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Chapter 93 – With a Little Courage and Pride

[wp-night-mode-button] Since the start of the endless battle against the Tyrant Scorpions……More than 10 hours have passed. From that point onwards, the level of the scorpions gradually increased. On the other hand my sword just became weirder as the battle continued.   「It’s the 3rd molting!!」   Yes, the sword continued its pace of peeling

The Strongest Fairy Chapter 93

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Chapter 24 – Scripture Production Works

[wp-night-mode-button] TL: Yuki   And then, I should also add something like a code of conduct.     ===   ・Do not live by your own selfishness   ・Do not steal from others   ・Do not immediately settle things with violence   ・Do not lie to yourself nor to your friends   ・Do not do

Goddess Chapter 24

[wp-night-mode-button] New Chapter!!!   Sorry for the late release~~~   Nya~~~ Will release more soon~~~   Here’s the chapter~~~   Chapter 24

Chapter 23 – Let’s Make A Holy Scripture

[wp-night-mode-button] 「Well, since we’re about to start a serious political talk, I’m calling over Rione.」 「I’m being serious with all my talk! A boy is changing into a girl! Isn’t this a major incident!?」   Somehow I can tell that this is Celude’s most favorite topic. Personally speaking, I think it’s okay to have such