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Chapter 28 About Lady Cozette

TL: Yuki   Announcement to All Readers!!!   I have already started the transfer of titles over at as per my announcement  at this link!!! Fans Translations and would probably release chapters here at a later time as back up…   Any new chapters to be released will be over there, and while I’m at

Chapter 27 There was a Goblin

TL: Yuki ________________________________ “This is your first time, so please feel free to move around.”   As we entered the forest, my instructor said this without instructing me to do anything in particular.   “Okay, I understand.”   So if there’s something wrong, she’ll point it out later. Do you mean that I should think

Chapter 26 I got involved

TL: Yuki ________________________________   All right, now that I’m heading out, there’s something I need to do before I get there.   “I would like to register as an adventurer, please.”   “Yes, then please fill in your name here.”   That is to register with the Adventurer’s Guild. This allows me to prove my

Chapter 25 I got Permission

TL: Yuki ________________________________   「 Fuuh. 」   The martial arts instructor quickly approaches, ducking and dodging the swinging wooden sword with minimal movement.   The pressure of her sword was increasing day by day.   I guess she thinks I can handle it. The truth is that I’m just barely managing to survive every

Chapter 24 You Look Fine

TL: Yuki ________________________________   「 It’s really the Slime doing the work. 」   「 It’s highly corrosive, so don’t touch it directly. 」   The refugees are being instructed, but they’re hesitant to work with it. Well, they’ll get used to it. We have been taught that Slime is semi-wild and more powerful than