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Chapter 17

TL: Yuki



Unnnnh, what a refreshing day!



By the way, Maevis was currently sleeping next to me.

Hunhun, she smells good.

I guess it’s because of the hot water bath mixed with perfume when washing her hair.



Why is Maevis sleeping with me, It’s simply because there are no extra bed besides the one I use in this room for five……。

I did ask the Hotel Manager if I could borrow an extra bed,

But none of the girls agreed to do the work of carrying it.

I’m still your master, right?

It was for me to have another person sleep with me, and I won’t mind who it would be.

After all, I am their master, right?

But somehow the order on who to sleep with me have been decided without my concern and the first to do so was Maevis.


Though I would be fine if it was any of them… I am somehow afraid if it was Jenny turn though.

I wonder if I could still stay pure after?



Now then I woke all the sleeping children who still having suyasuya sleeping noises, we will be having our breakfast soon.




「Are we going to find a house first?  」


Erina asked about what we will be doing today while eating our breakfast. Breakfast for today is a variety of bean salad and bread. It was also sprinkled with some sort of meat resembling bacon. I wonder what meat this is……



「That’s right. That is if we could actually afford it, but I’m also considering the length of time we would stay.

We could also rent one if we can’t afford to buy one. I’m not really thinking about settling down at this place, so it will only be a suggestion for now. After that we will see the square to look at the stalls, we will prioritize on checking out magic tools」


I might be lucky enough to find an ARMS girl that would be affordable, but if there are more types then I would prioritize defensive types over combat types this time, especially those that could use recovery.

At this times combat Ente was injured, I would be more relieved if I did find a recovery user. Right now, I have completed the lineup for the front liners, so I hope I could find a back support this time. The target will be a Cane a Bow or an accessory. I don’t think accessories would be cheap though because they would definitely look expensive. I wonder if I can find anything like that in a bargain…



「Please leave the escorting of Hime to me」


Maevis sure is confident about it and puffs out her chest.

Still, what is with that chest, I knew that it was big even when she was armored but it was more amazing when the armor was off. It humped up in class and is now considered the most bountiful among the group.

The presence that was pressed against me when we were together was awesome. It was so soft that it felt like a soothing pillow being pressed behind me!



「Escorting me is fine, but if you have something that you would like to have, don’t hesitate to ask for it. Of course, everyone can do so too. The money we have is something that everyone worked hard to save together, it will be fine for everyone to spend it on what they would like」


As long as these children exist in real time, it is considerable for them to have at least something they would desire.

Though I do look like my game character and everything about them seems like one, I will still treat everyone as my friend, comrades and family.



「Then how much would Milady’s chas――」


Jenny murmured silently.







「Hmmmm……There surely are good ones, but I don’t know which one to choose」


After entering the Commerce Guild, we asked about a place who handles real estate. After talking to the agent, a fair amount of rentable and buyable houses were founds, I still can’t decide what to choose though.

There were even big mansions that were mentioned, but I won’t know how I would handle houses of such enormous size……

That’s why we decided not to go there yet, and we will be prioritizing houses that could house at least 10 people comfortably, and it will be narrowed further from that.



After that, we go to the square where tents that are selling just about anything line-up. The vigor of the people here sure is different. Looking at the amount of people buying and traders makes me realize that this town is really a trading center.


「Hime-sama, please hold my hand so that you won’t get lost and disappear from my sight」


……Iya, that’s kind of embarrassing but I have no choice in this case. Thinking about my age, it’s really kind of awkward being treated like this. Holding Maevis’s hand is making me more and more embarrassed, and lately I’ve been starting to forget that I am already at the age to be called an old lady. And when I notice those facts, I become depressed.


「Master, I will hold your other hand. Having at least one free should allow Maevis to cope-up with any situation」


Ah, fine I’ll just stop thinking about it. And in this way, I was sandwiched between Ente and Maevis with the two of them holding my hands as went around checking on what the stalls were selling. Well if it’s like this then I might be also considered as an older sister…… probably…

Looking at Jenny, it seems like she was murmuring something, Erina was also handling her at the moment. Nice, Erina.

It seems like Erina have become accustomed to dealing with jenny recently. I think that their combination is quite good as well. The relation of those two seems to be getting better…… like mother and daughter, huehehehe.


