Category: Fief Strengthening

Chapter 5 Towards the Fief

TL: om3ga ED: Yuki …… I was thinking that he was useful, but I take back my words. The reason was, 『Koukakurou』, the inn he introduced to me was somehow problematic in lots of ways. Well, if I were to explain the detailed problem, then it would most likely become an inappropriate explanation for all

Chapter 4 Sukahama

TL: om3ga ED: Yuki The journey on the ship should be 5 days and 4 nights. Since I was bored and alone on the journey, I read some books and betting on some cheap gambles to kill time. 「Huh? Mister? Aiga-sama, ain’tcha? 」 I was eating curry rice in the dining hall when I was

Chapter 3 Departure

TL: om3ga ED: Yuki When I left the hotel, this city, Marine Belle has already started its activity. A port city like this one starts earlier than the other cities. I ordered coffee and breakfast from a tea shop near the pier and looked at the 【Fief】 document I got from Tiana. *flips page*… However,

Chapter 2 Pension

TL: om3ga ED: Chinozuku *chirp* *chirp*…   Morning. Morning sunlight slipped through the lodge’s window, and small birds were tweeting without a worry in the world. “Well then, it’s time to go I guess.” I pressed the cigarette in the ashtray; I grabbed my bag and stood up. I have already taken a shower and

Chapter 1 Dismissal from the Party

TL: om3ga ED: Yuki 「Can I talk to you?」 The Hero approached me and tapped my shoulder when I was in the inn’s hallway. Well, I had already guessed what kind of 「talk」 it was. 「… Oh. Okay.」 After my response, we both head to the bar downstairs.   Clink… 「What do you want to