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Chapter 9 Chaos Child

“Oh, I expected you to choose something different but to think you have selected this one… I completely forgot about this one myself”   Tiamat chuckled, a face filled with reminiscence.   “Was there something wrong with my choice?”   Rina inquired.   “Not really, it’s just that this one made me feel nostalgic, and

Chapter 8 More Choices and Reincarnation

“So, have you decided?”   Tiamat asked.   “Is this the only choices I could pick?”   I replied, understanding what Tiamat mentioned, I know that there are other beings far better than the ones presented. I noticed this after reading details of the ones she presented first. The ones she presented were ones that

Chapter 7 Gods and People

“Different Gods? You don’t manage it?”   “No, not anymore, though I did have a hand in its creation and stabilization, after it have become stable enough to only suffer a few problems, I left the management to the lower gods. Ones who can’t yet perpetuate their existences. They were also the ones responsible for

Chapter 6 The World and Circumstances

After the exchange, what popped out in front of me were several holograms that seems to be worlds under she had created over time, they were like hundreds of floating marbles in front of me, and when I touch one of them, the visuals expands the world and a panel about the world on its

Chapter 5 Arrangements for the Lost

“Welcome to my domain, the Castle of Eternity within the Chaotic boundaries”   Tiamat declared in a smug tone as if boasting about it. She was emanating a presence of divinity that it made me want to kneel on the spot.   “You really are an interesting one, even archangels would bow before my divinity