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Chapter 16

「Fuuu~, were finally back」


We have finally returned at the town of Varsa.

From where we came from, we made our way through the riverside as we go home…

There were a lot of creatures running around the riverside. But well, all of them were taken care of by Jenny.

I was also surprised at how fast Ente recovered.

She’s showing her high specs in things like this


I also saw how Maevis fights along the way, and as expected she’s quite strong. If she was with us during that time, it would have been a walk in the park. There was also no problem in terms of her defense. And as she promised, she stayed with me all the way, not even wanting to leave my side, and move to block all incoming attacks especially during ambushes, but the effects of her shield wasn’t really displayed properly despite receiving attacks.

In the end, the demons probably got tired of attacking us so they all ran away at sight.






 「Master, you seem to be delighted about something」


 Noticing my unintentional grin, Ente stares at me.

Ahh, I have to get rid of this sloppy look quickly.


 「Well, I guess you could say we have lots of money! It was thanks to everyone’s help」


That’s right. That was mostly the reason why I was grinning uncontrollably so I tried covering my mouth with my hand。


[Money Possesed: 745,500 Veils ]



Before we went into the tower, our funds were around 100,000 Veils, and now we have acquired more than six times that amount.

I don’t know where it all came from, but the amount we received from the Ghost Knight and the Wight were most it probably came from.

I hope we could fight something big like that again. Now that I think about it, we could also visit other dungeons that are around this area.


As we’ve arrived, the sun was still high in the sky so we decided to visit the Guild.










And now, were are sitting in the Guild Master’s office.

The reason we were called in is because of the ring we presented at the reception area.

I wonder if we did something wrong?  

We only defeated the wight and the ghost knight normally though……

Usually, when someone is called, it would either be achieving something big or did something troublesome, right?  

I know of such things based on novels about being transferred to another world…



 「Yato-san? It’s not like we will be asking something that would trouble you, and you don’t have to be nervous about all this.

It is okay to relax, and……

Could you please stop your friends from glaring at me as if they are going to annihilate me at any given moment 」



Nn? Were they really that scary?  

Looking at how every looks, they are just normal, you know?  

But well, I see, it was not about something bad. That is good then.

By the way, the Guild Master only looks like an ordinary Uncle. The template of being a great retired hunter… did not happen.

Well, facing someone who is like the boss of a company, there’s no way someone would not feel nervous about it.


 「Well, It’s because I don’t really know the reason why I was called. Was it about fighting and defeating a wight? Or maybe about defeating the Ghost Knight? 」


Maybe it’s about the Ghost Knight?  

But there is no evidence we could present when we defeated it… other than the shield?


 「No, It’s not about a Wight or―― wait, Ghost Knight!?  

 No way, you were able to defeat that Ghost Knight? No way, that’s just……」



Is this the template where I defeat a strong enemy?  

I didn’t that either of the two were a superior demon though……



 「There other matters at hand so let’s talk about that some other time. Just wait for a mo――

 Ah, it seems like they have arrived」


 A knock was heard from the door. Then somebody came in……


 「Excuse me, my name is Magno. I am the squad leader of the Second Knight Battalion. It has been quite some time, Saint――Yato-sama」


Hmm I can’t seem remember the face of the Knight, who came in, Hmmmm,

Ah, I remember now. It was the knight who didn’t drink when everyone got wasted and helped in moving Gamund when we were in border Village.

Despite being young, you could certainly feel the experience he had, but I didn’t know that he was a squad leader.


 「Right now, the deputy command were doing some errands and was busy, and so that’s the reason why I’m the one who came instead to ask about the situation」



Both the Guild Master and Magno-san wanted to know about the whole story:

How did we encounter the Wight, and what were the enemies besides the Wight?  

Is there anything special about the Wight? And so on.

During the conversation, I realized that both the Wight and Ghost Knight were considerably strong demons.

Even a guild rank of ★★★ will find it difficult to fight.

They were also interested about the fact that the Ghost Knight was fighting undead. And that said Ghost Knight even called fort a Wight with some other undead as helpers.



 「Thank you, Yato-sama. We will be reporting this both to the Commander and the Deputy Commander」


After saying so, Magno-san went out to and returned to their base. He seems to be in a hurry, and was wondering why?


