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Chapter 38

TL: Yuki


There were neither humans nor monsters that could come close to that battle.


The two demons that collided completely overwhelmed the battlefield.



「You Demon Traitor! You, you Demon Killer, Aaargh! 」


As Dagos swings his claws, corrosive poison was release along with a powerful shockwave. Ruruka easily deflects it with her wings that sprouted from her back.


「I don’t consider you my comrades. That’s unpleasant」


Ruruka was now also transformed into a different variant of Demon. She has fiery red hair that was literally in flames and on her back is a blazing black wing. On her hands and feet emerged complicated patterns that seem to be pulsating. It resembles a complex magic circle. With that, Ruruka’s hand and feet can be turned into a turret that launches magic.



In this battle, it was clear that Ruruka has the upper hand. Without even directly attacking Dagos, the heat rays generated by her hands have already scorched Dagos’ body. Dagos’ expression could help but cramp knowing the differences between Demons.


At that time, there was another shadow that approached from the ground.



「Good grief, you sure are worthless. It couldn’t be helped so I’ll back you up」


Along with those words, dozens of Icicle blades shoots towards Ruruka. But Ruruka burned all those projectiles without even reaching her.


「Oooh, Maljua-sama」



Dagos called out with excitement. It was girl with blue hair with length long enough to reach the ground. You could say that it was definitely a beauty, but the emotion seen on her eyes could be said to be cold enough to freeze the hearts of those who looks into it. Both hands were covered in ice as if they were frozen, and a cold fog was oozing out of it. She had crystal like transparent wings, and her lower body is like that of a huge snake.



「It’s really annoying trying to stay hidden as I check the current status. That’s why I’ll help you clean-up this mess」



As soon as she says that, Maljua creates Ice Blades on the fingers of both her hands, then moving her serpent body, she immediately approached Ruruka. Following that is Dagos’ giant figure charging.



「It won’t change even if there’s two of you」


Ruruka immediately fired a heat blast from both hands aiming at the two demons approaching her. At that moment, a wall of Ice was created by Maljua to block the attack. Then along with that, she aimed to slash Ruruka with her bladed nails at a really high speed. However, the Icicle claws were easily smashed by Ruruka’s wings.


「Funu, oops, you are really annoying!」


Maljua cursed at her and then immediately recreated her bladed claws. Dagos’ corrosive attack followed next.


「I’m the one who should be saying that」


The patterns on Ruruka’s hands and feet pulsed intensely, and then it was wrapped in strong flames. She then fights back with melee attacks while maintaining the magic of the intense flames. Her fierce attacks were directly aimed at both Dagos and Marjua.

If those blows were to hit even the strongest monster upon those they are currently fighting, that attack will definitely kill if it landed. Even if they were fighting 2 vs 1, Ruruka’s fighting power is still on equal level against the combined power of the two.


「There should definitely be a Demon that is stronger than the two of you. Where is he」



「Hah, we don’t need to call Valhai-sama if it’s only against your level, you should know where you stand!」


Maljua created another Ice Wall to block Ruruka’s flames.  But the moment Ruruka attempted to destroy it, Dagos attacked her from the side.






This time it Kalal who blocked the corrosive claws by reading its aim using his mystic eyes.


「Big Guy. I will be your opponent」



「You lowly human!」


Dagos, whose attack was prevented by a human raged. Enchanting his had with corrosive poison he strikes at Kalal with a storm of blows. Kalal on the other hand swiftly dodges the attacks while countering back with fierce thrusts aiming at Dagos. Kalal’s spear also emits an oppressive aura and continues as it continues to accumulate damage to Dagos’ body with great accuracy. Although he indeed lost an arm, he couldn’t bare the fact that a lowly human was fighting on almost equal terms to him who is a powerful Demon.



