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Chapter 14 I am a Genius is what Everyone Said!

「「Ojii-chan, what is with all that noise! What are making a racket about… 」」   The twin beautiful girls came out while saying exactly yhe same thing. Seeing them like this makes me convinced, they are twins after all. Like yesterday, Rinne-chan came out again with her hugging plushy in her hands.   「It’s impossible

Chapter 13 Special Skill Development!

Hello! I tried calling out nearby monsters by only thinking about it and then it came! A Goblin.   By the way, I have been practicing magic with Rommon-chan, so I tried to think a little about how magic works… that is MP.   I tried to be conscious of that MP  I have and

Chapter 12 Subspecies Evolution… What is it?

【What is subspecies evolution? 】   I asked wolk jii-sama the meaning of that unknown term.   「Well it is subspecies evolution as it meant… Well I guess I have to explain about subspecies first.」 【Please do so】 「Alright, well subspecies represents an evolution train which is stronger than its original counterpart, for example a

Chapter 11 Time for a Special Training

I woke up. Or more like my consciousness returned. It seems that morning has arrived, looks like I was able to sleep properly. I guess shutting down my consciousness was the right thing to do if I want to go to bed. I can sleep without the desire to do so.   …And there’s a

Chapter 10 The Skills of the Twin Sister

Rinne-chan was holding two sticks shaped like a sword. I you look closely, you can see that her body is fit and resembles that of a sporty school girl which joins sports clubs. I guess this is the result of everyday training.   「Fuu… Well then, can you show me how you defeated those two