「Master, Your lewd thoughts are leaking」


yeah, and so I got a retort from Ente.




「There sure are a wide variety of things displayed」


Yeah, like this, shopping is definitely great if you have the money! It was fun even with us just looking around, but there were many things that we could only buy at this time. I think I would be able to buy almost anything at the moment. Because that is the case, there’s no need for us to hold back on anything.


There are times when we see tents that looks like they were selling piles of junks, but upon further inspection we understood that they were all actually magic tools of some sort. Speaking of merchants, I wonder that uncle is still fine right now. He did say that he will be stopping by at Valsa at some point and it would be nice to meet him again.


We have checked many stalls and seen a lot of strange things, but unfortunately we didn’t find any ARMS Girls. I was really hoping to at least find one though, but it can’t be helped I guess……

But well, we did enjoy all the window shopping and stuff so it was fine.


We then bought some food and settled down somewhere. There were a lot of stalls selling food in one area, and though we have just finished breakfast, the scent of all the appetizing street food seized our stomachs.

It seems like their culture for cuisine even for the sauces is good in this world.


We bought enough food for five people and all of them were really tasty. I only bought two servings though.

No, it was more like an extra serving was given when Maevis bought it, and they said it was a service or something.

It was probably because the customer was an extremely beautiful girl, and I also didn’t miss the fact that the uncle actually ogled Maevis’ chest.


Then after finishing our meal, we decided to visit specialized stores that deal with magic items. I am looking forward to what we could find in those stores.



Our first target was a Magic Item shop focused in dealing with Magic Armor.

[Magic Armor Specialty Shop Alden]

It looks like a famous shop or something judging from its name! And so, we immediately entered the shop.


「Amazing. It’s like a museum of weapons」


I involuntarily leaked out a commentary.

Although not having much of a variety, most of the items were displayed in a showcase.

The prices were also quite considerable based on the item.

While we were looking around, a man who was by the door and was probably was watching us as we move around.

The shop was exuding a really elegant atmosphere, and a pale lame was eliminating the displays as if to emphasize them, and by the way, there currently only two customers other than us inside the store at the moment. Rather than a general goods store, this shop must be dealing on a customer based target.



「Ojou-sama. Welcome to our shop. Do you have any gears in specific that you are looking for?  」


A good looking middle aged man in a black suit came to greet us. For a second, I thought that he might be a butler, but it seems like he was just a clerk.


「I am mainly interested in Magic Items, so I’ll be browsing for a while in what is currently displayed 」


I smiled as I answer the clerk. Oh, and by the way, there’s only Erina with me at the moment. And maybe because she was dressed like a maid, they considered me to some sort of noble or something.

At the moment, Ente, Jenny and Maevis are currently waiting outside the shop.

Since the interior of the shop is quite narrow, moving around with five people would be really hard. I would also feel bad to have them keep on waiting for me for a long time so I wanted to end this quickly.



There was a Golden Armor probably built mostly out of gold. It was quite beautiful, but it’s nothing more than that.

We were also guided to a place where most magical Items were arranged along with descriptions of what they do.

There were a lot of variations in them like increase penetrating power or increase in defense and resistances, but unfortunately there are no ARMS Girls among them. And as for their price…hmm, it’s not really something I need to see.


There were various weapons and gems on display.

I wonder why Magic Stones were more expensive than the gems. Like that necklace with a magic stone from before.

There are also magic stones which have a clear form almost like a gem.

Wait what……

Crimson Fire Magic Stone, Serene Green Magic Stone, Wisdom Holy Magic Stone, Judgment Dark Magic Stone, Azure Water Magic Stone………

The price is 400―― wait with that amount you could already buy a house!


They all have really strong names and with a really expensive price to go along with it. Anyway it’s useless for me since I can’t use it!

There don’t seem to be any ARMS girls………Nn? That is!?


Involuntarily, I stared at one of the showcased Items. It’s an unusual weapon made purely out of dragon bones……。


「Ojou-sama? Could that one be? 」


It seems like Erina also realized it seeing my reaction.

Yes, that one there certainly is ★★ the Dragon Bone Axe Dinna. I know immediately due to her distinct characteristics.

What was written in the showcase was something about the weapon but only Dragon Bone was written in it.

