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Chapter 12 Uninvited Guests and the Adventurer’s Guild

OC: Yuki After taking a little nap, I look outside the window while verifying my current look. Right now, my horns are shorter than usual almost looking like two bulging spikes on my head, the visible scales on my body were also hidden only leaving the ones on my hand looking like a bracelet and

Chapter 11 The Dust Marionettes Inn

OC: Yuki When we entered the capital, the couple led me to an Inn that they were acquainted with. Right not we are in front of a 3 story building that definitely looks like a classic in from an RPG, though it’s bigger than what I have expected.   「Here is the Inn called Dust

Chapter 10 Onward We Go with Companions

I wonder how I would explain this to them.  I thought about it for a bit, but then realized that I don’t really need to hide anything. I can just tell them facts and it’s up to them to believe it or not.   「That magic is part of Origin Magic, a higher level of

Chapter 9 Reminiscing and Encounter

Walking along the road towards the kingdom, I thought about the time I was 『Training』 in was that didn’t seem like training at all. It did took me about 2 years to learn about skills and magic and took about 10 years mastering it which I didn’t feel like a long time because I was

Chapter 8 The World after Her Disappearance

God’s Realm… Someone was walking in an endlessly white space approaching a female trio that seems to be looking at floating panels that surrounds her.   『Oh, you have finally arrived, what took you so long』   The trio speaks to the approaching persona without looking.   『Well, things ended up a bit complicated in