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Chapter 18

TL: Yuki

The next morning, when I woke up, Jenny was not in the futon anymore.

After raising my body, I cleared up my sleepiness. I then found Ente, Erina and Maevis watching me from the side of the bed.



「Good morning, Master」


「Good morning, why is everyone here?」



Ente who steps forward became the representative of everyone.


「We were also listening to the conversation of Master and Jenny last night. First is, we wanted to apologize for evesedropping.」


After saying that, the three of them lowered their heads.

I was also thinking that they might have been listening on us, so they don’t really need to apologize.

But well, if they would feel better apologizing, then I will accept it.


「And that’s why, about what master said last night.

We also wanted to be together with Master」


Un, that’s how it should have been. I then look at each of their faces.

Ente was having a nervous face. Erina had a tensed smile. Maevis had a serious face.


「Thank you. Also, just like what I have told Jenny yesterday. I also want to be together with everyone. This is from my true feelings.」



Ente’s face brightens. After all, Ente also felt uneasy about it.

I then hug her as I stood up and left the bed.


「It’s ok……mou, now you can’t even distinguish who is acting as older or little sister」


I then continued patting her back.


「Ah, right. Now that I think about it, where is Jenny, what happened to her?」



She is nowhere to be found. Where did she disappear to?


「About that, she is currently reflercting in the corner of the room」



Reflecting? Looking around the room, I found her sitting in an upright position in one of the corners of the room.


「Uuuh, my feet is already feeling numb. I’m really sorry, so please forgive me already」



If I am the one to be asked, then it would too much of a punishment for having too much skin-ship towards me.

But well, I guess it would be time to lift the punishment.

We then went down to have our breakfast, and Jenny was in tears from the pain of her cramped legs.





「Recruiting people for undead subjugation?」


When we entered the guild and look for a request,

We heard about this notice from Rizel-san.


「It’s a request from the knights. It is also a voluntary request but the rewards are higher than usual, there are also a lot of people who accepted the request」


It was located in a Ruined Fortress call Gangua and a considerable number of undead was detected.

The number was over hundreds it seems.

It also seems like half of the second and fourth knight division will going to subjugate it, but because they think that their numbers might be lacking they requested hunters to join. They were expecting us to at least assist them with a hundred or more if possible. It might have something to do with what they talked about with Magno-san after that time.

We can’t really join the reinforcement team this time but

(Even if they are attacking undead, it would still turn into particles of light)

It might be better to use my power of protection during this time. I guess, I could stop by the knight’s quarters later.



My rank also was raised to double ★★, we then look for a new escort or shipment requests.

But if was about earning money, then diving in a dungeon would be more profitable.

I have understood this during our previous dungeon dive in the tower.

Since our group has increased to 5 then we may need a carriage for transportation, it might also be better to look for other dungeons. If we’re lucky, I might even find a Gift Symbol.


We left the guild while thinking about those things.

For the time being, we headed to the knight’s headquarters.



When we arrived at the knight’s headquarters, everyone was busily moving around. They must be preparing for the dispatch.

As I approach the building, I saw a familiar knight.

It was Magno-san, and he was giving instructions to some knights.

So he was a squad leader.



「Hello, Magno-san」


I smiled as I say my hello.


「Oh, if it isn’t Yato-san. It’s been a while――

Sorry, it’s not really the best time to talk right now. Is something wrong? 」


I told him about the subjugation of undead that I’ve heard in the old fortress, and then we talked about giving blessings to the knight.

Magno-san has experienced it once again, and that really helped in understanding the situation immediately.


「Are you really sure!

If it’s about Yato-sama’s blessing, then it will definitely become a sure victory. I will guide you to the commander immediately. Please come this way」


Unn, but what’s with the sparkling eyes, I’m only giving them support buff after all. It would be nice if they don’t overestimate themselves and not lead them to injuries.



「Commander Tiel! Yato-sama came to visit」


I was brought to the commander’s office.

I could see Tiel-san’s figure fighting against a bunch of documents in front of her.


「Yato-sama, sorry for not being able to entertain you.

But on behalf of all the knight, I am grateful to receive your protection」


「Ah, it’s fine, but it’s not really that relevant as a blessing, it’s only a bit of support. That’s why I want you all to be careful and not let yourselves be off-guard」


Because I won’t be able to join in their fight against the undead, that’s why I’m a bit worried because of the battle that is about to start.

But despite that, Tiel-san only returned a smile.


「Of course, we will be careful. Yato-sama sure is kind. I won’t let the knights be too over confident and be sure to warn them to be careful.

On the other hand, they will probably be more motivated than usual as to not waste the blessing that they will receive from Yato-sama」


That is also fine, but I’m worried that they might still continue to fight even if the enemy is on a level that they won’t be able to defeat. Along with Ente, I met up with the knights and activated my skill.



「Well, I think that it would be fine?」


The application of the buff is quick, and the effect lasts long.

Even if we find some good request on the hunter’s guild right now, it might not be possible for us to immediately process and accept it.


