Chapter 19 part 2 of 3

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TL: Yuki



Uugh……I feel sick.

It was a feeling that was worse than motion sickness.

But I can’t really complain. The man covered in black robe was standing in front of me.

Where is this place? That man did talk about a battle in Varsa, but right it feels like I’m in some sort of basement.

I was surrounded by stone walls, and there is a big magic circle drawn on the ground at the place where I stand.



「Is that the saint. I don’t feel any sort of power from her though」


Suddenly, a voice called out from behind me. There wasn’t anybody there just now. It has an almost transparent body and emits yellow light.




It’s an undead that belongs in the same category as Wight. However, because of its full immunity to physical attacks, it won’t be easily defeated not unless magic is used.

However in 「ARMS Otome」, if you raise physical attack to a certain extent, it would be able to do deal damage, but I wonder if that also right now…


「Hmm, you seem to be someone who is quite knowledgeable」


「Gangua, I brought this girl to this dungeon. Let’s try using her to increase the number of undead tonight using her as a sacrifice.  Though you can’t detect her power right now, I assure you that she is strong because of the fight earlier.

Though I made sure that I won’t be detected earlier, it would still be much better to do this as soon as possible.

That saint’s party was also around Triple in terms of strength.

It would really be bothersome if they join the fight later.」


The black robed man irritatingly demanded as he scratches his head.


「I also used a lot of power during the move. I will be taking a quick rest to restore my power」



「I didn’t expect that you would be able rough him up forcing to use that much power. Well, it would certainly be a problem later. I also need to get rid of those Knights from Varsa」



What… are they planning to raid Valsa?

No there was something else that is more of a concern than that.


「Gangua, don’t tell me…… the corpse user that subjugated by the knights in the ruined fortress……」


The Wraith was enraged by my words.


「It was your fault! It was because of that strange power of yours that was used to power up the knights. But, it’s also thanks to you that I am now in this form」


I see… After being released from his shell which is his body, his spirit that was released became a Wraith.


「I would have originally used the Knights to test my Bone Warriors, and would be using their corpses to add to my strength. It was a plan to increase the number of my subordinates. This is the result, so as a sign of thanks, I will also use you to create undead as a sacrifice」


It would have been really dangerous if Gammund-san’s group didn’t receive my blessings at that time. It could be said to be a miracle.

I also did use my protection spell to them this morning, so it will definitely not go according to what they have planned this time.



「Too bad for you though coz I am not a saint, using me definitely won’t give you the result that you are expecting. My friends will also be able to find this place and assault it soon」


The black robed man was surprised from my sudden revelation, and though they are working together they don’t seem to be that concerned about each other.

I only need to delay them for a bit more while waiting for the right timing for my skills to be usable as a last resort.


「Kukuku, I don’t think your friends would be able to reach this place anytime soon though」


Retorting to what I’ve said, the black robed man grins.


「Just like what I’ve said to your companions before, it’s your own self that should be more concerned of right now.

The place where you are now is in a catacomb northeast of Varsa. The place where our battle took place was the southwest of Varsa.

And just like what I’ve said before, you will already be turned into an undead by the time they reach this place. It will definitely the right time to attack those that are living at that time」


This guy seems to be smart and have a really twisted personality.

I was doing my best to make take their time, but it didn’t seem to be working at the moment.

In order for me to be able to use my skill again is for the time to cross midnight, the sun has definitely set and midnight is closing in.

I need to at least be able to last until midnight, but if decided to act before the skill is refreshed………

Things might get a little bit dangerous. All I could do is wait for now.



「Oh right, don’t think of even running away on your own.

Even if you try to run away, what awaits you inside this catacomb is more than 300 undead. I think they would happily flock on to you knowing that you are a living being.

That’s why it would be much better for you to stay still, as it would be easier to die a quick death than suffer.」


Ugh……that would certainly be a threat. Wait, 300… it was only 300.



「Well, it’s also good to spend the last moments of your life in despair」


The black robed person left after saying so.

I was then moved inside a cage and was surrounded by skeletons. And just when we were inside the tower, the rotting flesh was wafting through the air.

I am not feeling calm but I forced myself to calm down.

At this moment, I am nothing more than a tough but powerless person. Because I don’t have any means of attack, being sturdy is meaningless. I can’t bend a steel grid with my meager strength. There are also no windows that could be found in these stone walls. I need to find any means necessary to at least buy some time.

It would have been nice if I was able to use skills during that time. Because of the cool down time…… I don’t have any means of attack, so I can’t do anything but rely on others for the offensive!

That’s why I need to calm myself down and think.

Ente will definitely be worried…

Jenny, well, she will probably use this as a reason again to do weird stuff. I wonder if Erina will be able to manage everyone.

Maevis, she’s probably really down and frustrated for not being able to completely protect me………


I want to see everyone again soon.

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