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Chapter 67 A Rank Promotion Exam Part 1

TL: Yuki   _________________________________________   On the day of the exam, the Adventurer’s Guild was overflowing with examinees. It’s not unusual for a large room to be filled with rowdy people, but the atmosphere was different today. After all, it was the A rank promotion exam, which only happens once a year. At the moment,

Chapter 66 Happenings

TL: Yuki   _________________________________________   ◆ Avangard Castle Town Maison Hotel ◆   「 Ok, so here’s the problem. Do B-rank adventurers get free designated accommodations? 」   「 Ummm…… Ah, over here. I think so 」   「 Don’t help! I mean, you just wrote down you thought of!   The free stuff starts

Chapter 65 What we are looking for

TL: Yuki   _________________________________________   ◆ Avangard City Grand Plaza ◆   It took us about an hour to get here from the Avangard castle gate. We were part of a long line, waiting for our turn. People in front of us and behind us, people, people, people. Adults, children, adventurers, and everyone in between.

Chapter 64 My Strength

TL: Yuki   _________________________________________   ◆ In front of the inn in Avangard Castle Town ◆   Even though we had only been apart for a few days, the scenery was quite nostalgic. if it hadn’t been for Hast-sama’s magic, it would probably have been a week. How could I have traveled from a continent

Chapter 63 Wizard Kingdom End

TL: Yuki TL Notes: Due to some liberties done by the previous translators, some names may not match to the ones I use, however so do understand. Well since the are is ending, those names might be forgotten anyway unless they are referenced in the future, and depending on how many times it will be