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Chapter 9 The Power

TL: JK ED: Yuki __________________________________________________ –It’s that power again…   A dazzling bright sword was in Rei’s right hand. It was the second time that Rinna had seen it. It was a mysterious power which only appeared when other the pendant and treasure both shine. It enhances Rei’s physical prowess to her limits.   「But,

Chapter 8 In The Forest

TL: JK ED: Yuki __________________________________________________ 「Don’t just swing with the strength of your arms. Tighten your core and swing it with your body.」 「Ok」   At a small corner of the training grounds, Rei was earnestly undergoing training from Hilde. While facing towards the direction of the corner, Rinna was paying close attention to the

Chapter 7 Bout

TL:Yuki An hour and a half after leaving the capital is the training grounds of the knights which were situated near the boundary of the forest and the grasslands. A fence was set up around the grasslands and stone facilities were lined up on the bare ground area. After travelling for a bit more, Rei

Chapter 6 Knight Commander’s Proposal

TL:Yuki The summoner’s guild requires all those who have become a summoner be registered. Or rather without registering at the guild, you won’t be recognized as a summoner. To those that have just become summoners, their ranks when registered will be C and would only be given simple chores as requests. If judged that they

Chapter 5 Mofumofu

TL:Yuki 「Rin-chan, let me cuddle you!」 「Wah?」   While they were having breakfast, Rei suddenly declared.   「No, I don’t understand what you are trying to imply」 「It’s your hair! That fluffy twin tail of yours! 」   She pointed at the thick bundle of hair that was reaching Rinna’s waist, and it was styled