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Chapter 27 First Time at Sea

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________   The sky was blue and clear.   An ocean that looks like it has been stained with crystal.   Brilliantly sparkling beaches.   Seabirds flitting about and the sound of waves crashing.   「 Waaah, waaah, waaah! That……that is, the ocean!」  Ferris jumped out of the carriage and let out a

Chapter 26 Team

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________   Ferris and the others killed three Gazulla, collected enough points for three people, and walked for two days back to the entrance of the forest.   By the time we returned to the starting point, exhausted, many of the students had already gathered. They were showing their demon parts to their

Chapter 25 The Monster Gazulla

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________   Deep in the forest, there was a craggy area that jutted out, pushing through the trees.   Ferris’ group of three slowly climbed up the craggy hill.   There were slopes where you could fall dozens of meters if you stepped off, and cliffs so high that you had to look

Chapter 24 Slumber Party (Sleeping Outdoors)

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________   There were tens of Lily Bell flocks rushing towards Ferris and the others while showing their fang.    They no longer looked like small cute animals like before.    They could only be seen as predator with murderous intent driven by carnivorous instinct.    Facing such threat, the girls’ hesitation to

Chapter 23 In the Woods

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________   With sunlight filtered through the trees coloring her skin, Ferris heart was throbbing so fast.   At any rate, it was her first time going on a picnic with her friends. It was unbelievable that she who was just a mining slave who was forced to work in solitude would get