Author: yurikahime

Chapter 92 Deadly Trap Road Floor 20

TL:     Yuki ED:    Filip ________________________________________________ The next day, everyone woke up after hearing my stomach rumble. It looks like they started to consider my stomach as some sort of alarm clock.   「La Veil~It’s morning~it’s time~to~wake~up~」 「Muh~haaah~……good morning Arena. Master too, good morning」 「Hai, good morning. What are we having for breakfast?」

Chapter 91 Group Level Up ③ Underground Floors 7 to 19

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________ The next day, we went down another floor as we continued to raise the children’s levels and after a few hours, we finally reached the 11th floor. Perhaps due to proper meals and sleeping well every day, the children now looked much better and healthier compared to the first time

The Strongest Fairy Chapter 91

It’s Fairy Time!!!!   Nyahahaha~~~~!!!   now what to say…. I can’t think of anything at the moment XD…   Anyway, fairy chapter fairy chapter….   Chapter 91

Chapter 5 Sad News and Moving On

「Hmmm~~ where? 」- Luna   When I woke up, I was greeted by unfamiliar-not… I know this place… no more like Luna is very familiar with this place. After all she, or I should say I now in this situation have stayed here a lot. This is Nicole’s… should I also call her Mom in