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Chapter 39

TL: Yuki


「Ojou, please don’t surprise me like that. The Horse was also surprised, you know」


「Sorry, sorry. Things happened so suddenly so I wasn’t able to pay attention」



I apologized as golden particles were being absorbed by my body.


I am now heading towards the battlefield with Diniana handling the Carriage. I could now see some human figures at a distance. But for some reason, everyone was staring here without fighting…… what happened?



I have been waiting for quite a while to get all the collected Energizer Medicines, but they didn’t arrive.

That’s why I was forced to visit every noble mansion one by one to collect it……

And, it was a great harvest!


It surely was great that I’ve won the Martial Arts tournament. It was the same when I met the King-sama, it really boosted my reputation and the talks were fast. Also, it seems like they weren’t thinking that I would be using it, but was probably seen as King-sama doing the hoarding and was suspected to be the one who will be using it.

King-sama…… Just how active are you with your night life?


I don’t have authority just like King-sama, but I was happy that they obediently gave it to me when I went around telling them that it will be used for battle.

But you know…… I person’s value is more important!

There were also many offers for me to be adopted as a daughter, you know…… of course I gently declined it.




Even so, I didn’t expect to encounter such a big dragon. Was that also part of the monster group. Never in my dreams would I have expected to meet such a big dragon, nor did I think of ever meeting one. But right now, I feel like I won’t lose against anyone! Cheating, hah? It’s not cheating, it’s the power of Money!

I think I’ve drank a little too many though and felt like my stomach would burst, but its fine. Will there be any side effects of this later?



「Ojou, everyone was stock still, is it really fine if they stay like that」


Just as Diniana said, the knights were all staring at me in shock as if they’ve seen something unbelievable. Looking around from inside the carriage, it seems like the groups were perfectly divided in groups of people and monsters.

What exactly happened here……

We proceed as is and reached an open field. The moment I saw that sight―― I immediately jumped out of the carriage!




「Ente, Everyone!」


The sight I saw was heartbreaking. There was a figure of everyone lying on the ground. Only Ente was standing as was littered with injuries.





Ente immediately rushed towards me, it seems like she was already in the verge of tears.


「My strength was not enough…… I couldn’t protect everyone」


I hugged such Ente who was suffering. Telling me you can’t protect everyone…… even though Ente was already in tatters. More importantly, I have to recover everyone quickly.


I immediately used the skill[Brilliance of Immortality].

At that moment Ente, along with everyone was wrapped in warm light.


「Uuuh…… ah, Mistress!」


「Princess, thank you for that!」

「Uuu……is this…… it’s Mastah!」

「Ahh, my only one…… I have been waiting for you……」


「Thank you very much, Masterー!」



Fuuun, I, I somehow made it on time. It was the opposite situation as to when I was kidnapped by that Demon.


「My only one, I ask for your help to also save this two」


Illya immediately rushed to the two people who seems like they were about to die. It was certainly a really dangerous situation. I need to hurry and immediately cast Brilliance of Immortality on them.


「Uuu……My, my body…… eh, what happened to my injuries!?」

「Guh…… bright. Eh, Aneki!? Are alright」



Whew, that should do it. It would have been impossible if they died but as long as they are still alive even if barely, I could easily fix them back up easily.


Now then…… there are currently 3 monsters glaring at me.

I have never seen and of them in 「ARMS Otome」, that intense intimidation is――


「You all, you’re Demons, right?」


Although I asked, I was already certain. The two on the left and the right have a feeling of pressure on the same level or more as the one we have fought before, but the one in the center is definitely different. If I am to compare it in 「ARMS Otome」then I would say that it would be a Raid Boss Class. Raid Bosses of clash events are different from normal Raid Bosses which a player would have a chance of clearing it alone. Special Event Raid Bosses would require a whole lot of people from the server to challenge it. If I compare those two on the side to standard Raid Bosses, then the one on the center would be on a different scale of magnitude when it comes to strength levels. I know that it’s strong, but…… right now, I don’t feel like I’m going to lose even to that.




「Who are you? Thinking of how you were able to use recovery magic of that level, were the one responsible for attacking that dragon? For you to have enough power to destroy a sixed eyed dragon using magic, could it be that you are a quadruple too?」


Six Eyed Dragon…… If I weren’t mistaken, that thing just now would be considered quasi-disaster class, righ!?

