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Chapter 76 A Rank Promotion Exam Final

TL: Yuki   _________________________________________   ◆ 2nd floor, Adventurer’s Guild, Avangard Castle Town ◆   The second floor of the Adventurer’s Guild, where they’re going to talk about various things, including the announcement of my acceptance. I was the one who carried Grubb back from the scene. I’ve carried people before when I was asked

Chapter 75 A Rank Promotion Exam Part 9

TL: Yuki   _________________________________________   ◆ Third floor of the Ruined Fort, Former Command Center ◆   The same as during the third test, Tataka danced behind Formas. As he opened his fan and started spinning, Formas leapt to the left and fired two bullets. Grubb, still in his rock armor, looks at the three

Chapter 74 A Rank Promotion Exam Part 8

TL: Yuki   _________________________________________   Back entrance in front of the ruined fort.   「 Hoi, *pan!, *pan! 」   Two dry firing noises, and without any hesitation was shot by Formas with a ball of iron right between the eyes of the two men guarding the back door. The two guards were now lying

Chapter 73 A Rank Promotion Exam Part 7

TL: Yuki   _________________________________________   ◆ Hotel Maison Corridor, Avangard Castle Town   「 When you’re my girl, you won’t be lacking in any way. You won’t have to earn a penny as an adventurer like this, and you’ll be able to do it like I do, on the road. 」   I still don’t

Chapter 72 A Rank Promotion Exam Part 6

TL: Yuki   _________________________________________   ◆ In front of Mist Village ◆   「 Alright, the search is over. 」   「 Thanks for your help, Kiki… 46 dead or missing… 」   【 Kiki Lv: 74 Class: Sniper A Rank 9 Place 】   The one who rode a bird with large wings and