The Guild Master who remained was also taking down notes.

Hmmm… I feel like it would be awkward to suddenly disturb him.


「Regarding that case, thank you Yato-san. Then, next we will move to the topic about the ring that the Wight dropped.

Actually, regarding that ring, both the Hunter’s guild and the knights were searching for that.

There was a written commission for that but it seems like you’ve achieved it without noticing the request. Of course I will be paying you the reward for that too.

In regards to the Ghost Knight, there were various reports about it, and a considerable reward was offered to the people who would be able to immediately subjugate it.

Thank you for defeating the Ghost Knight for us before any serious damage happened.」



Oh, I received an unexpected extra income.

There was no proof for the subjugation of the Ghost Knight, they also didn’t confirm about the distinctive shield that I carry.

Does that mean they trust my report without confirmations?  

Well if it’s like that, then I could only offer my thanks.

After that, my guild rank was set to ★★.I wonder if that is fine? They did say that a strict examination was needed for promotion though.

Also, what was actually offer by the Guild Master was a ★★★ Rank… and though it was through the recommendation of the Guild Master, I decided to refuse the offer. ★★ is fine for me at the moment, ranking higher than this right now would only be troublesome.



It was already evening when we left the Guild.

But well, like before, the excitement seems to be plastered again to my face.


 「Milady, is it fine for me to squeeze those grinning cheeks」


Oi, what sort things were you spouting Jenny.


 「I understand how you feel, but please give it up」


 What, why does Erina know how Jenny felt, what to give up?


 「I, I also want to pinch Master’s cheeks…」

 「Are, Ente also wants to join. I too also wanted by the way」


Ente and Maevis were staring intently towards me too. What, what’s will this……

Ah, I seeing my face from a glass window, I understood.

Right now, I was showing a big grin making my cheeks look like they were inflated.


 「We, well, let’s all return to the Inn for the time being.

 I want to go shopping tomorrow, since we have some extra funds」



Money Possesed: 1,745,500 Veils ]

 Nn? You were asking what differed from this morning? It’s the Million, That’s right, the One Million.

The total payment was from for helping the knights, then the reward for the ring, then the subjugation of both the Ghost Knight and the Wight.

Normally such requests would need to be confirmed and other kinds of verifications need to be prepared, but this time’s case seems to be a special case.

One of the main reasons was for a Wight to actually appear on a place close to a town even if it’s a bit far away. The payment includes preventing the damage that a monster of such class would have inflicted to the town and the hunters that would accidentally encounter it.

A highly dangerous monster was that demon’s evaluation――― and there would have been great damage if not taken care of immediately. It seems like the ring we got from it was regarded as proof of subjugation.


Well, if we continue subjugation strong demon classes without proof, it would put the guild in a dangerous situation.

Normally, you would collect materials so submit, and then the Guild would process it to be sold at a higher price.

But the problem with me is that, I can’t collect such materials!


Well, all of the complicated stuff has ended, so tomorrow will be shopping time!












Here is the Belt Kingdom, and close to this country is the former country of Meletek where a huge battle has occurred.

Right now, it was nothing more than just a wasteland with few people passing by.

At this time, there was one man and one monster that were having a serious talk in one of the abandoned houses near the wasteland.



 「……When I was monitoring Alva Sach, I have heard that the Ghost Knight was actually defeated. The connection of the Wight have also disappeared」



 「What do you mean by that!? Defeated?  

 Do you think anyone would be able to defeat those two with any sacrifices? 」


In contrast to the man with a cool head, the demon was enraged. Its body was transparent and was encased in a strange pale yellow light. Those were the main characteristics of an undead demon called a wraith.


 「Calm down, Gangua.

 Become an undead should have made you less emotional,

 But I was wondering if this was really a good thing to do」


The man staring at Gangua was looking at him as if examining a toy. That man’s eyes were also shining red.


The first time that the man have met Gangua was at the palace, at that time he was only a researching studying about the dead.

Gangua’s magic belong to the system that controls the dead, and because of that, there were many who was looking down on him.

