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Chapter 15

「Aaaaaah!! Hoooot! 」


I was able to protect her from the fireball. Hot, hot really but it was still tolerable.








I heard the concerned cries of the three people, but my consciousness is watching my Physical Status.


HP 242/285


Alright! It was nothing serious!!

I would still be able 1 or 2 more of these fireballs, but no, I don’t want to feel that burning sensation again.

I’m not M.


「Ente, keep the ghost knight at bay. Jenny, keep cover. Erina will take on the Wight」


Even if I have been teary eyed, I still managed to give instructions.

I wonder how it would have resulted if I could use Silver Flash.

I was sure Ente would be able to handle the Ghost Knight, though it might take some time for Ente to beat it on her own.

Moreover, there’s a group of undead that appeared behind us other than the Wight which is a group of bone warriors.

The burden on Erina will much heavier with the approaching battle, and that’s why I went with the strategy of having Jenny become the vanguard while I will take part as mid shield.


「You bone bastards!!」


Jenny went for the attack before the bone warriors closed in.

It’s still too early to strike!?

When Jenny reaches her destination, she immediately swept two bone warriors as if they were dead leaves.

The momentum of the strike sends the bone warriors to the wall with enough force to break a part of it.

Five more bone warriors remained.

Jenny’s attacks continued shattering the bone warriors apart, even to the point that their armor were pretty much useless against her spear along with the activation if her lightning edge and silver glow of enchantment as she all the enemies surrounding her. It was almost like a tornado.

When I turned to Jenny who’s target is the Wight, I could see five shining arrows stuck on the Wight. Since when did she!?


「……Stubborn aren’t you… but I will still continue until you are completely destroyed…」


Eh? Did a strange switch just got flipped?

She showered the Wight with her arrows without even showing any expressions.

I mean, that Wight has already fallen, yet she still fired more and more. When the Wight finally turned into particles of light and disappeared, Erina finally returned to her normal state.

That’s good.


「Master, were you injured!?」


When I turned towards her, I found Ente closing in, and the appearance of the ghost knight where nowhere to be found anymore.

Ente was injured!

Perhaps, she forced herself to attack in an effort to immediately defeat her foe.

From the parts where the clothes became damaged and skin was visible, I could see some wounds and scratches all over the place.


「Isn’t Ente the one who is injured! I’m glad that you are worried, but don’t force yourself into doing something unreasonable」


「Ojou-sama too, don’t do such unreasonable things. It was because of me that ojou-sama have to……」


Well, although it’s certainly without a doubt that jumping to catch a magic attack is not a praiseworthy act.


Erina stared at me with suspicious eyes. I certainly be worried if it was me in Erina’s place.

However, despite all that, I’m still glad that it resulted into something good.

It’s the first time for me to see Ente being injured, they weapons after all and don’t normally get hurt.

Although I’m quite tired, I didn’t receive any injury at all.

Of course, I know that I would definitely die if my entire HP is depleted, but other than that I have never been injured… What am I.



 「Aaah, Milady! It is good that you are fine. When you wrapped in flames I was so shocked and worried that it felt like my heart was about to burst out」


 In that moment Jenny caught me and hugged me from behind. I guess I also worried her, but Jenny why are you breathing like that?

That kind of breathing isn’t something you would do after getting tired from a battle but something else you know?


 「Jenny, Master already had enough. Let go of her soon」


Ente was looking at Jenny with reproachful eyes.


 「Ara, Ente wants to hug her is it?

 I’m just trying to feel her heartbeat going dokidoki you know, don’t you want to feel it too」


She pressed her chest more from behind me, and then two glared at each other.

The breathtaking coordination they made from a while ago is now nowhere to be seen so I could only sigh.






 「It’s time for the two to stop that now, we are still inside the dungeon where undead are prowling around」


 Erina joined in and stop the two that was glaring at each other.

As expected of the one with a big sister aura Erina-Onee-sama.



 「Now then, shall we collect our loot items」


I then picked up the demon shield which was our main objective when we came to this tower.

I was worried about it disappearing after the fight, but it seems like it was a needless worry.

The face design on the demon shield Maevis makes you think like she would turn out to be a violent type.

Then should I call out to her after we leave the tower?

I still have some stocks of night vision potion, but I don’t really want to things like this too forcibly.


 「Milord, I suddenly remembered, I also picked up something like this」


Jenny hands over me a black ring. This thing also remained after all that has turned into particles of light disappeared.

It feels strange though… I don’t feel anything, even though I wore it on my hand.

In 『ARMS OTOME』 there are also girls that are from rings, yet I don’t remember anyone resembling this ring.


There are letters carved into it, but it’s too small that I can’t properly read them.

I was wondering if it’s some kind of magic incantation. There are also numbers dug out into it.

Well, forget about that and I will just have to confirm it with the guild.

They’ll probably be able to handle it, and might even give a reward for it.


 「Even so, that group of undead was weird」


I murmured as we descend down the stairs and met a few undead along the way.

It sure is unusual seeing undead fighting each other, not to mention that after a while the ghost knight was even able to call back up when it was in a pinch.


 「I only noticed them when they were already right there behind us. I was wondering, just where in the area were they all lurking to be that fast」


 Is what Erina muttered in disappointment. After all, Erina also have a high level of detection ability.

And even with that, they were able to appear unnoticed.

I wonder if we would only notice if we gain a certain amount of strength.


While having such conversations, we successfully reached the exit of the tower. Fuuu~ the air outside is delicious. Well it’s probably because the place were at is filled with the scent of death that it felt like we were cleansed. The current time is probably just around noon?

Being inside a dungeon surely feels strange that even our sense of time was affected.

