Author: yurikahime

Chapter 2 Sophia, a Beautiful Female Knight

TL: Yuki ________________________________________ Mari started to seek employment in the city, but was suddenly confronted with a serious situation. She was suddenly faced with a serious situation, one that could not be managed with determination or resolve. 「 And it wasn’t in a public restroom… was the place in the game somewhere.」 What to do

Chapter 28 About Lady Cozette

TL: Yuki ________________________________   “I want you to train my daughter.”   With that being said, I became Lady Cozette’s martial arts instructor. There are several names used to refer to me, but… I told Lady Cozette that I was simply her “martial arts instructor”.   When we met, Cozette was a lovely, doll-like girl

Mobile Fortress Cozette Chapter 28

Heya~~~   Cozette for today!!!   I will probably focusing on the finished releases for now to post while I stock up on the scheduled releases for now!!!   Here’s the chapter!!!   Chapter 28

Chapter 29 Relaxation

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________   The villa was owned by a family of local lords, distant relatives of the Goudenberts, who were currently on a trip to the capital. Ferris, Alicia and Jeanette were allowed to use the villa as they wished.   In the guest room of the villa, Ferris was lying on one of