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Chapter 37

TL: Yuki


The move for the monster subjugation has now started.


In the next day waiting to receive the energizer drinks from the king, the mixed army of knights and hunters are now grouped together and is ready to sortie in the capital. I am currently overseeing them on the balcony of the castle.

Iya, am I not supposed to be down there?


The gathering of the special medicine was not finished yesterday, and the cause was that the results of the gathering were way below than what we’ve expected.

Even if you say that it’s necessary for the whole country,

Adding to that the fact that they didn’t know about my special skills, nobody would really know about its usefulness other than that.

It’s really hard to explain after all……

There are also some nobles doesn’t want to bring it out. After all, they wanted to also hide what they have o stock. Some are a matter of aesthetics.


That’s why they also mentioned that it would be secretly collected from every house. I don’t really know how many of them would sell it, that’s why I’m currently waiting at the castle for the said delivery to arrive.


「Ojou, I know you are worried about us but you have to wait」


As I watch over everyone who was about to leave why anxious about it, Diniana told me that.


「Un. I’m just a bit impatient……」


As a result of discussions with everyone, it was decided that there should only be one person staying with me, and everyone except me agreed. To be honest, I would have wanted more people to stay with me…..


Because I know that they are also thinking about me, I can’t act that selfishly. After all, if I tell them how I really feel, they might only get distracted and won’t be able to fight with a peace of mind.


I have also arranged the units


Ente, Maevis and Jenny as frontiners, while Adona, Illya, and Erina as backline and support.


In 「ARMS Otome」 you could call this formation a balanced type. As a result of such formation, Diniana remained with me. I also decided to raise their levels as much as I could. This time is not the same on the battle with the previous demon, at that time I was too distracted and only focused on escaping. Although right now, with the six of them to rank up, the 10 million Valis prize didn’t last long and was even lacking when it comes to powering them up. That’s as much as I could do for now. And when the delivery arrives, I’ll be sure to rush out and regroup with everyone so I wanted them to do their best to at least survive until then. No, I want to be sure that everyone would be able to return home safely.




By the way, at this moment I have buffed every with most of my skills including Dragon Power.

The High Priest of Meletect also joined me in giving support blessings but……

The knights were screaming about 「An Angel has Appeared」 which made me so embarrassed to the point that I would have died from shame and had wanted to stop several times.

Regarding the hunters though, Unlike in Valsa they are many times more in numbers so I couldn’t completely buff everyone because they were out of range. And so I decided into two to buff them in turns. As this continues, my reserves of Energizer Drink that came from the King have started to decrease a lot and might probably deplete soon.




I looked up at the sky and found that dark clouds were starting to approach, and as they depart I continued praying for their safety.







「This is certainly a spectacular sight」



Kalal mentions as she look down at the group of monsters approaching the canyon.


「Don’t go getting excited in attempting to defeat all of those. It’s not yet time for us to move, so don’t just nonchalantly join them」


Gitin replied in amazement.


「Still, the on the front line seems to be doing well. After all, even if grouped together, monsters will still be monsters.」


「Guy, don’t be too optimistic. Be aware that there will b demons. You have to be careful」


During their conversation, the flow of monsters continued moving forward, and is now clashing with Meletect’s soldiers. And all incoming monsters were crushed and prevented from moving further. Instead of defending and enduring, the results of the battle were far more favorable than they have expected.


「Is this because of the power of that person…… what an amazing power」


Gritin comments as she watches the fight between the incoming monsters and the knights. The success of the knights this time is because they were boosted several times which she couldn’t help but admire.

The Large Weapon they use also throws large rocks and launches a lot of magic attacks which was aimed directly and is slowly reducing the number of monsters.



「……It’s going to get serious now」


Kalal points out in the middle of the incoming wave of monsters. There was a large dog which was even bigger than a bear. Kalal was looking at the demon which was larger than any dog monsters he has encountered and understood that it was a Hell Hound. He also knew that despite its large build, it was a ferocious and agile monster.


In addition, Gigas which has a figure of a gigantic humanoid creature were among the flock of monsters which was very noticeable because of its size. There are also figures of insect like black shelled creatures, the Demonic Scorpions which are really dangerous creatures could be found. There were also figures of bundled snake heads, the Hydras looking around, and is approaching the defensive stronghold. And lastly were bull fighters that has a head resembling a cow. But there’s also――


「Super Beasts Class monsters huh…… It’s really been a while since I’ve encountered any of them」


The face of Gritin distorts as if she had bitten a bug, as she muttered those word upon seeing a few number of chimeras, a giant creature with multiple head attached to its body.


