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[wp-night-mode-button] TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ *Chirp, *chirp, *chirp, *chirp……       「Hnnn――」       I wonder…… why I feel so heavy…… I tried forcibly opening my heavy eyelids. Though I’m trapped in the feeling that I wanted to sleep forever……     Uuuunnn, ah, I give up…… can’t open my eyelids. I guess, I’ll

Chapter 39

[wp-night-mode-button] TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ 「Ojou, please don’t surprise me like that. The Horse was also surprised, you know」   「Sorry, sorry. Things happened so suddenly so I wasn’t able to pay attention」     I apologized as golden particles were being absorbed by my body.   I am now heading towards the battlefield with Diniana

Chapter 38

[wp-night-mode-button] TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ There were neither humans nor monsters that could come close to that battle.   The two demons that collided completely overwhelmed the battlefield.     「You Demon Traitor! You, you Demon Killer, Aaargh! 」   As Dagos swings his claws, corrosive poison was release along with a powerful shockwave. Ruruka easily

Chapter 37

[wp-night-mode-button] TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ The move for the monster subjugation has now started.   In the next day waiting to receive the energizer drinks from the king, the mixed army of knights and hunters are now grouped together and is ready to sortie in the capital. I am currently overseeing them on the balcony of

Chapter 36

[wp-night-mode-button] TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ We continued walking as I follow Kalal-san’s lead. Ente seems dissatisfied about this but she didn’t directly say it because it’s something that only I could do.   Anyway…… The scenery that surrounded me seems to be very luxurious. This is probably the area where nobles live. This is not some