Chapter 6 Skill

TL: Kunizuka TLC: Chinozuku It seems, the dungeon has been created.   With this my remaining DP is 50 DP but……   I have nothing to do!   Hmm, there’s no other choice, time to test out my skills.   Since coming to this world, I have not used any other skills besides 【Appraisal】.  …

Chapter 5 Automatic Production

TL: Kunizuka TLC: Chinozuku Rin the Skeleton Leader kneeled down before me.   「 Can you understand my words? 」   The skeleton understand my words already there’s no need to check it again, is probably what you think, but I’ll ask again just in case.   Rin nodded as a response to my question….

Chapter 4 Skeleton Leader

TL: Kunizuka TLC: Chinozuku 「I successfully summoned the skeletons but, I only have 970 DP left huh … 」   Hmm, should I create a leader to lead the skeletons? Yeah. Let’s do that.   But, this time I’m not going to use 【Monster Summoning】.   Because there is something more interesting than 【Monster Summoning】!…

Chapter 3 Skeleton

TL: Kunizuka TLC: Chinozuku   Author Note : I’m late! Come to think of it, the remaining DP is shown on every screen.   First of all, DP stands for Dungeon Point, and is a currency that can be used to create dungeons, monsters, or to buy things.   I can’t do anything without DP….

Chapter 2 Dungeon Creation

TL: Kunizuka TLC: Chinozuku   Author Notes : It’s been late! 「 At this rate, it’s gonna be dangerous … 」   Because, when I explored the forest, there are lots of those Feather Rabbit.   I’m surprised that I’m still safe.   If anything, I feel like those Feather Rabbits ignored me.   Well,…