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Chapter 20 Hortensia’s Remodeling Plan

On our way back to the temple, I remembered about something that I was worried of and asked. After all, if I leave this for later, it would become more and more difficult to ask about it.   「You see, on the continent where I came from, there was once a legend that Saturus were

Chapter 19 The Timid God

TL:Yuki _________________________________________________ Because the founding festival was over, the capital of New Kathra was in a quiet atmosphere for a while now.   It’s good that humans understand that, but when it comes to land problems, then it becomes troublesome.   Petitions from farmers informing that crop yields have fallen have been raised at the

Chapter 18 Parade and Oath

TL:Yuki _________________________________________________ 「By the way, Fal-san seems to be a rare guest in this country of beastmen~」 The moderator speaks. 「Well……I am from another continent after all…… I moved to this continent just a few years ago……」 What I’ve said was not a lie. I don’t want to be a god who obviously lies to

Chapter 17 Enjoying The Festival

TL:Yuki 「Uwah, amazing, it’s a bishoujo……」   Is what we’ve heard.   When we turned around, several young people that were not beastmen were looking at us.   「Seriously, those three are too beautiful……」「I, I am on the dog ear faction……」「I’m on the human faction……」「Then, I’ll be aiming for the Fox Ears」「Well, everyone is just

Chapter 16 Founding Festival

TL:Yuki Recently, the town of New Kathra became very lively. Although the population is indeed growing steadily, it is different from the usual atmosphere of a bustling city. It was more spectacular than usual.   I don’t know why so I asked Rione. 「Ah, that’s because they are having a festival」 「A Festival?」 「Yes, I