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Chapter 34 – Rabbit Ear God Eunosis

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   We all gathered together and went to the front of the temple.   A child who looked like a Deity was standing alone under the eaves.   A Deity can tell immediately if they are dealing with an ordinary human or another Deity.   The child had rabbit ears, but they

Goddess Chapter 34

Today will be Goddess…   just a few more chaps to go to finish it (Patreon).   I have been a bit busy lately, but I should have some time to finish everything soon…   that’s all for today!!!     here’s the chapter   Chapter 34

Chapter  13 Fertilizer seems difficult

TL: Yuki ________________________________   「 Hmm. Would you rather do that then move around? 」   I see, alright.   When I observe them, they seem to be under enjoying the sunlight.   「 Are you in the middle of <Photosynthesis>? Is it more efficient there? I see. 」   I guess the reason white

Chapter 33 – Meetings between Gods

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   Even among the gods, it was hard to reach a consensus.   After the human meeting, the gods met in my temple.   「 For the sake of the Beastmen Kingdom, we should leave this place alone. 」   Intanyu concluded.   「 If you carelessly get involved, nothing good will