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Chapter 50 – In search of a Mysterious God

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   「 Apparently, there is a god in this country that we are not aware of 」   Intanyu mentioned something that could not be ignored.   「 What do you mean? I don’t know anything about that…… 」   「 That’s why I said it was an imperceptible deity. I don’t

Chapter 49 –  God’s Dining Table

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   We prevented the Rafayette Kingdom from attacking us, and peace prevailed in the kingdom — saying that sounds ominous, like it’s an omen that the peace will break, but it is really peaceful.   In the first place, there is no sign of a civil war, and there are almost no

Chapter 48 – I’m not Omniscient, but…

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   「 I was reasonably worried, but it looks like you got off on the right foot. 」   When I said that, Intanyu tugged my hand timidly.   「 I’m going to take a nap…… 」   「 Yeah, well, why don’t you just go to sleep then? 」   「

Chapter 47 – God’s Indulgence

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   The enemy was effectively annihilated.   The Counts who had come as the generals of the war, who ruled the east and west of Roquon, were also confirmed dead. Some of them must have fled into the wilderness, but most of them will probably die in the open on the way.

Chapter 46 – Winning without Effort

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   This was Celude’s idea of a plan.   There was a huge expanse of wilderness between the two countries.   And almost no one on the enemy side was familiar with this geography. Many of the merchants had already been bought by the Beastman Kingdom.   Without knowing the correct geographic