「Our plan is to start the trip to the fortress two days from now. If there are no hindrances along the way, then be able to immediately return」


I see. Then it might be good for us to stay for a while until 2 days later.


「Well then, see you again in two days」


「Thank you very much. We will also prepare a proper reward at that time when subjugation ends」



Tiel was also deployed in Border Village to confirm the situation and was thankful for giving support on to her subordinates at that time.

Well, I only did that on a whim before. It’s a good thing that I was able to help, but I wasn’t expecting them to be so grateful on something so simple that I did.


Now then, I don’t mind staying near the town for the next two days. It won’t be a problem if we continued doing the security request after two days have passed.



Then next day in the morning, we didn’t accept a security request.

Instead we spent the day spending the rest of our time as free time. We went around town checking stalls and visiting tool shops looking for bargains.

If we have extra time, we visit the guild’s information room and check or buy information regarding a variety of things. We also went to check out carriages. Having one would be convenient if we are travelling in a group of 5.

The only problem is what to do with it if we enter a dungeon. There is the danger that the horses might be attacked by demons if we left it behind when everyone enters the dungeon. I won’t also be sure if I could find a Gift Symbol if I enter one. However, if I could finally be able to form a second team, then I might be able to split the task in different groups.


When Ente was spending her time along with me, she was wearing the beautiful hair ornament that is placed on her hair.

My choice was definitely worth it. As I have expected, it was more suitable to her silver hair.

When I bluntly told her that, she could only return a shy smile and blushed……

It was incredibly cute!


Erina also spent her time with me.

Although I was thinking that it would be better for them to spend their time on their own, I scratched that though and was now spending time with each of them.

We visited the Library and various places and research many things, we also discussed about the next destination for our expedition.


On times when Jenny was escorting me, there were times were she suddenly disappears. When I asked for details, she would answer 「I’m only chasing away harmful bugs that tries to approach」 so I don’t really know what she was doing.

Could she chasing away bad people who is trying to approach me and calls them bugs?

Well, Jenny has a nice figure and is an attractive woman.

I won’t be surprised if someone stalks her in admiration and such.


When Maevis is with me, we would often go to the guild,

If not there then it would places where would like to train.

I was also able to register her to the guild without problems.

Of course, I also do things that only I could do!

The Hunter’s Guild has a training field made for hunters, and as long as you are a registered hunt then you are free to use the area.

Well, if we have a lot of free time, we take on multiple hunters and do defensive battles as practice.

She might be thinking that it would be the best way to improve when she is escorting me.

Since my physical power has also increased, there’s no problem for me to also join the clash for a bit, but Maevis’ pride won’t allow me to do something like that.

She really does care about me more than anything else.

On a side note, a lot of hunters participated in joining our training sessions, not only men but even women hunters.

Maevis is a tall beauty with who has a regal atmosphere.

I’m not surprised if she attracted not only men but even women because of charm.



And then two days have passed, I am currently in the middle of the square of the Knight’s Headquarters……… but what’s with this situation?

There were knights lining up in front of me, and not only that, even the adventurers that joined the subjugation lined up along with them.

I who was looking at them from the top of the stage, could clearly feel their admiration.

I am originally an Arasa, a simple OL woman.

I did notice that it was less crowded this morning.

I didn’t expect that a lot of people is going to come like this.

I was even secretly thinking of activating defensive spells for myself……

Maybe this is also to give them some inspiration before moving out. There were a total of more than 200 people, I think. I didn’t expect it at that time, but by why did this have to happen!?


「Everyone, please be silent. From this moment, the Saint will be giving her blessings to all of you」


The area became silent after hearing Tiel’s announcement.

Uuu, I’m getting too nervous to do this, but I have to do it.

I then channeled power to gather into my hand.

I wonder if I will be able to affect everyone…… It would be quite embarrassing if I can’t……

While thinking about reaching all of them, I pointed my hand down to everyone below.

In the next moment, all the knights and hunters were wrapped up in a sparkling glow.

It was a spectacular sight to witness.


There were many people here, who have experienced this before in Border Village, so there were only loud cheers at first, then it gradually became a cheer to praise me.



「We give you all our thanks!」

「We will bring victory for the Saint-sama!」

「Win for the Princess-sama!」


Please stop it I am neither a princess nor a saint.

I immediately got down from the stage with a flushed face.

Un, let’s make this my last job as giving support.


「Jou-chan’s power is really amazing you know, you should be more proud of it. With this power, my polished skills will become even greater! 」


Gammond-san calls out to me who immediately escaped out of embarrassment. The burden for an ordinary person like me is too heavy. By the way, Gammond-san will be acting as the commander general for this subjugation.

Tiel-san refrained from acting as the commander this time, so the task now falls down to him who is a muscle brained idiot.



「Everyone, move out!!」



With Tiel-san’s command the leader of the second knight division started marching along with everyone. They now have the numerical advantage and the power from my protection.

But there are also a lot of enemies that will be waiting for them on their destination.

I don’t really know what else I could do, that’s why I prayed for everyone’s safety beside Tiel-san.