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*Chirp, *chirp, *chirp, *chirp……








I wonder…… why I feel so heavy……

I tried forcibly opening my heavy eyelids. Though I’m trapped in the feeling that I wanted to sleep forever……



Uuuunnn, ah, I give up…… can’t open my eyelids. I guess, I’ll just continue sleeping comfortably……



――Nn? Somehow, I can feel water droplets hitting my cheeks. *plop, *plop, *plop……

Eh, is it raining? If it is, they I can’t stay sleeping here.


I somehow managed to open my eyelids this time. Then the first sight the came into my view





Large tears were dripping from her eyes, it was the face of a crying Ente trying her best to smile.


「Nnn……Good morning」



「――!! Go, good morning, Masterー!!」




Ente immediately hugged me. I don’t really know how long it has been since I’ve awakened, but I also don’t mind staying this way for the time being.






Then I was told that after the battle with the Demons, I fell asleep. Ahhh, as expected, overusing Energizer Medicine like that, I’ve also expected some side effects to take place……


This house is a residence in Meletect offered to us, and we are now staying here as Royal Guests. What surprised me more is that I was actually asleep for almost a month. I’ve just woke up so my memories were still vague, but I didn’t really feel like I’ve actually slept for that long.


Everyone immediately gathered after hearing that I’ve woke up. Uwah, everyone was crying when they arrived in the room and saw me awake. Sorry everyone, I must have worried you all a lot.



I hugged each and every one of them feeling everyone’s warmth.


「Ojou-sama…… If Ojou-sama didn’t wake up anymore, I, I, what should I do……」


Un, Un, I understand Erina, I must have worried you all sleeping for so long like that, and it looks like everyone felt the same. I’m really sorry for worrying all of you.




Fufufu, that’s not like you Jenny. But it was probably a shock to everyone that I didn’t wake up for a long time after that. Let’s all sleep together again. But biting the earlobes is forbidden okay.


「Princess. Princess, uwaaaah」


Ah Maevis, the one who is usually with a serious expression embraced me while crying. I’ve heard that she stayed with me protecting me at all times while I was asleep. Thank you very much for doing that.



Mou…… I, thinking Mastah won’t wake up anymore……Fueeeeh, fueeeh」


Adona, it seems like you’ve endured a lot, you’re letting it all out now. Sorry, you must have been really anxious. But don’t worry it’s okay now. You can cry all you want until you are satisfied.


「Ojou……G, good morning」


Good morning, Diniana. It seems like I’ve slept a bit too much. Fufufu, its very Diniana like of you to suppress your emotions. But if you’re swinging your tail like that, I’m worried that you might break something, you know.


「My Only One…… My strength was not good enough. I’m sorry for not being of――」


Illya, you don’t have to apologize. I embraced her to stop her from speaking before she could complete her words. Even though we’ve only been together for a day. I’ve felt like we have always been together. I also want to enjoy this world from now on.



I’ve talked a lot with everyone that day. It seems like a lot of things have been happening while I was still asleep. But you know, if everyone talks at the same time, I won’t be able to understand it. After a while, Jenny finally returned to her usual self. I don’t really mind going along with her shenanigans, but there’s someone who won’t allow that, you know. Yes, it’s Ente.


Everyone was finally smiling like usual.


「Fufufu, it seems like everything has finally settled down and returned to normal」


Erina smiled as she wipes the tears falling out of her eyes. Just as Erina said, Ente, Jenny and everyone else have finally settled down.


I was also surprised when I heard about the King dropping by to visit us. I really have to give my thanks to everyone before I finally leave this town.



Kalal-san seems to have already gone out on a journey. I’ve heard that he left saying「I look forward to the day we have a clash again」.

No, nononono, I am not a battle maniac. I don’t want to fight like that again. But well, I’m really glad that he accepted the deal regarding the Birth Diamond Ring.


The trio Gritin, Guy and Ruruka said they will come to visit me again in Valsa to thank me from what I did during that battle. Now that I think about it, there was another Demon that was on our side during that battle, and that was apparently Ruruka-san.


Un……I’m glad that she was an ally. I checked the explanation about [Silver Flash] again to confirm.

It was not particularly used against Demons・it was something that should be used against undead. Well, it might have also added the fact that she fought together with Ente and the others.


