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Chapter 19 part 3 of 3

TL: Yuki



I wonder how much time has passed by.

The black robed man finally appeared before me.


「Oh, I was expecting for you to be crying or be grueling out of despair but I didn’t expect for you to be that calm.」


He seems to be not amused seeing my current status.

It’s unfortunate for you, because I won’t show such a figure of mine that easily. The time right now…… I don’t know. I could vaguely know if my skills will be usable or not. I also won’t know if it will only be possible to use it until the time it becomes usable.

If I can’t use it…………then, I’ll have to think of something to do at that time.



「Lets move you to the ceremonial location. It is a Full Moon tonight, so the magic of the moon will be at its peak. It is a good time to do Magic Rituals. Everyone is already waiting in that place」




We left the prison guided by the black robed man and being surrounded by skeletons.





We are currently climbing a long staircase. I still haven’t found a chance to escape. This place is more complicated than I have thought of and I will probably get lost if I suddenly run away.

Should I find a good place to hide instead……

Nope, not happening, it’s because even if I try to hide, it would be easy for more than 300 undead to locate me.



As we continued climbing the stairs, the area starts to widen.

Both of us were walking in silence. Of course, you can’t expect for the skeletons to talk either.

As we approach a wide area, I could see skeletons standing in place. There are also bone warriors ghouls and other types of undead. Every one of those undead was seemingly very eager to jump at me at any given time. It this man is not here, they would probably do it.


As we pass by a small aisle, I could feel the presence of a lot of demons entering my perception range.

All of them are undead……

Yup, all of them really are undead, and this number, is this almost all of the undead they were supposed to be keeping here?


The black robed man halted for a moment, probably realizing that my steps have slowed down.


「Everyone is eagerly waiting you know. Kuku, I look forward to what face you will be showing as the ritual begins」


This guy, he is a really disgusting character. They are trying to make this into a show and have all of the undead as audience. I see, then I’ll thankfully use this moment in reverse later…



「You surely like to say some nasty things, but what are you? You are indeed in the shape of a human, but I can’t find anything human about you」



He has that unusual transformed hand, a physical ability to dodge Jenny’s arrows, and enough strength to throw Maevis away.

That power is not normally found on people even on the higher classes of warriors of this world. It is definitely something else that can be associated with undead.



「Hou. Thinking that you were a saint, I didn’t expect for you to ask something as simple as that?」


That’s why I have been telling you before that I’m not a saint.


「Oh well, since you only have a little time left to live, I won’t mind telling you. This me is an existence that you would preferably called a Majin」


Majin…………… What’s that?

I have never hear of a race monsters like that in 「ARMS Otome」.

Is it an existence similar or stronger to normal demons?

He seems to be surprised that I didn’t react to the word Majin, and made a surprised face because of that. Is that something that is commonly known?



「You are a saint but didn’t know……

Well you did say that you were not a sain’t but you don’t know of Majin. What kind of shut off countryside did you live in」


Shut it, like I’d care. For the time being, I could understand that they are existences that are feared by many.


「Speaking of Majin, if compared to a normal demon’s power level, it would be an existence that would be far beyond what normal humans could manage. If I place it in an easy-to-understand scale, it would be――Quasi-Disaster Level」


I listened to the explanation of the so called Majin, I think I’ve heard of those phrases somewhere before.

Even so, it’s a being with power equivalent next to a disaster-class monster.

It would have been an existence that I wouldn’t really want to meet, but it was the one who approached us instead.

I remember now, it would on of the ranks deemed to be a really dangerous existence in the monster dictionary, and even a whole country would need a lot of forces in order to subjugate it.

How should I deal with this being on my own……

Hmmm, I just have to deal with it one way or another because I do not want to die!




Just around the time our conversation ended, we have finally reached our destination. There was a large hall with a pedestal on its center surrounded by many undead. The area was really wide. This was supposed to be an underground cemetery but the size of this space is really wide comparable to a really large basement. I would have wanted to explore this place if I were not in this kind situation.

There were bonfires lit up in several places. Even though undead don’t actually need light to move around, it seems like they prepared the bonfires to show me all of the undead present in this place. Well despite the bonfires, it’s still a bit dark and dim which makes the skeleton and zombies look creepier.


「The preparations are ready」


When we arrived at the pedestal, Gangua who became a wraith appeared on my side.


「Let us begin immediately. Then after that, we will begin our march towards Valsa. It will be a day of commemoration by dying the streets of Valsa with blood. Let’s also decorate it using the blood of the saint」


I was laid down on the pedestal. A black knife with strange decorations was held on the man’s hand. This is a really scary situation that it’s making my heartbeat raise.

For now I need to calm down. I need to think of what skill to use that would be really effective in the current situation.

Even if I will be able to kill this person, I don’t think that I would be able to easily escape all of these undead. Well, I probably won’t be able to beat them or escape easily with this person around anyway. But this person is also a demon. So I now have decided what skill to use. And finally, I can feel that my skills are now usable. Un, it should be fine. I can feel my power welling up.




「I dedicate this to the god of death Nuvera. Accept this innocent soul―――」


As soon as the man started the to chant some fishy words I stood up, I then jumped down the pedestal while fixing my skirt.


「Oh, do you plan to try and escape now? I didn’t try and restrain you since you are following like an adult, but that doesn’t seem to be the case so would you like me to do something to those limbs of yours? It would also be a great pleasure to hear you crying as we continue the ritual」


「Sorry to bust your expectations, but I won’t back down that easily. I definitely won’t give up」


After showing a confident grin, I made myself aware of all the presence of undead from the surroundings.

There are currently more than 300 undead in place.

Just like when I did it with the hunters and knights I focused on all of the targets I could detect, though thinking about what happened before is embarrassing, I am fine this time because there are no emotions being sent to me from the targets this time.


「Gangua, it’s fine if I give her a little bit of pain to this saint, right? 」


「Hmm, if she’s acting maturely like that, I don’t think a little bit of pain would affect her though」


Sorry, but I don’t need such considerations. I prepared the power gathered into my chest. I could feel a cleansing force starting to overflow from within me. The black robed man immediately stared at me out filled with suspicions. Can you feel this power?


「I don’t know what you are trying to do but before you are able to chant, I will definitely――」


Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t need chants to activate this spell which is a special skill. But because I feel like it, I will at least shout the skill that I will use.





[White Silver Flaaaaash!!]



The moment I spread out my hands from my chest, white silver light wrapped the surroundings. The light glows in a blinding flash of light only for a moment.


When the light that illuminated the room settled down, my figure could finally be seen, and when the light finally disappeared, all of the undead that was filling the area vanished and was converted into glowing particles that flowed into me.