「For a human to poses this much power…… you are one of them, aren’t you, a quadruple!?」


「Hou, it is an honor to be recognized by a demon such as yourself」


At this moment, Dagos finally understood that one of the reasons why the invasion was blocked is because of such human present in front of him. He did hear about the existence of quadruples having power almost on the level of Demons. But he just thought it was an exaggeration on the human side. However, now that he is facing one of them in front of him, he couldn’t deny it.



「Guuuuuu, You, you, YOU, I will destroy you!」


Dagos totally snapped out, and because of this Kalal were able to read his movements easily as he kept on attacking in a repetitive manner.





「Funn, so there were quadruples mixed in the defending group after all!」


Maljua who was listening to the conversation of the two realizes that Dagos is inferior compared to his opponent. At the same time, she also realized that there are quadruples in the group. Maljua couldn’t help but clench her teeth out of frustration.

She didn’t intend to join the battle nor help Dagos at all, but she participated in order to show her good side to Valhai. Nevetheless, she finally understood that Dagos is much weaker compared to Ruruka and that Ruruka was much stronger than she expected. Adding to that is the presence of quadruples.


「Unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable!!」



Maljua who also snapped, made her hair move. After becoming several bundles, they all transformed in the shape of snakes. Those snake-like bundles of hair then aimed to attack Ruruka, and they were moving as if the hair itself was alive. And also, she formed Ice in her hands molding it into the shape of a sharp blade, and after coating it with what she thought was enough reinforcement, she moved to strike Ruruka down.





The next moment, Maljua’s Ice Blades evaporated after her attack was blocked by a blazing firebird.


「Guuuu!! Who is it, who dared to disturb my attack!」


Maljua who was then wary of follow-up attacks moved away from Ruruka. Then looking arounf, she found a woman who was standing from a distance. She was clad in a red dress, and firebirds were floating around her.



「Sorry for being unfair when it comes to numbers. But it couldn’t be helped since the opponents are demons」


Gritin creates several floating fireballs around her. Each one of those fireballs were eggs that gave birth to firebirds.



「……You, don’t tell you are another quadruple?」


Maljua speaks as if she was convinced about her deductions. Gritin only returned a smile to her inquiry.



(This is bad, this is bad, this is bad!! Why are there two quadruples! These humans! If this goes any further, I will be hated by Valhai-sama!!)


Anger, hatred, irritation, strong negative emotions are starting to cloud her mind. Then without any plan and ignoring everything else, Maljua attempted to attack――



「Alright, playtime is over」



A boy stopped her movements with just those words.












Seeing the boy, the two demons immediately stopped fighting and went to his side.



「It is regrettable but, it seems to be our loss.

I did think that I would see a more enjoyable struggle of a battle though, but well the appearance of two quadruples was certainly unexpected」


Valhai smiled without showing any signs of disappointment. At first glance, Kalal and Gritin frowned after seeing that existence that couldn’t be differentiated from a normal boy. Only Ruruka who could detect the accumulation of magic power could understand his true nature.


「The monsters surely have been reduced by a lot. We did take a lot of time and effort to collect all of them」


Valhai was looking around the battlefield. At that point, both humans and monsters stopped their movements, as if they were enthralled by Valhai’s presence. Kalal and Gritin then remembered after looking at the two demons, what Ruruka told them the night before the battle.



「Do you know what a disaster class is……」



It’s a being whose strength is unfathomable. Kalal tried reading his thoughts, but immediately withdraw it.


(This guy……Even though he’s talking normally, his head is filled with nothing else but the urge to destroy……)


It was something he didn’t expect, and that if he continued, he was the one who would receive mental damage. It was his first time encountering something like this, regardless if that person is human or monster.



Gritin also raised her alertness to maximum levels.


(This, I don’t feel intimidated by even high ranking dragons…… But this something is different, it even makes it creepier because he currently looks like a normal human)





「As I have said, the game is already over…… now it is time for trampling」



After saying those words, overwhelming pressure engulfed everyone. The boy’s body then gradually grew and deformed.






