Category: Chaos Child

Chapter 14 Reunion… Kind of

As soon as I entered the room below, I was greeted by a door that, even though seemingly old, still stood strong and had a minimal amount of damage. Light was leaking through its gaps, allowing me to see the intricate features of the door and the walls in the room.    The room was

Chapter 13 Final Adjustments and Ruin Exploration

As I continued my travel towards my destination, I adjusted my status once more, finally creating a status that would be more fitting for this world. At first, I thought my adjustments were alright, but after rechecking all the data that I have gathered again, I realized that my status have been a little unreasonable.

Chapter 12 Remodeling and Exploration

After testing a few more test with my skills, status have changed. My current status under normal analysis skills would look like this: Registered Name : Luna Chaos Race: Changeling (Human/Elf) HP 10,000 (25,150,000) MP 7,000 (40,500,000) STR 100 DEX 140 VIT 90 INT 170 SPD 200 LUK 100   Unique Skills: (Infinity Barrier LV-,

Chapter 11 A New World (2)

[Command: Partial Sensory Link Initialize]   I once again opened my eyes, now greeted by a wide blue sky. I have also linked control on my new body, so I could move it.    I then stood up and checked my surroundings.   I am currently lying on an empty plot of land in the

Chapter 10 A New World

Slowly, my consciousness resurfaced, but I couldn’t make up anything. No sight, no sound, not even feeling anything around me, as if I was just floating in nothingness.   However, what was different was that I was unable to feel the suppressing pressure I felt when I was in the chaos realm, so I have