Well at first I’ve thought that it was indeed dangerous, but that’s all there is to it.


「Oh well. Now I’ve felt like you’ve just poured cold water on my fun moment. It’s a pain to fight you all when you have recovered everyone, but you’ll all die anyway」




…………Oi, did you just said that you were only playing around…… is that so.



「I see, I do think my power could be considered cheating. But I shall never forgive you for hurting my precious children just because you want to have some fun! 」


When I saw everyone collapsed, I almost felt like my heart would stop beating.


Adding to that is the tattered image of Ente desperately trying to protect everyone hurts my heart a lot as if it was being squeezed.


I was happy to see that everyone was fine and was able to stand up again.


After all, I love these children.




「Human, be cheeky as you may, but I won’t forgive you for badmouthing Valhai!」


Ice claws approached me from my side. I kept walking straight facing the lion-like demon in front of me.




Special Ability[Cursed Shield]activates which disables all damage, adding to that is it’s counter attack which reflects the damage.


[Silver Flash]


When activated, a strong flash of light was released centered around, and the cries of agony from the three demons could be heard.


「What is this…… Why is your attack damaging me?」


All three of them survived the first silver flash, but then I activated[Silver Flash]again continuously. The surroundings was wrapped in blinding light.










When the Blinding light recedes, the two demons fall down and turned into golden particles.



「That…… Impossible…… is that some kind of Illusion!? Magic attacks shouldn’t work against me……」


Unfortunately for you, Special Abilities is an Absolute Type Attack that cannot be avoided or defended. [TL: Eat Chaos Damage B*tch… Ahahaha]


「From the way you were talking a while ago. It seems like you have some rather interesting hobbies, so be relieved. ――I will end you as fast as possible」






「I see, is this the trump card that Ojou-chan was saying from before……」


Kalal couldn’t help but plaster his sight at the scene happening in front of him as if he was looking at an unbelievably incredible individual. Ruruka next to him was in the same situation.

Two Quasi-Disaster Class Demons…… it is a being that possess power enough to destroy a country alone. Even for Ruruka, fighting one won’t be an easy victory.


Furthermore, the lion-like Demon who could be considered high above disaster class. And no matter how much attack it received, it had no effect to him at all. But right now, that Demon is being showered by something resembling a thunderstorm. Just looking at what was happening to that Demon made it look pitiful, not to mention that the continuous strike of thunder have turned into a scary image……


「As expected, the difference in amount you could receive was on another level」




After receiving several dozens of lightning bolts, the Demon was now down on his knees.


「What are…… Just who in…… What is this…… This…… It’s impossible……」


Born as absolutely strong being, Valhai felt like he was a chosen one even among Demons and always looked down on everyone around him. After all, there was nobody else who could threaten him. Convinced by this fact, he began to think that everyone around him would be nothing but playthings for him and he would enjoy watching them struggle and despair.


From that point, he began thinking that why not set things up like a game in order to entertain his own self. Being able to easily reap the lives of anyone he was faced with, then he made the suffering and despair of others became his enjoyment. He then attempted to destroy a human town by controlling monsters just for the fun of doing so.


But the person that was in front of him right now denies his very existence. It was the first time for Valhai to be looked down and deemed pitiful.




「Guuuh…… for someone like…… someone who is supposed to reign as the Demon King……」


「Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you that what defeated you was not a Hero but only a simple Rank ★★ Double Hunter」



Then Yato’s rain of [Lightning Strike] continues for several dozens of times again, and then finally, Valhai’s movements almost stopped. Despite that, he still tried to reach out to Yato with his claws in the very last moment――


「Well then, Goodbye」


In response to her words, another [Lightning Strike] was released, and he finally fell to the ground. Valhai then slowly turned into golden particles which was absorbed by Yato who sat down on the ground.


「Fueee…… Finally over」




At that moment, loud cheers were raised by hunter. Both Hunters and Knights who survived and won the fight greatly praised Yato. For this little girl alone to have enough power to take down Demons with power strong enough to bring nightmares, the people couldn’t help but cheer and praise her. On the other hand, as the battle of the demons ended, the remains of the flock of monsters immediately dispersed.

The one who led them was a Demon of overwhelming power. For an entity to appear that could erase that existence and there is no way that they would be able to fight against something like that.