Everyone was engulfed by Valhai’s intimidation and was frozen, and only Ruruka who was less affected was able to react and launches an attack of intense burning flames with both hands, and this created a thick and extremely hot heat ray that headed straight towards Valhai. The heat was so intense that it actually melted the ground around hm.



Valhai only stared at the incoming heat ray while his body was changing. At the moment when the heat ray was about to swallow Valhai, he opened his mouth wide and swallowed the heat ray instead.





Ruruka who was normally expressionless, couldn’t help but be shocked. After all, her attack was neither evaded nor blocked, but was simply eaten. Realizing that one of her strongest attack didn’t even harm her opponent, Ruruka couldn’t help but feel as if she was trapped in a bad dream.


「Fufufu, that attack wasn’t delicious at all, but still I’m happy to see that surprised face of yours」



The figure of the boys couldn’t be found anywhere anymore, what was left there was the figure of Valhai, a figure so strange even from a demon’s standards.


He has a face which is similar to a ferocious lion, with golden mane being swayed by the wind. His body was wrapped in golden fur, and his limbs could be said to be swelling in muscles to the utmost limit. A pair of black wings growing on his back, and three poisonous snakes was swaying around in place of his tail.



「Is there a next one coming? If there’s none then let me do the next turn――」


「I won’t let you!」



Gritin finishes converting all the fireballs into firebirds and were flying around her. She then sends all of them, attacking Valhai from every direction. They then dived towards him as if they were spears.




Each of the birds have considerable power, and strong enough to even carbonize powerful beasts. However, the enemy in front of them is not something you could compare to anything she has faced before. Still, it is a fact that she could clearly understand their difference in ability and power.


「I don’t really want to waste my time, so I’ll be handling you quadruples together」


Valhai who have a gigantic figure was faster than she could ever expect, and was now heading towards her. Fear immediately assaulted her heart as she was exposed to his evil eye. But she was able to at least create a firewall barely blocking Valhai’s attack――




Gritin could only watch the moment as if it was in slow motion as Valhai breaks through the flames and tried to tear her up with his claws.


But in that moment, a black shadow covered her field of view.





Gritin’s vision returns to reality and a violent impact sound was heard, and then she sees a jet black female knight preventing the attack in front of her.




Then, a silver female knight reflected in Valhai’s eyes at the same time. He immediately tried to stop the attack using his claws.


「Take this!!!!」



In the same moment, a flash of lighting surged. A sharp thrust was then headed straight for his abdomen. At that time, Valhai’s viper tail moved as if responding to the attack and parrying it.






A shining arrow that gave off tremendous wind pressure came flying next, heading straight towards Valhai. He immediately avoided the arrow that was aiming of his head.



「Hou, it seems like there are still more stronger opponents included in this battle」


Valhai had a face filled with joy as he watches the new challengers that came in front of him. There was a jet black and a silver knight. Then a woman who was armed with bow and arrow and a light clothed spear warrior. There was also a woman with a large cane and one with white overalls.


All of them challenged him without showing fear of his power.


「Fufun, it has certainly been a while since I’ve felt like this, so I’ll play with you all!」




Valhai who was laughing then bared his fangs.




Before the battle started, both humans and monsters distanced themselves. They understood that it will be an intense battle that will kill anyone who gets involved. It was Ente’s party of six along with other who will be challenging Valhai on their own, ten people to be exact with Kalal, Ruruka, Guy and Gritin added.



「Look, you haven’t even made a scratch on me yet」


Valhai swing his claw towards the people surrounding him. It has enough power to mercilessly kill anyone from the impact alone without even the need to touch those who get caught in it. Behind him is his viper tails threatening anyone who approaches.


「――Oh Stormy Wind, embrace my enemy in a cruel grip!」


After Adona finishes her chant, Valhai’s body was covered by a tornado. That attack tried shredding Valhai who was trapped motionless inside the tornado――


「kukuku, I wonder what this is?」


However, the tornado was not effective and died out after a while.



