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Chapter 4 And so, the Girl Gained Strength.

TL: om3ga ED: Yuki Three people with capable strength gathered to raise the fame of Bart von Mangosch, the third son of an Earl. The leader of the party, the ace from the top clan of the guild, Orgo Gasdley The healing and support specialist of the party, a priest of Arum Church, Port Salvator

Chapter 3 The Dragon Killer Danced on the  Battlefield

TL: om3ga ED: Yuki Orgo who held his burned left arm, hide himself behind the boulders with agony on his face. Port, who was right beside him, cast recovery magic while Aries flies around with her broom distracting the evil dragon.   「Whatever the circumstances may be, that Rino… she’s too late…」   While avoiding the

Chapter 2 And the Girl was Possessed

TL: om3ga ED: Yuki 「Bring him back here, you say…. Rino, are you insane? 」 said Aries, who was dancing in the air while riding her broom and blocking the flames.     「I’m serious! If I don’t do anything, everyone will be killed! I don’t know whether we could win even if that man

Chapter 1 The Hero Ran Away

TL: om3ga ED: Yuki Dragon   A monster called dragon wasn’t the same as another type of monsters.   It’s not just about their strength.   They would suddenly appear at an interval of about once in a hundred years, eat humans, spread destruction, and then later they’d be slayed by those who are called