「That was some outrageous trump card you have there, Ojou-chan」


Kalal comes close to her side while dragging his body. After all, even he was in tatters during that fight. He smiled and sat down near her.


「Iya, it was a close call you know, it’s good that I’ve arrived on time」


「Yeah, I was saved」



Kalal took a guts pose imposing victory. Haah, now that everything ended, I’ve become really sleepy. Ente was also approaching with a smile.


I was only supposed to join the martial arts competition, but a lot of ridiculous things happened after, but now we can finally go home. When we return to Valsa, we will definitely celebrate out victory during the martial arts competition.


Even though I’ve used up almost all of the prize money, there should still be enough to hold a small celebration.


I’ve won the championship after all, so spending more extravagantly wouldn’t be bad every now and then.


I am definitely going to hang out with Gamund-san and Thiel-san during that time.


And then, and then…











It has been a week now since Master fell asleep. We immediately returned with haste to Meletect and brought her to a hospital. However, the cause of that was still unknown. She was gently sleeping as is……


The probable cause was probably using too much Energizer Drink. I’ve heard that she consumed more than a hundred of that medicine. To Master, it was nothing more than a skill recovery drug, but there might have been some side effect in overusing it.


We have received the title of Honorary Knights from the Meletect Royal Family. It is an award given to individuals who have made significant contributions for the country, we are happy to receive the honor, but our minds are still filled with Master’s current condition. That’s why id didn’t really feel like something significant for us.


We are also very grateful to be allowed to rent a house for free in favor of the royal family. Right now we are all living in that house with master, waiting every day for the time that Master wakes up.





Looking at her, it could be said that she looks like she’s sleeping normally. Something that would seem like she would get up when morning comes……

According to the doctors who diagnosed her, it was still unknown as to when she would actually wake up. Even with Illya’s power of healing, she doesn’t recover. I consoled Illya who blamed herself for not being able to help, and I was even more crushed considering the fact that I couldn’t even help in the slightest.


Jenny seems to be quiet nowadays. No I think that she was also suffering but keeping it inside her. For us, even if the country was indeed saved, it would be meaningless if Master disappears.


Maevis always stayed by Master’s side, protecting our defenseless sleeping Master.


The others were going out every day receiving various quests from the guild. We can’t just rely forever on the Royal Family’s favor after all. And considering Master’s nature, she would definitely admonish us and would declare that we should make money on our own. Fufufu, I was thinking of treating Master to some luxurious food when she finally wakes up.


Also, the Quadruple people came to visit several times. A man called Kalal and a woman called Gritin. It was quite unusual for two quadruples to vist someone like this after all. A man named Guy and a girl named Ruruka came along everytime they drop by.


Well, Guy seems quite insignificant, but I could feel a strong power coming from Ruruka. She is probably a Demon. However, she was unrelated to any of those who were hostile against us, so we didn’t really feel anything bad in particular despite her being a Demon.

(Also, it is a fact that it’s common sense for people to in this world to teach their children how fearsome demons are)


Also, because of that fact that we didn’t fear her or feel anything negative towards her, she probably felt at ease at our place and would often drop by or even stay overnight in our home. Of course we refused when the young man called Guy tried to tag along.



It was also quite surprising when the King of this country came to visit while in incognito. He was the one who helped Master in collecting all those medicines after all. However, after seeing that Master was still asleep because of the side effects of that, he felt a bit complicated. All the Queens were grasping Masters out of worry, but I a bit happy that a lot of people were worrying about Master. Everyone continued waiting for Master’s awakening.



Of course, I am hoping for that too, more than anyone else. Master, please open your eyes soon, I want to see those black pupils filled with curiosity as you look around, and please show us once more that smiles that makes everything you see before you gives off a warm feeling.



The very existence of us Arms Maidens can only shine if there’s a user. There is no one else but Master who could make us shines the brightest…

Master, didn’t you call us before as Arms Maidensー…… Did you know?



To Master who wielded us during the final match of the martial arts tournament, a new title was given to you at that time… And that title was「ARMS Otome」.

[TL: Note, ARMS Otome and ARMS Maiden were technically the same, but I just want to use the title for the ending… because why not? It’s cooler that way… Next will be Epilogue which is the last chapter of this story…]