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Chapter 10 – Awakening of the Air headed Saint!

TL: Yuki   _____________________________________________   Near noon the next day, Mari finally woke up. She hugged her pillow and made a satisfied smile as she realized that she was on a fluffy bed used by the nobility, not a shabby bed in a cheap inn.   「 Hmmm, even the pillow is fluffy. I knew

Chapter 8 – Attack on Misley (Second Part)

TL: Yuki _____________________________________________ At Mesley Castle,  Christie,  Sarah and Glen are still against the horde by building a barricade near the entrance of a balcony. With Glen’s swordsmanship coupled by the two top priestess,  the skeletons were made into useless mobs,  but useless they may be they are still overwhelming in numbers. The three were

Chapter 7 – Attack on Misley (First Part)

TL: Mii ED: Yuki _____________________________________________ Glen Cochran was at loose end after the group of knights assigned to welcome the saint departed. He became a prominent involved person since he was the first one who reported this case to Prime Minister. He would have to be present when the saint arrived with the knights.  

Chapter 6 – Glen Cochran

TL: Mii ED: Yuki   After the incident in Narka village, Derrick and the other adventurers returned to Misley at the same day, leaving Haril alone. It was to report their subjugation on Mithrozaul, but there was another report that was more pressing than that.   In Misley Adventurer Guild’s office, Derrick directly met with