Also, it seems like those rumors of a mysterious organization fighting against demons were actually the group led by Gritin-san. I didn’t really expect that such an organization existed, not to mention about not really understanding their motives before.



Now then, it’s time to sleep again. Today will be a bit cramped with everyone sleeping together, but that is fine. I’ve put Futons and blankets on the floor and everyone slept with me.


It’s nice sleeping with everyone without lights, but they don’t feel like they are going to sleep anytime soon. Adding to that is that I don’t even feel a bit sleepy. Everyone continued talking about a lot of things that happen until finally everyone fell asleep.





Parallas Royal Capital, Nuentis.


「Oh Guy, you’ve arrived at the right time」


Gritin smiles as Guy enters the room. Ruruka is the same my pace individual as usual, but she immediately reaches out to the sweets on the table when she found it.


「……It’s rare for aneki to say that, so what is it this time」


Guy prepares himself to what his sister was about to say.


「I think it would be hard to believe. It seems like Yato-chan finally woke up」


Hearing that, Guy and Ruruka look at each other.


「Seriously! That’s great. She was after all both me and sister’s lifesaver」


「It’s not just us you know. Everyone was saved at that time」


「Ruruka is right. She is a lifesaver for everyone that was present during that battle. That includes the capital of Meletect」


A disaster class Demon. There was no way they would have been able to defeat it. The number of people who could actually face something like that in this continent is countable by in single digits. Not to mention, even if they amassed a lot of fighting power and people in that place, there was no way they could have won. Something that would be on the same level as that would be an ancient class high ranking dragon or a legendary divine beast which is something that haven’t been seen I ages……



「That’s why I’m asking Guy to bring me and Ruruka to Valsa as soon as possible」


We have also confirmed with Meletect that they have already left and have returned to Valsa.


「Eeeh, are you telling me to bring the both of you together. I would end up twice more tired if I carry the two of you together, you know. Can’t I just go with Ruruka first while Nee-san arrange for a carriage――」


「I, Wont, Agree, that’s why bring us both! Also, how many times do I have to tell you not to call me Aneki anymore and call me Onee-sama!」


「Hii, I will absolutely not!」


The brother and sister pair continued arguing with each other. Ruruka on the other hand continued eating sweets as she watches the two. It was the same as usual.





Meletect Royal Palace.



「Yo Fujin. It seems like you have been rejected Ojou-chan」


Kalal laughs joyfully as he watches the King drowning himself in liquor alone.


「Fuun, well I have been expecting it, you know. More than that, the Queens were now finally at ease and were resting. It has been a long time since I’ve drank alcohol like this too」


Fujin pours another glass as he prompts Kalal to sit down.



「Now then, it’s been a while so won’t you have a drink with your war buddy this time after a long while」


The two clink their glasses in silence. It was a quiet pace. Nevertheless, the flow of time could be smoothly felt.



「Oh, by the way……」


Kalal speaks as he recalls something.


「What is it?」


「Did you give her all your stock of Energizer Medicine? Are you still alright in regards to your night life?」




After hearing those lines, Fujin couldn’t help but unintentionally spit out his drink.


「Oi oi, you’re wasting some precious alcohol you know」


「Geho, goho, geho…… You, it’s because you asked something strange all of a sudden! Even if I don’t use that medicine, there’s no problem」


Kalal confirms it and the glow of his mystic eyes were more intense than usual.


「Don’t use your abilities as a quadruple on boing things like this!」


「Ku, kukuku, yes, yes I understand」


The usual grin on Kalal’s face this time disappears.


「But still…… you haven’t decided on a reward for Yato yet, right? Even if she isn’t under you or serve this country, she was still the one who saved it. I actually have a suggestion if you don’t mind……」


「I don’t have any more stock of Energizer Drugs, you know」




Fujin seems to want to say something more, but closed his mouth because he knows that he will only be teased.


「Fumu…… This is just a proposal for me though……

How about showing her the armaments held in the treasury of this country? 」


「Armaments? Wasn’t Yato already using high grade equipment during the martial arts tournament? Like the sword, the shield, the spear and axe. I don’t think it would be necessary for me to give her more though」


「Iya, haven’t you thought about it? That girl you see, it seems like she has a hoby of collecting weapons」


Kalal recalls about the girls surrounding Yato, which were all humanized weapons. He stayed silent about this though to Fujin.