He is one of those people who is using the dead as subjects of research……

As he continued with his research, more and more people were starting to feel disgust towards him even including his colleagues.

In addition to that, various restrictions were implemented upon the use of the dead. At this point, he clearly understood that the country wanted to limit the research about this subject. But as a man who was too engrossed with his research about souls, it had only driven him close to madness.

The only thing he was depressed about was that even his trusted colleagues have left him behind.

Then, at a certain time, something was offered to him as if a sweet whisper of the devil itself.

And as a result, Gangua killed all of his colleagues who abandoned him, and was also able to succeed in turning his body into that of an undead.

The man’s words were simple, yet very effective. Why not create a town of your own, one that is occupied by undead, and that would also make you the king of that place…… and,


 「You are way too calm about it. I didn’t hear of any triple parties in the areas around here. Not to mention, strong enough to defeat those two. There should have also been bone warriors added to that group. With this, the plan would be……」


Gangua tried to smack the desk with his hand.

But he now have a spiritual body, so such an act was pointless.


 「Well, though it didn’t go as we expected, that happening just can’t be helped. I also wanted to collect more data and catalyst.  But I think you would be more interested about something else, you know? Just who is that defeated those two? There were no movements from the knights. There were also no Triple parties present. There’s also not that much information about how they were defeated. So who do you think it is that defeated them? 」


 「Don’t tell me, you know about it!  

 Talking about the knight, I didn’t expect them to be that strong. It was originally planned to turn those people into more of the pieces that I would need」


 「Ah, indeed, that was also unexpected. But the reason is the same as to why they easily swept away all those undead. And thanks to what they did, your change into an undead has been accelerated.  There are also rumors of a Saint caught up in my information source. Though, I didn’t hear any movements being done from the temple.」


The man then closed his eyes and thought about it.


 「A Saint is it. That sure is really annoying. That would indeed give the power to easily overwhelm my undead army. I would understand if it’s in the Capital, but why would a saint appear in a backwater town like Varsa.」



Then the man opened his eyes and distorted into a grin.


 「That’s right, Gangua, don’t you think it would also be that Saint who was responsible for defeating those that were at the tower. That should explain the current situation. At least without a powerful priest included, even a triple rank party would have a lot of trouble defeating those two.」


 「……Are you pointing out that the one responsible for the failure of our current plans is that Saint? Or is it possible that the plan was exposed to one of Ruruka’s subordinates?! 」


The man narrowed his eyes when he heard the word Ruruka.

He who was in a cool mood from before was now showing that he is in a really bad mood.


 「I really hope that you wouldn’t mention that name in front of me. Our plan probably isn’t exposed to them yet. We have been moving around with extremely hidden steps. But never mind about that……what is more important now is the movement of that so called Saint」


The man then returned into a grin as if he came up with a good plan.


 「That’s right. If there is a Saint, then we could use her for our sacrificial ceremony. If she has that much power, then that should be enough to give us the needed power for the offering. Ganga, how many undead corps at the moment can be created? 」


 「At the moment…… probably around 300」


After hearing that, the man calculates something.


 「…………Hmm, I guess we need to collect more catalyst in the tower, then we might be able to increase it to a hundred more. Then after that, we will be having a big party. And this time, even those sloppy knights won’t be able to stop them. Let’s also set up something that would take their attention away and have them move out of town」



 「Didn’t we do something close to that already? 」


 「As I have said, that happening just couldn’t be helped. We were planning to use both the Wight and Ghost Knight to raid the town. Let’s just say that in this time’s case, we will be increasing it to a hundred times more. If it’s like that, then even those knights would end up turning into more minions for us」



 「Don’t you think that adding a hundred more there would be more than necessary? Three hundred undead soldiers should already be enough to bring a town like Varsa down to the ground.」



 「Indeed. But we also need to prepare for the interference of the Second Knight division. I didn’t hear of any triples around, but if that Saint got involved, we would need to prepare more or even twice that amount.

Above all else…… I would need an offering to be able to summon that demon. If that succeeds, then even triples won’t even be a problem. The town of Varsa would become an undead paradise overnight. Kukuku, I’ll be looking forward to that happening」




The man continued to laugh as he thought about reaching his dreams.