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Chapter 62 The Wizard Kingdom part 7

TL: JK ED: Yuki _________________________________________ ◆ The wizard kingdom, East Gate ◆   【Boland uses his hold arm!】   The toy apparition’s arms grew in size and stretched, surrounding me. It then started constricting, probably with the intent to kill me off. This arm is pretty interesting though, it wasn’t this long yet it’s stretched

Chapter 61 The Wizard Kingdom part 6

TL: Yuki ___________________________________________ ◆ Wizard Kingdom East Gate ◆   Diamond shaped eyes placed on a block shaped head. It was those inorganic eyes that caught us in its view. I couldn’t tell just how much blood was spilled on that blood soaked spherical hand and if it was directed towards us, it might also

Chapter 60 The Wizard Kingdom part 5

TL: Yuki ◆ Wizard Kingdom Castle Dungeon ◆   「The specific punishment will be decided later. Until then, please stay here peacefully. And also, because this jail is imbued with a special system using specialized magic barriers, forcing your way out would also be useless」   A soldier that was pressured by Hasuto-san before and

Chapter 59 The Wizard Kingdom part 4 (Second half)

TL: Yuki ___________________________________________ 「I see, so they have already spread out」 「Eh, Hasuto-sama, you know something about them? 」 「Not that much, but I do know that the ones leading the invasion declared that they were part of that group 」   I was only suspecting at first, but it seems like my suspicions were

Chapter 59 The Wizard Kingdom part 4 (First Half)

TL: Yuki It was a small old man with his face with a beard and white hairs that came out silently from the shadow of the door that was opened. I think that what made him look small is because of his bent waist. He was relying on a long cane when he was standing.