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Chapter 61 – The Lazy God

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   Rione woke up and stared clearly at the figure of Barunbirn.   「 Oh, I didn’t know there was a god like this. 」   「 Eh… could it be that you can see me? 」   Apparently, Barunbirn hadn’t thought about being seen directly.   Yeah, I didn’t tell her

Chapter 60 – Barunbirn makes up her mind

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   I let Intanyu’s momentum carry me away.   「 Hey, was that a good idea…? 」   As for me, I have nothing but concern for Barunbirn.   「 I don’t know. 」   「 That’s so irresponsible! 」   Intanyu’s expression was quite serious though.   「 I can’t be

Chapter 59 – Hunchbacked Cat God

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   Yes, I wonder what the old god is doing now?   The fact that there are survivors of the royal family means that they are still around, albeit quietly.   If it’s a god in this country, we’d better check it out.   At the meeting, there were some who said,

Chapter 58 – Former Royal Family

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   I’m starting to get the gist of your story.   「 So, the Kathra Kingdom was invaded and destroyed by the Empire, right? 」   「 That’s right. I think most of the royal family is probably dead as well, since any surviving members of the royal family would be used