Looking at it, it was more of a hammer than an axe though.

The front part was looks like a dull axe and the back part was something that resembles a dragon skull.

Well, looking at it, it is kind of small if compared to the head of a real dragon.

Thinking about it in a more realistic way, the more I look at the head the more I doubt if it’s really the head of a dragon……

If you think about it more keenly, even the head of a baby dragon would be bigger than that.

Well, the image is more important in this case though, and it’s really giving a wild image to it.

The girl, Dinna that will be summoned from that have an even wilder image like an upgraded version of Jenny.


I want to buy, but that price is just……

Though it is certainly much cheaper than the usual armors on display, the price still reached over a million.

Not to mention, my slot for front liners have been all filled up at the moment, so I’ll be putting this one on hold for now.


Other than her, I didn’t find any ARMS Girls, and that’s why we decided to leave and go to the next store.




The next place we visited was the[Magical Equipment Store Enimel]. It has somewhat the same atmosphere as the previous store.



「Welcome. My, it’s a pretty young lady!

Please take your time in looking at our goods」


An excited voice greeted us as we enter the shop. We were greeted by a beautiful Nee-san wearing a loose robe. Those ears, I wonder if she was an elf.

Twitching, twitching, the moving ears were really cute. I can’t help myself staring at the clerk. The atmosphere of the store is bright, and there was greenery and flowers at some part of it. There was also a showroom with products being displayed.

As expected, all magic related tools were really expensive.

In addition to that, there are more customers looking around.

What’s more is that, there seems to be a lot of couples here. Is it just me, am I just being too anxious about it?

By the way, currently I am alone with Ente right now. The reason was the same as before. Jenny did say that she wanted to the next escort, but I completely forgot about it when we found this store.



「Master, I think this hair ornament would really suit you! 」


Ente said that after looking at a hair ornament with a blue rose as design. It also seems like a magic stone was embedded in a socket like part of it. I do think that it was beautiful, but it’s a shame that it would only be useless if I wear it.


「Thank you, but I think this would suit you much better. The blue color would definitely shine more if paired with your silver hair. 」


Imagining Ente wearing it, I immediately bought it.

………Un, it was definitely great.


「how, how is it……」


Is what Ente asked after I attached it on her hair, and as expected, it definitely suited her and adding to that is her blushing face. She was then glancing at me while touching the hair ornament on her hair in a shy manner.

What is this extremely adorable creature!?


「Won’t it be fine to buy this? Like I have been saying this morning, the money we have is what everyone earned together. You don’t have to back」


I don’t really need to carry a purse for the money, but I have it along with me.

(After all I can easily take it out by only thinking about it. A purse or a wallet is unnecessary! )

Maybe I should distribute some of it to everyone individually.

If I did that everyone won’t really need to hold back.


It will be just as planned.


「No, It was more than what I could deserve」


She was a little disappointed but still smiled. Un, yosh, It’s decided!


「Excuse me, do you have something like a magic pouch in this shop? It should be something that you can use to freely store and take out things. 」


I asked the clerk Nee-san from before. After all, magic tools like this would be a staple item in other worlds like this one. We were guided to where they are found.


「It’s here. There are backpack type, bags, pouches and more.  For what purpose do you want it to be used? 」


Hmmm, there are a lot of variations, but for now, what I want is ――


「No thanks, you see, what I wanted at the moment is something than can be used as a wallet or something that can store money」


「A wallet is it. ―――How about these」


Where she guided us was a showcase of various kinds of small pouches and wallets. Wow, there are so many kinds of magical wallets!


「The ones here are the simple types. The price is affordable and only the necessary functions were included.

The ones here have more functions like personal locks, this function would not allow other people to open the wallet other than the ones authorized to do so.

The ones here have other functions like alarms and more, ――――」


Al lot of things was explained depending on the group, and I was impressed by how magical they are. There are even functions that link it with the guild authentication system, but that type is too much for me. So for the time being, what I bought were simple wallets for everyone.

The price of the wallet I’ve bought was 1000 Veils.

It was a bit expensive in comparison to a normal wallet, but it was fine since it’s not as bulky as the regular ones.

The functions included is to store a big amount and be able to take out the necessary amount needed at the times that I have to pay, That’s what the clerk recommended which would be more convenient during transactions. It somehow resembles paying with a card.


