Chapter 19 part 1 of 3

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TL: Yuki



We, who left the Knight’s Headquarters, will be heading to a dungeon as our next destination.

We are now in the middle of preparations.


The destination this time will be a cave near the shore northeast of the town of Valsa. The distance is about a day from here. Also, because the cave that we are targeting is a dark area, everyone decided to bring night-vision medicine. I cannot give up on using this medicine anymore!

The cave inside was also cold so I decided to also carry medicine that would warm us up.

We will be staying in a cold place for a while. Should I carry more?

Also I don’t expect finding any treasure chests in that area, that place has already been thoroughly searched after all.

Also because the materials that could be harvested here are not profitable, there’s only a small amount of people that visits that place.



In the terms of distance, we decided to not use a carriage this time.

I was also thinking of buying Dinna to increase the number of people, but since I probably won’t be able to call out to her because of being a front liner, I putting her on hold for now.

But someday, I will definitely call her out too.



As we walk out of the town of Valsa, I felt a sign of someone following us. It was a tall man wearing a black robe. He does look like a traveller, but………

It was as if he was waiting for us to come out.


Ente was seemingly on alert too. He is really suspicious after all. The man slowly approached us when he finally got a good look at us.


「Hime-sama, behind me」


Maevis immediately guarded me with her shield. It would have really been embarrassing if it was only a friendly wanderer. But right now, I could feel an eerie atmosphere being directed at us.



「Oya oya, you don’t have to be that vigilant. Are you the saint person that everyone was talking about? 」


Is this person acquainted with the knights?

If I’m not mistaken, it was only the knights that are calling me a saint after all.


「Who might you be? 」


I politely asked for the man’s identity, but he didn’t answer at all. He was keenly looking at Maevis’ Shield.


「Could that shield be the one that was obtained from that Ghost Knight?

It surely look strong, I wonder if you’re really the saint that they were talking about or not? 」


Is he not acquainted with the knights after all?

If he knows that the Ghost Knight from that tower was using this shield, he might have been a hunter.



「But maybe if I use you as a sacrifice, if it’s as powerful as that Ghost Knight, I might be able to make more or ones that would even be more powerful」


Hearing the contents of what he said, chills run throughout my body.


「Everyone! 」


Everyone was in battle mode all at once. Ente and Jenny were holding my hands and in front of us was Maevis holding her shield in front of us. Erina was also aiming with shining arrows behind us.


「I see. So that’s how the Ghost Knight and Wight was defeated. It certainly is a strong party.」


The man who was showing an evil grin took a step back away from us.


「I guess, fighting you people in this form would be dangerous. But, it’s not yet the time to use that form. It will be bothersome if that Rukka finds out about my location so I have to do this quickly. 」


After a small chant, undead started to spawn trying to surround us. It was literally being made right at this moment. Is that person a Necromancerー?

What appeared in front of us were neither normal zombies nor ghouls………

It was monsters that could be found in the surroundings and was turned into undead.


I have never seen anything like this in 「ARMS Otome」 before. A total of 8 Demon Undead appeared. There are certainly many of them but……


「Erina, aim for that black robed person. Ente, Jenny, defeat the all of the undead. Maevis, keep an eye on that black robed man. 」


Everyone took action immediately. Shining arrows flew straight towards the black robed man, but they were easily deflected. It’s my first time seeing Erina’s arrows easily deflected like that!?

Ente and Jenny engaged with the undead monsters and divided their roles properly. Those creatures were tough creatures to begin with so turning them into undead made it even more annoying. They were at least able to endure a few of Ente’s attacks, but they seem to be having any problems.

Even if they are tough and strong monsters, their attack speed is slow and sluggish. As a result, ente haven’t even received a scratch from fighting them.




Ente’s sword glows in white silver. If her skill activates, it could easily crush the tough skin of the monsters especially because it was undead.

Jenny was also fighting with a lot of room to spare, but because there are a total of eight monsters that they are facing, those that can’t be dealt with by Ente and Jenny headed towards us.


「Tsk……… Maevis prepare to intercept with those that escape the front lines」


I want her to focus on the robed person in case he did something, but right now the zombies approaching us are to be prioritized.

Erina have been shooting that person since the fight started but she can’t land a clean hit. That person is certainly strong.


Maevis successfully blocked the assault and without letting any of the demons to approach us. This is a result of our training. The demons couldn’t do anything but receive her shield smash and be finished off with her sword. Maevis accurately deals damage to the demons despite their tough rock exterior. It seems tough, but it seems to be fine.

Now, if only we could rid of that black robed person……


「Oh… I tried to use at least powerful troops to deal with you, but it seems like they were easily disposed, it was a splendid suppression. I guess it can’t be helped」


The arm of the black robed man transformed into an inhumanly huge arm.

What is that? Is that person really a human?


He began his assault using only one arm. Fast!

What is with that speed!?

Even though Maevis managed to block thet attack, she was not able to fully absorb the damage and was blown away.




I could understand that the damage was minimal. But it was a surprise for him to be able to blow her away just like that.


「Wow, I could say that you certainly have a really tough shield, it would have already been broken if it was a normal one. The user is also a splendid one」


The black robed man approaches me as he was saying that. At that time, Erina released a double-shot. Furthermore, the arrows were enhanced and were wrapped in light. It was critical shots that gives double damage against undead and demons. The man managed to avoid the first one but the second one penetrated his arm.



「Oi, that hurts you know. No way, for an arrowhead to actually be able to damage me」


The man shows an annoyed face, then he swings his arm towards Erina.


「Gyaaaa! 」


Not able to guard or dodge the attack, Erina was also blown away from me.




「I think that you should be thinking about your situation more, saint-sama」


The black robed man arrived in front of me. Though I’m carrying a sword with me, I think it would easily be blown away.


「Masterー! 」

「Milady! 」

「Princess! 」


Even if the three did their best to blow away the demons they were facing, the man grabbed my shoulders first.


「It’s annoying dealing with all of you. If you want to take her back, then join the incoming battle of Valsa. Well even if you did your best, the saint-sama would probably be turned into an undead by that time though」


My sight shook before Ente reaches me.

The next moment, I disappeared with the black robed man from that place.

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