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Chapter 65 The Space of Phantasia

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   「 Betty? 」   I tried turning around following the sound of her voice, but I was still looking forward. Unable to understand what exactly just happened, I tried to turn around again and failed.   「 Wawawa, what’s this? 」   I let out a startled squeal, but

Chapter 64 Transfer

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   After leaving Luttie in the hands of Rikka-chan we ran through the noble district aiming for the royal castle, but as soon as we arrived in front of it, Helvetia put her hands and forehead against the membrane of the barrier, closed her eyes and stopped moving.   I

Chapter 63 Anger

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   「 Lu……Luttie! 」   As I ran through the alleyway, I encountered a rapier-like needle from an undead I had never seen before, piercing Luttie.   Luttie was limp and motionless, as if her entire body had lost its strength, and there was a huge pool of blood on

Chapter 62 Requiem

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   The time goes back to about two hours before Toto and the others arrived in Aries.   The news that the wall of the commoner’s district had been broken down and the Undead invaded was quickly conveyed to the king through the Knights, and then King Cornelius designated the

Chapter 61 So Many Enemies

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   As we entered the city, we could hear the sounds of metal clashing and shouting from everywhere. The battle was taking place over a large area.   「 It’s hard to know where to go when there’s so much going on. 」   「 Basically, just run around and