After that, we continued looking around but I couldn’t find any ARMS Girls. Apparently, what this shop sells are newly created magic tools as their main products. Because of that reason, there were no old, rare, ancient class items and dungeon tools being sold. Despite all that, it was still fun looking around, and I think that it’s a good shop if we are looking for daily necessities and other useful tools.





「And because of that, I have decided to buy gifts for everyone」


When we finally left the store, I handed everyone a purse. The money was also placed inside already! It was 50,000 Veils each.


「Everyone, don’t hesitate to use the money deposited inside. I will be managing the remaining funds and will be paying for our accommodations and meals.」


「Is it really okay? For you to give this to us」


Still puzzled on what to do, Erina received the wallet with both hands. The same reaction was the same for everyone.


「It’s fine. Though all of you are considered as summoned units everyone is still able to move on their own will, and that’s why I want everyone to also enjoy their daily lives.

I’m also really glad that everyone is taking care of me, and that’s why I did this in order to reward everyone. I want all of you to make your own choices and have fun.」


Eh? Why is everyone seemingly embarrassed?

Well, they probably have never been able to humanize and do things like shopping, and maybe they are confused because they don’t know what to do?


But I have already though about this for quite some time now.

I also understand that everyone priorities me when they move around. Well, because of that, I felt like I’m the one being locked up and not able to move freely.

Also, if this is the actual「ARMS Otome」 I won’t even have any attachment to them, but now that they became real in this world, they now have their own ego and is able to act on their own. A sample of that is with Ente showing interest on the hair ornament from before. The gestures and emotions that she has shown me was so adorable at that time!

It’s not only about all this being a game on the surface anymore, and that’s why I have a goal to know more about each and every ARMS girls that I could find. I want to know more about Erina, Jenny and Maevis too. I would like to join hands with everyone.


To see their reactions when holding hands, and watching their figure as they turn red from embarrassment. And most of all, I want to hug them and feel their warmth on cold days, and, and uhehe――


「Master, Ano…… I could feel an overflowing amount of lust coming out……」



Uwa, I was lost in my own delusions again.

That’s kind of bad but it’s fine.



「Um, well, I, I don’t really think that what you are accusing me is true though. For me, everyone is a pretty companion that I cherish」


Un, everyone is a beauty after all. Its fine, it’s fine.


「Masterー……… It’s rather the opposite…

You are like a precious little sister to us――」


「Ojou-sama, just as Ente as said, you are much more precious to us」


「Mistress is like a sister to everyone. Of course I also wouldn’t mind if it’s a lov――」


「Jenny, shut up. The peddlers were also mentioning that we look like sisters」


「It was also the same when it was with Ente. That’s why a sister is more appropriate」


「It will be an honor to hailed as a sister to Princess. Last night she was hugging me so tight and――」


「Maevis, tell us that story in full detail」




Ehhh, Stop it!

I was thinking of everyone as my precious daughter and they see me like this. More importantly, it will be a bother to everyone if you all continue to be noisy in front of the store, and that’s why it’s time to go back to our Inn.









「Please take care of me today, Mistress」


Eh, what is it that I have to take care of.

We have just finished eating our dinner, and now it’s almost time to go to bed.

Ah, right, because of the rotation on who would escort me at the shops today, it was decided that Jenny would be sleeping together with me because she was not able to escort me. Please stop it, don’t do anything strange to me.

The bed is for one person, so it’s a bit cramped to sleep together with more than one of them. It just fit the two of us right though, because of me being small.


「I am forbidding you to do anything strange.」


I must forcefully set this straight just in case. I trust her to not do anything strange to me with declaring this.


「Your being cold to me, master」


It seems like she reluctant but still agrees, so it’s good.

As I get inside the futon, I could immediately feel Jenny’s warmth. When she look straight into my eyes, I immediately looked away.


「Ufufufu, Mistress is cute」


「Jenny, remember that I definitely won’t forgive you if you do anything strange to master.」


I heard Ente’s voice giving a warning to Jenny.

Are you planning on not going to sleep just to make sure?


「You don’t have to worry about it. I won’t do anything that would make Mistress stay away from me」


With Jenny declaring that, it has given me a peace of mind.

