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Chapter 8 The World after Her Disappearance

God’s Realm… Someone was walking in an endlessly white space approaching a female trio that seems to be looking at floating panels that surrounds her.   『Oh, you have finally arrived, what took you so long』   The trio speaks to the approaching persona without looking.   『Well, things ended up a bit complicated in

Chapter 7 The Journey Begins

TL: Yuki After walking for a while following the path from the forest, I found myself in a wide road that seems like a highway. Before continuing, I verified my status and map to know where the highway was headed to.   Name: Misaki Tachibana Race: Dragonoid (Ancient Chaos Dragon) Job: None HP: 1,475,000 MP:

Chapter 6 Magic, Skills and then…

We are in the arena once again today, this might become a daily activity from now on, either going to the arena or to the library.   And today, we are still in the arena and Luina’s clothes, no, more like costume was a witch or a wizard. If my guess is right, she would

Chapter 5 Status is a must in a different world, and my roots

The next day I was awakened by the gentle sunlight that assaulted my room. As I opened my eyes, I was greeted by an unfamiliar room. Oh, right I was reincarnated into another world, I almost forgot.   I immediately fixed myself up and got out of bed, then examined the room once more. Yesterday,

Chapter 4 Let’s Learn about how the world was created

When we entered the grand library, what greeted me was a fantasy-like sight of bookshelves made out of crystal like materials and those were found not only on the ground, but also many of them were floating which even reaches the ceiling of the library. By the way the height of the library room was