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Chapter 73 First time at Mephirad Castle 2

TL: Fenderson ED: Yuki That was really sudden. Why’d the minister suddenly bow his head? While I was pondering this he spoke up.   「Alim-dono… previously… for saving my daughter… thank you very much!」 「Fue? W… what? Your daughter-san is? 」 「Yes, I heard from Ruin-sama and my daughter. That you helped them when she

Chapter 72: First time at Mephirad Castle 1

TL: Fenderson ED: Yuki   9 o’clock now, I am standing in front of the castle gate. I speak to the gatekeeper while showing my guild card. He looked at my guild card and confirmed it, then guided me inside.   I was guided to a room before long and was told to wait.  

Chapter 71 The day after the Battle Tournament

TL: Fenderson ED: Yuki Good morning. I wonder if I should go see what the city is like after the tournament.   I am regretting my simple thinking after going outside now…   「Kyaa~~! That girl is Alim-chan!」 「So cuute!」 「Oh… true… what beauty…」 「Ya, she’s amazing, she took down 4 A-rank opponents in an

Chapter 70 Battle Tournament 6

TL: Fenderson ED: Yuki There are 5 adventurers here including me. They were strong adventures who have won so far.   A muscular middle aged man, a youth with a one handed sword, an old woman holding a cane, a tall Mohawk person, and me, a pretty girl with red hair. Everyone glares, sizing up

Chapter 69 Battle Tournament 5

TL: Fenderson ED: Yuki   「Yo, Alim, I am going seriously! 『Fire Spirit Spear』『Earth Spirit Spear』… and 『Overwhelming spear・Moon Rain Five』!」   This is probably Gabaina-san’s full power. A quick and fierce spear attack assaults me. But, I shall manage everything with my sword. After all, my weapon skills are higher.   「Naa… only to