When the large monsters started entering the battlefield, the knights that were at an advantageous start at first were now starting to suffer. New knights were also replacing the wounded but this also made the defense line move back and forced the invation to go into assault. At that time, the knights were already starting to reach their limits as the monsters have become more violent in their approach――





A huge explosion happened at the center of the monster group. It was a big magic attack that was executed by the cooperation of the Magic Division positioned behind the knights. It was also used as a signal.




「Shall we go then」


Kalal smiles ferociously as he aimed at the demons, then kicked the ground and started running down the slope where was stationed. His eyes was also glowing in a blue hue.



「Seriously, you just wanted to have fun, don’t you…… But well, showing the power of quadruples would certainly increase the moral of everyone」


Gritin also created blazing flames from both hands, and then releases it at the monsters. Those two fireballs released transformed into firebirds that carbonized monsters that come in contact with it.



「Ruruka, wait a bit until a demons comes out before you start your moves. Now then, I will be moving first! 」



After confirming the situation with Ruruka, Guy also ran down the slope following after Kalal. Following their head start, groups of hunters also joined the clash from the sides aiming to corner the monster group with vigorous shouts. This sudden attack of lots of hunters made the monster group confused.



「Next will be our turn」


Erina, Jenny, Maevis Adona and Illya also prepared themselves after hearing Ente’s announcement. The group was situated on a slope behind the estimated face off location. They are part of the raid team along with other hunters. As Ente turned around to see the situation, she sees Frakis waiting for the next movement to be executed.


「We are ready to go anytime」


Frakis answered in a calm and composed manner. Behind him is the group of hunters entrusted to them eagerly waiting for Ente’s confirmation. Ente then returns her sight to the monsters below their position then announces without turning her attention to the people behind her.



「Begin the assault!」


After hearing the loud announcement of Ente, every hunter behind her rushed down to attack spearheaded by Ente’s group.



Ente transforms into a silver comet slashing every monster that blocked her path. Jenny was also blowing away monsters with her spear clad in lightning. At every monster they attack and kill, they would turn into particles of light and was blown away somewhere. In all the commotion happening, there was no one who bothered to even think about why monsters were being reduced into particles of light. Well, some only though that it was probably the work of a special skill.


「Master, this is probably because you’re too far away……」


The particles of light would stay on the spot for a few moments, and then it would scatter. It was quite unfortunate and a waste is what Ente thought, but this didn’t stop her to continue mowing down monsters. Regardless of thinking about defeating the monsters now or later, it won’t change the fact that the monsters would continue to attack.


At that moment, a large shadow leapt towards Ente.






Maevis immediately moved forward blocking the Hell Hound’s sharp fangs and flicks it away.


「Don’t let your guard down, Ente」


「Thank you Maevis」


After the two fixes their position, they faced off with the Hell Hound that seems to be really angry. Before it the Hell Hound started to move, shining arrows pierced its head. The Hell Hound whose head was stabbed by arrows shook it’s body from pain and anger, and then Adona’s wind blades assaulted the Hell Hound and after a while, it fell on the ground.



「Keep it up, Adona」






「If anybody is injured, please do come over here!」


Illya’s shout could be heard from behind everyone. Several injured hunters came to her after hearing her shout and were wandering what will happen. Everyone were injured and some were even bleeding a lot.


「Hang on, I will help everyone」


Illya, along with everyone else who have recovery powers healed all of the wounded. Hunters that were in serious conditions were prioritized by Illya.


「You are all fine now. Please do your best, everyone」


Illya shows her gentle smile after the treatment.


「O……Oooaaaahhh, I will do my best!!」


Seeing the men he treated with shouting out strong battle cries, Illya couldn’t help but be confused.


「Did my skill have effects other than just recovery?」




The battle intensifies as the assault on all sides continues left and right, and the Meletect knights that were at the front aimed their assault on the stronger variants of monsters. All of the knights were also received the blessings from Yato, which made their assault more relentless.




