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Chapter 14 Towards the Thunder Mountains

TL: JK ED: Yuki _________________________________________________ 「Ngh… there! Speed boost! 」 「…Erm… nothing’s changed.」 「You’re not sending enough of your power over. You don’t have to be nervous.」   When it comes to training partial reinforcement techniques, as long as your summon one would be able to do it wherever they are. And right now, she

Chapter 13 Reminiscence

TL: JK ED: Yuki 「…Mnn, where…」 「Ah, Rinna, you’re awake?」   Rinna had woken up to a room she was unfamiliar with. Rei was sitting at the side of the bed, staring intently at Rinna. She seemed relieved that Rinna had regained her conscious. Shifle was behind her too.   「We’re at the inn. Do

Chapter 12 Special Training Start!

TL: JK ED: Yuki _________________________________________________   And so the journey to the Nizabel mountain range in the shaky carriage begins. In the carriage meant for four, Rei and Rinna sat beside each other, with Shifle opposite them. Atop of her head was Fuu-chan, who was happily stepping about.   「It’s pretty impressive that you were

Chapter 11 The Girl with Flax Colored Hair

TL: JK ED: Yuki ________________________________________________ 「A special promotion test!?」 「Wait what’s that?」   It was at the counter of the summoner’s guild. Today, there were a great number of summoners bustling around. Their next request came on the day right after they had finished their mushroom gathering. It came, but… Rinna was confused by the

Chapter 10 Rinna’s feelings

TL: JK ED: Yuki __________________________________________________ The sky dyed in twilight. The grasslands which the knight’s carriage went across were tinted red. Rinna was swaying in one of the said carriages, deep in thought.   The girl, who was now exhausted was fast asleep on her lap. Rei’s dedication to herself was, to put bluntly, illogical.