Well, it’s because of Jenny’s usual behavior that Ente is cautious of.



「Ano……Mistress, is okay for me to hold your hand?  」[TL: LEWD HOLDING HANDS IS LEWD]


It has certainly been a while since we have talked to each other and I’ve shown any direct affection to her, looking at her acting this timid now is quite a new discovery for me.

There’s no problem if it’s only holding hands, but she is showing a serious expression.


「Thank you……」


The warmth was immediately transmitted as we held our hands.


Silence engulfs us for a bit. She seems to be trying to start a conversation, but is somewhat conflicted about something.

I patiently waited for her to start while enjoying the warmth of her hand. After a murmuring something on her own, it seems like she is finally about to start.

Probably after calming down for a bit, she attempted to start a conversation again but it was more of a murmur at first.



「Mistress……… Do you remember about the things you have told us today after giving our wallets?」


Nn? I do remember, but what is she implying?


「At that time, Mistress said. It should be fine for us to enjoy our daily lives. And to choose what we think is right on our own and having fun………but」



That certainly is what I said. I will be happy if I could see all of them enjoying things the way they want to.

Then when I look at her face, she was showing me a tinge of loneliness……



「Mistress, I understand what you were trying to tell us at the time. I am really happy about it. But also at the same time…… it felt like we were being left out」


Why are you saying that now?


「I………… no, probably not only me. Everyone definitely had a great time. And today is also the same. Every one of us would like to spend every minute, every second of our time to be with Mistress. Being with Mistress is not only because we are bound to you.

………… It’s also because all of us like you.

You were probably thinking that we were being constricted.

And because of that you thought of something like that……

But Mistress, we are we with you because we wanted to, and this includes our own will to be together with you」





「When we were weapons, what everyone felt was like we exist but was only lurking in the depth of darkness.

And that was from a very long time ago……

Well, that what we naturally think of. What we would vaguely remember would be being used as weapons. It was nothing more than a distant dream to see the clear skies」





「But Mistress pulled us out of that abyss. You were a guiding light to all of us」


「I am a guiding light to all of you…」


Jenny then shows me a bright smile. Then she placed my hand that she holds close to her chest, she then hugged my hand sinking deep in her chest. I could then feel Jenny’s heartbeat.


「That’s why, I don’t want Mistress to think that she is binding us, everyone wants to spend their time together with you. If Mistress were thinking about stuff like that, it would only make all of us lonely.

Because…… it felt like Mistress was going to disappear and leave us behind someday」


Jenny who is always smiling and mischievous also have a side like this, though she is still smiling, it felt like she was suffering and almost like she was about to cry at any moment.


「……Un, I’m sorry. I never really asked about everyone’s opinion, and only decided about things without even asking permission. And also, as I have said before, I am also having fun staying with everyone from the moment I’ve met all of you. I also wanted to stay together, forever」


So my concerns for them backfired and made these children uneasy instead. So that puzzled look they had when I gave them those wallets and money was because they were concerned about this, it was not because don’t want to reject my opinion but because they misunderstood.

From now on, I need to be careful about the things I do and the words I speak. To me, it was a feeling of setting birds free and letting them explore outside the nest, but these children are not birds. They are companions who want to be together with me at all times out of their own will. Right now it’s not only my hand that is feeling their warmth but my heart was also being embraced in warmth.







Jenny then hugged my body.

I could feel her body temperature being transferred to me. She even went as far as tucking me in between her legs making us stick closer. Then I noticed that she was staring at me. I can see my figure in Jenny’s eyes. It was a distance where we could feel each other’s breath. And as our sight connected, she slowly approached my lips――






「Nonono, it’s just the usual Jenny」



「Mistress!? 」


Why did she have to destroy that serious atmosphere at the last moment, seriously!?

Even I was about to be swept by the mood for a moment.


「Mistress, isn’t this the right time to share each others warmth more deeply than usual」


Ahhhh, now she just ruined everything all together!

Jenny then let go of me and shows a tehee smile.


「I was sure to set up a really good atmosphere too…… why」



「Jenny, as punishment, go to sleep with Ente.

I’m fine sleeping on my own」


「Mistress!?  She will definitely twist my neck, don’t abandon me」



After ordering her, I went to sleep before anything else happened.

Jenny’s warmth still remained within me……