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Chapter 10 It looks like it’s still being prepared.

TL: Yuki ________________________________   Combat training has been added to the morning workouts.   It seems that my priority in battle has been raised by one level since I showed my readiness to abandon my nobility.   I’m treated as sickly from the outside of our domain, and it’s a form of extra time that

Chapter 9 I’m flying!

TL: Yuki ________________________________   I got up in the morning and headed to the field before going to training. The gardeners are at work, and there is a small pile of weeds that have been pulled out, currently in progress.   「 Young lady, those are the weeds you mentioned. 」   The gardener I

Chapter 8 Results 2

TL: Yuki ________________________________   「 I’ve always thought the world was a bit like a game, with all the job skills and such. I didn’t know it was a status. It makes my gamer blood boil! 」   「 Ha, haah 」   「 Cozette got a job title, right?」   「 Yes, I got

Chapter 7 Results

TL: Yuki ________________________________   「 Congratulations on your parents’ approval, Cozette-chan!!」   「 Eh? Ah, yes, thank you.」   I found myself in a white room, being held by Chiyo-sama. Same as before, there is a kotatsu and a TV. I guess you could say that when I go to sleep, I come here.  

Chapter 6 Slime Ball

TL: Yuki ________________________________   I went out into the garden with the slime in my arms.   The field behind the mansion is our destination. Medicinal plants and flowers that are not yet in season are planted and grown here.   I have been given permission to make one of them be used by me.