Well then, let’s call Maevis after having a meal.

「Well then, shall we call out to her」


We decided to move away from the highway and enter the forest when we call her out, after all it would be bad if somebody else would witness that time that I summon her.

Ente was also being vigilant with our surroundings, and she should be able to detect any danger that would approach.



And then I concentrated my consciousness to the demonic shield.


 「Hidden Spirit that dwells within………Summon!」


The Shield disappeared from my hands when I finished my chant, and then in front of me… a woman that was kneeling appeared.



 「For you to still invite me even though I did something so rude. I can’t thank you enough.

Even if I have to offer my life, I will protect you Hime」


It’s a girl with another strong personality again.



★★★Demon Shield Maevis – Shield Type


Originaly was a shield made of Pure Mithril, but was stained black after many battles. It is said to be cursed by the grudge of those the wielder has defeated in the many battles it was worn.

It’s a shield that adds various status ailments to its opponents.

It is a loyal and highly chivalrous type.





・At Block success, additional effect of poison, paralysis, or sleep will be inflicted to opponents with certain probability.



・At the beginning of turn, add additional defensive power to adjacent allies including itself with certain probability.




Special Ability


・Shield of Cursing – Completely dispel inflicted damage for one turn. Reflect 3 times the amount of damage that was inflicted during activation.




I finally got a defensive type friend.

Defensive types are those that came from shield, clothing, or body armor.

There were also special types were accessories etc. belong to but I haven’t found any of them yet.

But well… her information is rather very simple.

Unlike the first girls that I got, this one is just plain in comparison…… but well, her abilities were kind of special.

The first skill is quite strong if she is targeted and is able to block attacks but it still feels kind of lacking something.

What I’m more interested is her second skill which increases defense. This is an ability that many defensive type girls possess and which simply reduces damage.

In 「ARMS OTOME」, the defensive power of the front line girls focused on attack will also be affected in the increase of defense.

That’s why placing a defensive type in the center of their formation would greatly improve their survival and the center is mainly the middle section of the front row.

It this world where the concept became reality, she should be able to boost the defensive power of both Ente and Jenny.


………I do hope that she would also increase my defenses though.


On the other hand, the special ability is kind of hard to use.

Because of having a big difference in 「ARMS OTOME」 in regards to physical power, even if it says triple of the attack received, if it’s not a boss class monster or something really strong, then the damage it reflect would be useless.


Well for now, it’s time to solve the misunderstandings and also introduce Maevis who is still kneeling in front of me to everyone.



 「For the time being, you are Maevis right?

  Could it be possible that the Ghost Knight that we fought is also you?」



Maevis nods silently. When I asked Ente about something like this before, she says that she also have a reminiscence of her passed being wield from battles fought by her previous users.


 「If it’s just that, then you shouldn’t really mind it. I’m sure that Maevis also couldn’t really do anything about it. What’s important right now is that you have now become a member of our group of friends」


 Finally digesting the things that I’ve said, she shivers… and then started bawling like a child.


 「I am really thankful for your mercy Princess. I be sure to guard and crush those who is willing to oppose thee」


 Too much… She’s even much more worse than Ente in terms of devotion.

It’s to the point the you could feel the emanating chivalry and loyalty flowing out of her body.

After sobbing for a while and finally calmed down she stood up. She is quite tall.

Her height is close to Jenny’s height, ah no she even a head taller than her.


 A dazzling expression with crisp presence was painted at her face and she has pale bluish long hair. [TL: Aqua is that You!!!]

Her upper body was covered in cool black armor, but for some reason her lower half is wearing a knee skirt. A glimpse of her skin could be seen in between her black skirt and jet black boots which is pale white.

And then there’s her shield. A shield that has a demonic face in front of it, and more vicious decorations could be found here and there.

Finally, her weapon is a sword.

Her attack base couldn’t be compared to Ente which is an attack type, but she would still be considerably powerful despite being a defensive type.



For the time being, the front row is now full.

What do I do if the next one I get would be another front liner?

I wonder if the number of units I could command also increased.

Would I need more strength, or maybe some other kinds of conditions would be needed.

Well, I’m only thingking about the times when I play 「ARMS OTOME」 and the conditions that was specified in that game.



 「I go by Ente. Pleased to make your acquaintance」


 「I am called Erina. Please take care of us」


 「I’m Jenny. Milady is mine and wont share」


The four of them are having self-introductions of each other.

As for Jenny, I don’t belong to you, you know.

I checked my status while they are busy, and I also want to adjust the abilities of the four while I’m at it.

Ente and Maevis seems to be hitting it off quite well, and their conversations are starting to become really excited.


 「There are times when master does unreasonable things.

So Maevis, at those times be sure to protect Master from everything」


 「Is it just like from before, it was when she was exposed to a flame spell, right?

 I understand. I will make sure that I protect Princess from any unreasonable things she would do」


 「Also, just leaving her on her own would attract a lot of men towards her, and they will definitely try to hit on her.

So at those times, make sure that nobody would bother her」


 「The Princess is cute after all.

 I will be sure to guard and protect her from anyone suspicious that would approach her.」


 「As for the rest… Be sure not to always eat just meat dishes alone. Be sure to eat vegetables and other things or else Erina won’t prepare food for us」


 「But won’t we have enough strength if we don’t eat meat.

 A, alright I got it. I don’t really dislike anything specific」




Somehow, they are talking about things as if they were my guardians…

And also, it’s not like I’m just eating meat all the time you know, it’s because I was really hungry and would like to eat something that would really fill me up at those times!!

The amounts of food I consume have also settled down.

Well, even if they get too excited talking about things that are just a bunch of things about me, the time is just right for us to quickly head back to town.