「Unfortunately for you people, it seem like magic isn’t effective against me」


Adona, Gritin and Ruruka couldn’t help but grimace on his words. No matter how many times they attacked him with magic, it will only get absorbed. Because Ruruka’s greatest attack was also made ineffective, her strength apparently backfired.


(If that is the case, they I could only supp――!!!)



The moment when Gritin decided to move for support, a strong impact penetrates her body.





Looking down her body, she could see Ice Claws penetrating her stomach.


「Fufufu, do you thing Valhai is the only one doing the trampling. You’ve thought that we won’t be moving, right?」



Maljua pierces Gritin with Ice Claws from behind her. Looking at her eyes, there was nothing to be seen but cruelty.


「A, Aneki!!」



Guy immediately closed in to Maljua using teleport in an instant, then swings his sword in order to cut off her arm that pierced her sister.


「Oops, dangerous」


Maljua easily dodged that attack after pulling out her arm. She then licks the blood that was stuck on her nails.




「Fufufu, that’s the price for annoying me. Pay it with your life」





Gritin falls after coughing out blood. When he supported her body that fell, he immediately looks at the wound. The part that was pierced was covered in ice that clearly pierced through her body. Fortunately, there’s not much blood that was lost. But that doesn’t change the fact that she’s in a serious critical condition.



「I will help her recover!」


When Illya attempted to help her in a rush, a huge body blocked her path.


「Do you think I’d let you recover her」



Just before Dagos’ arm swings down to Illya, a demonic spear sweeps his stomach.


「Didn’t I told you before that the one you will be facing is me」


「Gaaah, don’t annoy me you puny human」


Because of his grudge against Kalal, he immediately changed target to him redirecting his swing towards Kalal.



「Go on with the recovery」


After leaving those words, Kalal assaulted Dagos with a storm of thrusts.







When she saw the aftermath of the attack, Ruruka immediately tried to rush towards Gritin. However, before she was able to do so, she was blocked by Valhai’s claws.


「You are much stronger compared to other. That’s why, why don’t we try killing each other seriously right here and now」


「Don’t get distracted」


Is what Guy said to her before he rushed to Gritin’s side, and then she returned her focus to Valhai. She knows that Magic won’t work. If that is so, then she could only use other methods to attack. Ruruka tightens her grip as she readies herself.



「……I somehow managed to fix her up temporarily. But her life would be in danger……」



Guy listens to Illya’s explanations as she watches over her sister. Her face was pale and was trembling a little because of the cold. It felt as if her life would be lost if she closes her eyes.


(If I use transfer, I might be able to return her to town……)


If he used transfer, he would definitely be back in just a few minutes. But even in just that few minutes, how won’t know what will happen and how will the tide of battle change……

If the demons are not hindered here and now, the town would still end up destroyed. It won’t matter even if he could save his sister, but that’s what he wants to prioritize……



「Guy…… Don’t think about stupid things…… Fight…… fight」


Gritin who opened her eyes stares at her brother. She could immediately tell what he was thinking about. But in this situation where losing the strength of one could change everything, she can’t let Guy go. She also realized that she doesn’t have the power to fight anymore……



「Chi…… fine, I’ll do as you say. Please wait for me! 」


After saying so, she left her sister in Illya’s care and transferred to Ruruka.




Gritin was glad seeing her brother become more reliable in appearance. She was still having fun, even though her vitality is rapidly fading……




Ente, who was fighting with Valhai knows that she is inferior against her opponent, and it was a hopeless battle with the addition of two demons.





Ente attempted to slash Valhai’s arm. However, her silver blade couldn’t cut through Valhai’s thick fur. She can’t properly deal any damage.


「Fufufu, aren’t you honored, just being able to attack me is already an honor to be considered.」


Valhai increases the length of his claws and swings them at tremendous speed. She was able to avoid it, but what was waiting next was an attack from his poisonous viper tail from an unexpected angle. Valhai was aiming to bite her to death with those fangs.





At that moment, Guy immediately appeared near Ente, then transferred again to escape the attack.


