and Jenny seems to be having fun. First of all, I shall introduce myself. I am Illya」


Though Erina was looking at the two as if it was as usual, Diniana as always watch the two of them thinking about how annoying they could be.


(Erina, thanks always for the hard work)


She truly thanks Erina in her heart that was doing her best being the mediator of ARMS Maidens.


「Then I’ll call you Illya. I am Erina by the way. Nice to meet you」


「Hai, I also thank you for the courtesy」


Then Erina and Illya both bowed to each other. Following that, other ARMS Maides also introduced themselves.



「I somehow understand the current situation. This is certainly a serious situation. Even so, I am more delighted if my power would be proved useful during this time」


After hearing the current situation from Erina, Illya vowed again to do her best for Yato.


「Fufufu, that’s the spirit. Princess have been taking care of us so much that there are even times where she doesn’t hesitate to jump into danger in order to help us without caring about her own」


Erina remembers that one time they were fighting in the tower, and it was the time where Yato jumped in front of her to absorb the damage and remembering that, she couldn’t help but clench her hand into a fist. No matter how many days would have passed, she will never forget that sight.


「Because of that, it would a be a pleasure for all of us to have more members. Let us support Ojou-sama to the best that we could offer」


Erina and Illya then shake hands while promising each other.



「My power is the power to protect. And also is the power to heal. Let us do our best in assuring the safe of my Precious One」


Maevis also agrees as she listens to Illya’s words. Maevis only has the power to protect Yato. And with Illya included, she will be able to fulfill more of that because Illya will be able to greatly improve her defense which was already high to begin with.

Maevis also talked to Illya about her role and abilities, and the two understood that they will definitely be able to improve each other’s strengths.


「I definitely protect Princess’s body as her shield 」


「Yes. Leave all the assisting to me」



「Umm…… I, I can only do attack magic, but I could also increase the speed that you could use magic and also speed up everyone. If I use this power, then surely we would be able to protect Mastah…… right? 」


Adona tells that to maevis while still uneasy about it. For Adona, the next battle would be her first real battle and she was still inexperienced. Adding to that is her weak temperament so she couldn’t really hide her anxieties. Because of that, Maevis pats her head to calm her down.


「I will also be expecting a lot from Adona. As someone who uses heavy equipment I am rather slow compared to the others. But with Adona’s power, I will surely be able to protect Princess」


Adona smiles in relief as she holds the hand patting her head while she listens to her words. She narrows her eyes enjoying the sensation and continued to be spoiled by Maevis. Illya was also looking forward to what she could contribute to help, just like Adona.




「Ara…… this time seemed to turn out into a proper meeting. Maybe I should correct what I have said earlier」


Erina smiles as she enjoys the current situation.


「No, Erina…… that, over there……」


Diniana was now currently pointing towards the corner of the room――



「Fufu…… Sleeping with Master…… was really comfortable.

After Master fell asleep, she hugged me tightly――」


「Naïve, too naïve I say. For me, I actually nibbled Mistress’ ear. And even though she was asleep, she still responded――」


「Muu!? When she was hugging me, it would usually be from the back, but that time she hugged me in front. There was a moment were our lips would have also touched each other. Just like that――」


「Naa!? Oh, I have also done more than just nibbling (Delusions) Like licking Mistress’ neck――」



Diniana immediately supported Erina who swayed from shock.


「Diniana…… will you hear my request」


「……I can somehow guess what it will be but…… what is it?」


「For now, regarding Ente and Jenny, I think it would be better to prioritize protecting her from those two」


「Un, I agree」



In this way, through the efforts of Diniana and Erina, the sixth battle conference have concluded.







Kalal was currently drinking alone at a lonely bar in Meletect.


Then three people came in.



「I’m also drinking. The same as usual」


Guy then called out to Kalal.


「Leave me alone. On the other hand, it’s a rare sight to see someone like you come over here」


Kalal then looks at the person behind Guy. It was a girl that would seemingly be out of place in such a bar. The other one was a woman dressed in a bewitching red dress. It was Guy’s older sister, Gritin.