「Still, there doesn’t seem to be an end to this」


Kalal dodges the attack of a Minotaur as it swings its huge axe down and pierces the belly of the beast as counter. The Minotaur immediately fell to the ground after spitting out blood.


「It will probably only end if the demons are defeated」


Is what Gritin replies as she burned down monsters that tried to surround her, then throws a blazing fireball to a Hydra who tried to spit out it venom. As soon as the fireball made contact, it burned up the Hydra immediately carbonizing it without letting it spit out its venom.


This battle of Quadruples raised the morale of not only the knights but also the hunters that are fighting around them.


Ente’s group also inspires the group in more ways than one.



「You annoying snake!」



Jenny aimed her spear at a Hydra and stabbed it then releasing her lightning attack. Although different, the attack patterns it uses were similar to the one they fought in the lakeshore cave. It was ot only Ente who was powered up by Yato this time. And as a result――





The lightning burned the Hydra inside out and then immediately turned into particles of light. Jenny immediately switches her aim towards another monster.



「She’s amazing, the Charming Spear Princess……」



The hunters who were nearby couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her unconsciously. Skillfully using her spear, she fights as if she was dancing while her whole body is clad in lightning. After all she was an ARMS Maiden. Not only Jenny, but also Ente, Maevis, and Erina made the hunters who witnessed their fight show something close to worship.





Adona is also doing her best launching her magic aiming at the monsters.


「This bastard, don’t you dare try to approach Adona-chan!!」

「We will not forgive Monsters aiming for her!!」

「You Lolicon monster, take this!!」



Adona was also raising morale, though in a different way.





After several hours, the side of Meletect was now gradually starting to push back the incoming horde. In the initial prediction, large amounts of casualties were already expected on Meletect’s side, but with the power of Yato and the addition of Quadruples and other non-standard power wielders like Ente’s group. That expectation was overturned in a good way.



Although there are still a lot of enemies, both hunters and knights were already convinced of victory. That is, until certain presences appeared on the battlefield.




「No way, I didn’t expect such an outcome at all from this battle. The monsters that I have collected with a lot of effort should have been more useful……」


It was one of the worst enemies they could ever face on a battlefield.


「I guess it’s time to move these old bones of mine, my body have started feeling dull lately……」


As he walks forward, his arm was transformed into the shape of a giant monster. With one swing of that hand, he blows away a gigas in a single blow. The Gigas that was blown away was almost similar to dead leaves blown away by strong winds. The old man continued walking straight as he continued to blow away those that are blocking his path as if they were dead grass hindering his movements.


「If I damage Valhai-sama’s mood more than it should be, then even I will be in danger. It will be a hastle, but I guess it’s time for me to clean up this mess」


He then shows a distorted grin while looking at the shield wall made of Meletect Knights, which could be seen from a distance away. As continues walking, his appearance also gradually changes.


From his upper body, his muscles swelled then his arms goind down his legs turning into a giant mass of muscles for a monster. His lower body also transformed into that of a four-legged beast.


「Wha, what is that……」


One of the nearby hunters murmured as they witnessed the abnormal being approaching.


His face didn’t resemble that of the previous gentlemanly look from before which turned into that of a true demon that would embody anger, also his full size completely surpassed the size of the Gigas that he easily smashed earlier.



「You could all probably say that I am a Demon. That’s right, fear my very presence that you are now witnessing」



The Demon swiftly moved towards the intimidated Hunters.





「Wha, what the heck is that!」



The hunters were easily blown away by Dagos’ rush. That rush didn’t stop which involved not only the hunters but even the knights and monsters that were blocking his path as her move straight towards the Meletect Defense Troops. The knights were desperately steeling themselves, yet that didn’t stop his charge as he approaches. This changed the flow of tides on which they were starting to gain dominance from a while ago, and now it was transformed into a total nightmare……




「Uo, he finally appeared」



When Kalal sees the approaching demon, he was excitedly about to run ahead but was stopped――


「Iya, sorry. Ruruka is already on the move」



As soon as Guy spoke of that, a huge heat ray was fired towards Dagos.





Dagos immediately tried to dodge the heat ray by sidestepping, but his left arm was caught by it and was blown away.



「Damn it…… Ruruka…… so you did appear」



Beyond Dagos’ vision, there was the figure of Ruruka floating in the air as she looks down on Dagos without showing any expression.