「That saved me」


「Iya, I was just doing what I could do」


The two immediately fixed their stance to attack. Ruruka also closed in with flames cladding her hands ready to beat up Valhai with it.




Ente and the others continued fighting desperately even in the worst of situations. They all continued fighting until all of them are in a state that is unable to fight.






「Chi, what shall we do in this situation」





Only Ente, Kalal and Ruruka continued to fight even under exhaustion. Erina, Jenny, Maevis, Adona, Illya and Guy are already down for the count. Although barely alive, everyone was in a state almost similar to Gritin.



The three demons Valhai, Maljua and Dagos are still standing and was still rearing to battle.



「Valhai, can’t I kill them already?」


Maljua inquired Valhai as she glares at Ruruka filled with hatred. If he gives the permission, she could easily finish off Ruruka who is now littered with wounds.


Dagos was also itching to finish of Kalal who annoyed and continued to disrupt him.



「Fufufu…… Oh, it seems like he finally arrived」



Rather than answering the inquiry of the two, Valhai looked back. Ente and the other also followed Valhai’s line of sight……and froze.



With Fluttering jet black wings that was approaching slowly from a distance. It’s whole body was wrapped in an ominous aura and with six eyes that were filled with negative emotions.




「Oi, oi…… seriously, what kind of joke is this」


「………I have felt that presence before when I was hunting demon in Madda…… so that presence was that」



It was a six eyed six winged dragon that was thought to be sleeping in Madda. One of the most dangerous monsters in the Semi-Disaster Class, and the knights and hunters were originally aiming to fight something of that level that in this place.


Ruruka who felt the signs of being a demon from that several times, and she was hoping that it might disappear soon. But she knows that it won’t answer her hopes. No it did answer her, to be the worst of the worst case scenario.



「Fufufu, he did say that he would only follow the strong. I had a really hard time making him obey me, you know」



The hunters and knight who was witnessing the approach of that was in utter despair. In terms of strength, Valhai was higher. However, the presence given by the six eyed dragon was more overwhelming. A dragon with an ominous aura covering it’s whole body. It was one of the highest ranking dragons, whose very presence would instill terror.



「Ah, you should be relieved. That dragon won’t be fighting anyone here」



「……What do you mean?」



「Simple, that dragon will head straight towards Meletect first」


The three people could understand just what that means. The giant dragon flew over them in no time.





In a fit of rage, Kalal glares at Valhai.


「Fufufu, as expected of a quadruple. That glare alone would probably kill someone」


Maljua and Dagos panicked for a moment, but Valhai halted the two.


「Now then, how that it feel that you’re about to lose something you wanted to protect?

Fufufu, I didn’t extinguish your lives because I wanted to see it, this very moment.

The Hatred, sadness, despair and agony…… I might have lost the game, but this time it’s my win」



Valhai want to see it, those who have to fight because they have no choice but to fight. He felt delight in witnessing the very moment that they would start crumbling down.



「For now, killing half the population should be good, then having the other half witness the pile of rubble which was once called Meletect.

Fufufu, it was great to know that the worst would come even if you did your best. But because of my presence here, your defeat have already been expected」




Valhai stepped forward and was about to reap the life in front of him――







Then for a moment, a lighting strike penetrates the dragon that could be seen far away.






Valhai narrows his eyes as he focuses on the dragon already a long distance away. There were neither clouds nor anything that would generate lightning from the surroundings. He can’t understand how or where that lightning did come from. The dragon still tried fixing it’s balance to continue on its route towards Meletect――





This time, dozens of lightning strikes rained towards the dragon.


「What the………」


Valhai was stunned at the sight of seeing the 6 eye dragon vanish as it became shining particles that floated in the sky. A moment later, those particles moved towards the ground.

Maljua and Dagos……

No, everyone present followed the moving particles of light.


When the moving particles fell on the ground, it was sucked into an approaching carriage running at a fast speed.







It was a faint whisper by Ente. Only one person in the battlefield cried in happy tears.