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Chapter 68 A Rank Promotion Exam 2

TL: Yuki   _________________________________________   ◆ Avangard Grassland ◆   The three of them approached Roel with a haughty attitude. I grabbed him when he tried to reach out to her, annoyed that he didn’t even turn around. The man with the all-black hair lagged behind, and then looked at me.   「 What, are

Kansutoppu Chapter 68

New Month New Chapters!!!   Sorry for the long delay, was quarantined n stuff…   Now that the quarantine is finally over, I can finally go out!!!!   Ugh, it made me accumulate some debts though, so I have to find a part-time job again soon….   Meaning I won’t probably be able to release

Chapter 108 Mika Side: The Cursing He

  Chapter 108 Mika Side: The Cursing Hero   TL: Yuki ED: Filip   ________________________________________________   「 Mou, you meanie. My face still hurts~……」   「 After this, you need to stop peeking at the Master’s underwear.」   「 Right 」   「 Uuuu~~~」   La Veil and the alter ego Aidle gave me a

The Strongest Fairy Chapter 108

I am back!!!   Sorry, being under quarantine is a bit mentally taxing that I pretty much went back into blank out mode for a few days… Well I will be back on translations now, so there will be releases again…   sorry for the long delay…   Anyway for today’s chapter…   Chapter 108

Chapter 52 Undead

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   『 Virgilio conveyed most of what I wanted to say. In the first place, why would you want to enter a place like this when you don’t have the guts and you start to panic at the mere sight of me?』   As we started to go down the