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Chapter 5 Sad News and Moving On

「Hmmm~~ where? 」- Luna   When I woke up, I was greeted by unfamiliar-not… I know this place… no more like Luna is very familiar with this place. After all she, or I should say I now in this situation have stayed here a lot. This is Nicole’s… should I also call her Mom in

Chapter 4 Return and the Darkness Crawling in the Shadows

Early morning, the sun has just risen and two guards, Allan and Burns, are standing in front of the village gate waiting for the fog to clear out. It was the usual time when the guards would wait to start their patrol near the forest to make sure that there is no dangerous wildlife or

Chapter 3 Surviving the Corruption Challenge

After recalling everything, Minako who now accepted her new self as Luna, returned to her sense and check her current situation. Still suffering from the pain of miasma corruption, she gritted her teeth and stood up while enduring the pain and then scanned her surroundings.   Though she feels pain from the corruption, she doesn’t

Chapter 2 The Life of Minako Tsubaki and Survival Challenge

Luna, who is now possessed by Minako Tsubaki ran back to the grave where she awakened and sat down near the pedestal. After their souls finally merging, Luna recalled both her and Minako’s memories as one.   And she cried, she cried from the pain that’s eating her inside out, she cried from the pain

Chapter 1 The Child Named Luna

A young woman was running towards a house were a couple was living, carrying a bucket of warm water. She entered the open door and brought the water to a room where her friend Aria Brundle is about to give birth.   The woman who carried the water and Aria’s friend was the daughter of