「After hearing such a report, it would be impossible for us not to move. I am a woman who would move if I have to, and is different from you」


News about the great monster invasion was delivered by Guy. Also, understanding that what’s behind this incident was a Demon. This was also confirmed by Ruruka just before the start of the third match was held. The entity was sensed at the frontier of Meletect, and with Guy’s skills, they both witnessed the incoming monster horde.


From that point on, there actions were swift. He immediately told his sister in Parashas about the situation, and after organizing her work and shoving it to someone else, she left for Meletect. He has also informed the Royal Family to send reinforcements.



「There was a Demon involved after all huh…… So, were there other quadruples that came along?」


Grittin sighed as a response to him. She was also one of the very few Quadruples around.


「I would have really wanted to bring Ejena’s Basin along but I didn’t have enough time to do so」


「Fun, that’s the one of the stronger quadruples out there, isn’t it」


After Kalal finishes his drink, he then ordered for another serving.


「I really wanted to if possible. Rather than that, I’m amazed at what you’ve been doing. Will you really be alright in the battle tomorrow? 」


「I won’t get drunk if it’s only this much. So, will it be a strong opponent as expected, Ruruka? 」


Kalal changed his focus to the silent girl sitting and seems to not be interested in anything.


「I was certainly able to detect them, but I was not able to measure their strength. It’s the first for me to encounter this」


Kalal thought that it would be someone like him that would do that. The lack of information would either be a skillful user of concealment, or maybe there is a huge difference in abitlites……

If it’s the latter――


「Disaster Class…… is it? I was thinking that they would be more like myths though」


Disaster class, they are existences that would only be seen on ranking. The most powerful so far that was ever encountered were quasi-disaster class ones. If it would be something beyond that, then a single country won’t be able to fight it. The only thing they would be able to do is wait for its rage to stop.



「By more you said, that means there are more Demons」


If it was high grade or ancient dragon, then it will only be violent for quite some time and calm down later. But if a Demon is involved, even if they wait they might not stop until everyone is eliminated.


「That’s why I immediately made my stop here. Fortunately, there are a lot of talented people around because of the tournament. We can leave the monsters to them and we can focus on fighting against the demons.」


Gritin clenches her fists. Then her fists were suddenly wrapped in flames.


「Oi, oi, it’s nice to get fired up, but don’t do that here or you might burn the bar. If you were to suddenly let that go, this bar will instantly be turned into charcoal」


「I can control it if it’s only this much」


As Gritin says that, she immediately extinguishes the flames wrapping her fist.



「Still, if you are spending this much, does that mean you won……

Maybe this will be our last, so why don’t you offer us something to improve economic growth」


Kalal only responded with a laugh to Guy’s words.


「I am not the champion this time, only a runner-up」


Both Guy and Gritin were shocked at what Kalal said. Even Ruruka who was only listening couldn’t help but widen her eyes.


「Oi oi, seriously, you, a quadruple was defeated.

Maybe it was Basin in disguise while hiding then actually joined the tournament? 」


「I don’t think I would lose that easily to Basin. Also, Yato-chan was a young lady」



Guy then recalled the faces of the participants after hearing it from Kalal. Then he remembered a the name of a black haired girl……


「……Seriously? That is even more surprising news than hearing about the monster invasion」


「That child, is she really that strong? Are you sure that she’s not a Demon?」


Kalal shook his head in response to both Guy and Gritin’s words.


「She is certainly not a Demon. But honestly…… I can’t even measure the limits of her power. She is definitely strong…… but that strength is certainly not normal」


Kalal continued speaking as he remembered things about that girl named Yato. At first glance, she may look like an amateur. She has weapons that can become humanoid, and using that power, she can fight the same way as those humanoid fighters. There is also the Trump Card which uses Energizer Meicine…… and he can’t even imagine what that drug would be able to do.



Kalal tilts his glass of wine thinking about tomorrow. It will certainly be fun in many ways.






Birth Diamond Ring       Illya

Looks             Around 19 years old

Hairstyle         Wavy long sparkling blonde hair

Outfit      Top         Silver White Dress

Bottom   Silver White Dress

Personality      Pure and Wholehearted, however, she is really stubborn in some cases

Callout    My Only One