(I don’t really know how she manifests them into humanoids, but it would probably be interesting to show her the treasury of this country)


「Fumu…… if you say so then I can agree and I will permit it. I don’t know if she will find something that will catch her interest, but I don’t mind giving it to her as a reward I she finds something. Well, she did receive the title of ARMS Otome at the end of the tournament after all」


「I prefer the Black-Haired Angel of Destruction though」


After that, the two continued drinking till dawn. They both retell the story of how the girl who saved this country.






Valsa Town, Knight’s Headquarters



「Commander, did ojou-chan really came here to visit!?」


Gamund vigorously crashed into the commander’s office. Thiel glares at him with twitching eyebrows while she arranges the documents on her desk.


「Gamund, it’s already late at night, you know. Can’t you move a little more silently」


「I’m, I’m sorry」


「Fufufu, it’s true though, Yato came here this morning to tell me about the martial arts competition. Also, about the monster invation that happened after that.」


I already knew that Yato won the martial arts competition though by the time she told me. Along with that is the news of a monster invation occurring. After all, a request for reinforcements also arrives in the neighboring country.

Most of the reinforcements that were sent were from the town of Valsa, and a majority of those were from the second knight divition……

However, after forming the unit and when we were about to head to Meletect, news arrived that the battle was already over.


Just thinking about the scale of that invasion, it was too fast of a conclusion having repelled an invasion of that size that it was thought that there might have been a mistake on the actual information that came to us.

Not to mention, the appearance of Demons. A six eyed dragon, and also the existence of a single girl who repelled all of that.


The details about that girl were hidden. But Thiel was convinced that the girl was actually Yato.


「I was really looking forward as to how much she would grow. But for her growth to leap up to that level was way beyond what I could ever imagine」


「But you know, if she is someone with that much power, the people from the royal capital won’t definitely stay silent」


Gamund thought about the Royals and Nobility of this country. If there is a power on that level that they would be able to acquire, won’t they try to forcibly force her to serve the country? But Thiel smiles and denied it all.


「If any of the nobles or the Royal Capital move. Those guys won’t just stay silent, you know. The Meletect Royal Family, Parallas Royal Family, and the Hunter’s Guild……

Those three major powers are supporting her in the shadows」


「What, even Parallas Royals are involved!?」


Parallas Empire is a major great power located in the center of the continent. In a sense, it could also be said to be the one balancing power that exists as the center of all powers in this continent. Adding to that is the Hunters Guild who has access to different powers all over the continent. Even Belt Kingdom relies on this organization and is not an organization that they could order for their convenience.


「And the second Knight’s division won’t also staying silent about this if that happens…… right?」


Gamund asks to confirm. But Thiel only returned a satisfied smile.



(Well, if there’s anyone that really scary when provoked, it would be those girls surrounding Yato)


Thiel recalls the seven maidens surrounding Yato. Those beautiful, attractive and graceful people.







Further south of Valsa, the Purple Crystal Caverns



「It looks like we’ve reached the innermost part of this place」


Yato and her team stares at the wall with glowing purple lights. Yato has renewed her goals. That is to gather all the ARMS Maiden’s that she could find.


「Fufufu, it looks like we’ve finally got a hit」


Enter acts to Yato’s joyful remarks


「Really, are we going to have new members!?」


Yato nodded to answer to Ente’s inquiry. Erina watches her with a warm gaze as Yato runs towards the glowing wall filled grinning. Engraved on the wall was a gift symbol that only Yato could see.



「Now then, what kind of child will come out this time」



Yato extends her hands and sink it inside the gift symbol. She had the image of a child who found a new treasure.


Ente and the others have vowed to follow that Yato. While she might look like a foolish child, she is a girl filled with kindness that wraps everyone with warmth. Everyone wants to stay with her forever.



「Hmmmー……It should be around here somewhere……!? Got it!」


Yato took out the equipment from the gift symbol and raises it with her voice filled with joy. After that equipment was taken, the gift symbol disappears.



「This, this is……!?」







The black-haired girl who travels all over continent and the beautiful maidens who supported her


The existence that disappeared while leaving several legends behind


Some says that she might be living somewhere in the continent, some even says that she travels to other worlds, but no one knows the absolute truth


One thing is for sure though, that even now, no matter where she is, she is always followed, loved and protected by the comrades that she has gathered


A girl who is sometimes pressured but shares a deep bond connecting everyone as she continues her path


Forever and Ever


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