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Chapter 25 – Road to Top Idols

TL: Yuki   「What do you mean by establishing a ritual? The beastmen are properly praying at the temples, don’t they」   Intanyu said while looking a bit aghast.   「I don’t mean something simple as prayers. I know that it is an important duty that all priests and shrine maidens dispatched to temples all

Chapter 24 – Scripture Production Works

TL: Yuki   And then, I should also add something like a code of conduct.     ===   ・Do not live by your own selfishness   ・Do not steal from others   ・Do not immediately settle things with violence   ・Do not lie to yourself nor to your friends   ・Do not do what

Chapter 23 – Let’s Make A Holy Scripture

「Well, since we’re about to start a serious political talk, I’m calling over Rione.」 「I’m being serious with all my talk! A boy is changing into a girl! Isn’t this a major incident!?」   Somehow I can tell that this is Celude’s most favorite topic. Personally speaking, I think it’s okay to have such hobbies

Chapter 22 – Hortensia-kun’s Worry

TL: Mabbo ED: Yuki   Perhaps due to the spread of the faith for Hortensia-kun, the Agricultural God, the Saturuses began to show interest in us, as two societies who worshipped the same god.   The Saturuses had several chiefs over small gatherings, since they weren’t a tribe that settled in one country, and a

Chapter 21 – The Weak God’s Talent

TL: Mabbo ED: Yuki 「You little, not only did you stutter, why did you end it with just a self-introduction!? Who cares about what your favorite offering is! Can’t you convey more about a God’s Prestige!?」   So Intanyu explained to him. Just as what she said, the surrounding pedestrian was talking about how they